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Vault Comics Announces Extensive Return-to-Market Support for Retailers as Part of the Vault Bound Initiative

Vault Bound

Vault Comics is the latest publisher to offer an initiative to help stores get back on their feet after the impact of COVID-19. The new program, “Vault Bound” initiative, is offering “extensive return-to-market support for retailers.”

The updated Vault Bound initiative extends returnability line-wide across all of our new comics shipping in June and July, while also significantly reducing the price per copy that retailers pay for both our new #1s and new collected editions.

The Vault Bound initiative includes the following:

  • $1.00/COPY NET PRICING for all new #1s shipping in June and July.
  • $6.50/COPY NET PRICING for all new trade paperback collected editions shipping in June and July.
  • FULL RETURNABILITY for all new #1s shipping in June and July.
  • FULL RETURNABILITY for all subsequent issues (#2+) shipping in June and July.

The Vault Bound initiative extends to all retailers with a Diamond account, no matter their discount group, and the terms apply to all covers, without restrictions, minimum orders, or qualifiers of any kind.

Under the Vault Bound initiative, new #1s from Vault will be high-margin and low-risk. For the first issue with a retail price of $3.99, retailers will pay only $1.00, netting $2.99 on every issue sold. These issues are also fully returnable, which means retailer risk is reduced as much as possible. 

Source Point Press Drops Diamond to Go “Direct” to Retailers Through Corner Box

Source Point Press

Source Point Press has announced that they are dropping Diamond Comic Distributors instead going “direct” to retailers using Corner Box.

Corner Box is a new distributor in comics spinning out of D6 Publisher Resources. Their website launched in April of this year. D6 Publisher Resources is a Canadian company that’s a marketplace/digital store for publishers to retailers primarily focused on the board game community. They’re taking this model that’s worked for the game industry and are applying it to comics.

The decision by Source Point Press came from the current shakeups going on within the industry and pressures on distribution created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The publisher never quite makes clear what issues this new distributor resolves.

Along with Source Point Press, Red Stylo Media and Scout Comics are also listed on the Corner Box website.

Retailers will order product “directly” through their Corner Box store. The orders are fulfilled by Corner Box.

You can read Source Point Press’ full statement online.

Z2 Comics Adds 4 New Staff

Z2 Comics

Just over a month before what will likely be the publisher’s biggest release to date with Grateful Dead: Origins, and trailing on the heels of the announcement of a partnership with Mikey Way’s Electric Century for their next album and original graphic novel, Z2 Comics announces the first wave of hires under a now proven business model.

Jeremy Atkins joins Z2 most recently from David Steward II’s Polarity family of brands, after three years of overseeing publicity efforts for Lion Forge Comics, positioning the company at the center of the conversation around diversity and representation in pop culture. Atkins will serve as the vice president of PR and marketing, driving brand awareness in traditional markets, as well as navigating an ever-changing media landscape across music, publishing, pop culture, and beyond.

Rantz Hoseley has long been finding a path forward for music-related graphic fiction, including the Eisner and Harvey-winning Comic Book Tattoo anthology, paying tribute to the songs of Tori Amos, and most recently working with Motley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx to adapt his memoir The Heroin Diaries at Heavy Metal, where he served as managing editor. Hoseley will serve as Z2’s senior editor, with projects to be announced in the coming months.

Anthony Lauletta comes to Z2 and the comic book industry most recently from Danny Wimmer Presents, the largest independent live events promoter in North America. While there, he served as the director of digital strategy, following successful stints at Alternative Press and Townsquare Media. Lauletta will serve as the publisher’s vice president of digital strategy, overseeing digital marketing efforts to drive brand awareness and direct-to-consumer sales through the Z2 website.

Dominique Roses begins her career at Z2 Comics after previously working with Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclair on the successful series Rocket Girl and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. She is a graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, with an MFA in creative writing from The New School. Roses joins as Z2’s marketing and production associate, working with the company’s executives to execute efforts across departments.

Rumors of Amazon Acquiring AMC Entertainment Causes Shares to Spike

AMC Theaters

Could Amazon buy AMC Entertainment? A rumor is going around that may be the case which caused AMC’s shares to spike on Monday. The shares were up over 34% based as of this post on the rumor driven by The Daily Mail, so take it with a grain of salt.

Of course neither company has a comment.

The rumors have met heavy doubts but would be an intriguing move.

Amazon is investing in its own original series with Amazon Studios releasing films and television shows. It would create an integration harkening back to movie studio ownership which ended due to the 1948 court case United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. which affirmed the ownership of theaters by studios violated antitrust law.

There has been talk of allowing such ownership to resume.

What it also provides is a possible avenue for Amazon to further integrate selling related merchandise for releases creating pop up shops.

For now, chalk this one up to a rumor, but an intriguing one.

(via Deadline)

Comic Printer Cadmus Shutters its Richmond, VA Plant

Cadmus Communications is permanently shutting down its Richmond, VA printing plant laying off most of the 184 employees by May 31. COVID-19 has impacted the printer’s customers ending or delaying projects.

From parent company Cenveo Corp.’s notice of the closure:

Cadmus is one of the largest printers in North America and the Richmond plant specialized in comic books, journals, books, and magazines.

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted our customers’ businesses and, in turn, has diminished the available work at the facility. One large customer has ceased all work permanently, several publishers have cancelled or delayed their print projects, and nearly all comic production has ceased.

We know of at least one comic book publisher who printed single issues at the Richmond plant. We’ve followed up with them to see what the impact may be.

Watch The Walking Dead on Pluto TV for Free!

Pluto TV

AMC Networks has announced that Pluto TV, the leading free streaming television service in the US, will launch a suite of original AMC Networks channels on May 1, including Stories by AMCSlightly Off by IFCAll Reality WE tv, and The Walking Dead en Español. The launch of these dedicated channels will give Pluto TV customers access to a wide variety of popular and critically acclaimed AMC Networks content, including AMC’s The Walking DeadFear the Walking DeadHalt and Catch Fire, and Into the Badlands; IFC’s Portlandia, Documentary Now! and Brockmire; and WE tv’s Kendra on Top and Mary Mary, and more favorites from across AMC Networks’ cable channels. Select programming will also be available on-demand as part of Pluto TV’s platform.

Warren Ellis Says His Own Comic Imprint is Dead But a New Initiative is on the Way

Wildstorm WIldcats

Warren Ellis‘ newsletter gives an interesting look behind the curtains that is the comic industry. In his latest, he discusses how the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his plans.

He reveals that the current impact on comics has ended what was his building his “own imprint at a comics publisher.” One would guess that publisher was DC where he was bringing back the Wildstorm world and an announced upcoming project has been canceled.

But, when one door closes another opens.

Ellis goes on to say he’s helping ANOTHER publisher with a new initiative. Guesses as to who this publisher is?

Here’s what he has to say:

Well, I’m having to re-plan pretty much the next two years of my life. I was building my very own imprint at a comics publisher, but the lockdown and the general fuckery of trusting your exclusive distribution in comics shops and bookstores to a single entity who immediately upon lockdown announced that they weren’t paying anybody pretty much put paid to that and the serial print comics business.

I’m helping out another publishing partner with a new initiative – we’re calling that PROJECT GENEVA, and the contracts have been exchanged — but my hoped-for happy few years alternating tv work with releasing streams of new original comics material into the world is not to be.

You can sign up for the newsletter yourself.

Sitcomics is Giving Artists 100% of Revenue Through September 30th


Sitcomics is stepping up due to the impact of COVID-19 and doing what it can to help the freelance comic community. The publisher is implementing “Look Forward,” a five-month initiative that will see 100% of the company’s print and digital revenue going directly to the regular artists of their ongoing series.

The goal of the initiative is to help “raise awareness of the struggles face by comic book freelancers during this pandemic while bringing a bit of financial security to our own little corner of that community.” 

In the announcement, Sitcomics co-publisher and veteran TV writer Darin Henry said:

The more we support comic artists during this difficult time, the better equipped they will be to entertain us when it’s over.

Sitcomics artists will receive 100% of the publisher’s revenue from retailer orders, digital purchases, and “Unlimited reads” through September 30th, 2020. 

Artists whose Sitcomics work is now available in print and via digital platforms include Ron Frenz (The Blue Baron), Jeff Shultz (Super ‘Suckers), Craig Rousseau (Startup), Blair Shedd (Telepathetic), Tom Richmond (Z-People), Steven Gordon (Headhunter), Corin Howell (The Renegades) and Al Milgrom and Neil Vokes (Morbid Museum).

Because the artists have already been paid for all previous and current assignments, half of the monthly Look Forward payments will become advances for future Sitcomics work. The remaining 50% will be considered bonus compensation to help cover income lost due to convention cancellations. During this same five-month period, all new payments for Sitcomics work by regular inker Sal Buscema, colorist Glenn Whitmore, and letterer Marshall Dillon will include an additional 20% compensation bonus above their normal page rates.

Sitcomics are published in an exclusive Binge Book™ format which gives readers 64-page, self-contained story arcs for only $3.99.  Binge Books are only available at comic shops, many of which are open for curbside and mail order business. US shops receive a 50% wholesale discount off the cover price plus free shipping on orders of 15 or more Binge Books.  Shops outside the US can contact the publisher at for delivery terms. Sitcomics are also available worldwide in serialized digital chapters thru ComiXology, Amazon Kindle Unlimited or at

Artists, Writers & Artisans Inks an Exclusive Distribution Deal with Diamond

AWA Logo

Diamond Comic Distributors has signed a distribution agreement with Artists, Writers & Artisans to exclusively distribute their products to comic book specialty markets worldwide. Diamond was also awarded the rights to exclusively distribute Artists, Writers & Artisans’s new releases to the North American book market under the banner of Diamond Book Distributors.

Artists, Writers & Artisans, also known as AWA Studios, is an independent publisher crafting new characters, stories, and worlds for a 21st century audience. The company approaches the comic book industry with a new business model, one that focuses on creators and gives them ownership of their work, the company, or even both. Founded by Marvel alumni Axel Alonso and Bill Jemas, along with former CEO of AOL and of Digital Media at News Corp, Jon Miller, AWA Studios aims to give power back to the creators with a genre-blending, sky’s-the-limit approach to storytelling.

AWA Studios boasts a continuously expanding library of standalone stories and ongoing series that span genres and audiences, offering diverse tales for a broad range of readers. Upcoming trade paperback releases include The Resistance, Year Zero, Archangel 8, Red Border, and Hotell

BOOM! Announces a New Day One Retailer Support Services Program

BOOM! Studios Header

BOOM! Studios has announced the new Day One Retailer Support Services Program, an industry-first plan to immediately support comic shops and their communities worldwide. Every comic shop will have their own “Day One” – the date they reopen their doors to their communities and engage with new customers. BOOM! Studios has committed to arm its retail partners with clear advance information.

The program was announced alongside the publisher’s new single-issue comics release schedule beginning May 20th (a full release schedule through the end of June can be found here).

The Day One Retailer Support Services Program brings comic shops a slate of discounts, returnability and sales tools including extensions and expansions of previously announced benefits, as part of their commitment to ensuring comic shops remaining a thriving part of every community:

  • Full Returnability Through August: BOOM! Studios will extend the industry’s best returnability program, the BOOM! Guarantee, by making all items that ship between May 20th through August 26th fully returnable via affidavit in order to allow retailers to order with confidence. Any retailer not already enrolled in the BOOM! Guarantee can sign up for free right here
  • Rare Variant Cover Gift Set: BOOM! Studios will offer retailers a direct cash infusion by providing previously released rare and popular variant covers for free to qualifying Diamond accounts in June. These gifts will create an opportunity for retailers to generate additional revenue and promotion at no cost. For retailers who do not normally sell variant covers at an increased price, these can be used to reward loyal pull-box subscribers or used to further incentivize customer engagement as prizes or purchasing rewards.
  • Monthly 1-Per Store Variant Covers: BOOM! Studios will provide new, previously unannounced 1-per-store variant every month through December 2020 free to qualifying Diamond accounts. This program will begin with a new 1-per store variant for in June.
  • Deep Discounts on OGNs & Collections: BOOM! Studios is offering an additional 15% discount on OGNs & Collections through Simon & Schuster, which are fully returnable. This covers all releases through April 2020 and is in effect until May 15th, marking the highest discount level of any graphic novel publisher for accounts in the US, Canada and the UK.
    • Please note: For accounts distributed by Simon & Schuster UK, any account signing up will receive the same discount off their OGN & Collections. BOOM! Studios is extending promotional discounts to ALL Simon & Schuster UK accounts, and existing UK accounts should check with their sales representatives for available offers.
  • Deep Discounts on Top-Selling Titles: Beginning on April 27th and running until May 11th, select top-selling BOOM! Studios backlist titles will be an additional 25% off to encourage stocking up on key titles in preparation of customers returning to your stores.  This includes recent releases such as All My Friends Are Ghosts and Something is Killing the Children along with popular series like Fence and Jim Henson’s Power of the Dark Crystal.
  • Affiliate Sales Opportunities: BOOM! Studios is the first comic and graphic novel publisher to work with Simon & Schuster, Ingram and to bring comic shop retailers new affiliate sales opportunities. These opportunities allow retailers to drive additional revenue through online sales opportunities even when they’re not able to reopen their doors for their new Day One. Once stores are open, they can lower their inventory exposure by offering a wider selection of graphic novels and collections to their communities.
  • Curated Retailer Support Tools: BOOM! Studios will continue their weekly communications to retailers every week with information on the tools to benefit them like bookstores through Simon & Schuster, the ABA (American Booksellers Association) and more. 
  • #BoostYourLCS Paid Promotion: BOOM! Studios will increase targeted advertising and promotion around comic shops, and specifically spotlight stores offering Safe Services (like curbside and mail order options), using the #BoostYourLCS hashtag to reach over 361,000 fans worldwide. A full list of BOOM! Guarantee and Safe Service retailers (with regular updates) can be found right here.
  • Diamond Summit Variant: BOOM! Studios will deliver the promised free Diamond Summit retailer variant cover for Faithless II #1 to all qualifying stores in June so that retailers don’t miss out on this new Must-Read series.
  • Exclusive Convention Variant Opportunities: BOOM! Studios will offer select variant covers and other items previously planned for 2020 conventions direct to retailers through Diamond, as long as supplies last. Since fans can’t go to conventions, we’re bringing the conventions to the fans!

Diamond Comic Distributors and BOOM! Studios will be sharing more information directly with retailers as soon as it is finalized to clearly outline how to receive benefits.

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