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Preview: Resistance: Uprising #6

Resistance: Uprising #6

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (A) C. P. Smith (CA) Rahzzah
In Shops: Sep 29, 2021
SRP: $3.99

In the wake of the assassination of their leader, the Resistance is in disarray, disconnected from each other and hunted by authorities around the world – including an army of “reborns” recruited by the American government. To avert decimation at the hands of a fascist government crackdown, the Resistance must discover the ace up their sleeve and the key to unlocking it.

Resistance: Uprising #6

Preview: Gun Honey #1


Writer: Charles Ardai
Artist: Ang Hor Kheng
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC, 32pp, $3.99
On Sale: September 29, 2021


When a gun smuggled into a high-security prison leads to the death of dozens and the escape of a brutal criminal, notorious weapons smuggler Joanna Tan is enlisted by the U.S. government: find the man she set loose and bring him down!

“Charles Ardai Is A Very Smart And Very Cool Fellow.” – Stephen King

Cover A: Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover B: Robert McGinnis
Cover C: Ang Hor Kheng
Cover D: Andrea Camerini
FOC Variant: Adam Hughes
Cover F 1:10 Copy Incentive: Bill Sienkiewicz Virgin Variant
Cover G 1:25 Copy Incentive: Bill Sienkiewicz Pink Wash Virgin Variant
The Comic Mint Retail Exclusive: Bill Sienkiewicz Foil Virgin Variant
Forbidden Planet / Jetpack Retailer Exclusive 1: Adam Hughes Virgin Variant
Forbidden Planet / Jetpack Retailer Exclusive 2: Adam Hughes Foil Virgin Variant
Forbidden Planet / Jetpack Retailer Exclusive 3: Adam Hughes Foil Trade Variant
Frankie’s Comics Retailer Exclusive: Lesley Li Virgin Variant
KRS Comics Retailer Exclusive: Warren Louw Virgin Variant
Sanctum Sanctorum Retailer Exclusive: Ivan Tao Virgin Variant


Humble Bundle Goes Bond, James Bond

James Bond: Service

Bond, James Bond’s much-anticipated next mission comes to theaters shortly. For those hungry for more action-packed 007 adventures, Dynamite and Humble Bundle are teaming up to offer the ultimate package of James Bond comics as a digital bundle sale. The “James Bond and Beyond” comic bundle features $391 worth of comics for “pay what you want”.

Portions of the proceeds will additionally be benefiting the nonprofit Doctors Without Borders. The international humanitarian organization seeks to medically assist people in need all over the world, particularly in areas beset by conflict or endemic disease.

The shaken, not stirred digital bundle is available in multiple tiers to fit every reader’s budget and preferences. Featured within is a cornucopia of practically every Bond comic ever published by Dynamite, and even spinoffs starring iconic allies Moneypenny, Felix Leiter, and more. For something close to the Ian Fleming written classics, one can kick back with the acclaimed graphic novel adaptations of the first two novels, Casino Royale and Live and Let Die. Bond’s rarely covered young days in the Navy are portrayed in the fan-favorite Origin series by Jeff Parker. Truly original and innovative yarns of the world’s most famous secret agent have been written by top tier talent in the industry including Andy Diggle, Greg Pak, Christos Gage, and others.

To match the 007 flavor, Dynamite has even selected a curated crop of additional comics in the crime and espionage range that will complement the package, many of which are written by Bond contributors such as Andy Diggle’s Control and Weaver and James Robinson’s Grand Passion. Also making an appearance is the beloved antihero assassin Jennifer Blood, created by Garth Ennis, alongside just a little taste of superheroics courtesy of Peter Cannon Thunderbolt. You only live once (or is it twice?), so all this great reading is a perfect way to spend precious time.

Altogether, at the highest, most comprehensive tier of the bungle, fans will get over 4,700 pages of comic book action and storytelling. This massive haul would normally amount to nearly $400, but is available at a stark discount thanks to this unbeatable deal.

The titles in the bundle include:

  • James Bond: Casino Royale
  • James Bond: Live or Let Die
  • James Bond: VARGR
  • James Bond: Eidolon
  • James Bond: Black Box
  • James Bond: The Body
  • James Bond: Hammerhead
  • James Bond: Kill Chain
  • James Bond: Felix Leiter
  • James Bond: Moneypenny
  • James Bond: Service
  • James Bond: Solstice
  • James Bond: M
  • James Bond: Origin
  • James Bond: Odd Job
  • James Bond: Reflections of Death
  • Control
  • Ex-Con
  • Grand Passion
  • Weaver
  • Jennifer Blood
  • Jennifer Blood: First Blood
  • Jennifer Blood: Born Again
  • Peter Cannon Thunderbolt
  • Peter Cannon Thunderbolt: Watch
  • Project Superpowers: Masquerade

Creators involved in the bundle’s titles include Andy Diggle, Garth Ennis, Duane Swierczynski, Alex Ross, James Robinson, Greg Pak, Benjamin Percy, Christos Gage, Warren Ellis, Jeff Parker, Vita Ayala, Danny Lore, Kieron Gillen, Jody Houser, Declan Shalvey, Ibrahim Moustafa, Ales Kot, Steven Grant, Phil Hester, Jason Masters, Luca Casalanguida, Antonio Fuso, Dennis Calero, Aaron Campbell, Bob Q, Caspar Wijngaard, Jonathan Lau, and more.

Valiant Announces Audrey Meeker as New Assistant Editor

 Audrey Meeker

From an internship to the Editorial department…

Meet former Valiant Entertainment intern and current Valiant Assistant Editor Audrey Meeker. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art and a minor in Creative Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Audrey learned a lot about the hard work that goes into creating comics during her education.

After making an impact as an intern, Valiant was more than happy to offer Audrey the opportunity to join the team full-time as an Assistant Editor. Audrey’s responsibilities include communicating with comic book creators, reviewing pitches, managing and organizing files, and supporting Executive Editor Rob Levin and Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins.

Fun fact: Audrey’s favorite Valiant character is Punk Mambo. “I think her character design is super unique, and I especially love her take-no-prisoners attitude,” explained Audrey. “Plus, the complexity of her character makes me want to learn more and more about her, which I may get to do in the future…
Luckily for Audrey, Punk Mambo will return in the next arc of Shadowman, which begins in issue #5 this January.

The Icon Shines a Bright Light into the Dark Corners of Truth, Justice, and the American Way

From writer and Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson, alongside artist Jordi Armengol, comes the cataclysmic crime miniseries, The Icon.

Twenty-five years ago, a genuine masked hero came out of nowhere to declare war on crime. All of America celebrated the exploits of the black-clad vigilante as he took down one lawbreaker after another, until suddenly he vanished. But when down-on-his-luck investigator Jake Stevens is hired to find the long-missing dark avenger, his inquiries threaten to expose the myth behind the mask. In gritty realistic detail, The Icon shines a bright light into the dark corners of truth, justice, and the American Way.

The Icon #1 (of four) arrives in comic shops December 15.

Monster Kill Squad #2 Delayed Until October 13

Bad Idea has announced that Monster Kill Squad will see delays for its four issues. Issue #2 will arrive Wednesday, October 13th, issue #3 on Wednesday, November 10th, and #4 will comes to shops on Wednesday, December 8th.

Pyrate Queen #2 and The Lot #4 will still be released on October 6.

Monster Kill Squad is written by Christos Gage with art by Tomas Giorello, colors by Diego Rodriguez, and cover by Lewis Larosa and Rodriguez.

Once upon a time, monster attacks were rare. A forest witch might murder a few hikers, a killer clown might eat a few children, or a malevolent ghost might drive a young couple insane just for the hell of it. But these events were scarce, easily covered up, and soon faded into campfire stories good for a laugh.

But no one’s laughing now. Over the past 90 days, cryptozoological attacks have increased a hundredfold, and the arcane has become everyday. Monsters of every shape and size strike at will, and the good, taxpaying folks of the US of A have had enough of this nonsense.

Enter: THE MONSTER KILL SQUAD. A Government Unit of the most dangerous motherfuckers on the planet, the deadliest folks alive are here to put a bullet in the brain of everything that walks, crawls, flies, or hides in shadows. And if it doesn’t have a brain, all the better — we’ve got a gun for that, too.

Witches and wraiths. Demons and deadites. Goblins and ghosts. There have always been monsters. Now there are monster killers, and the MKS will kill it, and kill it good.

Monster Kill Squad #2

NASA Releases the interactive graphic novel First Woman imagining the first woman on the Moon

First Woman
Credits: NASA

NASA has dived into comics with a new digital, interactive graphic novel, First Woman: NASA’s Promise for Humanity. The digital graphic novel was released Saturday, National Comic Book Day. The imagines the story of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the moon. These milestones will be reached in real life with NASA’s Artemis missions. NASA aims to inspire the next generation of explorers through the graphic novel.

You can read and interact with First Woman or listen to the audio version.

The 40-page comic highlights NASA’s technology to travel to, land on, and explore the Moon. Readers are able to interact with the graphic novel though augmented elements.

An application for Android and iOS also has been released allowing the exploration of life-sized environments and 3D objects like NASA’s Orion spacecraft and the lunar surface.

A Spanish language version of the first issue of the comic, “From Dream to Reality” will be released in the future.

Weekly Preview! AfterShock and the return of DC!

There’s a lot of comics coming out this week to be covered. Check out some of what we’ll be reviewing and this is only the beginning!

This week’s reviews include:

  • 10 Years to Death (AfterShock)
  • Out of Body #4 (AfterShock)
  • Party & Prey (AfterShock)
  • Silver City #5 (AfterShock)
  • Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven (DC Comics)

There’ll also be a lot from First Second and more!

AfterShock and First Second provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review

Red 5 Comics in December 2021


(W) Scott Chitwood (A) Danny Luckert
Available December 15, 2021

When Eric is hit by a mysterious blast of light from space, he suddenly finds his mind filled with designs for strange devices.  But when he blindly begins building them, he won’t discover what they do until he and his friends turn them on.  But do they dare?  In the spirit of The Goonies and Explorers, the adventure begins here from the creators of Haunted and Riptide!



(W) Salvador Sanz (A) Salvador Sanz
FC · 48 page · $7.99
Available December 15, 2021

A gigantic creature has been awaken from its eternal sleep in Antarctica. The destructive monster, only known as “The Salamander,” has started a journey of chaos and destruction. The only thing that could stop this menace is another sleeping giant; a creature from under the ocean known as “Mega.” Oversized premium edition.



(W) Ben Ferrari, Erica J Heflin (A) Jim O’Riley (A/CA) Elias Martin
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available December 8, 2021

The Carriers face their toughest test when a gang of bloodthirsty seagulls descend on New York City looking to loot the city’s garbage sas they search for a lost artifact of power, but they must be careful not to forget the armies of the Croc King still waiting for them to make one mistake.



(W) Rodolfo Santullo (A) Jok
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available December 22, 2021

The final showdown! The Skinshifters have conquered the town and it doesn’t seem that Hector can defeat them, despite having the help of The Plagues. Only Merlin will be able to tip the balance in his favor, but to do so he must finally control the magic that baffles him so much. Will he be able to do it or is this the end of their adventure?



(W) Bryce McLellan (A) Dexter Wee
FC · 32 page · $3.95
Available December 22, 2021

Just as Connie has solved the case, she’s captured by Takamori and taken deep into Satsuma Temple, where the Verge has been opened again. On the other side of the Verge is a reunion she never expected, and a danger not just to her and the NYPD, but to all of space and time!


Lesser Known Comics Teams with Dizzy Doom Media for Digital Lizards of Doom

Lesser Known Comics Digital Lizards of Doom

Comic book publisher Lesser Known Comics is teaming up with Dizzy Doom Media to release the Digital Lizards of Doom series, new series spin-offs, and other exciting graphic novels! Digital Lizards of Doom was previously with Clover Press. Creator Gabriel Valentin realized he was looking for a company with an entirely new outlook on the comic book business—Enter Lesser Known Comics!

In November 2020, Mark Bernal started Lesser Known Comics with the goal of changing industry standards and how artists are treated.  The company creates and publishes original content while also publishing independent creator-owned comics. They are committed to putting art before profit, honing some of the most favorable contracts in the industry that focus on giving Lesser Known Comics the largest amount of creative freedom, best work/life balance, and the strongest collective bargaining rights. The company has grown exponentially with its comic creators since; creating 13 comic books to date and working to publish 14 more by the end of 2021.

Digital Lizards of Doom Level 2: Commander E.K.O. is set to hit stores this fall, with production for Digital Lizards of Doom Level 3: Dana Deathly wrapping production in December.

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