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Vault announces Five New Titles

Vault has announced not one, not two, but FIVE series that will be released in Spring 2023. Check out what’s coming to comic shops!


Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Nathan Gooden
Colorist: Addison Duke
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel  
Cover A & B: Nathan Gooden
January 2023

Barbaric is back and headed straight to hell in an all-new arc so big and bloody, it’s getting an extra issue! While Owen tames a dragon with an old friend, Soren and Steel cross paths with someone else from our cursed barbarian’s past…who isn’t looking nearly as friendly. Hell hath no fury like a woman stabbed through the heart by an ugly f***ing orc.

Oh, wait! Who’s carrying Axe?


Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Ben Hennessy
Colorist: Triona Farrell & Vittorio Astone
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover A: Ben Hennessy
Cover B: Nathan Gooden
February 2023

One sunny day in the land of Kerethim, God falls dead from the sky. The impact sends out shockwaves that draw in royal families at war, shadowy creatures of the dark, and armies of the dispossessed, all coming to lay claim to parts of God’s body. Into this power struggle wanders Zanzi Vuiline, a soldier and berserker trying to get home from a years-long war. Forced to fight her way through the strange landscapes in and on God’s corpse, from the soles of its feet through the top of its head, Zanzi will acquire a mysterious traveling companion on her own pilgrimage.


Writer: John Lees
Artist: George Kambadais
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel 
Cover A: George Kambadais
Cover B: Sally Cantirino
March 2023

Eighteen-year-old Thumper Connell still has an imaginary friend: the masked killer from his favourite slasher film. Thumper is obsessed with horror and always has been. He fills his time with scary VHS rentals and hanging out with his fellow fans, The Murder Club. But everything changes when his local video shop acquires one of the notorious films known as “video nasties” – films so scary, they’re the target of the British Moral Decency League’s crusade to ban and burn. But it’s only a movie, right? It’s all just imaginary, isn’t it?

A story about the perception of evil, the power of genre, the love of fandom, the need to create art, oh, and crap-your-pants TERROR!”


Writer: Andrea Fort & MC Heron 
Artist: MJ Erickson
Colorist: Addison Duke
Letterer: Andworld
Cover: MJ Erickson
Designer: Tim Daniel
March 2023

Bethany is a necromancer and a hero. Along with her companions, Elissar and Jonas, she has finally found the rumored covenant. Her Perilous journey has brought her to the last bastion of the necromancers, but resurging prejudices have them in shambles. Can Bethany unite them in the face of escalating tensions? Or will the coming war shatter all of her dreams for a peaceful future? 



Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Gisele Lagace
Colorist: Carlos Badilla Z
Letterer: Crank!
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Gisele Lagace
Cover B: Tim Seeley & Tim Daniel
April 2023

The XXXplorers are back and on their hands and knees for the good of humanity! When the giant ass space jellyfish who run the ordered universe arrive on earth, the porn-stars-cum-science explorers must put away grudges, crushes and side hustles to once again take one or two or three for the team. Begins an epic new arc, which takes aim at dumb billionaires and bad optics, and guests stars a LEGENDARY underground comix heroine! NEW ARTIST Gisele Lagace puts her sexy spin on the book!

Headshell, Vault’s new music focused imprint launches with Pete Wentz’s Dying Inside

Headshell logo

Vault Comics has announced Headshell, a new line of graphic novels from iconic recording artists, including Metallica, Def Leppard, The Beach Boys, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, Redman, and more. Richard Rudolph—acclaimed songwriter and producer, and veteran music executive and publisher—will guide strategy and artist relations for Headshell.

Great musicians are storytellers. But some stories need to be told on the page. Headshell works with iconic recording artists to create unique graphic novels that resonate with artists and audiences. Headshell graphic novels present original stories inspired by artists’ careers and music, giving fans an all new way to connect with the artists and music they love.

Headshell will Iaunch with Dying Inside from Pete Wentz, Hannah Klein, and Lisa Sterle. Klein is best known for her work on the short form Snapchat series, Everything Is Fine. Artist Lisa Sterle has worked with Vault on Submerged and Witchblood.

Headshell books will be available in standard, deluxe, and collectors editions, including special one-of-one rarities. Each graphic novel will debut first for direct sale, and will subsequently have a mass market release through Vault’s distribution partners, including category leading distributor Simon & Schuster.

Character concepts from "Dying Inside" by Lisa Sterle
Character concepts from “Dying Inside” by Lisa Sterle

The Barbaric Universe expands in 2023! The year of Axe!

In 2023, Vault will launch The Year of Axe, a year long event that will dramatically expand the world of Barbaric  with two full new Barbaric arcs, the first ever Barbaric spin-off series, Queen of Swords, an oversized one-shot written with legendary fantasy author Nicholas Eames, and a new line of trade paperback Barbaric collections. The world of Barbaric will never be the same.

Here is the full Barbaric 2023 Year of Axe publishing plan: 

JANUARY 2023: BARBARIC: HELL TO PAY #1 – Now carrying the curse of Axe–who’s as bloodthirsty as ever–Soren works to find a way to get Owen out of hell, and runs into one of the barbarian’s old friends along the way. Meanwhile, Owen is trapped in the underworld–which may not turn out to be such a terrible place after all!

JANUARY 2023: BARBARIC TRADE PAPERBACK LINE LAUNCHES – The first two trade paperback collections of Barbaric drop on the same day as Barbaric: Hell to Pay #1!

MAY 2023: QUEEN OF SWORDS #1: A BARBARIC STORY – You asked for it, you got it! he BARBARIC universe expands with this explosive new series! Following the events of Hell To Pay, Ka, Deadheart–wielding Ganelon, which is now infused with the wretched spirit of Ga’Bar–and Serra form an uneasy alliance and journey to obtain a magical relic that’ll help kill the evil orc Gladius. But can Serra be trusted? And will Ga’Bar ever stop talking sh*t?

SEPTEMBER 2023: THE WRONG KIND OF RIGHTEOUS – From the mind of fantasy superstar writer Nicholas Eames with Michael Moreci comes a one-shot that dives into Owen’s and Axe’s past, chronicling the time they ran into another sentient weapon, a mace named Flail! But Flail is not at all what you’d expect of a talking weapon, nor is the psychotic paladin who wields him!

WINTER 2023L BARBARIC: BORN IN BLOOD #1 – After the game-changing fallout of Hell To Pay, Owen and Soren go on a quest to find the monster that can supposedly explain Owen’s curse–but he’ll have to travel through barbarian lands to get there!

Barbaric is co-created by writer Michael Moreci and artist Nathan Gooden. Among Vault’s best-selling series, Barbaric has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and was named one of the best comics of 2021 by Entertainment Weekly, Thrillest, CBR, Comics Beat, & more. The story follows Owen, a bloodthirsty barbarian and his drunk axe as they roam an untamed, mythic realm battling supernatural cultists, hungry giants, creatures of the night, and more in their quest to somehow, amidst all this chaos, do some good.

Vault’s Resonant is being adapted for television streaming

Vault’s comic series Resonant will be adapted for television by CBS Studios, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, and First Purge director Gerrard McMurray

McMurray will executive produce, write, and direct the Resonant show which is targeted for the BET+ streaming platform. Vault CEO and Publisher, Damian Wassel, and Vault’s Head of Film & Television, F.J. DeSanto, will executive produce alongside Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, Jordan Sheehan, and Clayton Krueger for Scott Free.  

Resonant is the Vault horror series co-created by writer David Andry and artists Alejandro Aragon and Skylar Patridge. In Resonant, A decade has passed since the first Waves hit, unleashing humanity’s darkest impulses and plunging the world into chaos. Paxton, a single father of three, must venture from the secluded haven they’ve built to restock the medicine his chronically-ill youngest son needs to survive. When the somewhat routine trip goes awry, Paxton and his children-now separated-will battle everything in their path to reunite.


NYCC 2022: Vault announces its signings

Vault Comics

New York Comic Con takes place this week from October 6 to 9. Vault Comics has revealed the creators who will be signing at its booth. All signings will take place at booth #1968

Thursday – October 6

  • 5pm – Nathan Gooden

Friday – October 7

  • 2pm – Live painting with John J Pearson
  • 3pm – Cavan Scott and Corrin M. Howell
  • 4pm – Maria the Wolf
  • 5pm – Brian Shcirmer

Saturday – October 8

  • 11am – Agnes Garbowska
  • 2pm – Live painting with John J Pearson
  • 3pm – Zack Kaplan and John J. Pearson
  • 4pm – Josh Hixson
  • 5pm – Aason Campbell, Tim Seeley, Jim Terry

Sunday – October 9

  • 11am – Dani Colman
  • 12:15pm – Vault Panel room 406.1
  • 2pm – Live painting with John J Pearson
  • 2pm – Nathan Gooden

Vault’s West of Sundown becomes an ongoing series

Vault has announce that West of Sundown has been expanded into an ongoing series after readership for the series has grown significantly. To celebrate, the epic second arc will launch with a gorgeous and terrifying variant cover from the mighty Jenny Frison

West of Sundown is co-written by Tim Seeley and Aaron Campbell, drawn by Jim Terry, colored by Triona Farrell and lettered by Crank!. West of Sundown is a western tale of survival starring a cast of literary horrors that center around a beautiful vampire must flee monster slayers in New York City and reclaim the ancestral soil that restores her undead flesh. But the world has changed since she was reborn in the New Mexico desert, and now Constance der Abend and her loyal assistant Dooley must adapt to life in the rough frontier town of Sangre de Moro, where all sorts of monsters have settled.

The second arc of West of Sundown kicks off with issue #6, on sale November 16th, 2022. West of Sundown #6 will feature two second arc kick-off variants by smash-hit artist, Jenny Frison, along with three open order covers by Aaron CampbellJim Terry, and Tim Seeley.

The New Mexico town of Sangre De Moro has accepted its strange new residents: a vampire, her thrall, Frankenstein’s monster, and the would-be mad scientist, Griffin. But a new threat has come for the evil-saturated soil of the mesa: Aristide Moreau and his strange companions.

NYCC 2022: Vault reveals its full schedule

Vault Comics

Vault Comics is heading to New York Comic Con October 6th through October 9th at the Javits Center!

As a part of these celebrations, Vault is announcing two limited release convention exclusive covers for the coming title Nightfall: Double Feature! One cover features a horrific Statue of Liberty by Josh Hixon, and the other featuring the hungry maw of The Brooklyn Bridge by Chris Shehan.

Sold as a set, and limited to only 100 copies of each cover released, these covers will be available for pickup only at NYCC. These covers will never be reprinted. PLEASE NOTE: These are raw copies; grades are not guaranteed. Copies will only be available for pickup at NYCC (Oct 6-9)  from the Vault booth #1968. Pre-orders are on Vault’s website.

Additional exclusives will include limited trades for T.H.E.R.U.S.H, Human Remains, and The Last Book You’ll Ever Read. On top of these, Vault will be offering their first serialized, limited edition pin set (only 300 made) to celebrate their five year anniversary! All limited edition trades feature exclusive covers and are limited to 300 ever printed. These will be available exclusively at Vault Comics Booth #1968.

Vault will host artist John J Pearson as he paints live from the Vault Booth! John will be recreating the cover to his sellout hit Mindset #1 in the likeness of one lucky Vault fan! John will be painting Friday-Sunday from 2-3PM

A Vault Panel will be taking place on Sunday October 9th from 12:15-1:15 PM in room 406.1. The panel is entitled “Vault Comics: The Next Five Years !”

As their five year anniversary comes to a close, Vault Comics is looking forward to what’s next! Join Vault’s co-founders (Nathan Gooden, Senior Artist and Adrian Wassel, Editor-In-Chief) for a look ahead at new imprints, new series, and new talent announcements for 2023 and beyond!

Plus there’ll be a few more surprises you’re not going to want to miss!

And finally, Signings! Full Signing Schedule is below!


  • Nathan Gooden (Artist: Barbaric, Dark One)  at 5 PM


  • Cavan Scott and Corrin M Howell (Writer & Artist of Shadow Service) at  3PM
  • Maria The Wolf (Cover Artist, Barbaric: The Harvest Blades special cover) at 4PM
  • Brian Schirmer (Writer, Quests Aside) at 5PM


  • Agnes Garbowska (Artist: Kinzie’s Kingdom)  at 11AM, 
  • Zack Kaplan & John J Pearson (Writer and Artist of Mindset) at 3PM
  • Josh Hixson (Cover Artist, Nightfall Double Feature Exclusive Cover) at 4PM


  • Dani Colman (Writer, The Unfinished Corner) at 11 AM
  • Nathan Gooden (Artist: Barbaric, Dark One)  at 2PM

NYCC 2022: Vault reveals its exclusives

New York Comic Con is coming soon, October 6th to 9th at the Javits Center! You can find Vault Comics at booth #1968! The publisher is bringing to NYCC not One, BUT TWO convention exclusive 1 of 100’s!

This cover bundle is only available at at the Vault Comics  booth (#1968) at NYCC! 

With a cover by Josh Hixson featuring the Statue of Liberty as you’ve never seen her AND a cover by Chris Shehan with a hungry Brooklyn Bridge, you get two different exclusives, each limited to 100 copies, for the same price!

You can pre-order this two copy cover bundle on our website by clicking the button below, but you must pick your copies up in person at NYCC.

Please note: Vault will not be shipping any copies as they are arriving directly in New York for the show. To pickup any preorders, whether for your self or others, you must present a receipt email.

Get a new look at Vault’s Nightfall: Double Feature #1

Vault Comics has unveiled the second of two first look previews for Nightfall: Double Feature #1. This preview showcases Denizen, the second of the series’ two feature stories. 

Denizen is written by Tim Daniel and David Andry, drawn by Chris Shehan, colored by Jason Wordie, and lettered by Jim Campbell

A family’s cross country road trip goes off the map and into the unforgiving wilds of Joshua Tree National Park, when mom and wife-to-be Helene succumbs to a malevolent force tucked inside an abandoned camping trailer.

Nightfall: Double Feature is brand new series of double-sized comics that contain two separate ongoing horror stories from the creators behind House of SlaughterThe Autumnal, The Plot, and ResonantGrab your popcorn and clamber into your sleeping bag for two tales of terror just like a classic drive-in movie experience.

Feature one is The Cemeterians, written by New York Times Best-Selling author Daniel Kraus, drawn by Ringo Award nominee Maan House, colored by Kurt Michael Russell, and lettered by Andworld Design. After human bones begin growing inside inanimate objects all across the globe, a renegade scientist and brilliant theologian delve into the cemeteries where the bones originated, discovering an otherworldly force tired of being buried in darkness.

Feature two is Denizen, written by Tim Daniel and David Andry, drawn by Chris Shehan, colored by Jason Wordie, and lettered by Jim Campbell.  A family’s cross country road trip goes off the map and into the unforgiving wilds of Joshua Tree National Park, when mom and wife-to-be Helene succumbs to a malevolent force tucked inside an abandoned camping trailer.

Nightfall: Double Feature #1 will hit store shelves on October 26th, and will feature three chilling open-order covers by Jason Shawn AlexanderChris Shehan, and Maan House.


Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Hakim's Odyssey Book 3: Macedonia to France

Wednesdays (and Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

20th Century Men #2 (Image Comics) – The debut issue delivered an intriguing alternate world of war and politics and we really want to see where it all goes.

A.X.E. Judgement Day #5 (Marvel) – The event has exceeded our expectations and it’s desperate times at this point. This issue ends with a shocker and game changer.

Barbaric: Axe to Grind #2 (Vault Comics) – The series has been a fantastic riff on the fantasy genre full of action and laughs.

Batman: One Bad Day – Two-Face #1 (DC Comics) – The series of one-shots put the spotlight on the villains. The first was really good and we’re hoping for much of the same quality for this one.

Bloodshot Unleashed #1 (Valiant) – A mature Bloodshot series? Yeah, we’re game for it.

Crashing #1 (IDW Publishing) – A medical drama involving superheroes. We’re into the concept.

Crazy Food Truck Vol. 2 (VIZ Media) – The first issue was awesome action and characters. It’s a great twist on the apocalyptic setting that has us pumped to read more.

Creepshow #1 (Image Comics/Skybound) – The tv series comes to comics. Horror fans will want to check this out.

Doughnuts and Doom (IDW Publishing) – Being a teenage witch-or rock star-is tougher than it looks! Flying brooms and electric guitars set hearts aflame in this fantastically fizzy graphic novel.

Hakim’s Odyssey Book 3: Macedonia to France (Graphic Mundi) – The final book in the trilogy, the graphic novels have followed Hakim’s journey as a refugee as he attempts to find peace and safety.

Justice Warriors #4 (AHOY Comics) – The series has been amazing at its satire and delivers a lot to chew on as it has its sights on so much of today’s issues.

Phenomena Vol. 1 Golden City of Eyes (Abrams ComicArts) – Brian Michael Bendis’ original graphic novel series. We definitely want to see what this is all about.

Solo Leveling Vol. 5 (Yen Press) – This mahnwa about dungeon crawling with a twist has been amazing with every release. Great action, growth, art, it has it all.

Stuff of Nightmares #1 (BOOM! Studios) – An original comic series from R.L. Stine? You have our attention.

Vanish #1 (Image Comics) – The highly anticipated indie debut from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

X-Terminators #1 (Marvel) – Jubliee. Boom-Boom. Dazzler. That alone we’re in for this one.

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