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The Powerpuff Girls Return September 1

Cartoon Network is kicking off the school year with all your favorite shows! Emmy-nominated series The Powerpuff Girls returns Thursday nights beginning Sept. 1 at 5:30 p.m. (ET/PT), with a full week of power-packed premieres following on Monday, Sept. 19.

Coming this Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 5, tune-in for back-to-back episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball, followed by a half-hour episode of We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go! and a special sneak peek at Cartoon Network’s upcoming series, Mighty Magiswords. Catch new episodes of all returning and new shows Thursday nights this fall.

Check out the list of episodes below:

  • Monday, Sept. 1: “Odd Bubbles Out” – When Donny the Unicorn visits, Bubbles becomes jealous of his new friend.
  • Monday, Sept. 8: “Presidential Punchout” – When Morbucks enters the Student Body President race, Blossom sinks to her level to secure the win.
  • Monday, Sept. 19: “Fashion Forward” – When the Fashionistas launch a new line of brainwashing clothing, it’s up to the Powerpuff Girls to stop the fashion trend before it’s too late.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 20: “In the Garden of Good and Eddie”- When the girls try a quick-fix on their neglected veggie garden, they are left with a giant, mooching tomato worm they must care for.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 21: “Road Trippin’” – Realizing her and the Professor don’t have much in common, Bubbles schedules a road trip with just the two of them.
  • Thursday, Sept. 22: “The Big Sleep” – When the Professor’s latest invention wreaks havoc in the house, it’s up to the Powerpuff Girls to stop it before it escapes.
  • Friday, Sept. 23: “The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff” – When Blossom can’t join her favorite school club, she imagines what her life would be like if she joined other clubs.

TV Review: The Strain: S3E1 New York Strong

the strain s2 imageIn the third season premiere, the strigoi become faster and smarter; Eph’s son is abducted; Setrakian and Quinlan try to unearth the Lumen’s deepest secrets; and Fet helps the Navy Seals on a deadly mission through the underground tunnels of New York.

If you haven’t been keeping up with The Strain, you might not have to as the third season jumps ahead a bit time wise with the strigoi gaining a greater foothold in the United States.

When the second season ended, I wasn’t sure if we’d be getting a third, and with this beginning it’s clear the creative team has regrouped and decided the best course of action is upping the action and horror a bit.

This first episode is full of it with Seals running around, gun battles, really tense action. It’s really good and a righting of the train so to speak, though the previous two seasons were never bad, just not exciting and great.

We’re getting closer to that great as this first episode kicks us off in a whole bunch of directions, but keeps up the tension and action throughout. There aren’t as many quiet reflective moments, instead bouncing around full of adrenaline.

The episode is also a decent beginning for those who may have missed the first two seasons, something that’s pretty impressive to do. It explains early on where things are, it’s not quite a revamped series, but it’s clearly shifted its focus a bit for the better.

I was hoping we’d get a third season of the show and after this first episode, I can’t wait to see what’s waiting us.

Overall rating: 8.6

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead S2E9 Los Muertos

fear-the-walking-dead-posterAfter the fall of the compound, Madison, Strand and others forge a tenuous path forward. Meanwhile, Nick is recruited for a perilous assignment.

Fear the Walking Dead splits its story focused on Nick as well as another group featuring Madison and Strand.

Nick’s story is interesting as we get a glimpse of what the world has turned in to when it comes to people trying to survive. There are people who have decided to act as warlords, hording goods to trade.

Then there’s the group Nick is with who has an extension of the outlook of death we see in events like Day of the Dead. They don’t necessarily worship death, but they’re very accepting of it. It’s not quite a death cult, but it’s one that’s too accepting of the world that now exists.

Madison and Strand’s group look for Nick, but give up after a while and decide to seek shelter in a hotel. This story takes a bit more of a traditional route as their antics cause zombies to eventually pay attention and attack. It’s interesting watching this a bit as Madison and Strand drink their sorrows away and we get some more of what they’re thinking. What that results in is so familiar there’s a shot that’s straight up from Shaun of the Dead.

Splitting the episode makes it a bit more hit and miss. Nick’s story is actually interesting as we’ve seen what’s stepped up to fill the vacuum, while Madison and Strand is something we’ve seen before over and over.

For the many steps the show took forward last week, this episode takes quite a few back.

Overall Rating: 7.85

Kelly Joins The Strain Video Game

Being a strigoi is life’s cheat code. Humans don’t stand a chance against Kelly.

Season 3 of The Strain premieres this Sunday, August 28 on FX.

The Strain Season 3 War

Fight. You have no other choice. The Strain returns for an all new season Sunday, August 28 on FX.

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister Six – “Return to the Spider-Verse: Part One” Clip

BIG HEROES! BIG VILLAINS! AND BIGGER ADVENTURES this week, Share Your Universe with a brand new episode of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister Six this Saturday at 8:00pm/7:00c on Disney XD.

When Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid discover that shards from the broken Siege Perilous are causing universes to slam into one another, they must travel to alternate dimensions in order to gather the shards in the all-new Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Vs. The Sinister Six airing Saturday, August 27 at 8:00pm/7:00c on Disney XD.

The episode will feature Christopher Daniel Barnes as the voice of Wolf Spider and Ben Diskin as the voice of Blood Spider.

Eichhorst is the Latest Playable Character in The Strain Video Game

This great game is just beginning.

Leading up to the August 28 premiere of The Strain, FX has been releasing video game inspired videos featuring main characters from the show.

The Master Becomes Playable in The Strain Video Game

The Master fears no one… but you should fear his combo move.

Leading up to the August 28 premiere of The Strain, FX has been releasing video game inspired videos featuring main characters from the show.

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead S2E8 Grotesque

fear-the-walking-dead-posterNick’s steadfast search for answers leads him into a deadly dog-eat-dog landscape; and a dark piece of his past is uncovered.

Fear the Walking Dead is back kicking off the the second half of the second season with an episode focused completely on Nick. Yup, other than some new characters, everyone else (for the most part) is absent other than walkers.

The episode is a fascinating one and the strongest of the season so far. It actually makes the case in many ways that the series should drop every other character and just focus on Nick’s survival on the zombie apocalypse.

So what do I mean about “for the most part” when it comes to the other characters? There’s flashbacks that involve Nick and his mom is present. That’s the extent really of major characters from our survivor group.

But, back to Nick…

The episode adds a hell of a lot to the character who has up to this point has been the drug addict who seems to have more going on than folks give him credit for. We see him survive hoards of walkers, dogs, and humans intent on killing anything that moves. It’s an interesting focus on survival and seeing the growth of skills.

There’s also very interesting new dynamics added as new characters are introduced and a we’re left with a new location as the episode wraps up. Hopefully we see more of this focus, because this really was one of the best episodes, if not the best episode, of the season and possibly the series. It’s very character driven focused in on just one and for that it’s stronger in many ways.

The first half of the season was ok, but this start of the second is heads and above better than what we’ve seen so far.

Overall Rating: 8.65

Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution – “Into the Future” Clip

BIG HEROES! BIG VILLAINS! AND BIGGER ADVENTURES this week, Share Your Universe with a brand new episode of Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution this Sunday at 8:30am/7:30c on Disney XD.

Trapped in the 30th Century, the Avengers must beat evil warlord Kang the Conqueror and get back to their own time in the all-new Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution airing Sunday, August 21 at 8:30am/7:30c on Disney XD.

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