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Gen Con Makes their Harassment Policy Clear

gen-con-logoWhile planning my trip for this year’s Gen Con, after logging into my account, I had to agree to a new terms of service, which was also emailed to me after I agreed and clicked the submission.

There’ in very clear language, is the family friendly game convention’s terms as far as harassment. Last year, before the convention took place an email was sent specifically on the topic. It’s great to see a convention be so upfront about this and want to create a fun, and safe environment for everyone.

Check out their terms below, and we’ll see what, if anything might be on site when we get their in about 50 days,


I understand that GEN CON is dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable, and harassment-free Convention experience for all participants and workers, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or affiliation, and I hereby acknowledge that disruptive behavior, inappropriate and unlawful conduct, and harassment in any form will not be tolerated. I agree to conduct myself, and any minors under my supervision, in a safe, responsible, non-disruptive, and lawful manner while attending the Convention, and understand that violation of Convention policies as determined by GEN CON in its sole discretion, may result in my expulsion from the Convention without refund.If you need to report an issue you may do so by visiting the Show Office in room 112 or Customer Service in the Wabash East concourse.

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Gen Con and Games & Gears Create Exclusive Items for 2014

gen-con-logoGen Con has partnered with Games & Gears to create exclusive new branded items, including a Gen Con Collectors Series Brush Size 0 and a Limited Edition Gen Con Adventurers Tavern terrain piece. These limited-edition items, created for the 2014 convention, are available for pre-order. In addition to these items, Games & Gears will team with Gen Con as its 2014 Miniature Hobby Events partner.

Interested attendees can pre-order both products now at www.gamesandgears.co.uk. The collectors brush features a Kolinsky sable-hair head, Gen Con branding, and a branded carrying case. The detailed tavern terrain piece is composed of high-quality resin, and includes a one-of-a-kind Gen Con miniature sign.

A new marketing partner for Gen Con, Games & Gears will sponsor the 2014 Miniature Hobby Events program for the first time. Comprising more than 100 events, the MHE program includes painting competitions, informative tutorials, and more.

Gen Con’s Event Registration Opens to New Record

gen-con-logoAs thousands of attendees know quite well, Event Registration for Gen Con 2014 has opened! Last Sunday, a record number of attendees signed up for events, and Event Registration continues at a great pace as Gen Con fans share their event discoveries with friends and family.

Even better, thousands of events are still available for sign-up, and the Events team will add many more events to the system in the coming weeks and months. Click here (log-in may be required) to check out the Find Events link at gencon.com.

Some event categories (anime, film, Industry Insider Guests of Honor), some companies, and late events are still being finalized and will be publicized in future weeks. New events will be added and more tickets will be become available for existing events from now until the convention, so keep checking in for new, awesome events. A valid Gen Con 2014 badge is mandatory to sign-up for events. You can get yours today at gencon.com at the “Get your Badge” link.

Gen Con Extends Partnership with Sun King Brewing

gen-con-logoGen Con, North America’s largest and longest-running gaming convention, and Sun King Brewing, an award-winning Indianapolis-based brewery, have announced an agreement to extend their partnership through 2014. As part of this agreement, Sun King will become a Promotional Sponsor of Gen Con 2014, create and sell the Official Beer for the convention, hold an Official Beer Tapping Party on August 13, and operate an Official Gen Con Beer Garden on Georgia St., outside the Indiana Convention Center. Fans once again will select the name of the 2014 beer, prior to the convention. In past years, fan-named beers have included Ale of Destiny (2012) and Flagon Slayer (2013).

“Since our first partnership with Sun King Brewing in 2012, they have demonstrated tremendous passion, expertise, and support for our convention,” said Gen Con Vice President Scott Elliott. “In 2013, Gen Con’s attendees came to Indianapolis from all 50 states and 32 countries. The Beer Garden has become another terrific destination and gathering place for this growing global Gen Con community.”

In addition to the beer-related activities on Georgia St., live music, entertainment, and some of Indy’s best food trucks will participate on-site to celebrate. The Official Beer, to be named soon by the Gen Con fans, also will be sold at many participating bars and restaurants throughout central Indiana during the convention.

“After three years of working closely with Gen Con, Sun King is excited to ‘Level Up’ our partnership,” said Clay Robinson, owner/co-founder of Sun King Brewing. “In 2014, Sun King will offer extended Beer Garden hours on Georgia St., with a portion of every pint sold going towards Gleaners Food Bank. Head Brewer Dave Colt has been consternating a grand design for a beer recipe that will increase tactical stategory.”

Gen Con badges are currently on-sale at gencon.com with Pre-Registration ending on June 30, 2014.

sun king brewing

Gen Con Announces Terese Nielsen as 2014 Artist Guest of Honor

Gen Con has officially announced its 2014 Artist Guest of Honor, acclaimed illustrator Terese Nielsen. For more than 20 years, Nielsen has contributed her art to the worlds of gaming, comics, and fantasy illustration. As Artist Guest of Honor, she will display her work at a special booth in the 2014 Art Show, and will host several events throughout the convention. Gen Con will release further details regarding these events when listings becomes public in May 2014. To see some of Nielsen’s work, you can visit her gallery page here. A prolific Magic: The Gathering artist, Nielsen has illustrated more than 165 cards to date. For more information on the Artist Guest of Honor, go here.

Terese Nielsen

Gen Con’s 2014 Author Guest of Honor Announced

Gen Con has announced its first 2014 Guest of Honor, author Jim Butcher. Creator of the New York Times best-selling series Dresden Files, Butcher is also an avid gamer.

As Author Guest of Honor, he will participate in several panels, seminars, and book-signings at Gen Con 2014. Dates and times for these events will be made available in early May, prior to Event Registration.

In addition to his work on the Dresden Files series, Butcher also has written the popular Codex Alera and Cinder Spires series.

Gen Con Announces Charity Partner for 2014

gen-con-logoGen Con, the annual game convention with nearly 50,000 unique attendees, has selected its annual charity partner for 2014– ­ Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Each year, Gen Con partners with one local charity, developing events programming intended to give back to the local community.

Gleaners President & CEO, Cindy Hubert said in a release:

We are so grateful to have a community-driven event like Gen Con here in Indianapolis. The partnership with Gen Con will be a great one, and we are glad to have them assisting us in the fight against childhood hunger.

Last year, Gen Con’s charity programming generated more than $25,000 for the convention’s 2013 Charity Partner, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. This August 14-17, Gen Con will serve as host to numerous charity events supporting Gleaners, including a charity auction, the construction and demolition of a giant “Cardhalla” made of assembled trading cards, the “Slay the Creature” balloon sculpture battle, and many other highly anticipated events.

Adrian Swartout, CEO of Gen Con LLC said:

Traditionally, Gen Con selects a charity partner that serves the youth of the Indy community, and Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana makes a daily impact on the lives of many children at-risk for hunger. Our team is honored to work with another terrific organization, and we look forward to the traditional outpouring of support from the generous gaming community.

Specifically, Gen Con will support Gleaners with their BackSacks: Weekend Food for Kids program, a youth initiative that provides weekend, take-home lunches through local schools. BackSacks are distributed to more than 10,000 at-risk children in grades K-6 in Indiana. These free lunches provide a nutrition resource to more than 230 participating schools.

Gen Con and Mayfair Games Extend Co-Sponsorship through 2017

gen-con-logoGen Con LLC has formalized an agreement with Mayfair Games, an award-winning game company, securing their Co-Sponsorship of Gen Con’s yearly convention through 2017. Mayfair, perhaps best known as publisher of Settlers of Catan has co-sponsored Gen Con each year since 2011.

Adrian Swartout, CEO of Gen Con LLC in a release said:

Whether teaming with our charity partners, running record-breaking events, or delivering a world-class Exhibit Hall experience, Mayfair Games has taken every opportunity to amplify the excitement of Gen Con. Given their amazing performance as Co-Sponsors during the prior three years, we know that they will be an integral part in our ramp up to Gen Con 50, taking place in 2017.

In 2013, Mayfair further increased their growing collaboration with Gen Con, holding a series of high profile on-site events and expanding their Exhibit Hall presence. Mayfair’s Warp Speed Tournament, a charity event benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, featured players participating in Star Trek Catan culminating in a showdown with geek icon and celebrated Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Wil Wheaton. In addition, Mayfair set an Official Guinness World Record for most players in a single Settlers of Catan game, netting 922 players in total.

Mayfair and Gen Con hope to create more new destination programming in 2014, expanding gaming and events opportunities for attendees.

Gen Con’s Housing Block Sells Out Despite Expansion in 3 Hours!

gen-con-logoIt looks like Gen Con has hit the big time. This past week saw the opening of Housing Pre-Registration as well as tickets. And despite having more rooms available than anytime before, the allotted housing for the best four days in gaming sold out in about 2 hours. The housing block was increased 13% this year alone Last year, rooms were available through March 18, and took seven weeks to sell out.

In the first three days available, Gen Con badge purchases have far surpassed any prior year metrics. 4-Day Badge purchases poured in less than an hour prior to housing registration opening, creating a new, unforeseen spike in total requests just prior to housing going live. The total  amount of badge purchases, to date, has increased by more than 200% from last year’s week one numbers.

As expected, an influx of people wreaked havoc on the online housing system. Gen Con is working with housing service company Q-Rooms and housing portal provider Passkey to look into the technical service issues created during yesterday’s surge in housing requests. These issues include, but are not limited to, server lag, cart timeouts, and inventory management.

The waitlist for rooms is massive with more than 1,300 voicemails and emails left by individuals looking for rooms.

Gen Con released a FAQ answering concerns and questions which you can find below:

  • Gen Con will look into ways to improve the housing registration process each year. With room demand sharply rising in the past few years, Gen Con is committed to making the process better for attendees. Gen Con reviews the message board discussions at the Community site and also through emails at customerservice@gencon.com. These are the two best ways to voice your ideas and questions.
  • Housing in the Indy metro is not limited to Gen Con’s Housing Block. Many attendees find acceptable deals throughout the Indy metro through travel booking sites. Attendees are encouraged to find the deal that best suits them, and share that information with fellow attendees. Many attendees also look for roommates, or will attend through non-traditional housing such as AirBNB.com or through other short-term housing rentals.
  • More than 99% of housing demand was used for 4-Day Badge attendees with equally high registration numbers for Friday and Saturday. 1-Day Badge holders account for less than 1% of the inventory needs and despite some speculation, Friday and Saturday received nearly equal booking nights throughout housing registration yesterday.
  • Gen Con is committed to the city of Indianapolis, and is contracted to hold its show there through 2020. Each year, Gen Con will look for ways to increase housing inventory and improve the experience for all attendees. Last year, a shuttle service deal was reached to improve access to suburban hotels, and this year, Shuttle Pass purchases are off to a brisk start. Gen Con will continue to look for similar ways to improve the overall convention experience. The team looks forward to working with Visit Indy and the City of Indianapolis to find more great expansion and partnership opportunities.
  • Q-Rooms is reviewing all calls and emails provided to them. While a new company, Q-Rooms is comprised of multi-year Gen Con and Housing Bureau partners with years of Gen Con experience. They love Gen Con, and are working hard to resolve issues created by the spike in demand.
  • In addition to expanding housing in 2014, Gen Con has expanded the Exhibit Hall space for this year’s show. Gen Con is preparing for another year of substantial growth, and has contracted additional space for exhibitors and events in 2014.

Gen Con 2014 Exhibit Hall Sells Out in Record Time

gen-con-logoDespite expanding the convention floor space, Gen Con has announced that it has sold out of Exhibit Hall space for its August 14-17, 2014 show in record time. While Gen Con has sold out its Exhibit Hall in prior years, this news arrives nearly two full months earlier than last year’s previous record sell out announcement. In addition, Gen Con grew its exhibition space 14% for the 2014 convention. The waiting list for 2014 Exhibit Hall space exceeds 30 companies.

Scott Elliott, Gen Con’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said in a release:

Without the great long-term relationships that Gen Con has developed with its exhibitors, the explosive growth that Gen Con has enjoyed over the past five years would not have been possible. Companies from across the globe know that Gen Con is the place to tap into the world’s most passionate gaming audience, and our exhibitors deliver a tremendous amount of value to the show’s attendees. Last year, more than 360 companies exhibited at Gen Con, and this year the number will grow much larger.

As announced previously by Visit Indy, Indianapolis’ convention and tourism agency, Gen Con Indy accounts for more than $47 million annually in yearly economic impact to Indianapolis, a figure that has only been surpassed for the city by the 2012 Super Bowl. Gen Con set an all-new attendance record in 2014 with 49,058 unique attendees.

Companies that were unable to get exhibition space at Gen Con Indy 2014 are still encouraged to discuss other promotional opportunities with Gen Con’s Sales & Marketing team. On-site advertising, signage, event organization, newsletter, and sponsorship options remain.

Badges for the 2014 show go on-sale during Gen Con’s Pre-Registration, beginning January 26, 2014.

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