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Exclusive Preview: Scout’s Honor #2


Writer: David Pepose 
Artist: Luca Casalanguida 
Colorist: Matt Milla 
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual 
Cover: Andy Clarke w/ Jose Villarrubia
$3.99 / 32 pages / Color / On sale 02.10.21

Ever since the bombs fell and the skies turned to nuclear fire, the Ranger Scouts of America have built their religion upon their most sacred law — always be prepared. 

But after discovering a chilling secret in an abandoned bunker, Kit’s belief in the Scout tradition is rocked to the core — yet when a gang of murderous highwaymen breach the Ranger Scout compound, her growing doubts might come at a harrowing cost…


Preview: We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #5

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #5

(W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Simone Di Meo
In Shops: Jan 27, 2021
SRP: $3.99

Destiny has come for the endeavors of the Vihaan II.

Malik and Richter face off for the last time and only one will survive.

Their uncertain futures will be forever changed by a shattering discovery.

Please Note: The Spoiler Variant will be bagged to protect the shocking ending of this issue!

We Only Find Them When They're Dead #5

Preview: Black [AF] Devil’s Dye


Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: Liana Kangas
Letterer: David Sharpe / Editor: Sarah Litt / Cover Artist: Maika Sozo
Based on the universe created by Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith 3, Jamal Igle, Khary Randolph
Mature / $16.99 / 112 pages

This latest BLACK [AF] collected mini-series is written by breakout star Vita Ayala (New Mutants, X-Men: Children Of The Atom, Morbius, Bitch Planet, The Wilds) and rising star artist Liana Kangas (She Said Destroy).  

When a new drug called VANTA hits the streets, word is it’s the hottest thing since Ecstacy. For regular people, it has all the highs and none of the lows of traditional drugs. There is some fine print, however – for empowered Black folks, the drug causes a total and violent loss of control. The Project sends Indigo to investigate, and it soon becomes apparent that this is more than just a new designer distraction for the masses. Indigo together with former Detective Ellen Waters race to find the source of the substance poisoning their people, before it’s too late!

The superhero universe where only Black people have super powers continues to expand, for the first time with a new creative team building onto the exciting world created by Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith 3, Jamal Igle & Khary Randolph. Collects issues 1-4.


Preview: Critical Hit


Writer: Matt Miner
Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Colorist: Doug Garbark / Letterers: Jim Campbell & Crank!
Mature / $16.99 / 116 pages

Sarah and Jeanette love animals with a vengeance.

Under cover of darkness, they don ski-masks and wield sledgehammers, rescuing abused animals from dog-fighting rings, illegal testing labs, and other abusers.  

When they wreak havoc on a rogue gang of hunters, though, the girls find themselves in over their heads. The gang they’ve stumbled onto aren’t hunters – they’re serial killers.
And soon the liberators become the prey!

Collects issues 1-4.


Preview: Firefly #25

Firefly #25

(W) Greg Pak (A) Pius Bak (CA) Bengal
In Shops: Jan 27, 2021
SRP: $4.99

New Characters! New Enemies! The BRAND NEW VERSE ers starts here!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, it’s the most-demanded Firefly story ever, as the series jumps forward in time after the battle with the Reavers that left Wash & Book dead.

Mal and the new crew of Serenity set a course for the EARTH THAT WAS!

That’s right, fans will see what’s happened to Earth for the first time in Firefly history – and that means all the rules are going out the window, in ways even Mal can’t imagine…

A Perfect Jumping-On Point For New Fans!

Firefly #25

Preview: Year Zero Vol. 2 #3

Year Zero Vol. 2 #3

(W) Ben Percy (A) Juan Jose Ryp (CA) Kaare Andrews
In Shops: Jan 27, 2021
SRP: $3.99

Upshot’s hit series Year Zero returns with four new harrowing tales of survival from around a post apocalyptic world, set several months after the events on Volume One: A grizzled Norwegian sea captain and her two young grandchildren navigate an ocean teeming with undead while eluding the relentless pirates on their trail. A Colombian cartel boss indulges all of his most sadistic whims unaware that a threat far greater than zombies is headed toward his jungle fortress. A Rwandan doctor must overcome the crippling fear that has plagued him all his life as he stumbles through the African bush. And a pregnant woman barricaded in an American big box store discovers that the greatest threat to her life – and her unborn child’s – might not be undead. Benjamin Percy (Wolverine, X-Force) once again pens this global look at the zombie apocalypse, now joined by artist Juan Jose Ryp (Britannia) and colorist Frank Martin (Infinity Wars).

Year Zero Vol. 2 #3

Preview: Dune: House Atreides #4 (of 12)

Dune: House Atreides #4 (of 12)

(W) Brian Herbet, Kevin J. Anderson (A) Dev Pramanik (CA) Lorenzo De Felici
In Shops: Jan 27, 2021
SRP: $4.99

Leto Atreides has discovered the horrifying truth behind Ix’s success, calling House Vernius’ true nature into question and possibly spelling the House’s demise.

The Harkonnens’ deadly influence continues to spread, forcing Duncan Idaho to take drastic measures; Reverend Mother Gaius Mohiam to play her trump card with the Baron.

Pardot Kynes forms an alliance with the Freman that will change the course of Dune’s history.

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Shaddam and Hasimir Fenring continue unraveling their plot to oust the Emperor Elrood…

Dune: House Atreides #4 (of 12)

Preview: The Eighth Immortal #1

The Eighth Immortal #1

(W) Jake Murray (A) Alice Li Barnes (CA) Tiffany Turrill, Gracie Bifulco
In Shops: Jan 27, 2021
SRP: $3.99

Curipan has spent her immortality protecting humanity from the threat of an ancient prophecy. But time and a secret trauma have worn her down, forcing her to choose between her duty and her sanity. The Eighth Immortal is a scandalous fantasy that asks the question, should anything last forever?

The Eighth Immortal #1

Preview: Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #4


(W) Tyrone Finch, James Finn Garner
(A) Ryan Kelly, Sandy Jarrell
(C) Alan Robinson
January 27, 2021

AHOY continues to cheaply exploit the great Edgar Allan Poe’s reputation with two hilarious new horrors: an updated version of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by James Finn Garner and artist Sandy Jarrell; the original tale of “Winston,” a six-year old who terrorizes a town, written by Tyrone Finch with art by Ryan Kelly; plus the usual AHOY extra illustrated prose stories. Cover by PENULTIMAN co-creator Alan Robinson.

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