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Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends Deadpool/X-Force Strong Guy BAF Assortment

Greetings! We’re back, working our way through the last couple of months of stuff. Today we’re taking in the Strong Guy BAF wave, a grouping that includes some long overdue characters and some unexpected additions. Let’s get to it.

Sunspot: Sunspot has been due for a long, long time, and here’s hoping that we get a Bobby in his New Mutants costume in the near future. This outfit came from the Greg Capullo era of X-Force, and there are some great, colorful teams designs from it (Boom-Boom, for example, has already been represented). First off, Sunspot is officially on the list of “I’m just happy this exists” figures. It’s hard to believe that this is the character’s first Legends entry. Overall this is a tight sculpt. The mask detail is great and I’m glad that they chose to include a blackened version of the familiar energy crackle. Nicely done, and it’s about time.

Warpath: Warpath’s outfit is drawn from the same era as Sunspot’s, giving me some hope that we’ll see Siryn and Rictor sometime soon. Warpath is appropriately big, drawn more in line with his look in the early to mid 90s than when he was first introduced (when he first showed up as a Hellion in The New Mutants, he was downright trim). The shoulder pad details are of the time and I think that they did a nice job on the hair. He’s a fitting figure for the assortment, given its composition, and I was glad to see it make the cut. Again, nice solid job.

Maverick: A first-time Legend, Maverick was represented (like Sunspot before him) in the old 90s Toy Biz wave. It’s good to see him get an update, and it’s frankly a banger. This is a really nice-looking figure, with great detail and color applications. Maverick is an admittedly minor X-Universe character, but the figure is great and demonstrates once again that the Hasbro team puts a lot of effort into even lower-tier characters. The rifle accessories are well done, and representative of the weapons he carried when he showed up during Jim Lee’s run of X-Men. I really dig this one.

Black Tom Cassidy: Another “about time” guy, and certainly in the version that I wanted to see. Black Tom is a long-time X-Foe, and with Juggernaut getting two swings in recent years, it makes sense for his partner to get the Legend treatment. The old Toy Biz version was the character’s hybrid look, but this is his original classic depiction, and it’s great. I really like the shillelagh accessory, and the face sculpt is appropriately smarmy. He looks a bit like Bruce Campbell to me, which is just fine. I’m never going to complain about new X-foes making the cut.

Shiklah: Easily the most obscure Legend in a while, Shiklah is a Queen of the Underworld that first appeared in 2014’s Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #3. She was even Mrs. Deadpool for a while before leaving him for Dracula (it’s complicated). They definitely got the horror vibe of the character right, and did a fine job realizing costume details. I appreciate that the necklace is a separate piece. As a personal quirk, it’s cool to see purple show up in the palette (there just aren’t a lot of purple figures, when you think about it). I took a shot of the severe heels on the boot sculpt; they make the figure a little harder to stand, but it still looks good. Shiklah comes with Jeff the Land Shark who is, quite frankly, cute (and a fun little addition).

Deadpool (Blue X-Team Suit): Not much to say about this one. If you really wanted this version of DP, you got him. It’s a good solid figure and sculpt, but really made for the hardcore Deadpool fans or someone that wants an exacting team line-up.

Pirate Deadpool: Honestly, this is hilarious. I can’t believe that this exists. I find it fairly funny that Hasbro picked it, and I’m kind of glad it got made because it’s just so weird. Thumbs up for doing the completely unexpected.

Strong Guy: We’ve been missing Guido for years, so FINALLY, it’s great to see Strong Guy in the Legends line. This is a top-notch BAF, fully using the capability of a BAF to embrace and over-sized character. The proportions are dead-on in terms of the character’s comic book look, and that face sculpt is perfect.  This is a tremendous figure, and I’m really, really glad that he finally made it into the line. Honestly, it’s worth picking up those two Deadpools, even if you’re not a huge fan, just to fill this one out. Great work.

What do you think, readers? You dig this wave and BAF? We’ll be back soon with more recent releases. Thanks for reading!

Mad Cave Studios Goes Maverick with a New YA Imprint

Maverick logo

Mad Cave Studios has announced its all-new young adult graphic novel imprint, Maverick! The lineup, which will kick off Fall 2021, includes bi-monthly releases from industry veterans and talented newcomers, featuring titles: Nightmare in Savannah; World Class; Needle & ThreadGood Game, Well Played; Of Her Own Design.

Mad Cave’s very own Editor-in-Chief, Chris Sanchez, will be overseeing every Maverick title and working closely with the editorial staff as well as the creatives behind each title.

Check out what’s coming to comic store shelves soon!

Nightmare in Savannah

(W) Lela Gwenn (A/CO/CA) Rowan MacColl (L) Micah Myers 

Football is a religion where Adrian “The Colombian Cannon” Molina comes from, and thanks to his wicked right leg he has a clear shot at the promised land of the European Junior Leagues. But when a football scout offers him a full scholarship to an elite prep school in London, the news seems too good to be true. His enrollment hits a snag upon meeting the team’s star striker, Titan Evans. Titan is everything Adrian is not — rich, powerful, and connected. Most of all, Titan possesses a hunger to dominate the pitch no matter who or what stands in his way. The constant fighting, teasing, and bullying intensifies Adrian’s crippling anxiety as he is constantly concerned for his spot on the team. All of that changes the day Luciano DeSilva, the team’s star midfielder, takes him under his wing and gives Adrian the confidence to be himself and value not only his position on the team but in the world.

Nightmare in Savannah

World Class

(W) Jay Sandlin (A/CA) Patrick Mullholland (CO) Rebecca Nalty (L) Justin Birch

Football is a religion where Adrian Molina, aka The Colombian Cannon, comes from, and thanks to his wicked right leg, he has a clear shot at the promised land of the European Junior Leagues. But when a football scout offers him a full scholarship to an elite prep school in London, the news seems too good to be true. His enrollment hits a snag upon meeting the team’s star striker, Titan Evans. Titan is everything Adrian is not — rich, powerful, and connected. Most of all, Titan possesses a hunger to dominate the pitch no matter who or what stands in his way. The constant fighting, teasing and bullying cause Adrian to experience crippling anxiety as he is constantly concerned for his spot on the team. All of that changes the day Luciano DeSilva, the team’s star midfielder takes him under his wing and gives Adrian the confidence to be himself and value not only his position on the team but in the world.

World Class

Needle & Thread

(W) David Pinckney (A/CO/CA) Ennun Ana Lurov (L) Micah Myers

Choosing between living the life you want and living the life your “supposed to” is not always an easy choice. Noah, embracing his truest-self, wants to pursue a career in costume design, something his loving, but traditional, parents would never approve of. Azarie, the perfect, model daughter of a very stern, political family, dreams of embracing the hobbies she secretly loves, hobbies her social circle would never abide by. The two live different lives and their social statuses keep them from ever crossing paths until they have a chance encounter that exposes some common ground: the desire to live the life they’ve chosen for themselves. Together, the two set out to put it all on the line and show everyone who they really are and what they want to achieve through the unlikely medium of cosplay. Their friendship will be tested and their faith in themselves and each other will be tried, but by staying true to themselves they discover that they truly need each other.

Needle & Thread

Good Game, Well Played

(W) Rachael Smith (A/CO/CA) Katherine Lobo (L) Justin Birch

It’s 2005, and Sienna is really not looking forward to flying back into her hometown to say goodbye to one of the people she called family. Though that feels like a lifetime ago.

It’s 1999. And Sienna is looking forward to what is shaping up to be the Perfect Summer in her Perfect Life. She has a job working in the local video game store, Game Champ, with her four best friends, and that’s how it was going to be forever… At least that’s what they thought, until Jason Silver, the money-hungry landlord threatened to shut down the store. Now, the kids must work together to save Game Champ, but with Art’s huge crush on Sienna, Jo’s crippling self-doubt, Sid’s obsession with his band, and Hope’s mysterious living situation getting in the way… how likely are they to succeed?

Good Game, Well Played

Of Her Own Design

(W) Birdie Willis (A/CA) Jess Taylor (CO) Stephanie Palladino

In the small town of Holden, sixteen-year-old Brie Page has been struggling with a tremendous bout of writer’s block. And that’s a problem. One of many she has, actually. Parents that constantly fight, her former best friend/current bully Viv Kinsley, and the gorgeous new girl Kay Ardiger are causing a bit of stress. Brie used to hide from it all by creating her own fictional worlds and stories, but all of that seems so far away now.

All of that changes when an unexpected encounter with a mischievous bookseller, Ambrose Chance, leaves Brie with a magical pen. One that breaks through her writer’s block and causes her stories to flow onto the page… Too bad the whole town of Holden had to get caught up in it too when her stories come to life. Now, when the most important people in her life are stuck in fantastical tales, Brie needs to save them by diving into her worlds and facing her worries head-on. Which would be fine… if only she was better at writing endings.

Of Her Own Design

Underrated: Maverick #1-12

This is a column that focuses on something or some things from the comic book sphere of influence that may not get the credit and recognition it deserves. Whether that’s a list of comic book movies, ongoing comics, or a set of stories featuring a certain character. The columns may take the form of a bullet pointed list, or a slightly longer thinkpiece – there’s really no formula for this other than whether the things being covered are Underrated in some way. This week something a little different as we take a look at one of my favourite characters, and his twelve issue solo series from the late 90’s: Maverick.

maverick 4.jpgOne of the first non-Wolverine comics I ever picked up was Maverick #4. Of course, the reason I picked it up was because Wolverine was on the front cover, so technically, the first non-Wolverine comic I picked up was Maverick #5.  As it turns out, I’d end up reading a lot about Maverick through the years because of Wolverine; Marvel UK’s Wolverine Unleashed was reprinting the original American comics.

Maverick is a product of the 90’s; his  first appearance in 1992’s X-Men #5 had all the hallmarks of the time;  giant shoulder pads, heavy guns, and  a half face mask that allowed his hair to fly free. Maverick would end the decade with a more streamlined version of his armour; sleeker and slightly less bulky for his solo series that ran for twelve issues beginning in 1997.  Although he’s had numerous guest appearances in a few X-Men based comics, Maverick has never really reached the level of popularity of certain other characters introduced during the same time frame, but he does have a very fond place in  this comic lovers heart.

Although Maverick is almost always featured in X-Men related titles, he is most closely associated with everybody’s favourite dead Canadian mutant, having been a significant part of Wolverine’s life before his skeleton was coated in adamantium. But it wouldn’t be fair to Maverick, though, to just write him off as that  mercenary friend of Wolverine’s; Maverick’s own history is a rich bed of potential, and it’s explored within this series.

Born in East Germany to parents who were either Nazi sympathizers or full blown Nazi’s, Christoph Nord was self-described idealist, and fought against the communist regime during the height of the Cold War, joining a West German black ops unit named Cell Six. During this time Nord met and fell in love with a nurse Ginetta Barsalini, whom he fell in love with and married. Not realizing he was a spy until it was too late, Nord was forced to shoot her inn self defense (unwittingly killing his unborn child in the process). Shortly after this Nord was recruited by the CIA, changed his name to David North and ended up on a team with Victor Creed and Logan.

When the team was sent on a mission in East Germany, both Creed and Logan were badly injured. Rather than follow protocol and leave them, North dragged them to the extraction point where he was cornered by Andreas Nord, now an assassin, North saved his teammates the only way he could; killing his own brother in cold blood.

Maverick is a character rooted in tragedy; from his early years already recapped to his contracting a slow acting deadly disease that took his powers before killing him slowly (he was brought back to life moments after his death with some inventive CPR which also returned his powers), before becoming an executioner for a shady government organisation by way of brainwashing before losing his powers (again).

maverick spreadOne of the most enjoyable twelve issue series I’ve ever read was Maverick Vol. 2; this run had me from the moment the protagonist died in the opening pages to the very end. It’s a series that has never been, and probably never will be collected into a trade paperback, which means that to read it you’ll need to track down the floppies. The series deals with some suddenly relevant again issues surrounding anti mutant attitudes, Russian gangsters and the struggle of being born to Nazi sympathizing parents, as well as what it’s like for a young facing certain death at the hands of the Legacy Virus. On top of that there’s a few guest stars, some pretty fantastic enemies (some new and some old), and some really great art and writing. Honestly, I tend to read this series on an almost yearly basis.

maverick03.jpgOther than appearing in a few Wolverine stories that have been released as TPB’s and being a part of the ensemble cast of the 2002 Weapon X series that’s also been at least partly collected into TPB’s, finding Maverick comic appearances is largely a case of scouring the back issue bins at your local comic shop anyway. If you do that, and I highly recommend you do, then hunting for the Maverick #1-12 comics could be an easier (and cheaper) task than hunting for key issues of Deadpool or Wolverine because not many people are looking for them – which is a shame, but could work out to your benefit.

Do yourself a favour; find Maverick. You’ll not be disappointed.