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Dynamite Launches a Kickstarter for a Terry Dodson Bettie Page Statue

Dynamite Entertainment has launched an exciting new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which celebrates the iconic beauty that is Bettie Page. Fans of the legendary pin-up model will be able to choose from one of three versions of this gorgeous new statue based on the work of fan-favorite artist Terry Dodson. This stunning statue is a must-have for any true fans of Bettie Page!

The Dynamite “Terry Dodson Bettie Page Statue” Kickstarter campaign is live now!

Bettie Page was an American model who gained significant notoriety for her pin-up work in the 1950s. Often referred to as the “Queen of Pin-ups”, her signature jet-black hair, fringe bangs and blue eyes influenced generations of artists and models to this day.  The native of Nashville, Tennessee made her way to New York City to become an actress, finding work as a model throughout the 50s.  She became the quintessential pin-up model and was one of the earliest Playmates of the Month for Playboy Magazine, appearing as Miss January 1955.

Fan-favorite comic book artist Terry Dodson is one of the most popular and respected artists in comics today! His popularity gained momentum when at DC he provided covers and interiors for celebrated runs on Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, continuing through to the Marvel Knights Spider-Man with Mark Millar and up to his most recent work at Marvel with the X-Men and with the Star Wars comic series with Mark Waid featuring Princess Leia.

Now, Dynamite proudly brings Dodson’s vision of the glamorous Bettie Page to three dimensions with this hand-painted, limited edition resin statue line! Brought to full-color life by Rvckvs International. Further options available include the noir “black and white” edition, and the beautiful “bronze” edition.

Production on these new offerings are currently under development, with an expected shipping date of August 2018.  Backers who support the Dynamite “Terry Dodson Bettie Page Statue” Kickstarter will have the opportunity to receive this statue and other rewards, including:

  • Digital and print copies of Bettie Page GN,
  • Bettie Page #1 signed by Terry Dodson
  • The full-color Terry Dodson inspired Bettie Page statue,
  • The “black and white” Terry Dodson inspired Bettie Page statue,
  • The “bronze” Terry Dodson inspired Bettie Page statue,
  • With stretch goals, Dynamite will expand the statue to include more accessories and detail such as opening compartments with props inside.

Image Created by Iconasys Shutter Stream

It’s Alive! to publish Combat by Sam Glanzman with covers by Russ Braun, Russ Heath, and Walt Simonson. Back it on Kickstarter Now!

IDW Publishing‘s It’s Alive! imprint has announced the upcoming Kickstarter to bring select issues of the classic Combat comic book series by Sam Glanzman back to print! Three issues are being Kickstarted by Eisner-nominated It’s Alive! publisher Drew Ford. Two of the three issues have already been successfully Kickstarted, but all three will be available in the new campaign featuring incredible variant cover art. The Dunkirk issue has a variant cover by comic book superstar Walter Simonson, the Battle of Midway issue has a variant cover by comic book living legend Russ Heath, and the new D-Day issue has a variant cover by fan-favorite artist Russ Braun!

Each issue also has a standard cover created using artwork by the late Sam Glanzman, and all six comics are up for grabs in the new Kickstarter. Also, there will be a limited number of signed copies of the variant covers by Simonson, Heath, and Braun! Combat is a legendary comic book, that told true stories of WWII month after month, for several years. There was, in fact, 26 issues in all, and Sam Glanzman illustrated all of them! It’s Alive! will reprint these incredible comics, giving a whole new generation of readers a chance to discover and enjoy classic WWII war comics.

As some extra incentive to pledge now, for one week only there will be a handful of Early Bird Special rewards that folks will want to grab before they disappear!

Check out the Combat Kickstarter which will be active from now until the evening of Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Monolith Board Games Launches Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

Monolith has launched their much anticipated Batman: Gotham City Chronicles board game on Kickstarter. The game for 2 to 4 players is exclusive to the crowdfunding site and has blown past the initial goal of $500,000.

$140 is the “Base Game Pledge” which nets you the “Heroes Box,” “Villains Box,” and rulebook. Miniatures included are 7 heroes, 20 allies, 8 civilians, 9 villains, 32 goons, and everything you need to play like tiles, boards, dice, tokesn, scenarios, and more. You also get stretch goals.

For $320 you get the “Base Game Pledge” plus a copy of the “Wayne Manor Expansion,” “Arkham Asylum Expansion,” “Batmobile add-on,” a copy of “Versus,” and one dice pack. All of those items can be purchased on their own.

The “Wayne Manor Expansion” includes 7 heroes, 3 allies, boards, tiles, tokens, and cards.

“Arkham Asylum” features 6 villains, 14 goons, tiles, boards, and more.

The “Versus Mode” features 12 allies, command board, tiles, disks, scenarios and rules.

The “Batmobile add-on” features the Batmobile miniature, tile, tokens, scenarios, and rules.

The game is an improved ruleset of Monolith’s Conan Board Game. A scenario-based miniature board game where 2-4 players control the Dark Knight and his allies in their battle against crime in an asymmetrical and open game system. One player takes on the heroes and the other takes on the villains which helps ease the setup of the game. Each side takes turns, pitting their strategies against each other.

You’re able to play as Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, Catwoman, and more. They’ll go up against classic characters like the Joker, Riddler, Clayface, Bane, Scarecrow, and more. All of them rendered as miniatures set on textured bases.

All of the content offered on the campaign is exclusive to Kickstarter and will not be available at retail. The campaign ends March 31.

(via our sister site Board Game Today)

CORPUS: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments Explores Illness, Both Mental and Physical

Launched on Kickstarter, CORPUS: A Comic Anthology of Bodily Ailments is a new comic anthology that explores illness, both mental and physical. The full color graphic novel features over 200 pages and 40 stories.

The graphic novel covers a wide range of topics from peanut allergies to losing an eye, from depression to epilepsy, what it takes to care for a sick person to the stigma of chronic illness.

The creative line-up is impressive:


You can get a digital copy for as low as $12 and items range from your name in the back of the book to comissions.

The project is looking to raise $25,000 and ends on March 4th.

Check out some art from the graphic novel below.

Ominous Press Kickstarts Kicking Ice from Stephanie Phillips, Lee Moder, and Marissa Louise

Kicking Ice, a 62-page graphic novel, created and written by Stephanie Phillips, drawn by Lee Moder, and colored by Marissa Louise, will debut through Ominous Press in the fall of 2018. The all-ages story is about two young, female hockey players dreaming of playing professional hockey in the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). The book is being supported by a Kickstarter campaign intended to bring the project to fruition, and a portion of all sales goes directly to the NWHL to support the athletes and the growth of the league.

After moving from Boston to Hartford, CT, Bella befriends a classmate named Skye who happens to play ice hockey and roots adamantly for her home NWHL team, the Connecticut Whale. Thanks to Skye, Bella falls in love with ice hockey and becomes a devoted fan of the NWHL. As their friendship grows, both Bella and Skye dream of one day playing in the NWHL. For the time being, however, they both play on the same junior hockey team where, unfortunately, they encounter bullies who think that girls shouldn’t play hockey. Of course, Bella and Skye, with the inspiring help of their heroes in the NWHL, prove to the bullies that kicking ice isn’t just for boys.

Kicking Ice is a celebration of the pioneering efforts of everyone involved in making professional women’s hockey a reality, and the story is built on the social values of the NWHL – inclusiveness, equality, and empowerment. Thanks to the NWHL, a new generation of players, like Bella and Skye, get to realize their dream of playing professional hockey.

Find out more about the graphic novel and support it today!

Read the First 30 Pages of Action Hospital: Half-Light Bleeds then Back it on Kickstarter

Dave Baker is the writer and an illustrator behind Action Hospital. For the past two years he’s been working on the comic which he describes as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Men in Black.”

Action Hospital: Half-Light Bleeds is the story of Joan Michelle Basquiat as she attempts to defend the eponymous Action Hospital against cave-dudes from the distant past, time traveling gondolier-themed assassins, a human-shark clone of Abraham Lincoln, and a demon with 9 and 3/4th heads.

Baker is currently running a Kickstarter to pay for printing of the nearly 300 page project. The project met its initial funding goal in 4 hours. And now it has raised almost 4x the original goal.

The original collection was published for San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and features 18 interconnected short stories. The whole project took four and a half years to make.

On top of the work by Baker, artists contributing pin ups are: Andrew Maclean, Te’shawn Dwyer, Kevin Woody, Buster Moody, Erwin Papa, Jonathan La Mantia, Daniel Arruda Massa, Ernie Najera, Bob Q, Daniel Whitfield, Mike Macropoulos, Jackie Crofts, Christian J Meesey, Scott Drummond, Tony Brown, Matthew Goodall, Daniel White, Tony McMillen, Sam Grinberg, Maciej Palka, Joey Navarra Jr., Walter Ostlie, and Jim Mahfood.

The comic is written, penciled, inked, and lettered. The funds raised go towards printing the project.

We’ve been hooked up with a 30 page preview of the comic and you can contribute and get your copy today. The Kickstarter runs until February 14.

AH2 Sample

It’s Alive! to publish Tanith Lee’s The Silver Metal Lover by Trina Robbins

It’s Alive! has passed its initial goal of $10,000 to bring Tanith Lee’s The Silver Metal Lover back to print! However, there’s still time left in the Kickstarter campaign for more fans to pledge to this exciting collection which already blew through its two stretch goals. That includes a Silver Metal Lover sticker featuring Trina Robbins‘ artwork from the book after the pledges passed 200 backers. Plus, now that the campaign has hit $11,000, all backers will also receive a mini print which showcases Trina Robbins’ art.

Originally published in 1985, this work has never been reprinted in any form. This new edition will feature a new variant cover by Colleen Doran, who will also provide the afterword, a new foreword by Gail Simone, and a new intro by Trina Robbins herself. Bonus content will include a special essay about the late Tanith Lee’s life and work by her husband, artist/writer John Kaiine,

All of this will be printed at 8.5″ x 11, full color, on glossy paper, all tucked inside a beautiful, deluxe hardcover.

Many exciting rewards are being offered, including signed copies of the book, exclusive prints from Colleen Doran, sketches by legendary comic book pros, including Bill SienkiewiczRon Frenz, and Larry Hama, and even original pages of comic book art by Trina Robbins!

The Kickstarter is active from now until the evening of Friday, January 5, 2018. Get pledging!

Plume: the Omnibus is on Kickstarter Now!

After six years in the making, the adventures of Vesper Grey and her guardian Corrick have come to an end. Weighing in at 480 pages, the Plume Omnibus is here!

Running to January 12, you can pledge to the Plume: The Omnibus Kickstarter and get your own copy!

Plume follows Vesper Grey and her supernatural (and reluctant) guardian Corrick in the Old West. On their way to recover some stolen artifacts, they start to learn the gritty truth about the past and how far they’re willing to go to avenge it.

Along with Kickstarter Exclusive Editions of the latest collections of Plume, new and OG Plumers alike will also be offered new and limited rewards like the screen printed Plume t-shirt, a Vesper and Corrick enamel pin set, and Plume book plate with the omnibus. And, of course, all books will be signed by the one and only K. Lynn Smith!

Rock Mary Rock Volume 1 is a Musical Adventure on Kickstarter

Launched in December 2015 by writer/artist Nicky Soh and colorist Jeremy Lawson, Rock Mary Rock brings together music and comics. Currently, the comic is at Issue 4 and Soh sells them primarily in comic conventions throughout the country. Issue 5 has been fully inked and issue 6 is wrapping up. Soh is currently running a Kickstarter that collects the first 6 Issues into a Trade Paperback Graphic Novel of 142 pages!!!

The story centers around Mary, a young teen who accidentally awakens the spirit of a deceased rock star. In order for the spirit to move on to the afterlife, Mary has to fulfill his dreams: to become a Rock Legend. The journey is full of adventurefriendshipbattles and most importantly, music.

The project runs until January 2 so pledge today!

5 Days to Back Advent Comics’ Streetz #1

Streetz is a new action/thriller that focuses on the gritty underbelly of the urban streets being published by Advent Comics. A wave of deaths after the release of a new designer street drug targeting the urban community is the catalyst that kicks off the story. But we will quickly find out that things are not what they appear as a sinister plot is revealed that will put these heroes to the ultimate test.

The first issue is currently being funded through a Kickstarter that ends on January 4th.

Tony Kittrell, the Creator/Writer of the series states “this is a proposed, four issue mini-series which brings together all of the diverse heroes in the Advent Comics Universe and shines a spotlight on the Street-level characters for the first time”. The story begins with the mysterious death of an inner city hero and puts into motion the gathering of the Greatest Heroes of All to solve the crime! Titan the Ultra Man!  Nia X! Hannibal! Nimrod the Hunter! The Liberators and many others will be introduced!

In addition to superheroics, the story will incorporate real issues facing inner cities into the mix. Knowing past projects from this writer and Advent, this is liable to be one EXPLOSIVE tale!

Take a look at the campaign and support the team by making a pledge.

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