March 26, 2008, the launch of Graphic Policy. Born out of an interest in doing some more creative writing than what was allowed at work, the site began as a look at comic books, especially of those with political themes. Most importantly, the site was founded on three ideas:

  1. Transparency – the site would disclose all conflicting relationships, and most importantly disclose when materials were provided to the site for free from publishers, studios, etc., so that you the readers could make an informed decision. For our full disclosure rules, here you go.
  2. Open – the site is  open to anyone to contribute. We want to provide a safe place for people to add their voice to the comics community and a platform to do so.
  3. Progressive – this site prides itself on being progressive. Both when it comes to inclusion of individuals (see #2), but also ideas, not just here but in the industry as a whole. We don’t tolerate harassment, bigotry, shaming, or bullying of any sort, as we feel the safer individuals feel to express their ideas, and the greater the diversity of those doing so, the better the industry is.

The site has morphed over the years from its “political roots,” to generally covering the comic industry with previews, reviews, interviews, and general convention coverage. It then morphed again digging into industry demographics, and becoming the leader for that information. In August 2011, the website went to the airwaves to launch Graphic Policy Radio which has aired ever since. The site has evolved into what you see today to cover not just comics, but also movies, television, games, fashion, and technology, while keeping its “geek” roots.

But, the site is more than just posts and words, it is numerous individuals who help make this happen. Below is the team, both past and present, that have helped make it all happen, and ensuring the site is a leader for years to come.

The Team

Brett Schenker (Founder/Blogger in Chief) – Brett founded the site after wanting to do a bit more creative writing than his political job allowed. Thinking through what he could blog about, he settled on comics, thinking he could bring a fresh perspective and creative voice in doing so. Prior to that, for 6 years, Brett worked in various comic and game shops, managing two, and co-owning one. He also has an editor/producing credit for the comic Targs: Book X #1 by Razorback Studios.

In politics he has worked in the United States Senate, for a county legislature, on campaigns at every level including multiple Presidential campaigns, as well as political organizations and non-profits. Today, he continues his work in the political realm, mainly focused in digital technology, email deliverability, online organizing & advocacy, and tech policy.

You can follow him on Twitter @bhschenker.

Alex (Contributor) –  He has loved comic books for more than twenty five years, and superheroes even longer. Originally hailing from England, he now calls somewhere in Eastern Canada his home. He has a deep interest in the early history of comic books, but so far falls quite short of being able to claim he’s a comic book historian. A big fan of comic books, he’s also fond of fantasy books, movies and video games.

You can find him over at Ramblings Of A Comics Fan, and you can also  follow him on twitter @karcossa

Daphne (Contributor) – Daphne grew up watching Godzilla movies the way other kids watched Disney movies, and whenever she pretended to be a princess she was always one that had ready access to dragon and dinosaur friends. In what she’s hoping people are convinced is her adulthood, she reviews comics, games, and movies whenever she can find them and practices her creative writing skills. She has lived in five US states and in Krasnodar, Russia, and is trying to make up for all the pop culture she missed out on by being the homeschooled-until-college daughter of two pastors. She collects kaiju merchandise and can be found online at her review blog, purple-afro.tumblr.com. Not everyone runs a blog named after their hair, but somehow she makes it work.

Denis (Contributor)  – A young man who dares dreams big and loves chit-chat. A cinephile, an avid reader, a blogger, occasional photographer, and a dream of becoming a director. 

Elana (Co-Host Graphic Policy Radio/Contributor) – Elana is co-host of Graphic Policy Radio, our podcast. She started reading comics in Jr. High by stealing her younger brother’s copies of X-Men. She immediately identified mutants as a metaphor for oppressed groups and used this parallel to justify her interest in comics to her incredulous friends and relatives. And has been doing so ever since. A trained but not practicing artist, Elana covers comics art and analyzes comics and the industry for a feminist and social justice perspective.

By day she works for a community based organization of low-income workers. She has written and spoken about comics and geek culture for Graphic Policy and at the Netroots Nation conference. She is on the board of Girl Wonder.

Glenn Matchett (Contributor) – Glenn is a comic book writer/editor from Northern Ireland. He has written and edited numerous comics, including work for GrayHaven Comics, and his own series Sparks. He pens Matchett’s Musing here on the site.

You can follow him on Twitter @glenn_matchett

Jason Karlson (Contributor) – We know only two things for certain of Jason Karlson; that he was born on the wagon of a traveling show to Latverian parents, and that tales of his origins are wholly fictional. His writing style is pithy and insightful, with hints of oak and red berry, finished with earthy tones and somber notes. If he were to describe himself in a single word it would likely be self deprecating. He occasionally tweets over at @marfedfolf

Javier (Contributor) – Javier grew up in East New York, Brooklyn and now lives in the suburbs of Connecticut with his wife, two grown children, and a very large Illyrian Sheepdog.  He has been collecting comic books off and on for over thirty-five years as his budget allowed. Today, in those spare moments he can pull away from his family and day job, he spends his time reading comic books and science fiction novels, watching movies, and blogging. You can follow him on Twitter.

Joe Ryan (Contributor)

Julia (Contributor) – Julia works as a social policy research assistant at a University in Boston. When she isn’t working there she helps out at Media Literacy Now!, a non profit dedicated to putting media literacy education in schools.

She can be reached at julia.ratzlaff001@gmail.com

Katherine (Contributor) – Katherine was born at one point, which was generally considered by many to be a good move. Well done Kate! Growing up, however, was a decided to be a more questionable decision. Still having to lay in the bed one has made, Katherine went to college some, found herself a lovely wife and started a family. Currently she’s working in IT when she’s not busy writing for Graphic Policy, gaming, or regretting her earlier choice of becoming a “responsible adult.”

Kaylyn (Contributor) – Kaylyn is currently a University student in Alaska who is learning the ways of critical and creative writing and hopes to use what she learns in her work. She enjoy anime, having started at an early age with classics like Trigun, and fell in love with the media. While anime is her passion she enjoys comics and hopes to work in the industry some day in either writing or art.

You can follow her @MerrieSchultz

Michael (Contributor)

Mr. H (Contributor) – 80’s baby who grew up in the era of weird and wild stuff, clutches to his comics and his fun. Living geek/sports paradox. Big fan of Red Sox, Bruins, New England Patriots, and Razorbacks (Go Hogs!) Currently using the Force to complete my Death Star. From somewhere in Massachusetts.

Nevada (Contributor)

Paul (Contributor)

Shean aka Pharoah Miles (Contributor)

Phillip (Contributor)

Sarah (Contributor) – Sarah is, among other things, a freelance writer based in Chicago. You can follow her on Twitter at @pas_dechat and read her opinions on figure skating and football at http://thefinersports.sportsblog.com.

Troy (Contributor)

The Comixtravaganza Live team – You can catch them each Wednesday LIVE at 8pm ET.

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Past Contributors

Alex Andrew Anthony Ash
Chris David Edward Garry
George Jason Jon Jesse
Josh Juan Karin Kelvin
Ken Kenny Matt Michael
Mike Patrick Pedromaximus Rafa
Ron Scott Sean Shelly
Steph Stephen


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