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Infidel and Skyward Get a West Coast Signing Tour

Image Comics is pleased to announce the Infidel/Skyward Signing Tour featuring Infidel co-creator and writer Pornsak Pichetshote and Skyward co-creator and writer Joe Henderson.

Infidel/Skyward Signing Tour
Sept. 26 @ 6 – 8 pmCollector’s Paradise signing – Winnetka, CA
Sept. 28 @ 7 – 9 pmSecret Headquarters release party – Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 29 @ 1 – 3 pmComic Bug signing – Manhattan Beach, CA

Infidel by Pornsak Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, José Villarrubia, and Jeff Powell will have its trade paperback (Diamond Code JUL180148, ISBN 978-1-5343-0836-7) release in comic shops on Wednesday, September 26th and bookstores on Tuesday, October 2nd. It is also available to order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo.

The Skyward, Vol. 1 by Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett trade paperback (Diamond Code JUL180169, ISBN 978-1-5343-0833-6) is available now in comic shops and will arrive in bookstores on Tuesday, September 25th. It is also available to order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo.

Protect Yourself from Nanites with the Bloodshot Rising Spirit Nanite Prevention Kit

With the release of Valiant’s next tentpole ongoing series, Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1, the critically acclaimed comic publisher is proud to announce a super-limited new promotional item exclusively available to comic retailers – the Bloodshot Rising Spirit Nanite Prevention Kit!

Specially designed to protect local comic shop employees from the dangers of handling both sensitive nanite technology and paper-cut-inducing comic books, the Bloodshot Rising Spirit Nanite Prevention Kit comes in an eye-catching, red plastic case with a custom die-cut label, and houses the following first-aid tools:

  • Hand-cleansing Wipes
  • Gauze Pads
  • Pain-Relief Ointment
  • Itch-Stopping Cream
  • Acetaminophen Caplets
  • Instant Cold Pack
  • Adhesive Bandages in Assorted Sizes
  • Examination Gloves
  • A Comprehensive First-Aid Guide


Plus, the kit also comes with the Bloodshot Rising Spirit Nanite Safety Guide, a fold-out poster with prevention tips written by comedic talent Daniel Kibblesmith and illustrated by eye-popping artist Jeff Piña!


Limited quantities of the Bloodshot Rising Spirit Nanite Prevention Kit will be will be made available to retailers on a first come, first served basis, and will ship in mid-September.

On November 14th, the incomparable writing duo of Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson join comics legend Ken Lashley for an unforgettable journey into the mind of Valiant’s most unrelenting hero inBloodshot Rising Spirit #1 – featuring covers by Felipe MassaferaDavid MackStaz Johnson, and Doug Braithwaite!

More promotional items for Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 are in the works, so stay tuned!

Demo-Graphics: Comic Fandom on Facebook – US Edition

Each month I run demographic data of comic “fans” based on data mined from Facebook.

This data is compiled using key terms, “likes,” users have as part of their profiles. Primarily terms are focused on generic ones such as “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan. Over 100 terms are used for this report.

This data is important in that it shows who the potential comic audience could be. This is not purchasers, these are people who have shown an affinity for comics and are potential purchasers and those with an interest.

Also, with this being online/technology, due to laws and restrictions, those under the age of 13 are underrepresented.

Facebook Population: Over 66,000,000 in the United States

That amount remains steady from the previous year. Men did decrease by 1 million and women increased by 1 million from the previous month but that may be due to rounding as opposed to major shifts in population size.

The Spanish-speaking population last month was 12.73%, and this month the population has remained at 12.73%.

Gender and Age

Last month men accounted for 46.97% and women were 53.03%. This month Women account for 54.55% and men account for 45.45%. When looking at the data for ages men account for 45.29% and women are 53.99%. When it comes to relationship status men are 45.06% and women are 53.18%.

This is the eleventh month in a row that women are the majority of fans. Things began to change in October when the universe was split 50/50 and they have continued to change since. These numbers tend to be ahead of noticeable changes in the industry we’ve seen an increase in the overall audience and dip so expect some gains and losses over months.

This month’s distribution of gender by age is similar to the previous month’s.

Relationship Status

The population has remained the same and these stats have relatively remained the same as well from the previous month.


And much like the relationship status, education remains relatively the same with a few changes here and there but most can be accounted for as rounding changes.


Again, like the stats above, this one hasn’t shifted much at all. There’s some changes here and there but relatively the stats remain the same.



And that wraps up this month’s data. We’ll be back on the 15th for our first look at the European data of the year!

Valiant Goes Store to Store with a New Outreach Program

Valiant has announced the next phase of its celebrated retailer outreach program: #ValiantVisits, a new campaign meant to propel the publisher’s many local retailer partners into the public spotlight!

Valiant prides itself on being the publisher with a personal touch, and every year, roving representatives from Valiant’s sales team visit, on average, over 100 different retailers nationwide. With the new #ValiantVisits initiative, the company will join forces with even more shops to let fans know where they can go to get their fix of one of the biggest and most critically acclaimed superhero universes in comics!

Starting in Toronto with Fan Expo Canada this weekend from August 30th to September 2ndValiant will be expanding its time-honored practice of visiting local comic stores across the continent with an extensive slate of visits at over 30 different locations during nine upcoming comic conventions, including:

August 30th – September 2nd:
Fan Expo Canada @ Toronto, ON
Silver Snail
The Beguiling Books & Art
Cyber City Comix
Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles

September 6th – 8th:
FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ @ Salt Lake City, UT
Black Cat Comics
Dragons Keep
Dr. Volt’s Comic Connection
The Nerd Store

September 7th – 9th:
Rose City Comic Con @ Portland, OR
Acme Comic Books & Trading Cards
Books with Pictures
Bridge City Comics
Excalibur Comics
Cosmic Monkey Comics
Cloud 9 Comics

September 8th – 9th:
Long Beach Comic Con @ Long Beach, CA
The Comic Bug
Atomic Comics
Brave New Worlds Comics
Njoy Games & Comics

Plus, store announcements are also coming soon for the following conventions:

September 14th – 16th:
Keystone Comic Con @ Philadelphia, PA

September 28th – 30th:
Baltimore Comic Con @ Baltimore, MD

October 4th – 7th:
New York Comic Con @ New York, NY

October 26th – 28th:
Los Angeles Comic Con (Comikaze) @ Los Angeles, CA

November 9th – 11th:
NC Comic Con @ Durham, NC

By checking out the hashtag #ValiantVisits, comic fans will be able to track the publisher’s sales representatives as they journey from shop to shop, speaking with local retailers about their business and offering exclusive Valiant swag to employees and customers alike!

Retailers, take note: Valiant is now accepting #ValiantVisits inquiries from now through 2019! If you’re interested in bringing Valiant to your local comic shop, whether as part of a local convention or for an individual visit, please reach out to a member of the sales team.

Reid Psaltis’ Kingdom/Order Gets a Release Party this September at Floating World Comics

Join Reid Psaltis on Thursday, September 6 to celebrate the release of his new graphic novel Kingdom/Order. In addition to a signing, Reid will also have gorgeous original art from the book on display.

Kingdom/Order wordlessly follows a man as he searches for some sort of meaning in his life. Through symbols and sounds, it is clear that he is a part of the greater, natural world, and a bit divorced from the modern world which surrounds him. The nameless protagonist finds himself following the sounds of the animals around him – but how much of this is real, and how much is delusion?

Whatever the case, Psaltis will leave you speechless.

WHO: Reid Psaltis
WHAT: Kingdom/Order release party and art exhibit
WHEN: Thursday Sept. 6, 68pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St. Portland, OR 97209

Analog and Ead Rabbit’s Gerry Duggan is going on Tour Starting October

Image Comics has announced the Analog/Dead Rabbit Signing Tour featuring co-creator and writer Gerry Duggan. Duggan will be making a selection of signing event appearances this Fall to promote his bestselling sci-fi story, Analog, Vol. 1, which he co-created with artist David O’Sullivan, as well as celebrate the launch of his new series with co-creator and artist John McCrea, Dead Rabbit.

October 3: ANALOG, VOL. 1 & DEAD RABBIT #1 hit comic shops
October 4-7NYCC & Midtown Comics (NYCC exclusive DEAD RABBIT #1 available at the Image Booth) – New York, NY
October 13 from 11am-1 pmThird Eye Comics – Annapolis, MD (exclusive DEAD RABBIT #1 cover)
October 20 from 12-3 pmForbidden Planet – London, England
October 24 at 7 pmBig Bang Comics – Dublin, Ireland
October 27Comic City Festival – Derry, Northern Ireland
November 7 from 5-8 pmA Shop Called Quest (DEAD RABBIT #2 On Sale) – Los Angeles, CA
November 10 from 12-3 pmNerd Store (DEAD RABBIT #1 variant) – Salt Lake City, UT

Analog, Vol. 1 (Diamond Code JUL180142, ISBN 978-1-5343-0838-1) and Dead Rabbit #1 (Diamond Code AUG180018) will hit stores on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Demo-Graphics: Comic Fandom on Facebook – European Edition

Each month I run demographic data of comic “fans” based on data mined from Facebook. Due to popular demand, I have split out and launched a “European edition” that runs during the middle of every month!

This data is compiled using key terms, “likes,” users have as part of their profiles. Primarily terms are focused on generic ones such as “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series, because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan. Over 100 terms are used for this report.

This data is important in that it shows who the potential comic audience could be. This is not purchasers, these are people who have shown an affinity for comics and are potential purchasers and those with an interest.

Also, with this being online/technology, due to laws and restrictions, those under the age of 13 are likely underrepresented. Europe also has some other data restrictions that will be discussed below.

Facebook Population: Over 90,000,000 in Europe

That’s a decrease of 7 million compared to the previous report and that month saw a decrease of 13 million individuals. That’s 24 million more individuals compared to what I reported for the United States in the beginning of the month.

Gender and Age

In the last report, women accounted for 51.55% while men accounted for 48.45%. This month things shifted. Men now account for 47.78% and women 52.22%.

When looking at the data for age, the breakdown is 51.96% women and 47.06% men and when looking at relationships, it’s 52.58% women and 47.75% men.

Similar to the previous month, things remain the same with men becoming a slim majority in the age 22-25 age group and then lose it in the 30-33 age group.

Relationship Status

The population has shrunk this month and we see that reflected here. What is interesting though is those “in relationship” have increased from the previous month mainly in women.


And as I’d expect the amount of individuals has dropped while percentages have generally remained the same from the previous month.


And come back next month for a new look at the data on the 1st and 15th of the month!

September 15th is Batman Day!

DC Entertainment has announced new details for Batman Day 2018. Now in its fifth year, the fan-favorite holiday will take place on September 15, 2018 and include Batman-themed events at thousands of comic book retailers, bookstores, schools and libraries worldwide. Key Batman Day partners include Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Books-A-Million and more. Fans around the world are invited to join DC in honoring this iconic Super Hero.

As part of the Batman Day festivities, fans who visit participating retailers will receive the first chapter of Batman: White Knight, written and drawn by Sean Murphy, a month ahead of the collected edition release. The book will also feature a preview of another upcoming DC Black Label title Batman: Damned by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. Younger fans can pick up a free copy of the first chapter of Batman: A Lot of Li’l Gotham. In addition to comic books, DC is providing retailers access to an assortment of additional offerings to help in the celebration of Batman Day, including a fun online activity kit.

Digital readers are invited to celebrate The Dark Knight with the Batman Day digital sale from September 11-17. The event will include hundreds of Batman eBooks on sale for $4.99 or $5.99 on,, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and iTunes.

DC is continuing its partnership with publishers such as HarperCollins, Random House Children’s Books, Penguin Random House, DK, Simon & Schuster and Scholastic to bring Batman Day celebrations to thousands of book stores, comic retailers and libraries.

Following Batman Day, DC will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight with a year-long celebration in 2019. On March 30, 1939, artist Bob Kane with writer Bill Finger gave life to Batman in Detective Comics #27. In 2019, DC will celebrate the publishing milestone of the comic book series’ monumental 1000th issue as well as Batman’s 80th anniversary. More details on the year-long celebration will be released in the coming months.

BOOM! Studios Announces Sanpaku Summer Book Tour With Kate Gavino

BOOM! Studios has announced a summer book tour in support of Sanpaku, the powerful new original graphic novel from cartoonist Kate Gavino gives voice to the insecurities that haunt teens of all cultures. The acclaimed author will travel across America from August 21st to August 31st in support of Sanpaku, participating in signing events along with moderated panel discussions about the themes of identity, culture and family that the graphic novel beautifully explores.

Kate Gavino, multi-talented writer and illustrator, is the creator of the website, Last Night’s Reading, which was compiled into a published collection by Penguin Books in 2015. Her work has been featured in BuzzFeed, Lenny Letter,, Rookie, and more. She was recently named one of Brooklyn Magazine’s “30 Under 30.”

The Sanpaku Summer Book Tour stops include:

  • Tuesday August 21st , New York City: 7:30PM  at Greenlight Bookstore(Fort Greene) with moderator Adrian Shirk (author of And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy)
  • Wednesday, August 22nd, New York City: 7:00PM at the Asian American Writer’s Workshop
  • Thursday, August 23rd, Chicago, IL: 7:00PM at Quimby’s with moderator Michi Trota (Managing Editor, Uncanny Magazine)
  • Friday, August 24th, Minneapolis, MN: 7:00PM a Barnes & Noble with moderator Dennis Madamba
  • Saturday, August 25th, Houston, TX: 7:00PM at Brazos Bookstore with moderator Bryan Washington (journalist and author of Lot)
  • Sunday, August 26th, Los Angeles, CA: 5:30PM at Chevalier’s Bookswith moderator Sarah Kuhn (author of Clueless comic books and Heroine Complex novels)
  • Tuesday, August 28th, San Francisco, CA: 5:30PM at the San Francisco Public Library (Excelsior Branch)
  • Wednesday, August 29th, Portland, OR: 7:00PM at Books with Pictures
  • Thursday, August 30th, Seattle, WA: 7:00PM at Elliott Bay Bookstore
  • Friday, August 31st, Jersey City, NJ:  7:30PM at WORD Bookstore

Sanpaku is told through the eyes of Marcine, a young woman fascinated with the Japanese idea of Sanpaku—that seeing the white around the iris of your eyes is a bad omen. But it’s everywhere Marcine looks—her grandmother has it, some classmates at Catholic school have it, JFK had it…even Marcine might suffer from this odd condition. Eating a strict macrobiotic diet and meditating is supposed to help, but no matter how much Marcine wants it to, it can’t save her grandmother’s life or make her days at school any easier.

Sanpaku will be available for sale on August 15, 2018 at local comic book shops and August 21, 2018 at bookstores.

Go Behind The Scenes of Fantastic Four #1!

57 years to the day that the world was introduced to the Fantastic Four, a new tale will begin for Ben, Johnny, Reed and Sue when Fantastic Four #1 hits comic shops, featuring an all-new story from superstar creators Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli!

Marvel is proud to present this behind-the-scenes look at Fantastic Four, featuring Slott, SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski!

Don’t miss Fantastic Four #1, on sale August 8th in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App, and on!

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