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Scout Comics and Peter Ricq’s Once Our Land Has been Optioned as an Animated Feature Film

Scout Comics & Entertainment is excited to announce that Peter Ricq‘s Once Our Land has been optioned by Amber Ripley of Goodbye Productions to develop as an animated feature film. Ricq will adapt with Phil Ivanusic-Vallee.

Set in 1830s Germany, Once Our Land is a post-apocalyptic tale of two survivors, Ingrid and Fritz, as they battle each day against mysterious, monstrous invaders that have surfaced and wiped out everything they once knew.

The second volume of Once Our Land is slated to hit comic book stores in 2019 from Scout Comics.

Going back to The Source! Second printing for Scout’s latest hit!

Scout Comics and Entertainment has announced that The Source #1 by Don Handfield, Joshua Malkin, and Leno Carrvalho has completely sold out and has gone back to a second printing.

The Source is the story of Bennett Miller, a high school teacher in East St Louis who still lives with his grandmother. One day, Bennett is approached after his class by a mysterious old woman, Ms. Putnam, who tells him that magic is real… and he’s the one prophesied to return it to humanity. The only problem…it’s been outlawed for thousands of years by the ancient Few, a powerful sect who hoard it to prolong their own lives…and will stop at nothing to keep it secret. The Source is based on true history, real legends, actual folklore and myths.

Please use Diamond code SEP188132 to order The Source #1 2nd printing coming to stores December 2018.

Red Winter is coming from Michael Gordan, Francisco Munoz and Scout Comics

An action-packed crime thriller, Red Winter is set in the Russian criminal underworld and deals with a disgraced former detective’s misguided attempts at redemption. It’s steeped in the complicated relationships between fathers and sons, cops and felons, as well as the hatred that rages between rival gangs.

Red Winter debuts in 2019 from writer Michael Gordan, artist Francisco Munoz, and published by Scout Comics.


Scout Announces Category Zero for 2019

A man-made virus infects the entire population of Earth but only a rare few possess the gene needed for it to become active. The incredible and amazing abilities the virus grants these people makes them a threat to the public’s safety. The decision is made to round them up and put them into isolation facilities. It’s only then that the world realizes how big a threat these people really are.

Category Zero was created and is written by Adem Kiamil with artwork by Ton Lima, and colors by Derek Dow. It comes to comic store shelves in 2019.


Brett Register’s Dust Comes from Scout in 2019

Created by Brett Register, with artwork by Zack Finfrock, Dust is a brand new comic series being published by Scout Comics in 2019.

Dust is set in the distant future where Jupiter has ignited, creating a second sun in our solar system. As a result, the polar ice caps melted and the Earth dried out. The rich and powerful have built a utopia underground to escape the harsh conditions on the surface. They call it The Echo. The rest of humanity has been left to either die or face a harsh existence in a barren, godforsaken land. They call this place… The Dust.

Scout Comics is Ready to Rise with Don Ellis Aguillo

Scout Comics has announced Rise written and drawn by Don Ellis Aguillo.

Rise is about broken, lost, splendidly dysfunctional people (is there any other kind?) who are brought together by a hope they had either lost or knew nothing of, but cling to nonetheless. Through tragic circumstances, a 9 year old girl is set to take the mantle of Queen. She will face resistance from a power-hungry aristocracy and a horde of vampiric demons, all on the brink of war.

The series will debut in 2019.

Scout Comics Announces a New Corporate Structure and Officers

Very few Indie publishers have had the explosive success that Scout Comics has enjoyed in 2018. With breakout hits like Stabbity Bunny, Long Lost, and The Mall, Scout has released an impressive lineup of comics for a new publisher. With this unprecedented growth, Scout Comics has unveiled the revolutionary new Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. The new structuring of Scout’s corporate landscape will include Brendan Deneen (CEO) and Tennessee Edwards (CCO), along with new additions James Pruett (COO & Publisher) and James Haick (President).

Scout Comics and Entertainment has strategically established their new corporate headquarters in one of Florida’s most charming and comic friendly cities, Fort Myers.


Don Handfield, James Haick III, and Scout Comics’ The Mall in Development for TV by Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Pictures

Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Pictures has picked up Don Handfield and James Haick III’s critically acclaimed comic series The Mall, published by Scout Comics. Handfield, the co-creator of History Channel’s Knightfall will adapt for the small screen through his Motor Television banner.

Set in the golden age of kiosks, arcades and food courts,The Mall tells the story of three teenagers — the QUARTERBACK, the PRINCESS and the GEEK, who all find out they’re related when their real father, a mid-level crime boss, dies and leaves them each a store inside the local mall. The catch is, the stores are fronts for the mob, and the teens must decide whether to break bad or go legit, all while trying to navigate the high stakes John Hughes type drama that is high school in the 1980s. Finding a date for the prom is one thing, doing it with the Columbian drug cartel out to kill you is another.

Handfield’s first comic series The Rift was also optioned for television and his upcoming new comic series The Source, also from Scout Comics, co-created with Joshua Malkin launches at New York Comic-Con 2018 with a limited edition glow-in-the-dark variant cover.

Haick is the creator of another successful ongoing Scout series Solar Flare, about mankind’s quest to survive after a x-class solar flare wipes out the world’s electrical infrastructure, along with the upcoming Long Live Pro Wrestling series.

Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle’s Series Long Lost is Optioned for Television

Scout Comics and Entertainment, Inc. has announced that Long Lost, its critically-acclaimed horror/thriller series by writer Matthew Erman and artist Lisa Sterle, is now in development with writer/producer Jenny Klein. Long Lost is the haunting story of two estranged sisters who find themselves drawn back to their small southern hometown to unlock the strange mysteries there. To do so, they will have to follow multiple roads that all seemingly end with their enigmatic and secretive mother.

NYCC 2018: Scout Comics Reveals their Exclusives

Scout Comics will be offering four New York Comic Con exclusives this year. Four of Scout’s most popular titles: The Mall, Zinnober, Long Lost, and Stabbity Bunny will be featured at NYCC 2018. All exclusives will be stunning title-less printed covers on gorgeous 100lb heavy card stock.

As a special incentive, when you purchase a set of the four NYCC exclusive variants, you will receive a free “Stabbity Bunny coloring book variant” (while supplies last).

All exclusive Scout NYCC titles will be available at the Scout Comics booth #950 at NYCC 2018.

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