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Battle Angel Alita Manga from Kodansha Comics and ComiXology Originals

Long after being out of print, Yukito Kishiro’s iconic and popular manga series Battle Angel Alita is available today for the first time in nearly a decade, with a stunning new translation of the first three volumes available exclusively as a digital release from Kodansha Comics via comiXology Originals. Kishiro’s post-apocalyptic science fiction story about an amnesiac cyborg named Alita has thrilled international audiences since it was originally published in 1990. James Cameron is currently producing a live-action adaptation of the acclaimed title.

The digital exclusive release of Battle Angel Alita volumes 1-3 is available today for free with a comiXology Unlimited membership, or for $10.99 per volume on comiXology or Kindle. Each volume is available in comiXology’s Guided View, allowing fans to cinematically read from panel-to-panel at their own pace. The entire series will be released as part of the comiXology Originals program this year, with Volumes 4-6 debuting in August and the concluding volumes 6-9 appearing in October.

Although the new translations of Battle Angel Alita are only available as digital editions for now, readers looking for print editions of the new versions can look forward to Kodansha Comics releasing premium hardcover Deluxe Editions starting November 2017.

Bringing exclusive comic content to comiXology and Kindle, the comiXology Originals lineup not only includes this release from Kodansha Comics, but also releases from BOOM! Studios, Valiant Entertainment, and the upcoming Marley’s Ghost by the legendary Harvey Kurtzman, currently available for pre-order. ComiXology Originals are digital only and exclusively available for comiXology and Kindle customers.


VIZ Media Announces Splatoon Manga Based On Hit Nintendo Video Game

VIZ Media has thrilled manga and gaming fans with the announcement of the acquisition of the publishing rights for a new manga series based on Nintendo’s hit game title Splatoon.

The Splatoon manga series, created by Hinodeya Sankichi, is scheduled to launch exclusively in print in late 2017 and will be rated ‘A’ for All Ages.

Splatoon is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii UTM and was released worldwide in 2015. The game was co-created by Shintaro Sato, a member of the Animal Crossing team, and centers around characters known as Inklings, which can transform between humanoid and squid-like forms, and hide or swim through colored ink sprayed on surfaces using shooters, blasters, or chargers and slosher, or brush-based weaponry. Splatoon has won multiple awards including a 2015 British Academy Children’s Award, IGN’s Best of 2015, and a SXSW Gaming Award in 2016. A sequel game title, Splatoon 2, will be released this year for the Nintendo Switch.

In the Splatoon manga series, four Inklings that can switch between human and squid forms get caught up in a Splatoon Turf War that launches them into all-new adventures inspired by the hit Nintendo video game!

Sherlock Returns To Comics With Eisner-Nominated Sana Takeda Cover!

Titan Comics has announced the next Sherlock manga adaptation, Sherlock: The Great Game! With stunning covers from Eisner-nominated artist Sana Takeda and Piotr Kowalski, this brand-new series follows the smash-hit success of Titan Comics’ Sherlock: A Study in Pink and Sherlock: The Blind Banker!

Titan Comics’ manga comic series, illustrated by celebrated manga artist, Jay., adapts the episodes of the smash-hit Hartswood Films TV show starring Sherlock Holmes as played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Dr John Watson as played by Martin Freeman! The Sherlock TV episodes are co-created by Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss who wrote The Great Game episode, and are based on the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories – reimagining Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson’s adventures in 21st Century London. The fourth series premiered on 1 January 2017 and the last episode, “The Final Problem” aired on 15 January 2017 to critical acclaim.

In The Great Game, someone is causing trouble for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson – and innocent victims are caught in the middle…but who is the villain and what is his link to Sherlock and John?

The Sherlock: The Great Game manga comic series will feature all new covers by a host of top comics talent including fan favourite artist Sana Takeda, alongside Simon Myers, and Verity Glass!

Sherlock The Great Game #1 hits comic stores on August 9, 2017.

I Am a Hero Rises at Dark Horse

Dark Horse has announced I Am a Hero Volumes 1-4, the first collaboration with Japanese publisher Shogakukan!

I Am a Hero finds Hideo—a mentally unhinged manga artist—witnessing the beginning of a zombie outbreak in Tokyo. He’s certain of only two things: he’s destined to be the city’s hero, and he possesses something quite rare in Japan—an actual firearm! Each Dark Horse Manga omnibus edition includes two Japanese volumes!

Finally translated to English, I Am a Hero is the worldwide best-selling series, 2015 feature film, and winner of the esteemed Shogakukan Manga Award.

I Am a Hero Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are now available and Volume 4 is available for preorder also!

VIZ Media Expands Its Manga Library On the Overdrive Digital Lending Platform

VIZ Media has announced a substantial expansion of its catalog of published manga titles available digitally through OverDrive. An impressive update of 99 new series were made available this month to participating public and school libraries across the United States and Canada that utilize OverDrive.

OverDrive is a leading digital reading platform, supplying the industry’s largest catalog of eBooks, audiobooks and streaming video to 36,000 libraries and schools worldwide, including 90 percent of all public libraries in the U.S.

The latest additions, which augment over 100 other VIZ Media series already available on OverDrive, span an impressive range of action/adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, drama and romance titles by some of manga’s most popular and revered creators. Notable just-added series include 7thGarden, Black Clover, Haikyu!!, Kuroko’s Basketball, Lucky☆Star, Platinum End, Yu-G-Oh! and many more. A series of original novels that explore deeper into Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul are also now available to readers.

A comprehensive list of all VIZ Media manga titles available online.

Stephanie Sheh to Appear at Otakon 2017

Stephanie Sheh, the voice actress best known for voicing Sailor Moon in the current Viz Media Release of “Sailor Moon” and “Sailor Moon Crystal,” will be a guest at Otakon 2017.

Multitalented, Sheh is a voice actress, voice director, ADR writer, and casting director. She most recently voiced the role of Mitsuha Miyamizu in the theatrical release of Makoto Shinkai’s “Your Name.” Along with her work on “Sailor Moon” and “Sailor Moon Crystal,” she has voiced Hinata in “Naruto,” Orhime in “Bleach,” Eureka in “Eureka 7,” Yui in “Sword Art Online,” and Mineva in “Gundam Unicorn.”

In addition to anime, Sheh has many voice credits in video games, most notably Tharja in “Fire Emblem,” Airy in “Bravely Default,” Mikan in “Danganropa,” Kyrie in “Devil My Cry” and Rebecca Chambers in a number of “Resident Evil” games. She’s also done motion capture work for games as well as animation. In recent years, Sheh has been lucky enough to be working consistently in original animation in roles such as Katana in WB’s “DC Super Hero High,” Jinafire and Boolittle in “Monster High,” Share Bear in “Carebears: Welcome to Care-a-lot,” Vega in Disney’s “Stardarlings,” Popo in “Miles from Tomorrowland,” and various roles in Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears.”

In between voice jobs Sheh casts, directs, and writes. She recently cast “Hanazuki,” an adorable web series being produced by Titmouse Animation for Hasbro, that you can watch for free online. She’s the voice director for the OAV series “Gundam the Origin” as well as the gritty “Gundam Thunderbolt.”

Otakon 2017 will be held from August 11 to 13 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

Preview: Sherlock: The Blind Banker #5

Sherlock: The Blind Banker #5

Writer: Stephen Thompson
Co-Creators: Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
Artist: Jay.
Cover A: Arianna Florean
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: Amoona Saohin
FC & BW – 40pp – $4.99 – On sale: May 10


Manga adaptation of the hit TV show starring worldwide superstars Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit).

Loot Anime Episode 18 “Humanity” Unboxing

Loot Anime is a geek box by Loot Crate and Crunchyroll focused on the anime fans. This month’s box has a theme of “Humanity”! There’s lots of anime and manga featuring humanity surviving disasters!

We open up the box to show off what’s inside and what we think of the box.

You can order next month’s box now.


Loot Crate provided Graphic Policy with a FREE box for review.
The above link is an Affiliate Link, so any purchases Graphic Policy receives a percentage of the sale.

Attack on Titan S2E29 “Soldier” Review and Analysis

In Attack on TitanSoldier,” we’re thrown back into The Seige of Castle Utgard already in progress. Watching “Soldier,” I can’t help but admire every minute detail that the writers and animators are placing throughout this season. Every aspect of the anime is densely packed with symbolism and hints for what’s to come in the following episodes.

As the episode starts we watch as the Titans surround Castle Utgard, and we get a flashback to two hours prior as the 9 Scout Corps members settle in. While the Scout Corps members are discussing the oddities of Castle Utgard, namely it’s bizarre location and the liquor with a foreign label, the 104th cadets try to grapple with where this surge of Titans came from. Connie tries to grapple with whether or not the Titan that crushed his house is really his mother, but Ymir is quick to snap Connie out of his negative thoughts in a big-sister kind of way. Ymir’s interactions with the rest of the cadets in this episode does a great job at fleshing out a character who before Season Two was all but non-existent.

This episode ramps up the reveal of Ymir as our next Titan Shifter. As Ymir finds a can of herring, Reiner asks to look at it. When Ymir hands the herring to Reiner, he realizes that it’s canned food and that the label is in a foreign language. Just as Reiner is coming to his own conclusions about Ymir, they get called by Nanaba warning that the Titans were attacking. The most interesting part of this exchange is the animation choices for Ymir’s faces. Just as Reiner is confronting Ymir, she’s in almost the exact same pose and expression as Annie Lionheart when she was confronted by Armin, Eren, and Mikasa for being the Female Titan.


As the cadets continue to fight off Titans from within the towers, Reiner almost loses his arm trying to protect Connie. While he’s fighting off the Titan, he has a flashback to one of his friends getting devoured by a Titan and rediscovers his will to survive. After defenestrating the second Titan, the cadets retreat to safer territory up above. The following conversation between Connie, Bertholt, and Reiner is the namesake for the episode, but ends up being more cryptic than revealing. As Connie praises Reiner for being brave and saving his life, Reiner has more flashbacks to his friend protecting him and in turn getting devoured by a Titan. Reiner says that “it’s the normal thing to do because we’re soldiers.” Connie looks to Bertholt to back him up in praising Reiner’s actions, instead, Bertholt says that “in the past, Reiner was more of a Warrior. Unlike now.” This whole conversation seems to foreshadow Ymir’s actions at the end of the episode as she jumps into the arms of the Titans in order to protect Christa and the other cadets. This conversation, however, seems to imply a second meaning between Bertholt and Reiner that doesn’t make much sense in any context we know so far.

This conversation is interrupted by the four Scout Corp members killing scores of Titans. But just as it seems like they’re going to pull out the win in the bottom of the 9th inning, all-star pitching icon: the Beast Titan, comes into secure the save and win. The Beast Titan hurdles several handfuls of rocks at Castle Utgard killing their horses and two out of four of the Scouts. Nanaba and Gelgar both come to the realization that they’re out of gas and that their end is near. As both Nanaba and Gelgar get torn apart limb by limb, Ymir tries to reason with Christa that dying a hero isn’t a heroic act if you don’t value your own life. Ymir pleads with Christa to remember the promise they made to each other as Ymir jumps off the tower and reveals herself to be a Titan Shifter all along.

Castle Utgard is one of the most iconic scenes from the Manga and this episode really brought out the best moments in terrifying brilliance. “Soldier” captures the brilliance of Attack on Titan as it displays a density in the details packed tightly into twenty-four minutes that’s rarely seen in an animated format. As Castle Utgard should be the catalyst for the remaining episodes in Season Two, any fan of the Anime will find themselves watching “Soldier” over and over again to find the hidden subtleties laid out throughout the episode.

Overall Rating: 9.25

Viz Media Launches Dragon Ball Super May 2

VIZ Media has announced the exciting follow up to the iconic, best-selling saga Dragon Ball with the launch of Dragon Ball Super on May 2nd.

The new series will be published in digital and print editions under the company’s Shonen Jump imprint. Dragon Ball Super delivers a captivating new martial arts adventure written by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and features artwork by manga illustrator and Dragon Ball super-fan Toyotarou. Dragon Ball Super is rated ‘T’ for Teens and will carry a print MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN. The series also launches digitally on May 2nd via VIZ.com and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and Google Play stores. Continuing chapters of the series are also available for FREE!

In Dragon Ball Super, ever since Goku became Earth’s greatest hero and gathered the seven Dragon Balls to defeat the evil Boo, his life on Earth has grown a little dull. But new threats loom overhead, and Goku and his friends will have to defend the planet once again in this continuation of Akira Toriyama’s best-selling series, Dragon Ball!

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