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Gen Con Shakes Up Their Hotel Registration

gen con featuredLast year saw a massive meltdown for housing when it came to Gen Con, with rooms selling out in record time due to record demand. The convention has announced a new process that will hopefully relieve the issues, and create a smooth sign-up process for this year’s convention.

Here’s the new process, which includes a queue and the need for a badge to get a hotel room.

Managed Access to Housing Portal
In response to customer requests, Gen Con’s Housing Registration will change from a first-come, first-serve system to a new system that is intended to make the process smoother and more efficient. Customers will access the Housing Portal through the Gen Con website exclusively, and housing reservations will require a valid Gen Con 2015 badge. The new housing registration process will no longer use housing access codes.

When Housing Registration opens at noon (Eastern) on Sunday January 25, all customers who have purchased eligible badges will be randomly entered into a queue and then given access to the Housing Portal, one at a time. This will distribute the high demand on the Housing Portal over approximately one-to-two hours, instead of a minute or two as in previous years.

While the new process may take customers slightly longer, a personal countdown timer will tell your exact entry time to the Housing Portal on your “My Housing” page. Access to the portal does not guarantee a downtown hotel room, but is intended to more smoothly distribute rooms throughout the entire housing block to interested parties.


To create a housing reservation, customers will need an eligible Gen Con 2015 badge. All badges (Child wristbands are not eligible) purchasable through the “Get your Badge” links are eligible for housing registration, as well as Press badges. Customers are allowed one housing reservation per every two badges they have purchased. Customers can make multiple reservations, if they have more than two badges in their account.

Nightly Minimum Stays (NMS)

Nightly Minimum Stays refer to the minimum number of consecutive nights needed to book a reservation through the Housing Portal. Customers of course may stay longer, but NMS increase the likelihood of properties not fracturing room nights,which should result in more uninterrupted stays in housing properties. Reservations for suburban properties will not require a NMS.

Gen Con 2015: Upper Deck’s First Official Vs Release Plus Another Exciting Game

Upper_Deck_Logo.svgThrough their newsletter, Gen Con has announced that Upper Deck will launch their first official release for their returned Vs. system at Gen Con 2015.

The Vs. game had a limited release to gauge interest at this past year’s convention and had long lines and quick sell-outs throughout the show.

The system was first published in 2004, and discontinued in 2009. The game mostly focused on the superhero genre with settings based on Marvel, and DC Comics.

The newsletter also said that:

The company also will release another new and exciting game at Gen Con 2015.

There’ll be more details in the next Gen Con newsletter, but let speculation begin!

Gen Con 2015 will take place July 30 through August 2, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Wizkids Moves Its World Championship to Origins Starting in 2015

road-to-worlds-logo-2015-300x246At Gen Con, Wizkids held the 2014 Heroclix World Championship and first ever Heroclix Team-Up World Championship which saw Patrick Yapojoco and “Team Majestix Apex Predators” crowned champions. “Team Majestix” was made up of Kevin Afrooz, Patrick Yapjoco, and Justino Jimenez. This tournament saw officially sanctioned international events feeding into the World Championship Final event at Gen Con for the very first time.

But, things are changing for 2015. As announced today on their blog, starting in 2015, all of Wizkids’ World Championship events will be held at Origins Game Game Fair which takes place June 3-7, 2015 in Columbus Ohio. This consolidates the championship events for Heroclix, Attack Wing, and Dice Masters all in to one location.

This move provides the company with more space to spread out and host larger sized events. The company has also announced they are moving to a ticketing system (or something close to it) to manage the lines at their booth. The specifics of that have not been finalized.

The company has promised more news to come, but this changes the time frame for individuals to prepare and plan.

Gen Con 2014 Breaks Records

gen con featuredGen Con 2014, which ran from August 14-17 at the Indiana Convention Center, saw another year of record attendance numbers and unprecedented growth. That makes it the fourth consecutive year, Gen Con grew by more than 10%. This year saw 14% year-over-year growth with a weekend turnstile attendance of 184,699 and unique attendance of 56,614. 2013’s previous record was 49,530 unique attendees. Since 2009, Gen Con’s annual attendance has more than doubled.

Another new record in 2014 also was set for donations to Gen Con’s Official Charity Partner. Gen Con raised more than $40,000 for Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana’s BackSacks program, which provides weekend food to children at-risk for hunger. This donation includes a $20,000 check provided by Mayfair Games’ Cones of Dunshire event, a charitable game played Saturday, August 16 on Georgia Street.

Due to Gen Con’s expansion throughout the Indiana Convention Center, the show also featured record numbers of exhibitors (370+) and events (14,000+).

Gen Con 2015 returns to Indianapolis July 30 – August 2, 2015! And we’ll be there!

Gen Con 2014: Golem Arcana, the Hot Game… That Has Some Bugs

Copy of logo_GolemArcanaOne of the hot releases at Gen Con 2014 has been Golem Arcana the successful Kickstarter game project by Harebrained Schemes. Golem Arcana is a point-based army building game that blends the physical fun of tabletop gaming with the power of digital technology. It “seamlessly” connects a smartphone or tablet to the game’s figures, board, and cards via a Bluetooth-powered stylus designed specifically for tabletop gaming. Simply tap any of the game pieces with the stylus to send information to the app, or tap the board to make a move.

That “seamlessly connects” and blending technology with physical miniatures is both the best, and worst part of the game. On the floor of the show, with nice tablets, and big screens, I received a seamless demo of how the game worked. Using a stylus, you’re able to control figures, with no need of a rulebook to memorize, dice to role, and an endless possibility to the game play. Myself, and those with me, were so excited about the game, and the demo was so good, we (myself and some other friends) decided to buy the game, $120 worth of it.

Product 15Back to the hotel that evening to play, we opened the game, attempting to sync it with our iPad. It turns out, though we were told that the app worked on a generation 2 iPad or higher, in fact we needed a third generation and higher. Luckily we also had an iPhone 4S handy, one of the devices listed on the apps page. If your game relies on a device, you probably should know the device it can work on, we lucked out (I have a first generation iPad myself so no game for me I guess until the PC app is released down the road). The internet was slow, but we downloaded it to play the next day.

After our second day, we excitedly got back to our room to play. Every few minutes, the iPhone crashed. With each reload, a new synch of the stylus was needed. We’d click some screens, and a crash again. After many attempts of this, we gave up, frustrated. Add this on top of the small screen, and you can see how our excitement was dimmed quickly. We couldn’t get past the first turn of the first player in the tutorial.

golem_arcana_requirementsGo to the Golem Arcana app page and at the end of the list of devices that it should work on is “This app is optimized for iPhone 5.” So, here’s the issue…. on top of the $120 spent on the game (main game, plus two figure packs), we’re left in a quandary. To actually play, what is an amazing game, we’d need to invest another few hundred to get the right device to be able to do so.

The irony in the end is, by using technology to free us the gamers from massive physical rulebooks, that same technology has also made it impossible to actually enjoy the game.

Gen Con 2014: Day 3 in Pictures

Day 3 of Gen Con has wrapped up, and while my feet hurts, it was well worth it! Here’s photos from the third day.


Gen Con 2014: Day 2 in Pictures

It’s Friday, and that’s a wrap for day two of Gen Con. For us, it was busy meeting with various publishers, trying games, and just regular amounts of crazy.

Here’s photos from the day!

Gen Con 2014: Upper Deck Makes a Splash

Upper Deck is rocking Gen Con with a life size alien lording over the crowds as they walk by the booth. That’s to help kick off the pre-launch of Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game.

The company has also teased the return of the Vs. system, which they’ll release more details on as the convention continues.

To celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary they’ve got a lot going on during the convention.

Facebook-Legendary-Alien-Deck-Building-Game-EncountersWhat fans seem to be most excited about is the new Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game. Upper Deck will be offering the product on presale there before fans can get it in stores for just $60 and we will be hosting demos of the game all weekend long for fans to give it a try. Fans who score the Legendary Encounters game can also score a FREE Alien “Legendary Hugs” slingpack!

Aliens_HUGS Gen-Con-Indy-Alien-Legendary-Encouters-Hugs-Slingpack-Product-Upper-DeckUpper Deck will have a variety of Hello Kitty items at show special pricing. And any fans who purchase the new Marvel Legendary Villains game can score a set of four playable promo cards!


Upper Deck will be hosting win-a-box tournaments at the booth from Thursday through Sunday. There will also be a free raffle each day as a way of saying thank you to their fans for 25 great years. Upper Deck will be offering up free birthday cake to fans at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday as folks sing, “Happy Birthday” before passing out the delicious dish!

On Friday fans will definitely want to check out the $10,000 Legendary tournament taking place from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Those who register will also earn four Gen Con exclusive promo cards! Come see who has what it takes to become legendary as Upper Deck offers up big bucks to the game’s best players.

Gen Con 2014: Day 0 and Day 1 in Pictures

Gen Con is underway and we’re already checking out some of the hot current releases and new releases coming up. Here’s yesterday and today in pictures.

IDW Games Announces Two Big Box Games

Fire & AxeIDW Games and Pandasaurus Games announced today at Gen Con 2014 that they will bring two cult-favorite titles to tabletops in 2015; Fire & Axe and WildcattersFire & Axe pits players as Viking warriors, racing to pillage, plunder, and conquer their way across Europe, while Wildcatters sees players as oil barons maneuvering their corporations to come out on top during the 19th century oil boom.

Fire & Axe seats three to five players, and is playable in roughly 90 minutes. Each round players take a turn that consists of seven in-game days to load their ships and send them out to trade with or conquer Europe. There is also a a unique mission system that gives all players a chance to complete tasks on mission cards, which when completed, awards bonuses that can tip the scales of battle.

Wildcatters is a deeply strategic economic game for three or four players, playable in roughly two hours.  Players work to develop oil fields, bid for oil rights, and build the equipment required to transport and refine their crude and take it to the market.  The game forces players to work together to find oil at a good price, and transport it to refineries, but only the player who delivers the most oil will come out on top.

Both titles will join a rapidly expanding lineup that features a mix of comic book adaptation games like CHEW, V-Wars, and 30 Days of Night as well as imported and original titles like Machi Koro and Diamonsters.

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