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Review: War Mother #3

WM_003_COVER-B_GORHAM“As the only force standing between her tribe and total extinction, War Mother must protect every man, woman, and child…no matter the cost…as she braves the long journey across the mutant-infested jungles and irradiated steppes once known as South America. But when this sworn guardian discovers that the new homeland she seeks might not be the haven it was promised to be, she’ll have to save her people from the one thing she never could have anticipated: themselves!”

Having been sat staring at my screen for the last ten minutes without any idea how to start this review, I figured I’d just start writing and see where we end up. The thing I’m having trouble with is that while I enjoyed the comic, quite a lot actually, there was nothing that stood out to me about it.

War Mother #3 is a brilliant example of the creative team pulling together a really solid book, with everything from the art to the words being on point. The theme of the issue, without revealing too much, is oddly poignant as Ana and her sentient gun Falco share some genuinely well written moments within the panels which is also set to some really wonderful set pieces.

As a four issue miniseries this story has been quite enjoyable – more so than I ever expected – and War Mother #3 continues the quality shown in the last two issues that puts the series on pace to go out with a bang. I just wish I had more to say about this comic.

Story: Fred Van Lente
Art: Stephen Segovia and Roberto De La Torre Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse
Story: 8 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided a FREE copy for review, but I based this review off the print version I purchased.

Valiant Entertainment’s Releases in January 2018


Written by ELIOT RAHAL
Cover B by CAFU
Interlocking Variant by FRANCIS PORTELA
Variant Cover by BOB LAYTON
Photo Cover Also Available
Blank Cover Also Available


Watch the upcoming live-action digital promotion coming this winter – then jump headlong into the fight-fueled showdown of the century as acclaimed writer Eliot Rahal (The Paybacks) and red-hot artist Joe Bennett (Teen Titans, Deathstroke) reveal the full scope and adrenaline-drenched intensity of…NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE!

Colin King is Ninjak, MI-6’s deadliest intelligence operative and weapons expert. When the ruthless assassin Roku exploits his greatest weakness, Ninjak will be forced to betray his closest allies. Now, on the run, he must face off against the most powerful heroes known to man for a high-octane, take no prisoners trial by fire more perilous and more unpredictable than any he’s faced before. In 2018, the world’s most dangerous super-spy goes to war with the Valiant Universe…

Guest-starring X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Livewire, Archer & Armstrong, Shadowman, and many more, don’t miss the ULTIMATE JUMPING-ON POINT for the most acclaimed and hotly followed publisher anywhere in comics today as Ninjak leads an all-star introduction to the most brutal fighters the Valiant Universe has to offer!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JANUARY 10th


Art by KANO
Cover B (Extreme Ultra-Foil) by GEOFF SHAW
Extreme Ultra-Foil Chase Variant by GEOFF SHAW
Q&W Icon Variant by MIKE ALLRED
Blank Cover Also Available

The must-read superhero-action-family-drama-buddy-comedy throwdown of 2018!

It’s the ones you love that hurt you the most…and, in the case of super-powered adoptive brothers Eric and Woody Henderson – aka Quantum and Woody – this is definitely going to leave a mark! Quantum has kept the truth about Woody’s biological father a secret, and now that Woody has found out about his brother’s betrayal, their once-promising superhero career has ground to a standstill. So now it’s time for one last shot at teaming up as our heroes head “down under” – ahem, to Australia – in search of Woody’s one true DNA match. Like father, like son? Let’s hope not.

You’ll believe two men and a goat can fly coach when the new adventures of the world’s worst superhero team continue with a slightly less collectible second issue from rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show With Stephen Colbert) and dazzling artist extraordinaire Kano (Daredevil)!

$3.99 | 32 pg. | T+| On Sale JANUARY 31st


Written by MATT KINDT
Interlocking Variant by ARIEL OLIVETTI
X-O Manowar Icon Variant by JAY ANACLETO


Aric of Dacia’s bone-crushing climb to the throne of an alien world earned him scores of allies…and a legion of scorned enemies. Now, stripped of his crown and cast out of his kingdom, the man known as X-O Manowar must return to his roots as a sword-wielding warrior of Earth if he is to survive the relentless band of intergalactic bounty hunters that have been hired to kill him cold. But with few places left to turn, could the last Visigoth’s best hope be the all-powerful…but insidious…weapon he once swore away: the X-O Manowar armor?

From soldier to general to emperor…to outcast! The climax of X-O MANOWAR’s whirlwind first year in the Valiant Universe starts here as “VISIGOTH” begins with a bold new entry point from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (ETERNITY) and explosive artist Ryan Bodenheim (The Dying & The Dead)!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PREMIUM | On Sale JANUARY 24th


Interlocking Variant by KENNETH ROCAFORT
Ninjak Icon Variant by TOMÁS GIORELLO

Spy vs. super-spy!

At last, Ninjak is about to find himself face-to-face with the surgically precise killer that has been eliminating the operatives of MI-6’s most elite intelligence service – the deep-black training unit known as the “Ninja Programme” – one by one. But this shocking truth will also bring a devastating realization about Colin King’s own past screaming into the modern day… With a gun at his back and a sword at his side, Britain’s most elite super-spy is about to have his faith in queen and country tested like never before…

The mystery of “THE NINJA FILES” continues as renowned writer Christos Gage (Netflix’s Daredevil) and superstar artist Tomás Giorello (X-O MANOWAR) lead MI-6’s deadliest secret agent ever deeper into an shadow-laden game of cat and mouse…

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JANUARY 24th


Variant Cover by SIJA HONG
Variant Cover by ADAM POLLINA

Before the fall of the Harbinger Foundation… Before the opening pages of SECRET WEAPONS #1… Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and legendary artist Adam Pollina (X-Force) present all-new, standalone prelude to the year’s best-selling independent limited series!

Meet high school senior Nikki Finch… She’s a gifted athlete with an unusual set of medical ailments and high-aptitude test scores that have drawn the attention of an obscure and little-known NGO calling itself the Harbinger Foundation. With seemingly limitless resources at its disposal, the Harbinger Foundation has just offered Nikki a place in their newest class of recruits for a prestigious, but secretive, mission: to unlock her hidden potential via the invasive, dangerous and often deadly process known as “psiot activation”…

If they succeed, Nikki could become an extraordinary example of Toyo Harada’s vision for the future of post-human biological superiority. If they fail, she’ll likely die on the operating table…or be locked away for future study in the mysterious research facility known as The Willows…

An essential new chapter in the Harbinger mythos is about to be revealed as Nikki Finch – a future founding member of Livewire’s squadron of misfit telekinetics – relives the never-before-told saga of her recruitment and activation at the hands of Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation in a must-read standalone special from two of Valiant’s most accomplished storytellers!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | On Sale JANUARY 3rd


Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A (Standard) by KENNETH ROCAFORT
Cover B (Villains) by MONIKA PALOSZ
Cover C (Battle Damaged) by DARICK ROBERTSON
Interlocking Variant by GREG SMALLWOOD
Bloodshot Icon Variant by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI

Something’s wrong with Baby Jessie!

NOW: As nanites overwrite her biology, Bloodshot’s newborn daughter is about to take a turn for the worse…just as her father is forced to confront the truth about a deranged cultist with a dark connection to their own family.

THEN: In the near future, as Rampage’s nationwide campaign of terror escalates, Magic’s search for salvation points her farther away than she ever could have imagined… To the year 4001 A.D.!

“THE BOOK OF REVENGE” shall bind them both as New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Black Hammer) and superstar artists Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT REBORN) and Mico Suayan (BLOODSHOT REBORN) rush toward an inescapable turning point in Bloodshot’s legacy of violence!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PREMIUM | On Sale JANUARY 10th

ETERNITY #4 (of 4)

Written by MATT KINDT
Character Design by MATT KINDT
Variant Cover by JEFFREY VEREGGE

A cosmos in chaos!

At the farthest edge of human understanding, Abram Adams – the lost cosmonaut called Divinity – and his comrade, Myshka, have discovered the purpose of their existence in this universe… and in the next one beyond our own. Now, as a seemingly infinite pantheon of mythic gods and cosmic beings rises to meet them head on, they’ll be forced to ignite a maelstrom of untold proportions to save their child from a fate worse than annihilation…

The age of Eternity is nigh! New York Times best-selling author Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR) and spectacular artist Trevor Hairsine (DIVINITY) lead the thrilling finale to the ambitious feat of visionary science fiction storytelling that will forever expand the boundaries of the Valiant Universe!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JANUARY 31st


Written by MATT KINDT

The ultimate turning point!

A war has been won, a victory has been decided… and now, an entire alien world kneels before the throne of their new leader: the unstoppable X-O MANOWAR! He has traded his armor for a crown and a new age now begins… even as an extraterrestrial invader readies an interplanetary attack that could pull Aric of Dacia from the newfound safety of his imperial palace and back into the blood-sodden battlefields where his conquest began.

Comics superstar Clayton Crain (4001 A.D., RAI) joins New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (RAPTURE, Mind MGMT) to summit the next pinnacle of 2017’s best-selling independent superhero series – and unleash a blistering, new interstellar opus chronicling the most powerful moment yet in the history of Valiant’s unrelenting icon!

Collecting X-O MANOWAR (2017) #7–10.

$9.99 | 112 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JANUARY 24th
TRADE PAPERBACK | ISBN: 978-1-68215-235-5



“MASSACRE” brings death to a major Valiant hero!

Toyo Harada’s former protege – Alexander Solomon, a “psiot” with the ability to predict and analyze potential futures – has been waiting for this moment. With the Harbinger Renegades – Peter Stanchek, Faith, Kris Hathaway, and Torque – now reunited as a result of his covert manipulations, his ultimate gambit can now begin.
But he’s not the only one who has been watching. Major Charlie Palmer has just re assigned a new division of the militarized psiot hunters codenamed H.A.R.D. Corps to active duty… and they’re about to bring a torrent of blood and calamity roaring into the streets of a major American metropolis for an all-out firefight.

Harvey Award-nominated writer Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) and superstar artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan) begin THE ROAD TO HARBINGER WARS 2 – right here with a bang that will reverberate throughout the entire Valiant Universe…and claim the life of a major hero!

Collecting HARBINGER RENEGADE #5-8 and #0.

$14.99 | 128 pgs. | T+ | On sale JANUARY 10th
TRADE PAPERBACK | ISBN:978-1-68215-223-2



For the first time anywhere, experience all three sold-out volumes of the visionary science-fiction saga that refined the Valiant Universe for the 21st century in one stunning, oversized deluxe hardcover!

At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union – determined to win the Space Race at any cost – green lit a dangerously advanced mission. They sent a man farther into the cosmos than anyone has gone before or since. Lost in the stars, he encountered something unknown. Something that… changed him.

Long thought lost and erased from the history books, he has suddenly returned, crash-landing in the Australian Outback. The few that have been able to reach him believe him to be a deity – one who turned the scorched desert into a lush oasis. They say he can bend matter, space, and even time to his will. Earth is about to meet a new god. And he’s a communist. How long can it be before the first confrontation between mankind and DIVINITY begins?

From the minds of New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR, Mind MGMT) and superstar artist Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis) comes the first complete collection of the multiple Harvey Award-nominated series that Entertainment Weekly calls “a mind bending battle for the ages”!

Collecting DIVINITY #1–4, DIVINITY II #1–4, DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE #1–4, DIVINITY III: KOMANDAR BLOODSHOT #1, DIVINITY III: ARIC, SON OF THE REVOLUTION #1, DIVINITY III: SHADOWMAN & THE BATTLE OF NEW STALINGRAD #1, and DIVINITY III: ESCAPE FROM GULAG 396 #1, along with the never-before-collected DIVINITY #0, and over 20+ pages of rarely seen art and extras!

$59.99 | 528 pgs. | On Sale JANUARY 31st
OVERSIZED HARDCOVER | ISBN: 978-168215-221-8

Review: Faith And The Future Force #4

FFF_004_VARIANT_CHEUNG“Bloodshot was a bust… Divinity didn’t work… Ninjak was nixed… No matter which of the Valiant Universe’s greatest heroes she recruits to her aid, Faith still can’t save the time stream! With time literally running out all around her, does L.A.’s sky-soaring superhero have what it takes to defend the entire universe…or will the secret key to saving existence itself come from the most darkest and most unexplored avenue of all?”

Well  this was an unexpected conclusion. When the combined might of the Valiant universe fails to save history, Faith, Neela Sethi and Ank try one last hail Mary – and it’s not exactly what you’d expect.

Faith And The Future Force has been a subtly intelligent series that subverts the industry established conventions that bigger and stronger heroes are needed as things get worse and the damage worsens. By having three comics in the four issue miniseries essentially tell the same story Jody Houser both pokes a little fun at the yearly summer events from the “Big Two” publishers while providing her own unique solution in the fourth issue; at some point we’ve got to learn that doing the same damn thing all the time just doesn’t work. To borrow a famous slogan, sometimes we need to think different.

To drive home the shift in thinking from the first three issues to the fourth, the art of Cary Nord (with Brian Thies) brings a different style to the story that is a little noticeable after the relative consistency of the first three issues, but that’s the entire point isn’t it? Although there is a scrappy feeling to the  artwork, it’s still very easy to follow the story –  it won’t leave your jaw on the floor, but there’s nothing inherently bad about the visuals this issue.

Where the comic does stumble is actually in some of the believability of the characters actions as they seem to just accept things without thinking too much about the whys. Granted this could be Houser making a clever point that I’m too dense to follow.

Ultimately the comic, and series as a whole, triumphs over the flaws in this issue – and while this could have easily been another arc within the ongoing Faith series, you’re not going to be lost if you’ve never touched the previous material as Faith And The Future Force stands alone as an entertaining story with a meta message.

Story: Jody Houser Art: Cary Nord with Brian Thies Colourist: Ulises Arreola
Story: 8.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy (the trade)

Valiant provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review – but I’m still buying this.

Ariel Olivetti Joins Valiant’s Ninja-K to Reveal the Lost History of MI-6’s Deadliest Agents

Valiant has announced that Ninja-K #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the EXPLOSIVE NEW ONGOING SERIES from writer Christos Gage and superstar artist Tomás Giorello – is growing to a colossal 48 pages, including a double-length lead feature ushering in MI-6’s deadly new assignment for their most feared international operations: Colin King, aka the fearless super-spy codenamed Ninjak!

Then: the international intrigue continues with 40 pages monthly as veteran artist Ariel Olivetti joins Ninja-K mastermind Christos Gage for a new series of essential back-up features revealing the top-secret origin of the operative that birthed Britain’s deep-black “Ninja Programme” amidst the raging fires of the first World War’s Western Front… For the first time, an indispensable chapter in the history of the Valiant Universe can finally be told as Gage and Olivetti reveal the saga of NINJA-A – the Japanese master of weaponry and deception who would become MI-6’s first ninja agent – in an all-new special feature, beginning in December’s Ninja-K #2 and continuing monthly for the standard $3.99 cover price!

For nearly a century, MI-6, the most elite branch of Britain’s clandestine intelligence service, has honed a ruthlessly effective, top-secret division – THE NINJA PROGRAMME – into one of its nation’s most finely wielded weapons. Tasked as the first and last line of defense for queen and country, this small shadow army of agents and assassins has produced a succession of notable assets, including NINJA-A, the Queen’s silent weapon of World War I; NINJA-E, the globe-trotting secret agent that pulled the Cold War back from the brink of Armageddon; and, most recently, NINJA-K, aka Colin King, a brash but fearless instrument of lethality that has saved the world from madmen and terror at every turn. But now… an unknown enemy is hunting and killing members of THE NINJA PROGRAMME one by one – and NINJAK is next on the list.

Ninja-K #2 features covers by Trevor Hairsine, Lucas Troya, Kenneth Rocafort, and Ben Templesmith and comes to shelves December 20th.

Valiant’s X-O Manowar #11 Unleashes “Visigoth” this January

Valiant has announced X-O Manowar (2017) #11 – the FIRST ISSUE of “VISIGOTH,” an ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT for the unrelenting science-fiction juggernaut from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and spectacular artist Ryan Bodenheim! On January 24th, the best-selling new series of 2017 from any independent publisher begins the new year with a crippling new turning point in Aric of Dacia’s yearlong rise from “SOLDIER” to “GENERAL” to “EMPEROR”… Now, exiled from the empire he once conquered and hunted by a band of cold-blooded mercenaries with a price on his head, X-O Manowar’s fall from grace is about to begin with punishing force!

Aric of Dacia’s bone-crushing climb to the throne of an alien world earned him scores of allies… and a legion of scorned enemies. Now, stripped of his crown and cast out of his kingdom, the man known as X-O Manowar must return to his roots as a sword-wielding warrior of Earth if he is to survive the relentless band of intergalactic bounty hunters that have been hired to kill him cold. But with few places left to turn, could the last Visigoth’s best hope be the all-powerful…but insidious…weapon he once swore away: the X-O Manowar armor?

In 2018, jump on board the record-setting series that reforged Valiant’s most iconic hero in a crucible of war and interstellar fury…and find out why fans and critics alike can’t stop raving about X-O MANOWAR’s cosmic quest for power:

Featuring covers by Lewis LaRosa, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Ariel Olivetti, and Jay Anacleto!

Preview: Faith and the Future Force #4 (of 4)


Written by JODY HOUSER
Cover A by BARRY KITSON (AUG172133)
Cover B by JEN BARTEL (AUG172134)
Variant Cover by JEFFREY VEREGGE (AUG172135)
Variant Cover by CHRYSSY CHEUNG (AUG172136)
$3.99 | 32 pages | T+ | On Sale OCTOBER 18th

The final countdown!

Bloodshot was a bust… Divinity didn’t work… Ninjak was nixed… No matter which of the Valiant Universe’s greatest heroes she recruits to her aid, Faith still can’t save the time stream! With time literally running out all around her, does L.A.’s sky-soaring superhero have what it takes to defend the entire universe…or will the secret key to saving existence itself come from the most darkest and most unexplored avenue of all?

Eisner Award nominee Jody Houser (FAITH) is joined by Eisner Award-winning artist Cary Nord (X-O MANOWAR) to bring Valiant’s spectacular standalone event to an unfathomable finale…and when the clock reaches zero, no amount of time travel can ever undo the damage done!

Preview: War Mother #3 (of 4)

WAR MOTHER #3 (of 4)

Cover A by DAVID MACK (AUG172124)
Cover B by ADAM GORHAM (AUG172125)
Variant Cover by MEGHAN HETRICK (AUG172126)
Variant Cover by VERONICA FISH (AUG172127)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale OCTOBER 18th

Into the badlands…

As the only force standing between her tribe and total extinction, War Mother must protect every man, woman, and child…no matter the cost…as she braves the long journey across the mutant-infested jungles and irradiated steppes once known as South America. But when this sworn guardian discovers that the new homeland she seeks might not be the haven it was promised to be, she’ll have to save her people from the one thing she never could have anticipated: themselves!

Join New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and explosive artist Stephen Segovia (NINJAK) as they send War Mother on her darkest mission yet…and bring her first high-powered solo series to a brutal breaking point!

Underrated: Comics Not In Diamond’s Top 100 For September

This is a column that focuses on something or some things from the comic book sphere of influence that may not get the credit and recognition it deserves. Whether that’s a list of comic book movies, ongoing comics, or a set of stories featuring a certain character. The columns may take the form of a bullet pointed list, or a slightly longer thinkpiece – there’s really no formula for this other than whether the things being covered are Underrated in some way. This week: Comics not in Diamonds top 100 sellers for September.

This week we’re going to be looking at a list of comics that are all fantastic, but don’t get the attention that they deserve. Now I’m not even going to pretend to have a definitively exhaustive list of underrated comics here, because we’re hoping  that you decide to check at least one of these series out next time you’re looking for something new either online or at your LCS, and giving you a huge list to check out would be counter productive to that. Instead, you’ll find four to six comics that are worth your attention that failed to crack the top 100 in sales. You’ll notice that there’s only one comic from a publisher featured – this was done to try and spread the love around, rather than focus exclusively on one publisher.

Where possible, I’ve also avoided comics that have appeared on the last version of this list, but the only hard stipulation for this week: not one of the comics made it into the top 100 for September’s comic sales, according to Comichron, which is why they’re Underrated.

pestilence 4 coverPestilence #4 (Aftershock)
September Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 270 /5,112
What if the Black Death wasn’t the bubonic plague? What if something else was responsible for the mass death of almost a third of Europe in the 1300’s wasn’t a disease, but zombies? Imagine a zombie outbreak where the fastest method of land transportation was a horse, and there weren’t any guns. Frank Tieri’s story is brutal and brilliant and perfect for those who like a bit of sword play with their zombies.

Duck Tales #1 (IDW)
September Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 178 /10,958
Sometimes all you want in a comic is for it to be a trip down nostalgia avenue whilst having a good laugh, and that’s exactly what this is. If, like me, you loved the cartoon in the 90’s, then you’ll enjoy reading this.

XO2017_010_PRE-ORDER-GUEDESX-O Manowar #7 (Valiant)
September Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 168 /11,777
Set in the far reaches of space this gorgeously illustrated series about a reluctant warrior brought into a war that was never his, while struggling to discover if he is more than the sentient armour he wears. I’ve said it numerous times that this is one of  my favourite series currently on the racks, and if you want to check it out then despite the character’s rich history the first issue (or trade) is a great jumping on point.

New Super-Man #14 (DC)
September Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 164 /12,431
The brilliance of this series is that while you need familiarity with the bare bones of Superman’s mythology, the comic has taken on a life of it’s own with the Chinese versions of the Justice League being so much more than the cheap knock-offs that you would expect. New Super-Man is so much more than the Superman-lite story you’d expect, and with Super-Man starting out as an arrogant braggart and bully before gradually becoming the hero whose name he shares, the comic is as rewarding as it is enjoyable.

Unless the comics industry ceases any and all publication look for a future installment of Underrated to cover more comics that aren’t cracking the top 100.

Valiant Teams with Pedastudio to Expand Into Africa

Unveiled during the 6th annual Lagos Comic Con in Lagos, Nigeria, Valiant Entertainment has announced a new partnership with foreign publisher Pedastudio, which will license and distribute its library of titles across Africa. Under this new partnership, the adventures of Valiant’s globally recognized superhero series – starting with Archer & Armstrong, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Harbinger Wars, and Quantum and Woody – will soon be found in print and digital under the Pedastudio banner in countries including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Pedastudio is the latest publisher to join Valiant’s already extensive network of international partnerships around the globe, which also currently includes Bliss Comics in France, Büyülü Dükkan in Turkey, CFx in Pakistan, China Mobile in China, Cornea Entertainment in India, Jambo in Brazil, Kamite in Mexico, Lezhin in Korea, Medusa Comics in Spain, NHN Comico in Korea and Japan, OVNI Press Editorial throughout Latin America, ShoPro in Japan, Social Comics in Brazil, Sokol Express in Russia, Schwerkraft-Verlag in Germany, Star Comics in Italy, Viverra in Russia, World Publishing in China, and Wydawnictwo Fantasmagorie in Poland.

Review: Harbinger Renegade #8

As “MASSACRE” continues to tear the Harbinger Renegades apart, the battle lines reveal themselves… On one side, the fugitive psiot named Alexander Solomon and the concussive killers of the H.A.R.D. Corps…and on the other, the Harbinger Renegades and a growing army of newly activated recruits – untrained, unpredictable and potentially unstable. As their paths converge toward an inescapable confrontation, Peter Stanchek will be forced to make an impossible decision that will change the destiny of everyone in the Valiant Universe…and lay the fault lines for HARBINGER WARS 2!

Here’s the thing with this comic – and I apologize for derailing the review right off the bat – I read this comic when I needed a distraction from some personal events (that had a positive outcome), and as a result of that my views on this issue may be a little rose coloured. However despite that I still feel comfortable in saying that Harbinger Renegade #8 is one of the better issues in Rafer Roberts run on the series.

After the events of issue five’s Massacre, we got to see a little fall out last issue among the Renegades, but Harbinger Renegade #8 really seems to kick into gear regarding the story as the young psiots start doing more than just talking about reacting to the events in Rook. Although it feels like a long time coming (especially with issue six’s interlude), the pacing actually feels very right. I may have complained about the pacing before (possibly in the last review, maybe just online), but I’m happy to say that I was quite wrong – Rafer Roberts clearly had a plan and I should have had more faith (pun unintended); he’s certainly earned that from his previous work.

Although I’m still not overly fond of Darrick Robertson‘s art style (which is entirely personal preference), it seems a bit more fluid and less phoned in this issue than in the previous one – the question should be asked whether I dislike his art less because Roberts story, pacing and dialogue are much stronger in comparison to Harbinger Renegade #7, or whether Robertson is simply having a better showing the eighth issue.

Whether you read this series in trade form or in single issues, we’re starting to see a nice build up toward Valiant’s 2018 mega event Harbinger Wars 2, and if you’re a Valiant fan then I’d highly advise you to be keeping tabs on the events in this series.

Overall this is a really enjoyable read that builds upon the catastrophic events of issue five in a very natural way; nothing seems forced or out of the natural flow of the story, and while I’m still not completely on board with with art it has improved. A better comic than the previous issue, and a perfect distraction when I needed one the most – and isn’t that what comics should do? Help us forget the real world for twenty or thirty minutes?

Story: Rafer Roberts Art: Darrick Robertson
Inker: Tom Palmer Colourist: Diego Rodriguez
Story: 8.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a Free copy for review

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