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Preview: Made Men #4

Made Men #4

(W) Paul Tobin
(A) Arjuna Susini
(B) Gonzalo Duarte
(CA) Arjuna Susini with Gonzalo Duarte
Age Rating:
Genre: Action/Comedy
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Detroit’s finest are on Jutte’s trail, and so are Detroit’s absolute worst. Her last job admittedly got a little… sloppy, and now the woman who can raise the dead is going to have to raise a little hell. Luckily she’s gotten pretty friendly with one of the detectives on her case, but a major new player is about to break Jutte’s world wide open.

Oni Press’ Invader ZIM: Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy for Free Comic Book Day

Nickelodeon’s favorite Irken alien is available for free in May 2018, as Oni Press‘ Free Comic Book Day Gold Offering has been revealed! Invader ZIM: Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy is written by series creator Jhonen Vasquez. The comic, originally published as Invader ZIM #20, also contains art by Oni Press’s own Invader ZIM artist, Warren Wucinich, with colors by Fred C. Stresing, and a cover by character designer Aaron Alexovich.

Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy is GIR’s new favorite show and ZIM’s new favorite distraction from taking over the world–even though his plan this time is fool-proof. With his creation of the Conquer-Blob to do all the hard work, ZIM can watch TV until the job is done! All 385 seasons of “FBS” are devoted to, but never answer, the most important question: Sure, Floopsy bloops Shmoopsy, BUT DOES SHMOOPSY BLOOP FLOOPSY??? A smart and biting criticism of our binge-watching-obsessed culture…or, just a very funny story about ZIM watching too much TV. What’s not to love?

When asked about his cover for Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy, ZIM character designer, Aaron Alexovich, simply screamed. And he wouldn’t stop, even when asked to.

Preview: The Damned #6

The Damned #6

(W) Cullen Bunn
(A) Brian Hurtt
(B) Bill Crabtree
(CA) Brian Hurtt with Bill Crabtree
Age Rating: Mature Themes
Genre: Crime/Fantasy
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Eddie has the unfortunate gift of never staying dead. It has come in handy as Eddie walks a tight line between different Prohibition-era mob families, between the demonic and the human, and between our world and the dark afterlife. Yet after years of playing every side in this world of crime and violence, there are those that are determined that Eddie finally stays dead this time around.

Preview: Invader Zim #26

Invader Zim #26

(W/A) Sarah Graley
(C) Sarah Stern
(CA) (Cover A) Sarah Graley (Cover B) Simon Troussellier
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Special one-shot issue written and illustrated by Sarah Graley (Rick and Morty: Lil’ Poopy Superstar, Kim Reaper)! There’s a new kid in skool, and his name is GIR…B? GIRB?! That’s just GIR with an extra B tacked on the end! But somehow the skoolkids are all fooled—except ZIM of course, he’d recognize his lackey… er, slave… er, servant?… anywhere! And also Dib, because he’s the only one who can see through bad human disguises, apparently.

Ed Brisson, Alessandro Micelli and Shari Chankhamma’s The Ballad of Sang Heads to Oni Press

Oni Press has announced that Ed Brisson is joining Italian artist Alessandro Micelli and colorist Shari Chankhamma for a new action/adventure series, The Ballad of Sang.

Kidnapped off the streets of the Philippines as an infant and trained as a child assassin, Sang has never had a childhood. All he’s ever known is killing and the kindness of his master, Chen, the closest thing Sang has to a father. When Sang’s enthusiasm botches a job, it brings the wrath of Don Minchella down on the pair, resulting in Chen’s murder. Barely escaping with his own life—and with Minchella’s severed arm in tow—Sang swears revenge, while every gang in the city mobilizes to return him to Minchella, dead or alive.

A propulsive blend of mature audience violence, humor, and pathos, The Ballad of Sang is for fans of cult Asian cinema such as the films of Takashi Miike and Park Chan-wook, and of comics such as Deadly Class, Big Man Plans, and Hit-Girl.

Issue one variant cover by Marley ZarconeThe Ballad of Sang is slated for release March 7, 2018.

Oni Press’ Releases in February 2018

Dead​ of​ Winter​ Volume​ One

(W)​ Kyle​ Starks​ (A)​ Gabo​ (CA)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ with​ Bill​ Crabtree

From​ the​ tabletop​ smash​ hit​ comes​ this​ new​ ​comic​ series​ starring​ your​ favorite​ characters​ from Plaid​ Hat​ Games’​ DEAD​ OF​ WINTER,​ written​ by​ ​Kyle​ Starks (the​ Eisner​ Award-nominated Sexcastle),​ and​ illustrated​ by​ Gabo​ (The​ Life​ After).​ In​ the​ pantheon​ of​ superheroes,​ none​ are more​ loveable​ and​ loyal​ than​ everyone’s​ favorite​ good​ ol’​ dog,​ Sparky.​ Surviving​ in​ the​ wintery apocalypse​ of​ the​ undead,​ this​ former​ TV​ show​ stunt​ dog​ turned​ zombie​ killing​ machine​ just wants​ to​ make​ friends​ and​ be​ a​ good​ boy.​ As​ his​ fellow​ survivors​ scavenge​ for​ supplies​ in​ the frigid​ wasteland,​ will​ Sparky​ be​ able​ to​ protect​ his​ companions​ from​ threats​ both​ undead​ and otherwise?​ Collects​ issues​ #1-4​ from​ the​ “Good​ Good​ Dog”​ storyline​ from​ DEAD​ OF​ WINTER!

4/18/18​ |​ 112​ pgs​ |​ Softcover,​ 6×9​ |​ Mature​ Themes​ |​ Horror/Comedy​ |​ $14.99

Dead​ Weight:​ Murder​ at​ Camp​ Bloom

(W)​ Terry​ Blas​ and​ Molly​ Muldoon​ (A/CA)​ Matthew​ Seely

Deep​ in​ the​ Oregon​ wilderness​ sits​ Camp​ Bloom,​ a​ weight-loss​ camp​ where​ “overweight”​ teens can​ “get​ in​ shape.”​ Jesse​ would​ rather​ be​ anywhere​ else,​ but​ her​ parents​ are​ forcing​ her​ to​ go. Noah​ isn’t​ sure​ if​ he​ wants​ to​ be​ there,​ but​ it’s​ too​ late​ to​ turn​ back.​ Tony​ is​ heartbroken​ at​ the thought​ of​ giving​ up​ his​ phone​ and​ internet.​ And​ Kate…​ well,​ she​ likes​ the​ hikes,​ at​ least.​ As​ far as​ these​ four​ teens​ are​ concerned,​ it’s​ just​ another​ boring​ summer.​ Until​ one​ night,​ when​ Jesse and​ Noah​ witness​ a​ beloved​ counselor’s​ murder.​ The​ body’s​ gone​ by​ the​ next​ morning,​ but​ a blurry​ photo​ leads​ to​ one​ clue—the​ murderer​ is​ one​ of​ the​ camp’s​ staff​ members!​ But​ which one?​ As​ Jesse,​ Noah,​ Kate,​ and​ Tony​ investigate,​ they​ quickly​ discover​ that​ everyone’s​ got their​ secrets…​ and​ one​ of​ them​ would​ kill​ to​ keep​ theirs​ hidden.

4/25/18​ |​ 176​ pgs​ |​ Softcover,​ 6×9​ |​ Young​ Adult​ Audiences​ |​ Mystery​ |​ $19.99

Invader​ Zim​ #28

(W)​ Sam​ Logan​ (A)​ Mady​ G​ (C)​ Fred​ C.​ Stresing​ (CA)​ Mady​ G​ with​ Fred​ C.​ Stresing​ (CA)​ Rian

SOMEWHERE​ IN​ SPACE​ is​ an​ object​ so​ powerful,​ so​ deadly,​ so​ mysterious,​ that​ no​ one​ has ever​ laid​ claim​ to​ it!​ AND​ ZIM​ WANTS​ IT!​ But​ that’s​ before​ he​ realizes​ WHY​ this​ mysterious object​ is​ so​ hard​ to​ obtain—the​ closer​ you​ get​ to​ it,​ the​ more​ time​ slows​ down.​ But​ hey,​ ZIM’s carried​ out​ stupider​ quests​ without​ giving​ up,​ so…​ well,​ it​ should​ be​ entertaining,​ at​ least.

2/7/18​ |​ 32​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic​ |​ All-Ages​ |​ Sci-Fi/Humor​ |​ $3.99

My​ Boyfriend​ is​ a​ Bear

(W)​ Pamela​ Ribon​ (A/CA)​ Cat​ Farris

Bear​ meets​ girl.​ Nora​ has​ bad​ luck​ with​ men.​ When​ she​ meets​ an​ (actual)​ bear​ on​ a​ hike​ in​ the Los​ Angeles​ hills,​ he​ turns​ out​ to​ be​ the​ best​ romantic​ partner​ she’s​ ever​ had!​ He’s​ considerate, he’s​ sweet,​ he​ takes​ care​ of​ her.​ But​ he’s​ a​ bear,​ and​ winning​ over​ her​ friends​ and​ family​ is difficult.​ Not​ to​ mention​ he​ has​ to​ hibernate​ all​ winter.​ Can​ true​ love​ conquer​ all?

4/11/18​ |​ 176​ pages​ |​ Softcover,​ 6×9​ |​ Young​ Adult​ Audiences​ |​ Romantic​ Comedy​ |​ $19.99

Rick​ and​ Morty​ #35

(W)​ Kyle​ Starks;​ Magdalene​ Visaggio​ (A)​ Marc​ Ellerby​ (CA)​ Katy​ Farina​ (CA)​ Marc​ Ellerby​ with
Katy​ Farina​ (CA)​ Jude​ Vigants

Rick,​ Morty,​ and​ Summer​ journey​ to​ a​ prehistoric​ land​ full​ of​ DINOSAURS!​ Thankfully,​ Rick​ has it​ all​ under​ control.​ That​ is,​ until​ he’s​ suddenly​ out​ of​ commission,​ and​ it’s​ up​ to​ Summer​ and Morty​ to​ get​ them​ home.​ Plus,​ the​ conclusion​ of​ “The​ Rick​ Identity”!

2/28/18​ |​ 32​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic​ |​ Teen,​ 16+​ |​ Sci-Fi/Humor​ |​ $3.99

Stumptown​ Vol. 2:​ The​ Case​ of​ the​ Baby​ in​ the​ Velvet​ Case

(W)​ Greg​ Rucka​ (A/CA)​ Matthew​ Southworth​ ​​ (C)​ Rico​ Renzi

Dex​ Parios,​ the​ proprietor​ of​ Stumptown​ Investigations,​ has​ a​ new​ office​ and​ a​ long​ list​ of clients​ she​ can’t​ take​ on​ because​ of​ their​ involvement​ with​ crime​ lord​ Hector​ Marenco.​ So​ when Mim​ Bracca​ walks​ into​ her​ life​ with​ an​ open-and-shut​ case​ of​ a​ missing​ guitar,​ Dex​ is​ eager​ to get​ started,​ especially​ when​ the​ rock​ star​ pays​ her​ up​ front.​ But​ Dex​ soon​ discovers​ that​ it’s​ not just​ the​ guitar​ that’s​ gone​ missing…​ and​ she’s​ not​ the​ only​ one​ looking​ for​ it.

4/25/18​ |​ 142​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic,​ Softcover​ |​ Mature​ Audiences​ |​ Crime​ |​ $19.99

The​ Damned​ #8

(W)​ Cullen​ Bunn​ (A)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ ​​ (C)​ Bill​ Crabtree​ (CA)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ with​ Bill​ Crabtree

The​ explosive​ climax​ to​ the​ Prodigal​ Sons​ storyline!​ Eddie​ thought​ his​ plan​ was​ simple​ enough, but​ he​ couldn’t​ have​ imagined​ that​ even​ dead​ there’d​ be​ a​ hit​ out​ on​ his​ corpse.​ While​ he​ tries to​ finish​ what​ he​ started​ in​ the​ netherworld,​ it’s​ up​ to​ his​ brother,​ Morgan,​ to​ keep​ his​ body​ safe while​ trying​ to​ figure​ out​ exactly​ why​ they’re​ so​ hellbent​ on​ killing​ his​ brother​ for​ good,​ and​ the secret​ history​ of​ their​ curse.​ The​ answers​ are​ guaranteed​ to​ surprise​ everyone!

2/7/18​ |​ 32​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic​ |​ Mature​ Audiences​ |​ Crime/Fantasy​ |​ $3.99

The​ Damned​ Volume​ Two:​ Ill-Gotten

(W)​ Cullen​ Bunn​ (A)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ ​​ (C)​ Bill​ Crabtree​ (CA)​ Brian​ Hurtt​ with​ Bill​ Crabtree

In​ a​ prohibition-era​ world​ where​ demonic​ entities​ pull​ the​ strings​ that​ make​ the​ crime​ families dance,​ Eddie​ is​ a​ mortal​ with​ two​ things​ working​ for​ him.​ First​ of​ all,​ he​ can’t​ die.​ Well,​ he​ can and​ does,​ quite​ often,​ but​ he​ doesn’t​ stay​ that​ way​ long.​ Second,​ Eddie​ runs​ the​ Gehenna Room,​ a​ nightclub​ with​ a​ strict​ “no​ demons​ allowed”​ policy.​ But​ blessings​ and​ curses​ don’t​ look all​ that​ different​ these​ days.​ When​ one​ of​ Eddie’s​ old​ pals​ shows​ up​ seeking​ sanctuary,​ Eddie knows​ he’s​ in​ for​ a​ double-cross.​ That​ means​ walking​ the​ line​ between​ salvation​ and​ damnation once​ more.​ Collects​ the​ 5-issue​ “Ill-Gotten”​ storyline​ from​ The​ Damned.

4/18/18​ |​ 136​ pages​ |​ Standard​ Comic,​ Softcover​ |​ Mature​ Audiences​ |​ Crime/Fantasy​ |​ $19.99

Preview: Spectacle #3

Spectacle #3

(W/A/C/CA) Megan Rose Gedris
Age Rating: Teen, 16+
Genre: Supernatural/Mystery
Price: $1.99
Page Count: 22

After the circus fire causes mayhem in the town, the sheriff arrests Jebediah Tetanus and posts an outrageous bail. The circus performers try to figure out a plan to raise the money, but with Jebediah gone, factions within the circus begin vying for power. Meanwhile, Anna and Flora make a list of possible murder suspects, and Anna finds her fortune-telling is far more accurate than it used to be.

Preview: Kaijumax, Season 3 #5

Kaijumax, Season 3 #5

(W/A/C/CA) Zander Cannon
Age Rating: Mature Themes
Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Under the new leadership of Hellmoth, members of the Cryptid Supremacist gang doggedly seek to uncover the identity of the one who turned state’s evidence, while the Creature from Devil’s Creek comes to understand how hollow the warden’s promise of witness protection really was. The compromised prison physician Dr. Zhang has finally escaped all suspicion for sneaking in contraband uranium, and life for her and her inmate paramour Zonn has gotten much calmer… perhaps too calm. Also: Ethical quandaries! Classic evil spirit banishment! An ill-considered attack! And… “You and me, let’s take a walk.”

Preview: Night’s Dominion, Season 2 #4

Night’s Dominion, Season 2 #4

(W/A/C/CA) Ted Naifeh
Age Rating: Mature
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

A new force, the Amaraddan Guard, rules the streets of Umber, forcing citizens into indentured servitude to pay fines imposed upon them. With Emerane dead and the Furie still in hiding, the city’s only hope lies with demi-god Grael. But when the Guard finds and exploits Grael’s weakness, who will be left to stop them?

Preview: Heartthrob, Season 2 #5

Heartthrob, Season 2 #5

(W) Christopher Sebela
(A/C) Robert Wilson IV
(C) Nick Filardi
(CA) Robert Wilson IV with Nick Filardi
Age Rating: Mature Audiences
Genre: Crime
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Love is patient. Callie is trying to be while she plans a robbery that’s bigger than anything Mercer has ever seen. But as the FBI comes north in search of her, everyone she knows turns their backs on her. Callie will have to decide if loving Mercer is worth the price, especially when she finds out the truth about who and what he really is.

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