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Preview: Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1

Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1

Author(s): Ben McCaw, Anne Toole
Artist(s): Elmer Damaso
Cover Artist(s): Peach Momoko (CVR A), Game Art (CVR B), Harvey Tolibao (CVR C), Ann Maulina (CVR D), Adrian Wilkins (CVR E), Blank Sketch (CVR F), Momoko Virgin Cover (CVR G)


Critically acclaimed original creative team return for a new chapter in the story of Aloy and Erend! Fending off deadly machines, the pair hunt down the killer of a member of the Oseram tribe!

Over 80,000 copies sold on #1 – 11th bestselling comic of August 2020!

New game Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PlayStation in 2021!

Featuring fantastic cover art by Peach Momoko!

Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1

Preview: Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla #4

Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla #4

(W) Cynthia von Buhler (A) Cynthia von Buhler (CA) Dean Haspiel
In Shops: Jul 14, 2021
SRP: $3.99

A stylish, glamorous feminist take on the classic gumshoe! Private investigator Minky
Woodcock becomes involved in an investigation of maverick genius and reclusive pigeon-fancier, Nikola Tesla, and discovers a horrifying conspiracy involving corrupt politicians and Nazis.

Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla #4

Preview: Doctor Who: Missy #4

Doctor Who: Missy #4

(W) Jody Houser (A) Roberta Ingranata (CA) Blair Shedd
In Shops: Jul 14, 2021
SRP: $3.99

Missy’s up to her old tricks, but this time she’s not alone! How will the Doctor survive this latest maniacal plot in this special story celebrating the 50th anniversary of
the Master?

Doctor Who: Missy #4

Preview: Monday Monday: A Rivers of London Story #1

Monday Monday: A Rivers of London Story #1

(W) Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel (A) Josep Maria Beroy (CA) Veronica Fish
In Shops: Jul 07, 2021
SRP: $3.99

A Werewolf is on the loose and will stop at nothing to avoid capture!

It’s up to Peter and his cohort of chums to hunt the deadly lycanthrope and bring him to justice.

Written by bestselling author Ben Aaronovitch and Doctor Who Script Editor Andrew Cartmel. Rivers of London has sold over two million copies worldwide!

Monday Monday: A Rivers of London Story #1

Preview: Life is Strange: Coming Home #1

Life is Strange: Coming Home #1

(W) Emma Vieceli (A) Andrea Izzo, Claudia Leonardi (CA) Ikuni Nakamura
In Shops: Jul 07, 2021
SRP: $5.99

New arc featuring backup strips with the first comic appearance of Alex Chen – lead character from the NEW GAME – LIFE IS STRANGE: TRUE COLORS!

Max’s attempt to return home enters a thrilling new phase! A shocking discovery offers unexpected hope, and the epic cross-country trip with Chloe and Rachel reveals a new ally.

Life is Strange Remastered Edition of original game series is also set to be released Fall 2021!

Life is Strange: Coming Home #1

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Skybound X #1

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Black’s Myth #1 (AHOY Comics) – Meet Janie “Strummer” Jones, just an ordinary werewolf PI, trying to make it on the mean streets of LA. Yeah, we’re sold just on that.

Clans of Belari #1 (AfterShock) – On the far side of the galaxy, an isolated branch of humanity is trapped in a feudal dystopia. Order is maintained by a system of oppression until an orphaned girl and her incorrigible adoptive father sow the seeds of a revolution and unite the clans against a fearsome alien threat. The sci-fi epic story we’re fans of.

Extreme Carnage: Alpha #1 (Marvel) – Post King in Black we get to see what the new status quo is for the various symbiotes.

Fight Girls #1 (AWA Studios) – Ten hard-as-nails women face off in an ancient contest of champions where the winner truly takes all: the title of “Queen of the Galaxy.” The series has been a long time coming so we’re interested in seeing what it’s all about.

The Good Asian #3 (Image Comics) – This series has been an amazing exploration of the real-life history of racism in America mixed with a fantastic noir story.

Hellboy & the BPRD: Secret of Chesbro House #1 (Dark Horse) – Hellboy works with a psychic to clear a haunted mansion for auction. But the ghosts in residence aren’t quite ready to go gentle into that good night. Sounds fun to us!

Justice League Infinity #1 (DC Comics) – The popular animated series continues in comics!

Life is Strange: Coming Home #1 (Titan Comics) – The popular video game returns to comics just before the remastered original is released.

Mamo #1 (BOOM! Studios) – Can Orla O’Reilly embrace her destiny in order to bridge the divide between humanity and the faerie world? Sounds great.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation #1 (Dark Horse) – The highly anticipated Netflix series gets a comic tie-in.

The Nice House on the Lake #2 (DC Comics/DC Black Label) – The first issue caught us completely off guard and the series seems to be taking us on a hell of a horror journey.

Nocterra #5 (Image Comics) – The previous issue delivered a glimmer of light and hope in a world of darkness. We’re sucked in and want to see where this series goes. The story has been solid and its visuals fantastic.

Ordinary Gods #1 (Image Comics) – Five gods are trapped in an endless cycle of human death and reincarnation.

Rabid World #2 (Scout Comics) – We were hooked by the first issue which had a nice mix of zombie-ish tropes and “ripped from the headlines” vibe as a virus spreads across the world causing a rabies like reaction in people.

Skybound X #1 (Image Comics/Skybound) – Get this just for the collector aspect of it. The series is spotlighting a lot of Skybound’s series and comics to come with quite a few major debuts.

Tales Told in Technihorror #1 (Scout Comics/Black Caravan) – A biennial horror series that brings together the best in horror sub genres with five short stories.

The Unwanted: Stories of Syrian Refugees (Etch/HMH Books For Young Readers) – Don Brown depicts moments of both heartbreaking horror and hope in the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity #1 (BOOM! Studios) – The popular WWE wrestlers get a comic spotlighting their positivity!

X-Men #1 (Marvel) – The first volume of the new direction for the X-Men is over and the heroes are now back saving all of humanity and not just mutants.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1 Gets a Trailer

The smash-hit comic series Horizon Zero Dawn from Titan Comics and Guerrilla Games returns with Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1.

Taking place during the events of the original game, this new arc explores the never-before-told adventures of Aloy and her fan-favorite sidekick Erend as they hunt for a killer with links to his past…

Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #1 is on sale July 28 from writers Ben McCaw and Anne Toole and art Elmer Damaso.

Titan announces Life is Strange: Settling Dust

Max finally believes that she has found a way to cross the timelines and return to the woman she loves, Chloe Price! Life is Strange: Settling Dust is the heart-wrenching conclusion to Max and Chloe’s epic comic journey.

Life is Strange: Settling Dust #1 comics to comic shops September 15 and written by Emma Vieceli with art by Claudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo. Covers are by Gabriel Picolo, Claudia Leonardi, Rob Cham, and Caspar Wijngaard.

The new game, Life is Strange: True Colors is out September 10, and look out for the Free Comic Book Day release that leads into the new comic arc.

Preview: Extraordinary #1

Extraordinary #1

(W) V.E Schwab (A) Enid Balam (CA) Ana Godis
In Shops: Jun 23, 2021
SRP: $3.99

NYT bestselling author of Addie LaRue, V. E. Schwab returns for a new anti-villain story! Expands deeper into the world of Schwab’s critically acclaimed VILLAINS novels! After surviving a deadly crash, Charlotte Tills becomes “ExtraOrdinary,” gaining the ability to foresee a person’s death. But when she looks into her own future, only the face of notorious EO killer Eli Ever stares back!

Extraordinary #1
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