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No mutant can be trusted in Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming X-Men epic, Inferno, on sale in September!

The X-Men’s world is about to go up in flames! Alliances will be broken, secrets will be revealed, and the once bright future of mutantkind will be threatened like never before in writer Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming limited series, Inferno. The next chapter in the mastermind writer’s grand vision for the X-Men, Inferno promises to be a high-stakes mutant drama that will provide the startling payoff to seeds planted in House of X and Powers of X, and fans can see what’s to come in new teasers by acclaimed Powers of X artist R.B. Silva. An homage to the original house ads for 1989’s milestone X-Men crossover Inferno, Silva’s artwork presents all the major players of the upcoming saga and teases the day of reckoning that will soon be upon them.

All three of Silva’s images will also be available as a special homage cover for Inferno #1. Check out the teasers now and be there when the shocking revelations begin in Inferno #1 on September 29th! Written by Hickman, it features art by Valerio Schiti, and a main cover by Jerome Opeña.

Tom Taylor and Iban Coello’s Dark Ages Promises Transformations and New Threats When the Lights Go Out!

This September, writer Tom Taylor will team up with artist Iban Coello for a thrilling new vision of the Marvel Universe in Dark Ages. Last week, a series of mysterious teasers gave fans their first glimpse at what becomes of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Miles Morales after the world descends into darkness. Now, see more of what’s in store when the lights go out forever in three new teasers that include transformations for Apocalypse and Vision as well your first look at a strange new threat…

Winter Hulk is Coming…

World War She-Hulk“, the upcoming arc in Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón’s action-packed run on Avengers will continue into September with Avengers #48! This explosive new arc will see She-Hulk facing off against Red Guardian and the Russian Winter Guard, who are tasked with bringing Jen to justice. After being taken prisoner and sent to the notorious assassin-training academy known as the Red Room, She-Hulk will be transformed into something terrifying and the Winter Hulk will be unleashed upon the world. Who will dare to try to stop her? Find out in this exciting new chapter in the saga of She-Hulk when Avengers #48 hits stands on September 1st!

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