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It’s two second printings and two new releases for Scout Comics’ final order cutoff

Mr. Easta #1 – 2nd Printing

(W/A/CA) Kit Wallis

2nd printing! The gloriously demented mind of Kit Wallis brings the galactic adventures of the third best assassin in the universe to Scout Comics! Incredible, kinetically charged artwork blasts the blood, mayhem and quirky humor directly through your brain like a high-caliber bullet. In this issue, it’s Elvis night at an interstellar backwater bar, but with all due respect to the King, that doesn’t stop Mr. Easta. With the help of Frank, his teleportation parasite, who can also transform into any handheld weapon imaginable, it’s business as usual.

Mr. Easta #1 - 2nd Printing

Stanley the Snowman #1 – 2nd Printing

(W) Austin Janowsky (A/CA) Juan Pablo Montenegro Marcial

Scoot! Imprint: 2nd printing! Cool down from the summer heat with an uplifting “Christmas in July” special! Jenny Rose is a bit of a loner. She’s not into dolls, the latest cell phones or coolest games. She loves spending time with her family and learning about their traditions from her grandfather. He passes onto her a secret ritual that only one family member in a generation can do, bringing Stanley the Snowman to life! Stanley is a magical snowman, the embodiment of the holiday spirit and their family history.  After months of preparation, the night finally arrives… but things don’t go exactly as planned!

Stanley the Snowman #1 - 2nd Printing

The West Moon Chronicle #2

(W) Frank Jun Kim (A/CA) Joe Bocardo

Maddie Green, presumed deceased after going missing eighteen years ago, returns one fateful October night, having aged only seven months! She’s been roaming the Sky Wyld-a fey realm where time runs slower-looking for her kidnapped infant girl. Now back in our world, she asks Jae-Sun Rhee to help rescue their daughter and earn a second chance at fatherhood… if he can only confront his own culpability that led to their separation all those years ago.

The West Moon Chronicle #2

Road Trip To Hell #2

(W) Nicole D’Andria (A) Monika Maccagni (CA) Joaquin Pereyra

After finding out that his father, Satan, has died, Francis has been named the new king of Hell. The catch? Everyone from Hell has escaped and is trying to kill him in order to seize his title! As a ploy to get to him, a force of Nazis has overrun Angel of Mercy hospital intending to hold his sister hostage. Assisted by his new heavenly protector, Joan of Arc, Francis must go toe-to-toe with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Josef Mengele to save his sister!

Road Trip To Hell #2

Review: By The Horns: Dark Earth #6

By The Horns: Dark Earth #6

Elodie, Sajen, and Evelyn land on the continent of Yalastra and reunite with their unicorn friends Zoso and Rigby. While they hug and prepare to track down pure magic in the Modtlomb jungle, the blight continues to spread on Solothus. Haru, concerned about the possible resurrection of the Augernaut, makes a rogue decision to take the fight to Yun Ma in the Middle Fields, despite resistance from the people of Wayfarer.

I somehow missed reviewing the last issue of By The Horns: Dark Earth, and only honestly noticed this when I picked up the physical copy at my LCS a week or two after it had been released (I had a hectic month, and so didn’t make it down on release day – and usually don’t know what I’m picking up till I actually get the issues in hand), and so I ended up reading both the 5th and 6th issues in one sitting.

Which was glorious.

Writer Markisan Naso, artist Jason Muhr, and Colorist Steve Cannon haven’t missed a beat with this series. The sixth issue is a vibrantly beautiful issue that underscores the point that comics don’t need to eschew colours in order to tell a story that has darker undertones, and Cannon pulls out all the stops to help Muhr’s artwork pop all the louder across each and every page. I can’t understate just how colourful By The Horns #6 is; this is a comic that really stands out against others when you flick through the pages (whether that’s the preview pages, or the comic itself when you’re holding it in your hands at you LCS).

Naso’s story is a freight train this issue as it flows from scene to scene without leaving any room for filler; this issue sees the reuniting the original cast of characters, pulling together an antagonistic crew of folks who have very legitimate and believable reasons for wanting to stop Elodie from her quest to return magic to Solothus. There’s a lot more to the comic than this brief summary thing, and I don’t want to go too far into it because it’s worth experiencing somewhat blind, so suffice it to say that Markisan Naso’s writing has been consistently brilliant throughout the series and that he remains one of the few writers whose work I’ll buy without question.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you REALLY can’t go wrong with this series; it’s so much fun – and yet emotionally heavy at the same time. With the next issue coming out in March, the wait is going to be a long one.

Story: Markisan Naso Art/Lettering: Jason Muhr Colors: Steve Cannon
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review. Alex also purchased a physical copy of all comics referenced within the review.

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Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!


Wednesdays (and Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Accidental Czar: Life & Lies of Vladimir Putin (First Second) – With everything that’s going on, this is a fantastic graphic novel to teach you about Vladimir Putin and some Russian history. It’s written by a former White House Russia expert and delivers a very even handed take on history and what lead to today.

Blade: Vampire Nation #1 (Marvel) – Blade as well as the Vampire Nation have been somewhat quiet recently but left with some much potential. Here’s hoping we get a solid story that does it all justice. A nation of vampires with lots of political intrigue sounds like too much fun.

By the Horns: Dark Earth #6 (Scout Comics) – We’ve loved this fantasy series. Don’t miss out on it and if you haven’t been reading it since the first issue, go start from the beginning!

Dino Mighty: Law and Odor (Clarion Books) – We’ve loved this series of dinosaur heroes. It’s meant for kids but adults will enjoy it too.

Einstein (First Second) – It’s the story of Einstein! Learn about the amazing person who has defined so much but how much do we know about his personal life?

GCPD: Blue Wall #2 (DC Comics) – Writer John Ridley explores policing in the GCPD. Ridley’s exploration of the DCU has been amazing so far including this series’ debut issue.

I Hate Fairyland #1 (Image Comics) – Over the top insanity is back!

Kepler (Dark Horse) – A graphic novel from David Duchovny? Yeah, we’re intrigued.

Maker Comics: How to Design a Game (First Second) – Step-by-step instructions for six tabletop game design projects!

Murderworld: Avengers #1 (Marvel) – We love a good story featuring the villain Arcade who doesn’t seem to get the use and respect he deserves

Rogue State #1 (Black Mask Studios) – A Presidential election plunges the country into crisis from which a mysterious figure rises, but is she a freedom fighter or a terrorist?

Terry’s Crew (Little Brown Books for Young Readers) – Terry Crews digs into his childhood in Detroit in his debut graphic novel.

Part Cybernetic The Metamorphosis Part Twilight Zone, Lost Souls: Haywire is coming from Scout Comics

Bob is a psychiatrist for robots, a psychiatrist who hates his job. Day in and day out he analyzes, certifies and judges the head-spinning drones, the stuttering bots, the self-looping droids – and he’s had enough! All this silicon lunacy is driving him insane. Luckily it’s his last day on the job. Unluckily, he may have just botched his escape. He’s made a mistake. A mistake that has brought an unusual patient – one that will judge him. Part cybernetic The Metamorphosis part Chuck Palahniuk-tinged Twilight Zone, get ready for the transgressive cyberpunk whodunit in the shared world of Lost Souls.

Lost Souls: Haywire is by Darryl Knickrehm and being published by Scout Comics.

A Ronin Seeks Redemption In A Mechanized Medieval Japan. Kitsune is Coming this January

Twelve years ago, Kitsunichi Shimitsu was banished by his daimyo because of his role in a conspiracy. Now that his master is no longer alive, his homeland has descended into chaos due to the incompetence of the young daimyo to rule.

Our hero, accompanied by his friend Karamatsuki Yamanouchi, has returned home to set things right but his efforts unveil the most horrible of truths—the chaos enveloping his homeland has been instigated by his long-lost, son Hirotaro Shimitzu!

Will Kitsunichi be able to redeem himself and perhaps save his son? What other disturbing truths will he discover along his journey? Nothing is like it seems in Kitsune!

Kitsune is written by Luca Frigerio with art, ink, colors, and lettering by Emanuele Ercolani. It comes January 2023 from Scout Comics.


Review: Killchella #1

Killchella #1

This past year has been an interesting one for music festivals. So many disasters, failures, cancelations, and just odd stories, they’ve stood out as a great backdrop for someone to use. We’re getting that with Killchella #1 that has a group of friends getting together for some music… and some murder.

Written by Mario Candelaria, Killchella #1 is an interesting start. There’s really two aspects to it. There’s the group of friends getting together as well as the body count that’s slowly rising. The former is easy to get into. The latter is a bunch of teases that’s the “hook” of it all.

What’s more impressive is Candelaria takes what should be a group of friends we dislike and makes them likeable. There’s the actress, some wrestlers, all a bit affluent and disconnected from reality. This isn’t me and my buddies stoned going to a concert. There’s money here but there’s something about this group that’s relatable.

The murders are interesting. The opening has a Scream aspect about it delivering some kills to open the comic much like each film opened with an ever escalating scene. And Candelaria might have used that to make the friends tolerable in a way. The first two deaths are a duo who feel like they’re in it “for the gram” constantly looking for that good photo and not living in the moment. They’re the individuals you want to slap. And in comparison, the latter group is living in the moment, friends getting together.

Serg Acuña‘s art is solid and entertaining. The kills are gruesome but not over the top. The friends getting together feels a bit out of reach in style but not so much that you disconnect as a reader. There’s a use of the settings to create a more relaxed environment that then leads to the eventual bodies. The art should get interesting as the deaths and chaos ratchet up even further.

There’s something fun about Killchella #1. It has a horror vibe that’s relaxed in some ways, a feeling I got when I watched Scream for the first time. it’s an updated feel and look but at its roots, it’s a classic slasher.

Story: Mario Candelaria Art: Serg Acuña
Color: Katherine Lobo Letterer: Matt Krotzer
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: Zeus Comics

Jack and The Beanstalk heads to space this December in Grimm Space

Jack, a young mechanic, lives in a beat up old space ship called The Beanstalk. The captain is a human woman called “Mom,” and two aliens round out the crew: Zeke, who runs security, and Stilts, who handles their business relations. After a robot malfunctions on the ship, Mom orders Jack to sell it at a space station bazaar. Instead of selling it though, Jack gets sidetracked by a smooth talking alien who persuades Jack to give him the robot in exchange for a strange navigation unit. When he gets back, Mom is angry that Jack didn’t sell the robot and tosses the NAV unit aside, which mysteriously activates itself. As they’re sleeping, the ship somehow finds itself in deep space in front of a massive alien ship. Eager to prove that the NAV unit wasn’t a waste, Jack boards the ship and discovers a giant sleeping alien as well as a bunch of large golden eggs. Excited that they could sell one, Jack picks up an egg, which triggers an alarm, waking the alien. Jack races back to his ship, making it to safety just in time. Later, the crew celebrates their score while, unbeknownst to them, the egg begins to crack.

Grimm Space is written by Frank Martin, with art and cover by Dan Scalisi, variant covers by Rully Akbar and Periya Pillai, and a logo by Dave Lentz. It’s out this December from Scout Comics.

Grimm Space

Unboxing: Scout Comics Subscription Box – October 2022

Scout Comics has its own subscription box where you can get up to 12 Scout Comics including sought-after variants!

You can buy one box for $39.99 plus shipping or subscribe for $33.99 plus shipping. The box ships once a month!

In this box:

  • Blade in the Dark #1
  • By the Horns: Dark Earth #3
  • Code 45 #3
  • Eternus #1
  • Kill Switch (Ash Can)
  • Omega Gang (Ash Can)
  • Pentagram of Horror #4
  • Phantasmagora #1
  • Ranger Stranger Summer Special
  • Sgt. Werewolf x2!
  • Triskele #3

Subscribe now to get the next one!

Darkland sees a young girl on the run in the shattered remains of 24th-century America

In the 24th-century, a young girl named Rose finds haven in an abandoned mall. When she is inadvertently thrust into the deadly remnants of America, Rose must learn to adapt if she wants to survive. Following closely in her wake is Zed — a notorious bounty hunter. Recently released from prison, Zed has been offered her freedom in exchange for Rose. With the odds stacked against her, will Rose make it?

Darkland is by writer Nicholas Black, art by Serg Acuna, color by Hackto Oshiro, and lettering by Bernardo Brice.

Patty & Laz Rush To The Scene In 2023 From Scout Comics. The Debt Of Their Lives Must Be Paid, Or Does It?

What would you give up to save someone you love? Patty and Laz is a sprawling heartfelt epic about two siblings who will go to any lengths to keep each other safe, even when the truth of their lives, past and present, threatens to force them apart. When they make a deal with a mysterious demon, he brushes off the idea of getting their souls. Instead, he wants something deeper: Their memories and a “favor”. It’ll be the fight for their lives, but who could have expected a deal with the devil to only be the beginning.

Patty & Laz is by writer Michael Sanchez, art and colors by Reik Lopez, lettering by DC Hopkins, edited by James Haick, and designed by Marcus Guillory.

Patty & Laz
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