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Director Josh Boone Presents Dani Moonstar Standing with Standing Rock

For those unaware, there’s currently a standoff between protestors and the continuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline which would threaten the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. 300 federally recognized Native American tribes and thousands of protestors are in the middle of a stand-off to divert construction, a protest that began in April 2016.

Support for the protestors has been wide ranging with members of the live action Justice League and Avengers speaking out in support.

Now, writer/director Josh Boone has posted some beautiful art on Instagram featuring New Mutant Dani Moonstar. Boone is writing and directing the upcoming live action film, X-Men: The New Mutants, starring the classic Marvel comic characters.

Moonstar, who has gone by Psyche and Mirage, is a member of the Mutant superhero team the New Mutants, and was created in 1982 by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod. The character is one of the highest profile Native American (specifically Cheyenne) characters in comics.

Check out the image below and say #NoDAPL.

#standwithstandingrock #danimoonstar #newmutants

A photo posted by Josh Boone (@joshboonemovies) on

Bloodwulf Must Stop Grand Admiral Lord Emperor Trump

Comic creator Rob Liefeld has been teasing what’s to come, particularly reviving a lot of his classic characters that rose to prominence in the 90s. Today he posted on Instagram his latest with a relevant political spin… Bloodwulf must stop Grand Admiral Lord Emperor Trump whose reach has extended throughout the galaxy.

Bloodwulf debuted in 1993 and got his own mini-series in 1995. The character is an alien bounty hunter who has enhanced strength and a personal force field. The character in the past has been generally humorous poking fun at science fiction tropes and standards.

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Helped produce X-Men, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and more.

trumpOur first reality television President sure seems to be tapping into his Hollywood connections when it comes to asking opinions on what he should do as well as his nominees for different roles. It is being reported that President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary. You might be asking why we’re reporting on this, but Mnuchin is more than a former partner at Goldman Sachs, his career is actually relevant to this site!

Founded in 2006 Dune Entertainment was a movie financing company started by Mnuchin. The company helped co-finance 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and Fox 2000 Films such as X-Men: The Last Stand (which was a co-production with Marvel Entertainment and The Donners’ Company), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (a co-production with Marvel Studios, Constantin Film and 1492 Pictures), Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (a co-production with Marvel Entertainment, The Donners’ Company, and Seed), Avatar, Predators, X-Men: First Class (a co-production with Marvel Entertainment, The Donners’ Company, and Bad Hat Harry), Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Prometheus, and dozens of more films.

Marvel is mentioned because Marvel’s CEO Ike Perlmutter is buddy buddy with Trump.

RatPac Entertainment (aka RatPac-Dune Entertainment) was a movie production and financing company formed in a merger by producer-director Brett Ratner, James Packer, and Dune Entertainment’s Mnuchin after a collapse in a negotiation between Dune and 20th Century Fox. That company then closed a deal with Warner Bros. to become their key co-financing partner replacing Legendary Pictures.

That new venture helped produce such films as Gravity, The Lego Movie, Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow, Mad Max: Fury Road, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (co-production with DC Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films and Atlas Entertainment), The Legend of Tarzan (co-production with Village Roadshow Pictures, Jerry Weintraub Productions, and Dark Horse Entertainment), Suicide Squad (co-production with DC Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment), The Lego Batman Movie (co-production with Warner Animation Group and DC Entertainment), Wonder Woman (co-production with DC Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment and Cruel and Unusual Films), Justice League (co-production with DC Films, Atlas Entertainment and Cruel and Unusual Films), The Flash (co-production with DC Films), Aquaman (o-production with DC Films and Cruel and Unusual Films), The Lego Movie Sequel, Shazam (co-production with DC Films and New Line Cinema), Cyborg (co-production with DC Films), Green Lantern Corps (co-production with DC Films), and the Justice League sequel (co-production with DC Films and Cruel and Unusual Films).

There’s also the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie… so, yeah. He even acted in Rules Don’t Apply where he was a “Merrill Lynch Executive.”

Mnuchin has worked with Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, on some of the major comic films of the last decade and next five years. The guy even has an IMDB page.

So, when you nerd rage over how much upcoming geek films suck, you can turn your venom towards our possible next Treasury secretary.

Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter Helps Choose the Next Secretary of State?

isaac-perlmutter_416x416This Presidential election has been anything but normal so why should choosing the next Secretary of State be? The New York Post has reported that during President-Elect Donald Trump‘s Thanksgiving he was asking attendees who he should pick as his top diplomat. The three names thrown about were Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, or John Bolton.

Why do we care and are reporting on this?

Joining Trump at the Mar-a-Lago festivities was an interesting mix of individuals including Richard Nixon grandson Christopher Nixon Cox, Don King, Fabio, and Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter. If Trump was asking everyone as reported, that means Perlmutter got his say in who he thinks should be the next Secretary of State.

Perlmutter has been a Trump supporter and a Republican supporter in general. During the Presidential primary, Perlmutter’s name was thrown about by Trump as a supporter. Perlmutter himself rarely donates directly to campaigns, the last being $4,600 to Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential campaign in 2007 according to the Federal Election Commission. Perlmutter’s wife Laura also donated to Giuliani, $4,600 total in 2007 with $2,300 returned in 2008. Laura Perlmutter also donated $2,000,000 to Conservative Solutions PAC. The PAC supported Marco Rubio for President. The Perlmutters live in Florida where Rubio is Senator.

With the donations to Giuliani, I’m guessing that’s their pick… but with those dollars, maybe Rubio is the dark horse choice of the two?

Listen to Fandom Uniting Against Trump on Graphic Policy Radio on Demand

On demand: iTunes ¦ Sound Cloud ¦ Stitcher ¦ Listed on

Since the election of Donald Trump as President many have been wondering what they can do to make their voice heard, get involved to fight what may be coming, and fight against the hate that’s been unleashed. Many in entertainment and fandom have been voicing their displeasure with the election and are working to add not just their voices but also their talent to the mix. Joining this politically focused episode of Graphic Policy Radio is Andrew Slack, co-founder of the Harry Potter Alliance, and Rafael Shimunov, the Creative Director at Working Families Party. Both will talk about some of their plans and give ideas on how you can get involved.

Andrew Slack is the creator and co-founder of the Harry Potter Alliance, Odds In Our Favor, Superman Is An Immigrant, The Rebel Alliance, and now the Hamilton Alliance as he builds a network called imagine Better. He’s the Civic Imagination Fellow at Civic Hall. His work is focused on using the power of stories to unleash the civic imagination through a methodology he calls “cultural acupuncture.” Follow him on Twitter @andrewslack.

Rafael Shimunov is the Creative Director at Working Families Party, a growing progressive party that works inside and outside of the Democratic Party by challenging corporate Democrats with progressive Democrats. Follow him on Twitter @rafaelshimunov.

You’re Not Going to “Red State” Cons Now, But Where Were You When?

2016-11-12_1604A few comic creators are making it known they will not be planning on attending conventions in “red states,” those that voted for Donald Trump in the past election. Humberto Ramos wrote a very impassioned reason why, and George Perez has also indicated he will be doing the same after his 2017 commitments are through.

What I am about to write is not to slam these two creators in particular, but to throw this out there to the comic community as a whole and get everyone to think.

I aks this in all seriousness why now? Why declare this boycott now?

In 2010 Arizona passed SB 1070 which racially profiled individuals in a crack down on “illegal immigrants.” The legislation was racist then and is racist now. And even though the Supreme Court has overturned some of the legislation, some of the worst parts still remain. Where was the protest from the comic community then? Why did so many of you flock to the Amazing Arizona Comic Con which began in 2011 and return for years since? Where was the protests then? Where were people proclaiming they wouldn’t attend?

In 2015 then Indiana Governor, now Vice-President Elect, Mike Pence signed SB 101 the “Religious Freedom Bill” that made national news. It caused an outcry and Gen Con, on the of the largest gaming conventions in the world threatened to leave. They’re contractually there for a few more years. And while it’s not so much a comic convention as it is a game convention, there’s more comic related items there than ever before. The outcry was fierce from the Gen Con community, but again are you, or have you attended other actual comic shows in the state since it was passed?

In March 2016 North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, the bathroom bill that discrimantes against transgender individuals. The NCAA relocated championships over the law. The NBA moved it’s All-Star Game over it. How many of you pledged to not go to the conventions there?

Every day women and people of color who are comic fans, journalists, and your fellow creators are bullied and harassed online. Where are you when that happens? Did you call their concerns over stories or art censorship? Did you knee-jerk defend other creators? Or did you listen to the concerns some had to say?

For the publishers who claim to be “progressive” where are you during all of the above? Going to those conventions? Choosing to pass? Will these “progressive” publishers help their creators who may lose their health insurance when the Affordable Care Act is repealed? Do they offer these creators “fair” deals?

There’s a bit of hypocrisy and contradiction about suddenly not going to “Red State” conventions when you haven’t spoken out about the above. It’s now as if “Trump’s America” affects you and you suddenly give a shit. For many “Trump’s America” has been here for quite some time.

It’s great to suddenly “see the light” and come around but we also need to challenge and question individuals for their past actions or lack of them. Those same individuals need to think about it when they’re challenged too and own up to failures.

Anders Nilsen A Walk in Eden Coloring Release Book Party, Saturday, November 12 Will Be a Benefit to Flip U.S. Congress in 2018

Long before Election Day, creator Anders Nilsen had planned a book launch party for his new coloring book A Walk in Eden. In light of the recent election, he has decided to make the event a benefit – to flip congress in 2018. You can read more of Nilsen’s thoughts on the subject and if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area this Saturday, get out to the event!

Who: Cartoonist Anders Nilsen will host a coloring book party for his latest book “A Walk in Eden” published by Drawn and Quarterly. Nilsen is the artist and author of eight books including Big QuestionsThe End, and Poetry is Useless as well as the coloring book A Walk in Eden. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Poetry Magazine, Kramer’s Ergot, Pitchfork, Medium and elsewhere. His comics have been translated into several languages overseas and his painting and drawing have been exhibited internationally. Nilsen’s work has received three Ignatz awards as well as the Lynd Ward Prize for the Graphic Novel and Big Questions was listed as a New York Times Notable Book in 2011.

What: All-ages coloring book party to celebrate A Walk in Eden. The event will feature (in addition to the coloring book itself) original art from the book as well as an editioned handmade accordion book depicting a ten foot long continuous landscape from its pages. Nilsen will donate 25% of all sales on both of these to efforts at training and promoting the campaigns of progressive candidates for the US congress in 2018. The benefit will be accessible online at and will continue through the end of the year.

Where: The Cleaners at Ace Hotel – 403 SW 10th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97205

When: Saturday, November 12, 2017 3pm – 7pm

Why: Following are a few thoughts about the election from Nilsen’s blog last Wednesday.

When theres a giant dumpster fire on your block what do you do?

1. Stare in abject horror and disbelief

2. Get some people together and try to put it outLike a lot of people, I’ve been staring in disbelief this morning. What happened last night in this country is unfathomably horrifying. I woke up at about 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep. The word ‘complacency’ has been rolling around in my head ever since. I’ve been following the election closely for months, so I was as blown away as everyone else when the results began to crystallize. But the truth is… I have done precious little to keep that dumpster from combusting. I watched people pour gasoline on it for over a year, and I thought someone else was taking care of it: The Republican establishment, Hillary Clinton, young hispanic voters in Florida, educated white women… whatever. I thought someone else had a hose at the ready. I don’t know what happens next. I’m scared for my country, I’m scared that people I know will lose their health care, I’m scared that American muslims and people of color and women will face even more harassment and abuse from an emboldened racist male national id, I’m scared for the people of Syria who have nowhere to turn, and I’m scared for the climate. The flames are spilling out of that dumpster. They’re getting higher.

But the list of things I can do about it is longer than zero. And if the government is going on hiatus for the next few years, someone else has to step in. Whatever chaos is coming, there are far more vulnerable people than me. And vulnerable people can be made ever-so-slightly less so. At a certain point this morning I closed the news tabs on my browser and went to the site for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and set up a recurring donation. Then I went to Doctors Without BordersPlanned ParenthoodThe National Association of Free Clinics and and did the same. It’s not enough, but if I’m not the only one it will add up to more than my measly little vote did. It could begin to make a small difference for a real person out in the world who’s facing something truly awful. I’ll also be doing what I can to flip Congress in 2018 and the White House in 2020. All those people I mentioned above couldn’t do it this time because too many of us were just standing there watching. After today we have to actually help. So go ahead and stare at the flaming garbage. It’s understandable. Its fucking unbelievable. Then go buy a gallon of gas for someone with a firetruck.

a-walk-in-eden-coloring-1 a-walk-in-eden-coloring-2 a-walk-in-eden-coloring-3

Cosplayer Cara Nicole Trujillo Loses Her State Representative Bid

In March we covered the elected office run of Cara Nicole Trujillo who was running for State Representative in the 26th District in Arizona. Known as the AZ Powergirl, Trujillo was running as a member of the Green Party.

Unfortunately Trujillo couldn’t pull it off and came in fourth garnering 11.59% of the vote. Not bad for a newcomer!

Arizona has a system where two individuals are elected to each House district and currently both seats for this district are held by Democrats.

Beyond cosplaying, Cara has created books, appeared on national television, radio and print ads, was the model for the Magic: The Gathering’s Emmara Tandris card, and travels internationally to conventions where she not only tables but also teaches panels on Cosplay Safety, The Business of Cosplay, as well as mentors many newer costumers to grow in the business as well is the co-founder and co-owner of 183 Degree Studio.


Ron Perlman Announces his 2020 Presidential Campaign

Yes the 2016 election just ended, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead at the 2018 and 2020 elections! Beyond Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and Kanye’s announced campaign, we’ve got a third celebrity to enter the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Ron Perlman posted on Facebook announcing his candidacy and then followed up with some picks.

So, for fun, what lessons could President Perlman learn from the various characters he’s played?

Get Out and Vote this Tuesday!

This Tuesday, November 8 is the US election and we’re encouraging everyone to get out and vote if you haven’t done so already. We know this is an election where emotions are running high and even if you don’t want to vote for anyone running for President, there’s still lots of local races, ballot initiatives, bonds, and more to vote on, and some of these may set the direction of the country even more than the President! This election is much more than a Presidential race (though you might not know it) and every elected position impacts you.

You still have a lot of time to figure out everything you’ll be voting for and Local Vote has a handy website to find out what you need to know in voter guides. If you need to find your polling place or what’s on your local ballot Vote 411 can help.

Most importantly, get out and vote this Tuesday!



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