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From the Age of Knonshu, Enter the Phoenix!

Jason Aaron and Javier Garron’s latest Avengers epic, “The Age of Khonshu” has put Moon Knight in the spotlight amidst a thunderous clash with a disgruntled god bent on reshaping the world in his image! When that “age” ends, gear up for the grand return of the cosmic chaos-bringer of life and death in Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, and Javier Garron’s “Enter the Phoenix,” on sale in December!

Enter the Phoenix

The Button Reveals More from Bad Idea

Upstart comic publisher Bad Idea now serves “The Button.” If they get 1 billion clicks, Bad Idea begins, but until that happens, we’re getting a better look at what’s coming from the publisher.

New art from David Lafuente, Lewis Larosa, Khari Evans, Tomas Giorello with Diego Rodgriguez, and Adam Pollina has all been revealed.

Check out below what The Button wants us to see and get excited for what’s coming from Bad Idea.

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