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Public Domain Heroes Come Out of Retirement in Strange Burden

Right at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, writer Scott Alan Gregory was diagnosed with a fungal lung infection, putting him at high risk for pneumonia and other respiratory complications. His wife, a nurse at the state prison, led Scott into an isolation lockdown in their guest room, sequestered off to one side of their home. For weeks he fought back anxiety and depression until an idea inspired him to get out of bed and start writing. Strange Burden: True Stories From the Archives of Burden Strange, with art by Thiago Motta and lettering by Micah Myers, is the R-rated sit-comic that readers have been waiting for!

A maniac is on the loose, and seemingly random people are waking up to find their feet have been surgically amputated. Some victims have even died from the shock. The Perfect Town Police have no suspects, no leads, and no theories.

Meanwhile, after 20 years in retirement, the once-mighty Burden Strange has returned to the adventurer-for-hire business, and it’s already more trouble than it’s worth. Along with two reluctant former team members and a handful of snarky new recruits, Burden struggles to find his place in a modern world that has moved on without him.

As the past catches up to them, and “The Case of the Mangled Ankles” becomes personal, can this new team get past their constant in-fighting, back-biting, and petty one-upping, and pull together long enough to show the citizens of Perfect Town there’s still some fight left in these old dogs? Or will they implode under the strain of their own neurotic dysfunction before even solving their first case?

Strange Burden: True Stories From the Archives of Burden Strange

Strange Burden: True Stories From the Archives of Burden Strange is cast entirely with Golden Age characters sourced from the Public Domain and is set in a rampantly anachronistic reality where ‘50s diners, ‘30s automobiles, ‘80s gadgetry, and ‘40s fashions collide. For an added kick, every issue in the series will be co-released with a supplemental one-shot spinoff focusing on a single member of the team in their own adventure, beginning with the wild 60-page graphic novel “Mr. Satan Goes to Hollywood”.

Backing incentives not only include comics, postcards, trading cards, posters, and stickers, but also the coolest of the cool include hand-painted art cards, your likeness drawn into the comic, a 5-page comic story starring YOU and your favorite team member—and even a customized Burden Strange action figure!

Strange Burden: True Stories From the Archives of Burden Strange Kickstarter will run from Tuesday, November 20th to Wednesday, December 21st.

ComixTribe Reveals the Full Roster for Legends of the Wailing Blade, Over Two Dozen Creators

ComixTribe has announced the full list of creators contributing new stories and art that will be featured in Wailing Blade: Headtaker, the collected edition of its popular dark-sci fi fantasy mini-series released last year, which is currently funding on Kickstarter.

Wailing Blade is created by Rich Douek, writer of the IDW series Road of Bones and the upcoming Sea of Sorrows, and Joe Mulvey, artist of ComixTribe’s SCAM and Mummy’s Always Right and the upcoming Happy Hill.

Billed as Mad Max meets Masters of the UniverseWailing Blade takes place in a future dark age, and tells the story of a bandit prince who will stop at nothing to save a father sentenced to death by the hands of the legendary Headtaker… even if it means falling to the Wailing Blade himself.

The four-issue mini-series is being collected for the first time and will be available in a softcover format as well as a deluxe, die-cut foil-enhanced hardcover edition. The new trade will include an extensive cover gallery as well as an additional final scene not included in the single issues.

Wailing Blade: Headtaker

ComixTribe has also enlisted a murders-row of comic talent to help add even more fire-power to this trade collection. This collection features an all-new “Legends of the Wailing Blade” section including over a dozen tales of the origin of the titular blade. In this world, no one truly knows where the Wailing Blade came from or why it wails… but in every tavern, a different tale is spun.

The full roster of participating creators announced include:

  • Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, The After Realm)
  • David Andry (Resonant)
  • John Lees (Sink, Hotell, Mountainhead)
  • David Pepose (The O.Z., Spencer & Locke, Scout’s Honor)
  • Liana Kangas (She Said Destroy, Black AF: Devil’s Dye & Trve Kvlt)
  • Ryan K Lindsay (Eternal, She, Negative Space)
  • Lane Lloyd (God Puncher)
  • Kenny Porter (Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Barnstormers)
  • Gavin Smith (Dead Legends)
  • Malissa White (Nightmare)
  • Russell Nohelty (Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Cthulhu is Hard to Spell)
  • J Paul Schiek (The Lion and the Unicorn, Hush Ronin)
  • Tyler James (The Red Ten, Oxymoron)
  • Jarret Katz (The Foreigner)
  • Alex Cormack (Sink, Road of Bones, Sea of Sorrows)
  • Fraser Cambell (Alex Automatic, Ind-Xed)
  • Iain Laurie (And Then Emily Was Gone, The Edge Off)
  • Andrew Hahn (Powered by The Blood of Five Vampires)
  • Steven Forbes (Runners, The Proving Grounds)
  • Travis Hymel (Arkworld)
  • Rob Multari (Night Wolf)
  • Marc Thomas (The Monstrous Adventures of Beowulf)
  • Mario Candelaria (Killchella)
  • Daniel Earls (Hellfire, Tales from the Pandemic)
  • Matt Zolman (Epic)

The Wailing Blade: Headtaker campaign to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to help fund the print run for the deluxe hardcover collection runs until Friday, November 20 at midnight. When funded, the books will ship in February, with digital rewards to be fulfilled in December.

Wailing Blade: HEADTAKER is available now on Kickstarter.

Thanksgiving Has Never Been this Bloody with The House That Eats Flesh

The House That Eats Flesh

A special announcement to all you gore fans. Coming soon to a horror theater near you, a new slasher film that will make you think twice about spending demonic house with friends on Thanksgiving Day. Paying homage to the classic blood and guts carnage films of yesteryear, The House That Eats Flesh is bound to be an all-time cult classic and fan favorite. Helming the director’s chair will be Josh Graves, in his first directorial debut with producer, Noellie Burger, that will combine both talent and imagination and bring this film to life. It promises to not have any CGI for your grizzly entertainment.

Though this film is set to go into productions next year, Lydia Mason, a cast member reached out to me about the film while Josh Graves has created an Indiegogo funding site for a chance for fans like you to be apart of this exciting project. To help with production costs and expenses, I’m asking our readers to give just a little of your hard work earning and donate. And as an incentive, the more you donate, the more they will appreciate you. The levels of donations can be either from $10.00 to $4000.00 and with every donation, you will be rewarded well for your efforts like a shout-out, owning a prop used in the film, a chance for an autographed photo by the lead horror actress herself, Lisa Wilcox (From Nightmare on Elm Street V) and much much more.

If you’re a die-hard fan of gore and love seeing the sight of blood, spewing guts, and beautiful, alluring women, then make this film happen and go on The House That Eats Flesh on Indiegogo, and your donations will go along way to make this horror fantasy into one perfect scary reality to watch. And tell them Raven Steel sent ya!

A House to die for…

Please Like. Please Share. And above all, please Love!

This has been a Raven Steel Exclusive.

Urban Animal Goes from Webtoon to Print

Urban Animal from Justin Jordan, John Amor, and Micah Myers is going from Webtoon to print with a Kickstarter. Urban Animal is about a normal kid who finds out he’s not so normal when he turns into a sabertooth tiger. Things just get stranger for Joe from there. Much, much stranger.

Meet Joe Gomez. He’s got high school on lock – good grades, a cool band, and girls digging his vibe. But just when he’s got the world figured out, he goes and turns into a saber-toothed tiger. A shape-shifting nature spirit known as a Chimera, to be specific. Now Joe needs every single one of his new powers to help save the human race – whether he wants to or not.

Now, you can get a print edition of the webcomic. The first volume collects chapters 1 through 27 of the series which is about 200 pages of content!

The campaign is well past its goal so backing helps further guarantee its completion. You can get a digital PDF, digital artbooks, wallpapers, and script book for $12. For $24 you get a softcover print edition of the series along with other items. Other pledge items include a hardcover version, signed bookplates, and so much more. The campaign ends on November 18.

Urban Animal

The Peacekeepers is a Twisted Comic Book Love Letter to Crime Dramas

Out now on Kickstarter, The Peacekeepers is a brooding and decidedly wicked crime drama that pulls no punches, that suffers no fools, that repeatedly gets knocked down, but always gets back up again with a smile. It’s an utterly treacherous comic dance.

All hell breaks loose in quaint a northern Michigan community when a team of in-over-their- heads bank robbers kills a beloved Sheriff’s Deputy. In a small town with BIG secrets, local detective Richard Holton races to peel back the layers of a depraved down-home conspiracy before the bungling Federal Agents assigned to the case send everyone involved to ground.

The Peacekeeper is by writer Rylend Grant, artist Davi Leon Dias, colorist Iwan Joko Triyono, and letterer HdE… the same twisted team that brought you 10 rip-roaring issues of Action Lab: Danger Zone’s critically-lauded political action thriller Aberrant. That comic is being developed for television by 24 & Felicity Executive Producer Tony Krantz.

This isn’t Grant’s first Kickstarter campaign. He raised over $15,000 back in July with a high concept sci-fi thriller titled The Jump. This Kickstarter campaign has already passed its goal guaranteeing it will be funded. You can chip in $5 for PDFs of Grant’s past work and $10 gets you the first two issues of The Peacekeepers. $20 will get you the print edition. Other pledges include variants, signed comics, original art, and more. The campaign ends on November 19.

The Peacekeepers

Keep Track of 2021 with Sam Kieth’s The Maxx

Clover Press has revealed an upcoming Kickstarter project featuring Sam Kieth‘s The Maxx, a 2021 calendar!

Each month has different Maxx cover with art by Sam Kieth. Calendars are 11 x 17 0-wire bound and can be ordered on Kickstarter Nov 9th.

Need a gift for that Maxx fan in your life? Well the calendars will be delivered in December!

You can sign up now and be alerted when the Kickstarter campaign goes live.

Enter the Fantasy World of Winds of Numa Sera

In 2015, graphic novelist Morgan Rosenblum burst onto the sci-fi scene with a runaway success. His comic book debut, Treadwater Volume 1, delivered complex characters fighting an unwinnable battle in a pre-apocalyptic scenario. Then, in 2017, the long-anticipated Treadwater sequel was released to even greater acclaim, topping Diamond’s ‘Indie Bestseller’ list and bringing sales to over 10,000 copies.

Now, Rosenblum is back, along with co-creator Jonny Handler, with Winds of Numa Sera, a medieval fantasy graphic novel series. The first volume in the series is currently on Kickstarter looking to raise $15,100. The campaign ends on November 23. The series features art by Eduardo Mello, color by Valentina Taddeo, lettering by Voodoo Bownz, character concept design by Andrea De Dominicis, environments/sigil/lore/logo design by Bark Bark Studio, and map design by Luigi Aime.

Winds of Numa Sera is set in an elaborate fantasy world, which features an expansive cast of multi-layered and, above-all, believable characters. As their disparate backgrounds and motivations put them on a collision course with one another, the protagonists of one story become the antagonists in another. This lends the readers deeper insight into each character as they watch their seemingly separate storylines slowly weave together into a large cohesive narrative.

It is said that truth is the first casualty of war and this holds true for the Empire of Numa Sera, whose glorious founding mythology is slowly peeled apart as the protagonists discover the truth behind the legends. The grand narrative plays out over multiple generations, in which villains become heroes, history is rewritten, the mundane becomes mythical and the truly legendary becomes mere superstition.

The tone of the novel strikes a unique balance between that of a lighthearted adventure story and a ruthlessly realistic political drama, which takes place in a world rich with fascinating lore. Confronted with violence, treachery and political intrigue, the charismatic heroes of Numa Sera do what they can to survive and succeed. As they continue on their journeys, long forgotten truths are rediscovered and ancient forces are reawakened.

Owing to the breadth of its story, the depth of its characters and the splendor of its lore, a graphic novel of this scope is necessarily an ambitious undertaking. Fortunately, the novel’s illustrators, both of whom had worked for Marvel, do it complete justice. Finally, after several years of meticulous work, Rosenblum and Handler are ready to share their newest story.

You can get a PDF copy for $20 and a hard copy for $30. Other rewards include signed editions, collectors edition, and even being able to be drawn into the comic!

Where’s the Beef? Aubrey Sitterson, Tyrell Cannon, Fico Ossio, and Taylor Esposito Bring the Leftist Superheroes Beef Bros to Kickstarter

Writer Aubrey Sitterson, artist Tyrell Cannon, colorist Fico Ossio, and letterer Taylor Esposito are bringing the leftist superheroes, the Beef Bros to Kickstarter. The comic series has superheroes returning to their original origins as working-class champions moving away from the “supercops” they’ve become in recent decades.

Beef Bros is based on the idea that humanity works best when we work together, cooperation over competition. The self-contained 32-page, the full-color comic is about Huey and Ajax Beef, a pair of neighborhood heroes willing to brawl with sadistic police, cruel landlords, and predatory corporations not because of any complicated college-boy theorizing, but because helping people out is simply the right thing to do.

The gonzo, eye-popping story is a revolutionary leftist take on superheroes! It’s everything we love about superheroes, wrestling, action movies, and beat ’em up video games, but with all of the mean-spirited, hateful politics and ideology stripped away and replaced with something kind, aspirational, and revolutionary.

The campaign runs until November 26 with a goal of $15,000. You can get a digital copy for $5, physical copy for $8. Further rewards include commissions, retailer levels, original art, and more.

Check out a preview of the issue below!


Just in Time for Halloween, Ghost Are People Too by Cartoonist Peter Ricq

Just in time for Halloween, cartoonist Peter Ricq is bringing Ghost Are People Too to Kickstarter. The 42 page illustrated book, about a simple ordinary ghost named Ethan Alby, is written and drawn for spooky living people of all ages and perfect for Halloween.

Ethan has a family—just like you. He likes playing with toys and his dog, Mini Ricky. Sometimes, though, Ethan gets scared. In Ghost Are People Too, Ethan shares what scares him, how difficult it is to share a home with a living girl he’s fallen for (when she doesn’t even know he exists), and why we shouldn’t be afraid of one another.

Ghost Are People Too is a charming spooky book for readers of all ages, especially young readers, adolescents and adults who love Tim Burton’s books and films, as well as the novels and picture books written by Neil Gaiman, and most especially fans of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 20 and has a goal of $15,000 goal (Canadian dollars). You can get a PDF copy for $10 Canadian (about $8 in US dollars). The hardcover copy is $20 Canadian (about $16 US dollars). Other rewards include autographed copies, doodles, more art, and more.

A Luchador is on a Quest for Revenge in La Mano del Destino

La Mano del Destino is a 6-issue mini-series about a Luchador’s betrayal and superheroic quest for revenge and Faustian bargain; set in a swanky 1960s Mexico told in a Silver Age style. It’s currently being funded through Kickstarter.

Created by Jason Gonzalez the project ends on November 3 and is still short of its $39,242 goal. The series is complete and this is to fund the 400+ page, Bilingual collected edition’s printing. The collected edition is a Bilingual flipbook! You get both versions in one book.

La Mano del Destino tells the tale of a once-champion Luchador – who, after being betrayed by his friends and unmasked in the ring, agrees to a Faustian bargain with a mysterious promoter. He gains a new power and the identity of La Mano del Destino in order to exact revenge upon his betrayers. Set in a swanky, 1960s Mexico where Lucha Libre is intrinsically woven into all aspects of society and are the most important events that happen within this world, this tale winds its way through the machinations and motivations of all types who inhabit this unique setting.

Can La Mano del Destino get his revenge while remaining the champion he knows himself to be? – Get the complete arc here to find out!

You can get a PDF of the trade for $15 or the printed collected version (plus PDF) for $35. Other levels include a screen print set, doodles, single issues, and even your own Luchador mask!

La Mano del Destino
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