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Star Wars Resistance, an Anime-Inspired Series Debuts this Fall

With the end of Star Wars Rebels, many wondered what would be next when it comes to Star Wars related animated shows on television. We’ve got that answered with Star Wars Resistance. The anime-inspired series focuses on Kazuda Xiono, a young Resistance pilot. Xiono is tasked with the mission to spy on the growing First Order threat.

The series is set before Star Wars: The Force Awakens and will feature familiar characters from the film such as BB-8, Poe Dameron, and Captain Phasma. Oscar Isaac will voice Dameron and Gwendoline Christie will voice Phasma.

In addition to Isaac and Christie, the voice cast includes actors Christopher Sean (Days of Our Lives), Suzie McGrath (East Enders), Scott Lawrence (Legion), Myrna Velasco (Elena of Avalor), Josh Brener (Silicon Valley), Donald Faison (Scrubs), Bobby Moynihan (DuckTales), Jim Rash (Community), and Rachel Butera (Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time).

The series was created by renowned Lucasfilm Animation veteran Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels); executive-produced by Athena Portillo (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels), Justin Ridge (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels) and Brandon Auman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); and art-directed by Amy Beth Christenson (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels).

The series will debut this fall on the Disney Channel in the U.S. and thereafter, on Disney XS and around the world.

(via Star Wars)

Disney’s Big Hero 6 is Getting a Premiere Weekend Event on June 9

BIG HERO 6 – Key Art (Disney Channel )

Disney’s animated Big Hero 6 The Series will launch with a premiere weekend event, featuring two back-to-back episodes on both Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10 (9:00-10:00 a.m. EDT/PDT), on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW and Disney Channel VOD platforms. Following the premiere weekend, episodes will debut every Saturday through September.

Emmy Award-nominated Christy Carlson Romano reunites with the creative team of the global hit Disney Channel series Kim Possible – Emmy Award-winning producers Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, and Nick Filippi – when she guest stars as bot-fighter Trina.

Additional guest voice cast includes celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Alton Brown as cooking competition participant Bolton Gramercy and host Yum Laboughé, respectively; Daniel Henney (“Criminal Minds”) and James Cromwell (“The Young Pope”) reprise their feature film roles as Hiro’s brother Tadashi and Professor Callaghan, respectively; Susan Sullivan (“Castle”) as Fred’s mother; John Michael Higgins (“Pitch Perfect”) as Fred’s sidekick robot Mini-Max; Diedrich Bader (“American Housewife”) as pompous local TV reporter Bluff Dunder; Sean Giambrone (“The Goldbergs”) as Fred’s geeky archrival Richardson Mole; Naoko Mori (“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”) as thief-for-hire Momakase; Lucas Neff (“Raising Hope”) as fast-food mascot Noodle Burger Boy; and Mara Wilson (“Matilda”) as self-made billionaire Liv Amara.

Big Hero 6 The Series is based on the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award-winning feature film, continues the adventures and friendship of 14-year-old tech genius Hiro, his compassionate, cutting-edge robot Baymax and their friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred as they form the legendary superhero team Big Hero 6 and embark on high-tech adventures as they protect their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains. In his normal day-to-day life, Hiro faces daunting academic challenges and social trials as the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Beginning Thursday, May 31, shorts featuring Baymax will debut across Disney Channel, DisneyNOW and Disney Channel YouTube. A line of consumer products will be available on on May 1, at Disney store on June 1 and at retailers nationwide on July 1. A DVD from Walt Disney Studios titled Big Hero 6 The Series: Back in Action! will be released on June 26.

The Big Hero 6 The Series voice cast is Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass; Ryan Potter as Hiro; Scott Adsit as Baymax; Jamie Chung as Go Go; Alan Tudyk as Alistair Krei; Khary Payton as Wasabi; Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon; Brooks Wheelan as Fred; David Shaughnessy as Heathcliff; and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee as Fred’s dad. Recurring guest voice cast includes Jenifer Lewis as Professor Granville; Haley Tju as Karmi; Andrew Scott as Obake; and Andy Richter as Globby.

In addition to McCorkle and Schooley, Emmy Award-winning Nick Filippi serves as executive producer and supervising director.

Some Brief Thoughts On Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe Episode 1

ninjak vs1.jpgThe day has finally come when Valiant Entertainment and Bat In The Sun have released the formerly highly anticipated first episode of the webseries Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe. In fact, there’s a chance that the second and third episodes will be out now, too, due to the daily release schedule. To judge this against other comic book live action properties edges upon the unfair; the production budget is a fraction of those that the MCU or DCEU movies receive, and the acting isn’t on the same level as the performances of Chadwick Boseman, Hugh Jackman, or Gal Gadot – nor should you expect it to be.

Does one compare it to the live action television offerings we have received thus far? Does Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe hold up against the likes of Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Constantine? Even though some of comic book TV from the past five years has had its up and downs, the first episodes were more than likely made with a higher budget than the entire Ninjak Vs webseries has.

No, instead if you’re looking for a comparison then one should look to prior projects from Bat In The Sun. And when you do that, the first episode was alright. So allow me give you my thoughts on the first episode in bullet point form.

  • Ninjak is English. Michael Rowe doesn’t try an English accent. This bothered me more than anything.
  • The acting is about on par for a webseries
  • The plot is thin, and is solely a device to have a superhero beat down. Sadly there are numerous plot inconsistencies, and you really need to suspend your disbelief.
  • Fortunately, the choreography is actually pretty good and lends the fight scenes a weight that is missing from those in Arrow.
  • Archer and Armstrong are the highlight in terms of reflection to the source material. Watch it for their scene and Ninjak fighting.

Again, you really can’t judge this against any comic book movie or TV show – and when you do that’s where the webseries starts to fall to pieces. The title alone gives you all you need to know about the first webisode – this really is just a more complex superhero beatdown than we’re used to seeing from Bat In The Sun, and so long as you go in expecting that you won’t be disappointed.

Jonathan Hickman’s East of West and Transhuman are Being Developed by Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios is working on two more comic series with East of West and Transhuman, both by comic creator Jonathan Hickman. Hickman has worked with artist Nick Dragotta on East of West and artist J.M. Ringuet on Transhuman.

Hickman is working with Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, who will executive produce the series under Skybound Entertainment‘s first-look deal with Amazon Studios.

Both series will be exectuive produced by Hickman and Dragotta and Ringuet. Hickman will write East of West while another writer is being looked for to adapt Transhuman.

East of West is a re-imagined western with America divided into different regions and a conspiracy involving a prophecy. Death, as in the Four Horseman, searches for his son while the other three Horsemen work to bring about the end times.

Transhuman is a science fiction story about a divorced couple who ran a corpration allowing humans to enhance themselves through robotics and genetically.


(via Deadline)

Deadly Class Gets Ordered to Series by SyFy

Rick Remender and Wes Craig‘s Deadly Class has received a series order from SyFy. The comic series turned television property was optioned by Joe and Anthony Russo, the duo behind Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. The two are also working on adapting Valiant Entertainment’s Quantum and Woody. Deadly Class is published by Image Comics.

Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott adapted the comic for television and will executive produce alongside the Russos and Mike Larocca. Sony Pictures and Universal Cable Productions are producing the series.

The story is set in the 1980s and follows homeless teens who are recruited into an elite private school that caters to crime families.

The television series features Benedict Wong, Lana Condor, Benjamin Wadsworth, Maria Gabriela de Faria, Luke Tennie, Liam James, Michel Duval, and Henry Rollins.

This is the latest comic turned television show for SyFy. The channel is currently airing Krypton and recently ran Happy!. Wynonna Earp has received multiple seasons. Roche Limit, another Image series, is getting a pilot order.

Demo-Graphics: The Walking Dead

Its been about 6 months since we last looked at The Walking Dead‘s demographics via Facebook’s data. With the season wrapping up and a new season of Fear the Walking Dead beginning, it felt like an appropriate time to see how things have changed for the show and best selling comic book series.

For this report, we’re looking at fans within the United States that enjoy The Walking Dead in comics, television, books, games, or even the characters. We’ll also compare the latest results to those of last report.

Facebook Population: Over 17 million fans in the US

In the six months since the last report the fandom population has decreased by 5 million individuals. That’s after the previous growth of 2 million and two reports ago saw a decrease of 4 million individuals. Spanish speakers account for 2.1 million fans, 12.35%. That’s a decrease of 1.2 million Spanish speakers and decrease in the percentage of the population.

Gender and Age

A year and a half ago women accounted for 55% and men 46% (with the result being over 100% due to rounding). In the previous report, women accounted for 59.09% with men accounting for 42.47%. Again, that was over 100% due to rounding.

For this latest report, women account for 53.53% and men 45.88%. When looking at age data, women account for 52.65% and men 46.89%. When it comes to relationships, it’s 52.97% female and 45.81% male. Women continue to be the majority.

Men return to being a majority, if just for a small amount. They become the majority in the 22-25 demographic and it’s a 50/50 split at 30-33.

Relationship Status

Things have dropped across the board with “single” and “unspecified” both seeing big drops as far as percentage.


And of course with a smaller population, education has dipped too. Women are no longer the majority at every education level.

Gender Interest

Due to changes with Facebook policy, we’re unable to still provide this data.


With a smaller population, it shouldn’t be surprising that the raw numbers have dropped. But, African Americans increased almost 3 percentage points and Asian Americans almost a half a percent. Hispanics dropped about 3.5 percentage points.

Specific Terms

But what about specific terms? Interesting enough, the majority of fans are in the United States for the comic series and Talking Dead. The latter makes sense. The rest vary in how many are in the US though most are in the 20-45% range. When it comes to gender, only those interested in video games are majority male.

And that wraps up this report! We’ll again look at these numbers when Fear the Walking Dead wraps up!


Y: The Last Man May Finally Be Coming to Television

After starting and stopping and starting and stopping, the modern classic comic series Y: The Last Man is a step closer to coming to the screen.

FX has ordered a pilot for an adaptation of the comic series title Y. It’ll be from writer/producer Michael Green who has worked on American Gods, Logan, and Bladerunner 2049. The series will be co-run between Green and Melina Matsoukas. Matsoukas will direct the pilot. Comic series writer, and co-creator, Brian K. Vaughan will executive produce. The comic series debuted in 2002 and ran until 2008 with 60 issues.

The comic featured Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Amerisand who are the only male mammals to survive a global plague. They travel the world attempting to find Yorick

FX’s press releases describes the series:

All of the men are dead. But one. Based on the DC comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, Y traverses a world of women — exploring gender, race, class and survival.

The series was published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint and was created by Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra. The two control the rights to it. New Line Cinema was attached for a film in 2007. When that didn’t materialize the rights returned to Vaughan and Guerra. FX picked up the rights in 2015 and had announced Michael Green would showrun a television adaptation in 2016.

A pilot is a positive step but also doesn’t guarantee we’ll see a series. Still, it’s closer than we’ve been.

VIZ Acquires K: Seven Stories

VIZ Media expands its catalog for the K anime franchise with the acquisition of K: Seven Stories.

The agreement forged with Japan-based King Records covers the digital streaming, EST, home video and merchandising rights to K: Seven Stories. Based on the hit anime property from Studio GoHands and GoRA Project, K: Seven Stories is a collection of six original animated stories and spinoff shorts featuring both new and returning characters from the visually stunning k-project universe.

The original K anime series followed the story of Yashiro “Shiro” Isana, a teen wanted for a crime he has no recollection of committing. He finds himself being hunted by the group HOMRA, led by Mikoto Suoh, the Red King. With help from a young man named Kuroh Yatogami and a mysterious girl who only refers to herself as Neko, Shiro tries to prove his innocence, only to discover a shocking truth that would change his life forever. The series later spawned a feature-length movie K: Missing Kings, followed by a second season, K: Return of Kings.

VIZ Media holds the North American digital streaming, EST, home video and merchandising rights to Seasons 1 and 2 of the K anime series as well as the K: Missing Kings feature film. These home media releases are available now in DVD and Blu-ray formats.

Watch Trish Walker’s Full “I Want Your Cray Cray” Video from Jessica Jones Season 2

Season two of Marvel’s Jessica Jones brought out a lot from our heroes’ past: the good, the bad and the confusing. One of those inside looks was the launch party that debuted Trish’s foray into a music career with, “I Want Your Cray Cray”.  This painful-yet-still-amazing single was only previewed during the season, but now we have the full video with some, well, interesting facts about Trish’s post-Patsy life, in “pop up” style!

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