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Samoa Joe Makes His Debut in BOOM! Studios’ WWE Comics

BOOM! Studios and WWE have announced that January’s WWE #13 will feature the WWE comic book writing debut of WWE Superstar Samoa Joe in a story co-written by Michael Kingston and illustrated by Michel Mulipola. Samoa Joe and Kingston’s story will go behind the scenes of how the Superstar first joined Monday Night RAW. WWE #13 will also contain a story by writer Kevin Panetta and artist Daniel Bayliss about this year’s Festival of Friendship featuring Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

The announcement follows BOOM! Studios and WWE’s reveal that WWE Superstar AJ Styles will make his WWE comics writing debut in WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Special, also arriving in comic shops in January 2018.

The main cover for WWE #13 is illustrated by Dan Mora, with variant covers by Adam Riches, Brent Schoonover, and Adam X Vass.

WWE #13 comes to shelves in January 2018.

BOOM! Announces the Supernatural Crime Thriller Abbott by Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivelä

BOOM! Studios has announced Abbotta new, original comic book series launching in January 2018 from Hugo Award-nominated writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Sami Kivelä about a female journalist of color in 1970s Detroit named Elena Abbott who investigates a series of grisly crimes the police have ignored—crimes she recognizes to be the work of a dark magical force—the same force that murdered her husband 10 years ago. As she looks for clues, Abbott puts herself in the crosshairs of a mysterious power out for more blood, all the while navigating a harsh social environment that’s structured to protect the powerful, and prevent access to change.

Born in Detroit, Ahmed had been wanting to write a story set in his hometown, especially during a pivotal moment in its history. He describes Detroit as the “real co-star” of the comic. The comic is set in 1972, the year Nixon was re-elected and Motown Records left for Los Angeles. The series takes place against a backdrop of white flight and black renaissance in the city.

Abbott #1 has a main cover illustrated by Taj Tenfold and a variant cover by Micaela Dawn.

Preview: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #4

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #4

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Dan Mora
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Dan Mora
Civilian Intermix Cover: Miguel Mercado
Locker Incentive Cover: Michelle Wong
Homage Incentive Cover: Natacha Bustos
Unlockable Paper Doll Variant: Audrey Mok
Price: $3.99

The Rangers go head-to-head with Rita’s monster, Flog, and finally start to settle into their roles as Earth’s protectors. But all the while, Rita is plotting a new attack that the Rangers will never see coming…because it involves Kim’s boyfriend, Matthew.

Preview: Adventure Time Comics #16

Adventure Time Comics #16

Publisher: KaBOOM, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Bethany Sellers, Leah Williams, Ian Herring, Kinoko Evans
Artists: Bethany Sellers, Ryan Jampole, Ian Herring, Kinoko Evans
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Jon Lam
Subscription Cover: Richard Chang
Variant Cover: Walter Pax

Simon and young Marcie have to repair Hambo’s arm, and we hear the tale of how a goose became a Choose Goose.

Preview: Lumberjanes #43

Lumberjanes #43

Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint BOOM! Studios
Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
Artist: Ayme Sotuyo
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Kat Leyh
Subscription Cover: Ayme Sotuyo
Price: $3.99

Time is completely out of whack! Ripley and Jen have swapped ages, Rosie is… changing, and their only hope lies in the surprising return of an old friend.

Preview: Kong: Gods of Skull Island #1

Kong: Gods of Skull Island #1

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Chad Lewis
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Jeremy Wilson
Incentive Cover: Tyler Jenkins
Price: $3.99

In this stand-alone Kong story, the year is 1912, and a wealthy humanitarian has travelled to Skull Island with the purpose of civilizing the native Tagatu living there. Although the Tagatu accept his gifts and allow his team to live among them, they’re devoted to their god…and the team soon discovers that Kong is very, very real.

BOOM! Studios’ Kong comics are based on Joe DeVito’s Skull Island and Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong. The publisher recently completed a 12-issue series, Kong of Skull Island, written by James Asmus (All-New Inhumans) and illustrated by Carlos Magno (Lantern City).

Follow the Rise of a Villain in Planet of the Apes: Ursus

BOOM! Studios and Twentieth Century Consumer Products will expand the story of Ursus in Planet of the Apes: Ursus, a comic book series launching in January 2018 about the classic franchise’s most notorious villain. Written by David F. Walker and illustrated by Christopher Mooneyham—both longtime fans of the franchise—the series will follow the rise through the ranks of the ape who has hated (and feared) mankind the most, including what first brought him to the Forbidden Zone. This is the first project from BOOM! Studios in 2018 as part of their yearlong celebration of the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Planet of the Apes: Ursus features a main cover illustrated by Paolo Rivera, an intermix cover by Michael Allred, a subscription cover by Becca Carey, and a variant cover by the legendary Bob Larkin, presented in mock magazine cover format and virgin. This cover by Larkin, who illustrated over a dozen painted covers for Planet of the Apes magazine, was unused during the classic magazine run and has never been published before.

Baltimore Comic Con 2017: Greg Pak Talks Mech Cadet Yu

Once a year, giant robots from outer space come to Earth and bond with young cadets from the elite Sky Corps Academy to defend the world from the terrifying aliens known as the Sharg. It’s a great honor to be chosen, but this year…well, the wrong kid was picked.

Written by Geg Pak with art by Takeshi Miyazawa, Mech Cadet Yu is one of our favorite comic series of the years and has been picked up by BOOM! Studios as an ongoing series.

We talked to Pak at Baltimore Comic Con 2017 about the comic and attempted to not gush too much about it.

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