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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Hasbro’s G.I. Joe

With it being Veteran’s Day, I felt it appropriate to look at another military inspired toyline, comic, cartoon and movie series, G.I. Joe for today’s Facebook Fandom Spotlight. For this report, we’ll also compare the results to a similar property, Transformers.

For this report, I looked at a lot of terms of characters, television shows, video games and comic book series titles. It’s a long, exhaustive list of 49 different terms.

Facebook Population: Over 1,600,000 in the United States

That’s a very small population compared to general comic fans or Transformers fans, both of which is 10 times the size of G.I. Joe fans. Something doesn’t seem to translate as far as social networking and community.

Spanish speakers account for now 220,000 fans, 13.75% in the United States that’s about about a full percentage point lower than Transformers.

Gender and Age

When it comes to the breakdown of men and women, Transformers fans are pretty much similar to the general comic fandom populace. Men account for 58.93%, slightly higher than comics and women make up 41.07%, slightly lower. G.I. Joe however is more heavily male dominated as I’d expect. Men account for 63.75% of fans and women account for 36.25%.

G.I. Joe Fans

gi joe gender 11.11.13

Here’s the gender as it breaks down with age. We see the expected increase of female fans, most likely due to how Facebook users skew to begin with.

G.I. Joe Fans

gi joe gender age 11.11.13

Here’s the breakdown of age and gender for the group. We can see that the largest portion of the fans lies in the age of folks who grew up with the cartoon series and toys, those in their 20s and 30s.

G.I. Joe Fans

gi joe gender age raw 11.11.13

Relationship Status

With a population that’s a bit older than Transformers fans, the percentage of those who are engaged, in relationships or married is higher for G.I. Joe fans.

G.I. Joe Fans

gi joe relationship 11.11.13

And for those that like pie charts.

G.I. Joe Fans

gi joe relationship pie chart 11.11.13


With a population mostly of college age or just graduated, we see that when it comes to the education breakdown.

G.I. Joe Fans

gi joe education 11.11.13

Gender Interest

When it comes to same gender interest, G.I. Joe fans is lower than the general comic fandom, but similar to Transformers fans.

G.I. Joe Fans

gi joe gender interest 11.11.13

That wraps up this edition. Join us next Monday for a new Fandom Spotlight!