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NYCC 2023: Rob Liefeld Debuts Extreme Universe Footage from Director Phillip J. Silvera

Rob Liefeld has dropped a surprise teaser trailer showcasing proof-of-concept footage from his much-anticipated Extreme Universe project, Bloodstrike to help kick off New York Comic Con 2023 which begins today.

The exclusive R-rated footage, which dropped on Liefeld’s Instagram account, offers a tantalizing and bloody glimpse into the vivid world of his renowned Bloodstrike comic book series. Adapted, and Directed by the critically acclaimed award-winning stunt coordinator Phillip J. Silvera, the surprise release of Bloodstrike footage is sure to excite fans eager to witness the transformation of his beloved characters into the cinematic realm. 

Liefeld’s post reads:

When taking a comic book from page to screen there are always hurdles; screenplay, screenwriters, talent that attach and move on. It gets old really fast. I have waited to connect with a director with the same zeal for the material, someone who can nurture it to the finish line, be a true partner in the process. I met Phil Silvera on the first Deadpool film. He had just completed his work on Daredevil seasons 1 & 2, the architect of those great hallway battles. He was stunt coordinator as well as second unit director on Deadpool and he expressed his immediate and overwhelming knowledge of all things comic books to me. Phil had been there at the beginning of my own career and expressed his passion for my library of Extreme characters, there was one that stood out above all the rest, Bloodstrike. He told me we were going to make a film together and he meant it. During the pandemic we got serious and he said he had a few jobs he had to complete before he could turn his full attention to Cabbot and the boys at Project Born Again. He promised he would create and direct a proof of concept for Bloodstrike, showing me his exact approach. Here is your first glimpse of Bloodstrike as we work our way towards a cinematic experience. A POC shows the world & its characters for the interested parties looking to jump on board. Watching this amazing footage only reaffirmed that Phil Silvera is the talent to bring this to glorious live action. I promise to take all of you on this journey as we build our Bloodstrike film together. The casting, the studio, the script, I’ll give you the updates as it comes together.  I’m so tired of hearing about deals, even my own, I’d rather show you what it’s going to look like. This is just a tease of what lies ahead. I am dedicated now more than ever to bringing my Extreme catalogue to life with talented partners like Phil, and this is just the beginning.

Vault unveils its 2024 creator lineup

While the specific projects haven’t been revealed (other than Slash’s which features Tim Seeley, Jim Terry, and  Steven Kostanski and Pete Wentz’s which features Hannah Klein, artist Lisa Sterle), Vault has shown off the creators who we can expect to see on the shelves from the publishing in 2024.

The full list includes:

Alex Schlitz
Amalas Rosa
Ben McCool
Brenden Fletcher
Cavan Scott
Cassio Ribeiro
Christopher Cantwell
Cody Ziglar
Collin Kelly
Corin Howell
Dailen Ogden
Daniel Kraus

David DB Andry
Eliot Rahal
Gio Sposito
Greg Pak
Hannah Klein
Jackson Lanzing
Jim Terry
John Bivens
John Jennings
Lisa Sterle
Michael Moreci
Nathan Gooden
Nicholas Eames

Paul Cornell
Pete Wentz
Peter Milligan
Peter Wartman
Phil Collen
Pius Bak
Rich Douek
Steven Kostanski
Tim Daniel
Tim Seeley
Zander Cannon

Bad Idea teases The Destroyer’s arrival this Christmas

Bad Idea is back and teased a new comic, The Destroyer, from Mae Catt, Alberto Ponticelli, David Baron, Lewis Larosa, and Rico Renzi. You’ll find it in Bad Idea “Destination Stores,” the limited stores carrying the publisher’s comics. It’s a return to stores for the publisher who has recently moved to crowdfunding, a break from their initial pledge of supporting stores.

Guesses on this one?

Bad Idea The Destroyer teaser

New recruit Mia discovers her magic potential in G.O.D.S.!

At the crossroads of science and magic, agents of opposing factions operate on the behest of the pantheon of abstract cosmic beings such as Eternity, Infinity, and the Living Tribunal. This October, they emerge from the shadows as their war erupts into the wider Marvel Universe in Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti’s G.O.D.S.!

The highly-anticipated series will introduce fans to an exciting new cast of characters, some of which readers have already met this summer in special bonus pages in select titles! These foreboding interactions with your favorite heroes have generated all kinds of questions!

From powerful mystics to daring scientists to chaos bringers, these characters exist outside the fight between good and evil and devote their time to upholding the very building blocks of creation. They may be new to readers but they’ve been scheming and clashing with each other for eons and are privy to startling truths your favorite heroes and villains wish they knew! This week, some of the major players of G.O.D.S. will be spotlighted in special teasers and concept art.

Fans have already been acquainted with the mystically gifted members of THE-POWERS-THAT-BE and the scientifically focused followers of THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS. Now, meet a young girl caught in between them both: Mia! Magically inclined but coveted by THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS, Mia’s extraordinary destiny is within her reach, but the greater forces of the universe might have other plans… 

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