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Take a Trip to Elk Mountain with a New Kickstarter Exploring Superheroes and the Communities they Defend

Elk Mountain explores the relationship between heroes and the communities they defend. What are the realistic expectations of these heroes? Can we expect them to be everywhere and save everyone? Is it smart to put so much faith in one individual, no matter how powerful they are?

And what are the responsibilities of a community to it’s hero? How much is it on them to be accountable for what goes on where they live?

Elk Mountain also looks at how the current climate of fear can break apart a community in an instant. Fear of the other can turn long time neighbors against each other, and it’s happening right now with immigrants and non-immigrants. People who have lived and worked here peacefully for years are being forcibly removed from their homes and jobs.

A Kickstarter campaign is running now with a goal of $9,000. Money from the Kickstarter is going to paying the creative team as well as printing the books, rewards, and shipping. Rewards include not just the comic but also tutorials from the team, enamel pins, and your chance to be drawn in the comic.

The comic series is written by Jordan Clark whose work has appeared in Bitch Planet Triple Feature #2 as well as his own published work Duality and Kane Maverick. Art is provided by Vince Underwood who is the writer/artist for the self published Page Turn and has provided covers for Clark’s Hive Mind and Kane Maverick. Brittany Peer is the colorist who has worked on such series as Misfit City, Slam, Dodge City, TMNTU, Jem & The Holograms. Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou has lettered for books like Short Order Cooks and Stain the Seas Scarlet. He’s also doing letters for the upcoming Image book Shanghai Red.

You can get a digital copy for just $3 and the campaign runs until June 11th.

Zenescope is Kickstarting a Grimm Fairy Tales “Sela” Bishoujo Style Collectible Statue

Zenescope Entertainment has successfully funded its newest Kickstarter campaign in less than 3 hours as the company unveiled a new line of “bishoujo-style” collectible figures based on its most popular female lead characters from Zenescope’s ever-growing stable of comic book titles.

The first statue Zenescope is introducing is Sela Mathers, the main protagonist from the company’s ultra-popular Grimm Fairy Tales comic book series. Sela, known as “Guardian of the Nexus,” works to protect Earth from evil attempting to invade our world from other realms. The statue will stand at nearly nine inches tall and portrays Sela with her trusty sword and holding her enchanted, yet powerful, book of fairy tales.

Aside from the original version, Zenescope is also offering 250 limited edition special “black & white” versions of the statue through Kickstarter pledges. The sculpt is based on design illustrations by one of Zenescope’s top artists, Jason Cardy.

The campaign has different pledge tiers for both retailers and consumers who can choose to reserve their statue as well as other highly sought after Zenescope merchandise. Each statue reserved via Kickstarter also comes with a Grimm Fairy Tales limited edition exclusive issue with cover art by designer, Jason Cardy. The campaign will run until Tuesday, June 5th at 4:00pm.

Space Goat Productions is Launching an Equity Fundraising Campaign

In a move to allow fans to become even more invested in a company they support, Space Goat Productions is launching a fundraising campaign via equity crowdfunder Investors will join a community of other investors who seek to help SGP expand their presence in the board game and comic book marketplaces–and own micro shares of the publisher in the process. The fundraising campaign will run for a period of 45 days.

In the announcement Founder and CEO Shon Bury said:

We want to make cool stuff with and for fans. It’s a core tenant of our mission. Equity crowdfunding provides the perfect opportunity to show our fans how sincere we are. We aren’t the first comic-book company to ever offer shares to fans, but we are taking it one step further by allowing anyone to buy a micro share for just $100 and by offering our Kickstarter backers a 20% discount if they elect to buy-in at this funding round. We are also offering a great perk to comic book retailers. That’s how much our crowdfunding community and retail partners mean to us.

On May 2016, thanks to a law called Regulation Crowdfunding, it became legal for everyone to invest small amounts of money in the companies they believe in. Wefunder was created to provide an easy avenue for regular people, not Wall Street experts, to actually become stakeholders with the companies they already support with purchases. This form of funding fit perfectly into the long range plans and overall vision of Space Goat Productions and its CEO Shon Bury. This next step has been in the works for over a year.

Get a Coronary with Black Mirror Meets Romeo and Juliet on Kickstarter Now

Plastic surgery is free. London is gripped by madness, dominated by cosmetic surgeons, lifestyle coaches and pill-pushers. Within this insanity, a neurotic businessman reconsiders the course of his life when a freethinking outsider crashes into it. But she doesn’t want him, or anyone.

Coronary is a comic series written by Ryan Burke with art by Joel Saavedra and Damian Pañalba.

The Kickstarter, running through May 4th, will pay the artists and cover printing and shipping costs of the comic series. The plan is to release a full twelve issue series.

You can pledge for as little as $5 for a digital copy of the third issue or $8 for a bundle of the first three. Other pledge levels include stickers, patches, and even the ability for you to be included in the comic.

Back the Kickstarter today to get this creative and unique series.

Retrofit Comics 2018 Includes 12 new Graphic Novels. Now on Kickstarter

Retrofit Comics is one of the best kept secrets in comics publishing some of the best indie comic work out there. They comic company has a new Kickstarter which runs until April 27 where you can get their 2018 releases (and more).

If you get all 12 comics/graphic novels, you get them at over 50% off, and if that’s still too much, you can pick and choose what you want.

What’s on tap for 2018?

  • All the Sad Songs – Summer Pierre – a 104 page black and white softcover graphic memoir.
  • Fashion Forecasts – Yumi Sakugawa – 72 color pages and explores fashion in a not-so-distant future.
  • I Love You – Sara Lautman – 72 color pages, collects stories and strips from 2017.
  • John, Dear – Laura Lannes – This 48 page comic is about a bad relationship.
  • Our Wretched Town Hall – Eric Kostiuk Williams – 64 color pages, explores a whole bunch of trippy subjects.
  • The Prince – Liam Cobb – 120 two color pages, this softcover graphic novel is a take on the Frog Prince fairytale.
  • Survive 300 Million 1 – Pat Aulisio – this 76 color paged comic traverses the post-man ruinscape of the future.
  • Survive 300 Million 2: Serpentine Captives – Pat Aulisio – is a 92 page color graphic novel and the second of the series.
  • The Troublemakers – Baron Yoshimoto – a 248 black and white graphic novel is a collection of some of the best stories of Yoshimoto.
  • TRUMPTRUMP vol. 2: Modern Day Presidential – Warren Craghead III – 208 black and white pages of grotesque portraits of Donald Trump and his minions.
  • Understanding – Becca Tobin – 100 color pages of short stories about going to parties, spending money on stuff, voyeurism and ritual.
  • The Winner – Karl Stevens – 104 color pages hat dissects the line between the worlds of high and low art.

You can find out more about each project including preview art. Go back it now, you won’t be disappointed.

“No Straight Linesm” the LGBTQ Comics Documentary, Gets a Crowdfunding Campaign this April

No Straight Lines cover art by Maurice Vellekoop

Filmmaker Vivian Kleiman and comics artist and advocate Justin Hall have announced that their feature-length documentary film, No Straight Lines: The Story of Queer Comics, will launch a Kickstarter fundraiser in late April. This new effort is aimed at completing filming of the project, which tells the story of how LGBTQ comics evolved from a marginalized underground scene—offering uncensored commentary on everything from coming out to the AIDS crisis to gender politics—to one with worldwide, mainstream recognition.

The fundraising campaign has set a goal of $38,000 and is scheduled to launch on April 23rd. It will offer a variety of rewards to backers from large to small, including social media shout-outs, signed graphic novels, original artwork, dinner with the film creators, invitations to private screenings of the work-in-progress, and more.

Alison Bechdel at a film shoot

In 2012, cartoonist Justin Hall put together the anthology No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, which featured milestone contributions by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender comics creators from the 1970s to the present, and shared the story of the queer comics community.

Now, Justin’s Lambda Literary Award winning and Eisner Award nominated collection is the inspiration for a new documentary film directed and produced by Peabody Award winning and Sundance and Emmy nominated filmmaker Vivian Kleiman. This film will bring the stories from the comics off the page and give viewers a personal introduction to the vibrant artists, writers, and activists who have paved the way for queer comics’ dynamic present and fabulous future.

The team has been developing the project for some time and have already received grants from the California Humanities, the San Francisco Foundation, and the Berkeley Film Foundation, along with contributions from private donors. Filming is over halfway done, including extensive shoots with Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) and her mentor Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby), as well as interviews with a selection of young cartoonists at the Queers & Comics Conference in San Francisco, and more.

Alison Bechdel, Justin Hall, Vivian Kleiman

They’ve lined up financial support to complete the editing phase, but first they need to capture all the footage that will make this project shine. Cartoonists being notoriously shy, the filmmakers have to bring their crew to places like the snowy hills of Vermont and the rainy streets of Portland, Oregon, to record these important, untold stories.

Meeting their campaign goal will allow the filmmakers to complete principle filming on the project, which will include travel and accommodations; producer, director, and director of photography costs; sound and lighting equipment; insurance; bookkeeping; production assistance; and admin expenses.

Support from the community will make it possible to film with longtime LGBTQ comics legends like Rupert Kinnard (BB and the Diva), and interview pioneering web cartoonist Scout Tran (Failing Sky). The filmmakers have plans for additional shoots if they exceed their funding goals.

For those interested, you can join their mailing list to get the latest updates.

Jim Cornette Pulls Back The Curtain On Real Pro Wrestling in a New Comic Coming Soon to Kickstarter

In April, the doors of Castle Cornette are being opened to the public! Jim Cornette, in association with IDW Limited are tag-teaming to bring 60 pages of unrelenting and uncompromising action in the form of a limited-edition graphic novel! Written and illustrated by Eisner Award-nominated Brandon Easton, and Denis Medri, the award-winning team behind Andre The Giant: Closer to Heaven, this new hit enters the Kickstarter ring on April 17th!

The book will feature three chapters of tales, hand-selected and presented by Cornette and adapted by the team of Easton and Medri. Through Kickstarter, IDW Limited will be able to grant additional content and opportunities to Cornette’s loyal fans and fans of Pro Wrestling overall. Additional perks will include original art, personal conversations with Cornette himself, and even the ability to go down in infamy by being drawn as a heel character directly into the graphic novel!

Look for Jim Cornette Presents: Behind The Curtain – Real Pro Wrestling Stories on Kickstarter from April 17th to May 10th.

ComixTribe’s SINK Vol 1: Welcome to Glasgow is Up on Kickstarter

A forgotten East End district of a warped funhouse mirror vision of Glasgow, Scotland, Sinkhill is a hive of crooks, deviants and killers, and ordinary folk unfortunate enough to live among them.

If killer clowns prowl the streets in a blue van, a shovel-wielding vigilante in a fox mask serves brutal justice after dark, and the last bus home is always full of corpses, well, pal…

You must be in Sinkhill!

ComixTribe has been shaking things up when it comes to comics and comic marketing, especially with their series SINK. Not only have they been creating the usual printed issues (which have sold out and become collectors items) but they have also built buzz with free digital issues before the releases.

Now, the publisher is using Kickstarter to print the first volume of the series. A 160-page perfect bound collection, there’s a few different options to get the trade. Not only does it feature the comics but also pin-ups, galleries, bonus tales, and more… plus a soundtrack to listen to while you read!

As I said, they’re willing to do things differently and on their campaign you can find a download to the first issue for free and there’s also a “money back guarantee.”

If you’re a fan of horror, this is a must get from a company with a proven record for delivery.

The campaign runs through April 24th so don’t delay.

Three Days to Back The Idols of Solanşehir: Issue One on Kickstarter

Greentea Publishing‘s current comic, The Idols of Solanşehir, a fantastical and moody manga illustrated and painted by the artist known online as Miyuli, is dreamily tick-tocking its last few days on Kickstarter.

Two sisters must put aside their squabbles and unite to help lift their brother’s strange demons when he comes home from the army. The Idols of Solanşehir is a moody fantasy with influences from Amélie, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Sandman.

The meaning of the title: Solanşehir is inspired by taking two words from Turkish and compounding them into one. “Solan” means “fading” and “şehir” means “city”.

Together, the title means The Idols of the Fading City.

With a goal of release of June 2018, you can get a digital copy for just $2. The Kickstarter campaign ends on April 12.

Dynamite Launches a Kickstarter for a Terry Dodson Bettie Page Statue

Dynamite Entertainment has launched an exciting new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which celebrates the iconic beauty that is Bettie Page. Fans of the legendary pin-up model will be able to choose from one of three versions of this gorgeous new statue based on the work of fan-favorite artist Terry Dodson. This stunning statue is a must-have for any true fans of Bettie Page!

The Dynamite “Terry Dodson Bettie Page Statue” Kickstarter campaign is live now!

Bettie Page was an American model who gained significant notoriety for her pin-up work in the 1950s. Often referred to as the “Queen of Pin-ups”, her signature jet-black hair, fringe bangs and blue eyes influenced generations of artists and models to this day.  The native of Nashville, Tennessee made her way to New York City to become an actress, finding work as a model throughout the 50s.  She became the quintessential pin-up model and was one of the earliest Playmates of the Month for Playboy Magazine, appearing as Miss January 1955.

Fan-favorite comic book artist Terry Dodson is one of the most popular and respected artists in comics today! His popularity gained momentum when at DC he provided covers and interiors for celebrated runs on Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, continuing through to the Marvel Knights Spider-Man with Mark Millar and up to his most recent work at Marvel with the X-Men and with the Star Wars comic series with Mark Waid featuring Princess Leia.

Now, Dynamite proudly brings Dodson’s vision of the glamorous Bettie Page to three dimensions with this hand-painted, limited edition resin statue line! Brought to full-color life by Rvckvs International. Further options available include the noir “black and white” edition, and the beautiful “bronze” edition.

Production on these new offerings are currently under development, with an expected shipping date of August 2018.  Backers who support the Dynamite “Terry Dodson Bettie Page Statue” Kickstarter will have the opportunity to receive this statue and other rewards, including:

  • Digital and print copies of Bettie Page GN,
  • Bettie Page #1 signed by Terry Dodson
  • The full-color Terry Dodson inspired Bettie Page statue,
  • The “black and white” Terry Dodson inspired Bettie Page statue,
  • The “bronze” Terry Dodson inspired Bettie Page statue,
  • With stretch goals, Dynamite will expand the statue to include more accessories and detail such as opening compartments with props inside.

Image Created by Iconasys Shutter Stream

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