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David Byrne and Charlie Stickney are Promoted to Co-Publishers of Scout Comics

Scout Comics logo

Scout Comics & Entertainment Inc. has announced that David Byrne and Charlie Stickney have been promoted to Co-Publishers as the company continues to expand its publishing program and multi-media presence.

James Pruett has shifted his focus to concentrate on his role as Chief Creative Officer and will work closely with CEO Brendan Deneen to expand the company’s presence in the bookstore market and to further exploit Scout’s foreign language, multimedia, and merchandising opportunities.

David Byrne began his Scout career as a production designer in 2019, bringing his film and business education and experience as an editor, writer, and retailer to the team. He has spent the better part of two decades in sales, and owned and operated independent publisher W.i.N. Pictures, producing the hit comic Stake and such well-received titles as Color Me YellowDaisy Gets a BrotherShady Place, and The Couch.

As Co-Publisher, Charlie Stickney emphasizes a creator-first approach, designed to empower writers and artists to help bring their vision to the marketplace. Stickney is the writer/co-creator of the comic book series White AshThe GameGlarien and The Adept. In addition, Charlie has spent the last twenty-plus years writing and producing animation, film and television.  After interning at Marvel Comics, Stickney moved to Los Angeles where he developed and ran the animated series Horrible Histories for Scholastic Entertainment, and Cosmic Quantum Ray for Mike Young Productions. Charlie has also produced content for Sony Pictures, ITV, Universal Pictures, Revolution Studios, and Hulu.

David and Charlie join Deneen and Pruett, as well as the rest of the Scout executive team, including James Haick (President), Tennessee Edwards (Chief Strategy Officer), and Don Handfield (Chief Media Officer), in expanding the publishing and multimedia company.

Scout Comics Reveals Talyn: Seed of Darkness from The Brothers Harrow and Banished Shadow

In a Gothic metropolis filled with dark denizen creatures of the night, an emerging streetfighter searches for her missing sister, whose disappearance is part of an ancient plot against humans to take over the world.

Talyn is an orphaned streetfighter carving out a life in the dangerous underworld of Remnant, a Gothic metropolis filled with Lycans, Demons, and other denizen creatures of the night, where humans are as dispensable as the trash littering the street. Talyn finds hope and light in her mischievous and resourceful little sister, Tessa. When Tessa is abducted by a mysterious ghost-like entity, The Pale One, Talyn joins forces with a mutated police detective, and is thrust into a supernatural mystery that is part of the oldest revenge plot ever conceived.

Talyn: Seed of Darkness is from writers The Brothers Harrow and with art by Banished Shadow. It’s coming soon from Scout Comics.

It’s a Fight for Survival in Rabid World

It was like any other morning, until it wasn’t. Growing from the rural areas, it was a simple dog bite, but the end of the day…civilization was collapsing. The outbreak left people rabid, devoid of their humanity, left only with a violent rage. 

With the world in shambles, a group of friends must try to weather the storm and survive. While one couple works to find a vaccine at a long-forgotten bio-weapons research facility, the other flees by sailboat in search of salvation from the perils of a new chaotic existence.

Will a vaccine be found? Will the survivors make it to a safe place to hole up? Find out in Rabid World!

Written by Todd Cinani and art by Oleg Okunev, Rabid World will be published by Scout Comics.

Call in a Code 45, “Dragons in the tunnels,” in 2021

Code 45 is a 5-issue graphic novel about Vanessa, a subway driver in Montreal who hears rumors that there are ‘dragons’ in the tunnels, monstrous apparitions that seemingly defy any explanation.

Her co-workers are terrified of working nights because of what they’ve seen, and so a large number of them self-medicate to get through their shifts without giving in to fear and anxiety. Gradually, the hallucinations brought on by their drug use have made it impossible for them to tell fact from fantasy.

Vanessa is transferred to the night shift and falls slowly into both this world and, thanks to her DJ roommate, the underground rave scene. The mysterious apparitions and malevolent monsters may or may not be real, but the blaring ‘CODE 45’ alert signaling another inexplicable encounter certainly is.

Dragons, drugs, and hardcore beats on subterranean dancefloors blend into a parallel reality as Vanessa struggles to uncover the truths buried beneath the city streets and confronts a shocking secret from her family’s own past.

Code 45 is being released in 2021 from writer Benjamin Hunting, artist Joe Ng, graphic design/letter Angela Hodge, colorist Josh Perez, and being published by Scout Comics.

Code 45

Preview: Canopus #3 (of 4)

Canopus #3 (of 4)

WRITER: Dave Chisholm
ILLUSTRATOR: Dave Chisholm
AGE RANGE: General Adult
GENRE: Science Fiction
SRP: $3.99
FORMAT: Comic Book 
DM PUB DATE: June 17, 2020
PUBLISHER: Scout Comics

After waking up marooned on a lifeless planet with no memories beyond a hazy sense of extinction-level urgency to return to Earth, Helen and her robot companion Arther have to make vital repairs while facing ghosts of the past. Now trapped half a mile beneath the surface of the planet and surrounded by otherworldly fire, the situation is looking dire. As they attempt to blast their way up, Helen learns the truth behind the mission to Canopus, amping up her urgency to return home. CANOPUS tracks the demons of both inner and outer space in an intricately illustrated psychological sci-fi adventure.

Canopus #3 (of 4)

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Canopus #3

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week. It’s the third week of new comics after the shutdown and that also means the return of Marvel!

A Man Among Ye #1 (Image Comics/Top Cow Productions) – A high seas adventure in the waning days of piracy when the best pirates were… women? A new comic series focused on these two very real individuals. We’re intrigued by the mix of entertainment and history.

Against Hope (Dark Horse Comics) – Victor Santos is a creator whose work we’re excited for. A tale of revenge where Nazis are the target and we’re here for their bloody demise.

Canopus #3 (Scout Comics) – Dave Chisholm’s sci-fi series will absolutely be making it on to numerous “best of” lists at the end of the year. Helen learns the truth behind the mission amping up her urgency to return home.

Tiananmen 1989

Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 (DC Comics) – The next chapter in DC’s meta-story where the Dark Multiverse has bled over and reality is twisted and heroes are desperate for survival.

Panorama (Dark Horse Comics) – Michel Fiffe’s Copra is fantastic and we want to see what he’d do with a body-horror romance.

Perramus: The City and Oblivion (Fantagraphics) – In English for the first time, Alberto Breccia’s graphic novel following a political dissident on the run. It was created during Argentina’s military dictatorship.

Tiananmen 1989 (IDW Publishing) – Follow the story of China’s infamous June Fourth Incident-otherwise known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre-from the first-hand account of a young sociology teacher who witnessed it all.

Wynd #1 (BOOM! Studios) – This series was to be released as a graphic novel but is now being released as individual issues. Magic is punishable by death so a young boy must keep his true identity a secret.

Get Distorted this Winter from Salvatore Vivenzio, Gabriele Falzone, and Scout Comics

The Distorted are different from us, or at least that’s how they feel.

Tom is one of them. He works as a PI and is contacted by Elisa, the president of a shadowy, quasi-government organization, to track down the “Distorted”. Brennar is hunting them down as well. The two will chase them like predators but never meet, like parallel lines, until one fateful moment. James is a young adult who does not know what he wants from life. He is trying to find himself, but he is forced to deal with his powers… and his flaws. When he meets someone like him, he decides to commit a robbery and start a new life. Hunting him down is Mason, a “Distorted” serial killer who believes killing other Distorted will make him stronger. It is him that will bring Tom and Brennar together and force them to confront each other.

Distorted is a brand-new comic series from writer Salvatore Vivenzio, artist Gabriele Falzone and published by Scout Comics. It comes to shops this Winter.

Scout Comics Reveals Drexler, a New Thriller Series from Bob Salley, Nathan Kelly, Marco Pagnotta, and HdE


Welcome to Marvin, a small isolated town at the edge of nowhere with a rotten history. A town where something sinister is stalking its residents in the darkness. Local Sheriff Cara Ramon is overwhelmed investigating a string of grisly killings and reaches out to the only person she knows capable of stopping the massacre: the resident “monster” and town outcast, her half-brother Drexler…As a youth, Drexler was ostracized by his community, evicted for crimes he allegedly committed. Now as a kinetic agent for Jupiter Security Branch, he will return to his home town to confront his past and help the public that despises him… 

Or will he? For Drexler is a hunted man and in his possession is a stolen weapon, a conduit of mass devastation. And one ruthless arms dealer with dark intentions is determined to have it no matter the cost. Willing even to track him down all the way to the edge of nowhere to get it back…

Drexler is by writer Bob Salley, artist and creator Nathan Kelly, colorist Marco Pagnotta, and letterer HdE. It’s out soon from Scout Comics.

The Doomspeaker Knows a Person’s Death. Coming this Winter from Scout Comics

When Jarden’s traveling carnival touches down in a small town, he discovers a boy with the ability to foretell the manner of a person’s death. Jarden is fearful of the boy’s role in the prophecy of a Doomspeaker. After the boy’s father, the town sheriff, hangs a member of the carnival, Jarden destroys the town with dark magic and the boy joins the carnival so Jarden can keep an eye on him. Jarden’s carnival continues its journey with the sheriff following and killing any magical beings who get in his way. Along their travels it becomes evident the traveling carnival hides dark magic and even darker secrets. 

Doomspeaker is out this winter from Neil Allen Moherman, Walter Ostlie, and Chas! Pangburn. It’s being published by Scout Comics.

Orson Welles Battles Aliens in Orson Welles: Warrior of the Worlds

Orson Welles: Warrior of the Worlds

Orson Welles: Warrior of the Worlds is a graphic novel series with the premise that Orson Welles’s legendary War of the Worlds radio broadcast was not a prank: an alien invasion really happened. After Welles’s first interaction with aliens, he joins an organization that defends Earth from extraterrestrial threats and lives a double life as a film director by day, alien-hunter by night.

The structure of the story is inspired by Citizen Kane. When Welles dies, he leaves Paula, a lifelong friend, and filmmaking collaborator, a clue that leads her to search for answers to many mysteries Welles left behind. Paula quickly finds herself in over her head, as the irresistible lure of adventure, puts her on a path that leads to secret government agencies, laser guns, and powerful alien technology.

Film lovers will find several easter eggs and Welles aficionados will notice thematic parallels between our alien-hunting warrior and the maverick film director.

Orson Welles: Warrior of the Worlds is by writer Milton Lawson, artist Erik Whalen, and being published by Scout Comics.

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