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Working-Class Comic Heroes & Populist Politics Get The Spotlight

In comics, superheroes are often also working-class individuals struggling to get by. Working-Class Comic Book Heroes: Class Conflict and Populist Politics in Comics examines working-class superheroes and other protagonists who populate heroic narratives in serialized comic books.

The book, out in May 2018, features contributions from Phil Bevin, Blair Davis, Marc DiPaolo, Michele Fazio, James Gifford, Kelly Kanayama, Orion Ussner Kidder, Christina M. Knopf, Kevin Michael Scott, Andrew Alan Smith, and Terrence R. Wandtke.

The book dives into the people behind the page too examining their working-class writers and artists who contributed to the creation of these characters. History, marketing, and the fan community are all topics for discussion.

Edited by Marc DiPaolo, the book is being published by University Press of Mississippi. You can pre-order the book now.

How Does the Disney and Fox Deal Impact BOOM! Studios First Look and Investment?

In 2013, 20th Century Fox inked a first-look deal with BOOM! Studios providing the movie studio a mountain of intellectual property to create future movies with. In 2014, that deal expanded to include 20th Century Fox TV. In 2017, things shifted a bit as 20th Century Fox made a “strategic investment” in the comic book giving the company a minority stake in the “largest independently-controlled” comic book and graphic novel library.

Not even six months later Disney has announced it is acquiring a sizable chunk of Fox’s assets in a massive deal that will see the movie and scripted portions of Fox coming under the Disney banner. A question was raised, how would this deal impact Fox’s with BOOM!?

We reached out to BOOM! Studios pondering what the future held for the comic publisher under this deal and received the following from Vice President, Marketing Arune Singh:

While we don’t have any information beyond what has already been reported in the press, we are excited for the new opportunities that this partnership  provides for our friends at Fox. Both Fox and Disney are world class organizations with exceptional teams, so we look forward to their shared success in the future.

In regards to BOOM! Studios, there will be no immediate changes to how we operate day-to-day. Fox is a valued partner but they are also a minority shareholder, meaning we will continue to operate independently and pursue the same opportunities that have made BOOM! Studios such a success for over twelve years.

While the future remains cloudy, expect the next major opportunity to read the tea leaves at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con and if BOOM! and Fox partner again for another drink-up.

Review: Runaways #4

Marvel’s Runaways airing on Hulu has started a renewed interest in the already interesting Runaways brand. There’s something to be said about a series where the strongest member is a little girl, expressing a cute and gender role critiquing exterior with a stronger than the hulk interior strength. Runaways #4 starts off with a look into the reinvention and reanimating of the fallen Victor Mancha. Mancha exists as a sentient head in lab, mid reconstruction. Gert, Nico, and Chase take Mancha’s head on a road trip to see Molly who is the center of this issues’ part of the arc. The team is incomplete and Molly misses her pseudo-family even while living with her actual grandmother. After a hug-filled reunion and celebratory grilled cheeses, Chase lies out his plan to restore Victor to Molly and her grandma and reveal to Molly their intent to take her home which Molly is not keen on.

Writer Rainbow Rowell does an excellent job of writing the characters, giving them personality and giving just enough to make the readers connect to the story. When Gert makes her decision about Molly at the end of the episode it’s as surprising to the reader as it is to the rest of the team.

Kris Anka ‘s art work on this saccharine laced filler issue is pretty and muted matching the tone of the story. Anka manages to give the characters detail and keep the art sweet yet have a lingering shadow of ominous darkness portrayed. The facial expressions highlight real emotions, even in Victors’ severed sentient head.

Overall, this issue was a sweet well written part of the story and leaves on a “To Be Continued” cliffhanger that leaves the future of the team up in the air. The promise of a good next turn based on this issues cliffhanger is enough to make you want to continue reading the this story and see where the road leads.

Story: Rainbow Rowell Art: Kris Anka
Story: 8.1 Art: 8.3 Overall: 8.2 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.

Umami #2 is Out Now on Panel Syndicate

Well, what do you know? Umami #2 by the awesome Ken Niimura has arrived on Panel Syndicate!

Going through the mountains looking for Ami’s partner, our heroines end up being kidnapped by two dangerous and somewhat peculiar bandits.
What will Uma and Ami do in the face of this setback?

Find out in our 33-page digital comic book now available at for whatever price you want to pay!

Preview: Wildstorm: Michael Cray #3

Wildstorm: Michael Cray #3

(W) Bryan Hill (A) N. Steven Harris, Dexter Vines (CA) Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz
In Shops: Dec 13, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Crime forensics expert Barry Allen has a dark secret-and a prototype suit that makes him the fastest man alive. Michael Cray wants to make him pay for his sins, but is he able to catch a man faster than justice? And what will happen when Barry Allen turns his psychosis on Cray at hyper-speed?

Preview: Titans #18

Titans #18

(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
In Shops: Dec 13, 2017
SRP: $3.99

“The Rise of Troia”! Wally West is dead, the Titans are all but beaten and Donna Troy must go toe to toe with her worst nightmare-Troia-a twisted version of herself from the not-so-distant future, bent on destroying her friends and pushing Donna toward her own dark fate. Don’t miss the stunning issue that’s destined to change the Titans forever!

Preview: Supergirl #16

Supergirl #16

(W) Steve Orlando, Jody Houser (A/CA) Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques
In Shops: Dec 13, 2017
SRP: $3.99

“PLAIN SIGHT” part two! Public pressure runs high and there’s no debate-you’re either for Supergirl or against her! As the people of National City divide over their feelings on Supergirl, the teen hero finds it increasingly hard to balance her daily life with her role as her city’s protector. With the DEO and fellow intern Ben Rubel closing in on her secret identity and the added pressures of Catco’s internship, the last thing on Supergirl’s mind is an upcoming school dance that’s more trouble than expected.

Preview: Suicide Squad #31

Suicide Squad #31

(W) Rob Williams (A) Barnaby Bagenda (CA) Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki
In Shops: Dec 13, 2017
SRP: $2.99

“The Secret History of Task Force X” part five! As the Suicide Squad continues to fight a war on two fronts, Harley Quinn is faced with an impossible choice-bring her former teammate Rick Flag back from the Phantom Zone… or send the monstrous Red Wave beast into oblivion. Meanwhile, Deadshot and company discover the identity of the person who started this war-and the truth is too shocking to believe!

Preview: Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17

(W) Scott Lobdell (A) Dexter Soy (CA) Mike McKone
In Shops: Dec 13, 2017
SRP: $3.99

“BIZARRO REBORN” part four! Meet the newest reluctant members of the Suicide Squad-Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro! The Outlaws are forced to join Harley, Deadshot and the rest of the Squad for a mission to the Arctic. If the cold doesn’t kill them, and they don’t kill each other, what’s hiding in the wreckage of the Colony will definitely finish the job!

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