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The Weatherman Inspires an Original, Synthwave Soundtrack

Image Comics has announced an original soundtrack for The Weatherman curated by synthwave phenomenon Magic Sword and featuring song contributions from today’s hottest synthwave artists including…

This original soundtrack will kick-off The Weatherman #1 anticipation with Magic Sword’s song “Colossus”.

Demo-Graphics: Comic Fandom on Facebook – European Edition

Each month I run demographic data of comic “fans” based on data mined from Facebook. Due to popular demand, I have split out and launched a “European edition” that runs on the 15th of every month!

This data is compiled using key terms, “likes,” users have as part of their profiles. Primarily terms are focused on generic ones such as “comics” or “graphic novels” or publishers. I stay away from specific characters, creators or series, because this does not indicate they are a comic book fan. Over 100 terms are used for this report.

This data is important in that it shows who the potential comic audience could be. This is not purchasers, these are people who have shown an affinity for comics and are potential purchasers and those with an interest.

Also, with this being online/technology, due to laws and restrictions, those under the age of 13 are likely underrepresented. Europe also has some other data restrictions that will be discussed below.

Facebook Population: Over 97,000,000 in Europe

That’s an increase of 14 million compared to the previous report. That’s 35 million more individuals compared to what I reported for the United States in the beginning of the month.

Gender and Age

In the last report, women accounted for 50.60% while men accounted for 48.19%. This month things shifted. Men now account for 48.45% and women 50.52%. The 1 million individuals whose gender is unknown is still present this month. Also, the 1 million decrease of the overall population is just women.

When looking at the data for age, the breakdown is 51.30% women and 50.03% men and when looking at relationships, it’s 50.38% women and 48.96% men. Due to rounding some times some percents are greater than 100%.

Similar to the previous month, we see men become the majority at age grouping 22-25 and become the minority at the group 34-37 (last month was 30-33).

Relationship Status

While some of the numbers have changed, generally the percentages have shifted just a bit for each demographic.


Education has shifted slightly compared to last month much like the relationship status.


And come back next month for a new look at the data on the 1st and 15th of the month!

Where We Live Gets a National Book Tour

Image Comics has announced that Where We Live will team up with local Las Vegas non-profit, Route91Strong.

100% of the proceeds for the Where We Live anthology will be donated to the Route91Strong Nonprofit, survivors helping survivors with support through financial assistance, hope, strength, change, and love. Route91Strong is a tax exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation that stemmed from the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival mass shooting that occurred on Sunday, October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas.

May 30, 2018 @ 6:00PM
Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, California

Featuring participating contributors:
Sina M Grace, Brian Haberlin, Matt Hawkins, Ray-Anthony Height, Mariah Huehner, Lucia Fasano, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Tess Fowler, Christina Rice, Rob Rose, Chris Ryall, Malachi Ward, Henry Barajas.

June 2, 2018 from 2:00 – 6:00PM
Alternate Reality Comics in Las Vegas, Nevada

20% of store sales for the day to be donated to the fund for the victims of the shooting.

Featuring participating contributors:
Josh Ellis, Scott David Johnson, Jarret Keene, Rachel Crosby, Matt Sorvillo, Pierce Elliott, Jennifer Battisti, Wendy Wright-Williams, Daniel Hernandez, Jason Harris, James Robinson, J H Williams III, Brian Haberlin, Larime & Sylv Taylor

June 2, 2018 from 12:00 – 4:00PM
The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington, DE

Featuring participating contributors:
Greg Pak, Erica Schultz, Liana Kangas, Justin Jordan, Matthew Dow Smith, Monica Gallagher

June 7, 2018 @ 6:00PM
Barnes & Noble Tribeca in New York, NY

Featuring participating contributors:
Paul Azaceta, Cliff Chiang, Ivan Brandon, Tyler Boss, Will Dennis, Scott Wilson, Jason Starr, Taylor Esposito, Erica Schultz, John Broglia, Joseph Illidge, Joe Mulvey, Sal Cipriano, Matthew Lesniewski, Liana Kangas, Mike Cavallaro, Janice Chiang, Neil Kleid, Greg Pak, Alex Segura, Isaac Goodhart, Jeff Boison, Amy Chu

June 15, 16, 2018
Heroes Con Charlotte, NC

Featuring various participating contributors, to be announced.

Atlas Comics Celebrates 30 Years in Business this Weekend

When Atlas Comics opened for business in the spring of 1988 Ronald Reagan was president, gas cost 90 cents and comic books were just crawling out of the cultural basement. Atlas owner and operator John Stangeland remembers the season well.

When we opened, comics were taking their first real steps into mainstream media. Tim Burton’s Batman movie was only a year away, and new creators like Frank Miller and Alan Moore were starting to be taken semi-seriously by critics. It definitely felt like comics were growing up.

When asked if he foresaw today’s juggernaut of comics in film and television, Stangeland was equivocal.

Nobody could have predicted this amount of success – except maybe the Disney lawyers – but something was in the air, for sure.

At the time, Stangeland’s personal stake in the business was equally indistinct.

I had no idea when this all started that comic books would be my life’s work – but here I am, thirty years later. I’m exceptionally grateful to my customers that I don’t work in a toll booth.

Atlas Comics will celebrate its 30th year in business on Saturday, May 12th and Sunday, May 13th at its new location, 5251 N. Harlem, on Chicago’s northwest side. Everything will be on sale, including toys, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, supplies, memorabilia, and an enormous selection of vintage comics. There will also be non-stop music, movies and cartoons, as well as esoteric conversation that is unlikely to be heard anywhere else.

For more information on the Atlas Comics 30th Anniversary Sale and store hours visit Facebook owebsite, or go old-school and call 708 453-2110.

Celebrate Earth’s Armored Avenger with Tony Stark Iron Man Launch Parties!

This summer, everyone’s favorite futurist will embark on a new set of adventures with an all-new creative team! Fresh off a historic run of Amazing Spider-Man — including a final red-hot arc featuring the appearance of the Red Goblin that has taken retailers and fans by storm — Dan Slott is joined by rising superstar artist Valerio Schiti as they take the reins of one of Marvel’s most beloved Avengers, bringing readers new stories, new secrets, and of course, new armor.

With massive action set pieces, high-concept sci-fi premises, and everyone’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist at the helm, Tony Stark Iron Man is a story no Marvel fan should miss!

To celebrate this blockbuster release, Marvel will partner with participating retail stores to host Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Launch Parties. In addition to exclusive variant covers, participating retail stores will receive exciting promotional items.

All participating retailers will receive the following incentives as part of the Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Party:

  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Party Invitational Postcards (Bundle of 100) (APR180663)
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Mini Comic (Bundle of 25) (MAR188507)

Retailers who choose to opt into the party will also be able to order the following items:

  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Premiere Variant (APR180664)
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Connecting Party Variant (APR180669) – retailers can also order the Hulk #1 Connecting Party Variant Cover (APR180696) as well as the Thor #1 Connecting Party Variant Cover (APR180653) to complete the connecting image!

Additional offers celebrating Tony Stark Iron Man #1 are available to retailers and do not require a party opt-in to order:

  • Tony Stark Iron Man Armor Variants – 20 exciting variant covers by Alexander Lozano & Valerio Schiti, each featuring a different Iron Man armor
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Poster by Alexander Lozano
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Variant by Ari Granov
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Variant by Alex Ross
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Variant by David Aja
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #1 Blank Variant

*Note retailers may also order these promo items individually through Diamond. Check Marvel Mailer/Diamond for details.

Head to your local comic shop on June 20th, 2018, to get your hands on Tony Stark Iron Man #1!

Run Wild Gets a Trailer

BOOM! Studios has unveiled the official trailer to Run Wild, an original graphic novel reuniting storytellers K.I. Zachopoulos and Vincenzo Balzano, the visionary creators of The Cloud. A haunting marriage of a chilling vision of the future and unforgettable characters combine to produce one of the most imaginative graphic fiction experiences of 2018. This video was produced and scored by Vincenzo Balzano.

When all of civilization begins turning into animals, only two people remain–young siblings Ava and Flynn. On a desperate search for safety in an unpredictable and violent world, they’ll traverse a wild and unruly landscape, make friends and foes of all species, and discover what really makes them human.

Aspen Comics’ Free Comic Book Day 2018 Signings & Appearances

Aspen Comics has released their full schedule of creator appearances and events for Free Comic Book Day 2018, in combination with their FCBD offering, Worlds of Aspen 2018. The all new FCBD title features the debut of two all-new Aspen properties, Nu Way and Dissension: War Eternal.

Dissension: War Eternal was created by Jordan Gunderson, with story by Jordan Gunderson and Christopher Fielder. Pencils by Jordan Gunderson, colors by Luis Guerrero, and letters by Taylor Esposito.

Nu Way’s story is by J.T. Krul, Dinna Wu, and Yuyan Song, written by J.T. Krul, pencils by Alex Konat, Digital inks by Mark Roslan, colors by John Starr, and letters by Sal Cipriano.

The full line-up of Aspen Comics’ Free Comic Book Day 2018 appearances is listed below:


The Comic Bug
1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

  • Frank Mastromauro (Shrugged, Overtaken)
  • Vince Hernandez (Charismagic, Fathom: Kiani)
  • T. Krul (Jirni, Soulfire)
  • David Wohl (Executive Assistant: Iris, Santeria: The Goddess Kiss)
  • Peter Steigerwald (The ZooHunters, Kick-Ass)

Knowhere Games & Comics
744 Grand Ave.
San Marcos, CA 92078

  • Gabe Carrasco (Portal Bound)
  • Megan Shirk (Kick-Ass)
  • Justice Vancho (Overtaken, Fathom Blue)
  • Joanne Cheng

Pine Avenue Comics
748 Pine Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90813

  • Zen (Michael Turner’s Fathom, Soulfire)


Big Ben’s Comix Oasis
6711 Allen Rd.
Allen Park, MI 48101

  • Alex Konat (Nu Way, Eternal Soulfire)


Dragon’s Lair
7959 Fredricksburg Rd. #129
San Antonio, TX 78229

  • Wes Hartman (Portal Bound, Soulfire)


Westfield Comics (East Location)
11am – 1:30pm (Signing and Sketching)
944 Williamson St.
Madison, WI 53703

  • Jordan Gunderson (Dissension: War Eternal, No World)

Westfield Comics (West Location)
2pm – 5pm (Signing and Sketching)
7475 Mineral Point Rd. #22
Madison, WI 53717

  • Jordan Gunderson (Dissension: War Eternal, No World)


Conspiracy Comics, Games & Anime
2388 Fairview St.
Burlington, ON L7R 2E4, CANADA

  • Blake Northcott (Michael Turner’s Fathom, Arena Saga)

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday

Free Comic Book Day takes place this Saturday May 5th and you can find participating shops online. You can head to shops and get free comics (but also support them and buy something while you’re there). Check out this year’s offerings below.

Gold Level



(W) Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Various (A) Joe Eisma (CA) Photo

Set in the same universe as the hit CW series, this reprint issue of Riverdale #6, gives us a peek into all the secrets Pop Tate overhears in his day-to-day business, told through four vignettes in four different booths! Reprint.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott (A) Diego Galindo (CA) Jamal Campbell

Featuring an all-new, original Power Rangers story exclusive to this Free Comic Book Day issue that ties into the “Power Rangers: Shattered Grid” storyline in the pages of BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers comic series! Zordon turns to the Morphin Masters for help in the Power Rangers’ darkest hour as they battle Lord Drakkon — an evil version of Tommy, the Green Ranger, from an alternate reality — as he threatens every Ranger in all of existence.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!




(W) Andrew Robinson & Various  (A) Kate Niemczyk, Wilfredo Torres (CA) Kate Niemczyk

Two different worlds, two compelling tales! In Overwatch, agent Zarya is sent to eliminate an elusive hacker, and she is at her wit’s end. She reluctantly teams up — and butts heads — with an omnic hacker. As they hone in on their target, Zarya realizes that she will have to reassess her worldview about omnics. Then, in the world of Black Hammer, but a thousand years in the future, a collection of teenage superheroes, inspired by the legendary heroes of Black Hammer Farm, are determined to solve the riddle of what happened to those last great heroes of the twentieth century.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



A special, top secret project too big to announce! Check back in with the February issue of PREVIEWS and at for future updates!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(A) Vera Brosgol & Various (CA) Vera Brosgol

Comics friends forever! First Second presents an amazing Free Comic Book Day anthology that celebrates kids comics, girl power, and the amazing work of creators Vera Brosgol, Hope Larson, Charise Mericle Harper, Ben Hatke, and Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham. Don’t miss out on this comic filled with the power of friendship that’s great for every kid reader in your store.

Rating: ALL-AGES

40pgs, FC        FREE!




(W) John Barber (A) Alex Milne (CA) Sara Pitre-Durocher

Not a whimper, nor a bang-the end comes with a squall of entropy shrieking from the ravenous maw of death itself. The message is clear: Unicron has arrived. The Transformers lock into a desperate bid to save Rom’s homeworld from the world-killer — but why has Unicron chosen this world on his path to Cybertron… and Earth? The biggest story in the history of Transformers starts now: for Unicron’s arrival can mean nothing less than the end of a universe.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!




(W) Brian K. Vaughan (A/CA) Marcos Martin

From the Eisner Award-winning team behind The Private EyeBarrier is an acclaimed five-part miniseries that finally comes to print exclusively from Image Comics. This massive, 53-page first issue is available for free on Free Comic Book Day, with the next four issues being released weekly throughout the rest of May! Printed in its original “landscape” format (side-stapled for convenient shelving!), there are no plans for these print issues to ever be collected, so the only way to own your own copies of this groundbreaking story is by supporting your friendly neighborhood comic shop!

Rating: MATURE

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Paul Benjamin & Various

(A) Amy Mebberson & Various (CA) Amy Mebberson

The FCBD edition of Joe Books’s best-selling Disney Princess comic puts the spotlight on Ariel for the very first time! Collecting both new and fan-favorite strips, this exclusive comic book will contain giggles aplenty as everyone’s favorite mermaid seeks out sunken treasure, tries to figure out human gadgets and gizmos, and embarks on new adventures with Flounder and Sebastian. Featuring FCBD exclusive cover artwork drawn by Disney Princess artist Amy Mebberson.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



Don’t miss this year’s Free Comic Book Day titles from Marvel, each featuring two 10-page stories that set the stage for upcoming game-changers in the Marvel Universe. Get ready as Heroes Assemble in the Marvel Universe! Please check back in the February issue of PREVIEWS, and at for future updates!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Jhonen Vasquez (A) Warren Wucinich, Fred Stresing

(CA) Aaron Alexovich

Remember that funny green alien you used to watch on TV? No, not that one. No, no, the other green alien. Okay, it’s ZIM, alright? Invader ZIM! Well, ZIM sometimes watches TV too! And sometimes it’s bad TV. Very, very bad TV. So now, you can watch ZIM watching a very bad show called Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy! All 385 seasons! 24/7! Never stopping! Story from Invader Zim #20. Reprint.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A) Top Secret (CA) Photo

The all-new Doctor Who starts here! Don’t miss out on Titan’s colossal plans for 2018. Everything begins in this amazing #0 issue! Featuring the first chapter in the new Tenth and Eleventh Doctor sagas, by new creative teams too electrifying to spoil here, plus tantalizing glimpses from across the Doctor Who comics universe, including your first look at the Thirteenth Doctor in comics! Perfect for new readers and long-term fans alike, this is the ultimate jumping on point!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Tenya Yabuno, Hidenori Kusaka (A/CA) Satoshi Yamamoto

Pokémon Horizon: Akira’s summer vacation in the Alola region heats up when he befriends a Rockruff with a mysterious gemstone. Together, Akira hopes they can achieve his dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer and learning the amazing Z-move. But first, Akira needs to pass a test to earn a Trainer Passport. This becomes even more difficult when Rockruff gets kidnapped! Pokémon Sun & Moon: Sun dreams of money. Moon dreams of scientific discoveries. When their paths cross with Team Skull, both their plans go awry!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, B&W   FREE!

Silver Level



(W/A/CA) Terry Moore

America’s favorite couple is back! To celebrate its 25th-Anniversary, the Eisner Award-winning Strangers in Paradise is back with an all-new story beginning with this special FCBD reprint of the first issue! Francine and Katchoo are living the dream… until they learn a former Parker Girl is in hiding and writing a tell-all book about the wicked empire Darcy Parker built with Katchoo at her side. Determined to stop her, Katchoo enlists the aid of her mercenary sister Tambi, and the hunt is on! Reprint.

Rating: MATURE

24pgs, B&W   FREE!



(W/A) Various (CA) Brian Hess

Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir starring Ladybug and Cat Noir! Based on Zag Entertainment’s hit television show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, follow the greatest superheroes in all of Paris as they explore other countries and take on new and dangerous villains in this all new original story.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Zac Thompson, Donny Cates (A/CA) Andy Clarke

A story of community, religion, madness and the first planet to succumb to the universe’s biggest paradigm shift. A weary space traveler arrives on a primitive planet lost in the dark ages. The shamanic tribe who resides there are unsettled and uncertain about their future. They rely on hunting and gathering to survive until the charismatic traveler offers a tantalizing and dangerous solution: The Relay. A Monolith designed to spread conformity of ideas, technology and progress across all discovered worlds.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A) Various

Howard Lovecraft stars in an all-new adventure with the events leading up to the animated feature film Howard Lovecraft & The Kingdom of Madness starring Christopher Plummer, Mark Hamill, and Jeffrey Combs. The book also includes a new story from The Steam Engines of Oz that lead up to the events before the animated feature film starring Ron Perlman, William Shatner, and Juliane Hough! And, being a big book of summer fun, there’s also games, puzzles, contests, augmented reality, and animation tips from the pros!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) J. T. Krul, Jordan Gunderson (A) Alex Konat, Jordan Gunderson  (CA) John Starr

Celebrate 15 years of publishing with Aspen Comics in this jam-packed Worlds of Aspen Free Comic Book Day 2018 Anniversary Edition! J.T. Krul and artist Alex Konat present Nu Way. Set in 2051, Zihao is trying to literally fight his way up from the city slums with his fists, hoping to make it to the big leagues where cybernetically-enhanced warriors battle for fame and fortune. For the second half, Jordan Gunderson debuts his long-awaited first creator-owned series, Dissension!Long ago, mankind suffered under the hand of a vengeful group of fallen angels. Now, a young woman, possessing a power that had lain dormant in the descendants of the first peoples of Earth, must rise up to stop their return!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Joe Benitez, M. M. Chen (A) Joe Benitez (CA) Joe Benitez, Beth Sotelo

A brand-new 13-page short story! Lady Mechanika learns of a possible clue to the secret origins of her mechanical limbs and meets a new character who will feature prominently in a future story. Plus, excerpts from selected Lady Mechanika trades and comics available on FCBD!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A/CA) Matt Groening

Get in line for the foremost Free Comic Book Day four-color giveaway of the year! Bart goes in search of adventure on a particularly hot boring day; Milhouse exacts revenge on his bullies; Lisa, of all people, gets her own “…the Clown” show; and Kang and Kodos make an ill-advised alien abduction. It’s a fabulous and frenetic funny book for the ages (all of them), and it’s all free!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Grace Kraft (A) Christine Larsen (CA) Ayme Sotuyo

What time is it? It’s Adventure Time! As we prepare for the series finale of Cartoon Network’s beloved animated series, everyone’s favorite genderbent citizens of Ooo star in this all-new, original Fionna and Cake story, exclusive to this Free Comic Book Day issue. Fionna and Cake take a look at some of their favorite times together over the years before they jump off into another adventure.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A/CA) Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz

Kitty is dead… and Free Comic Book Day is just not the same without her! At Kitty Comix, opportunistic publisher Skip Stone finally has the death of his main character that he always wanted to exploit! Meanwhile, Kitty’s friends are suffering through the worst Free Comic Book Day ever without her… until Kitty’s ex-husband Derek the Warlock arrives in search of answers! When Kitty’s disembodied self rejects his unholy help, Derek decides to show Kitty what life without him would be like by zapping her into one Free Comic Book Day comic book after another!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!


(W) Van Jensen (A) Leonard Kirk (CA) John Gallagher

The biggest event in the history of Chapterhouse Comics is here with Invasion, an epic battle between Earth’s heroes and the otherworldly threat of the Borealis! The alien race has long observed our planet, and in this special prologue, they arrive on Earth, ready to pass judgment and deliver their verdict: humanity is a failure, too dangerous to be allowed to live. But the Borealis did not account for Captain Canuck, who stands to the last to defend his home, no matter the odds! Canuck and his fellow heroes are proof that all is never lost, and that the world, for all its flaws, is still worth saving.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Michael Dante Dimartino, Ian Flynn (A) Jayd Ait-Kaci, Joe Ng (CA) Jayd Ait-Kaci

In our 2018 all-ages offering, the Avatar pairs up with a rambunctious sidekick in The Legend of Korra! When Meelo shirks his duties at the refugee camp, Korra recruits him for a top-secret, super-important mission: tracking down a pack of lost pets! Then, in a story based on Nintendo’s smash-hit video game, a debut fighter in the ARMS League tirelessly trains to reach the top! Spring Man’s only wish is to win the Grand Prix—but first, he has to win the title of the Spring Gym! Can he defeat the other 599 contenders to become the best?

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A/CA) Stephan Franck

New York City, 1931. Finnigan, ethically challenged master-thief, and his partners in crime Mullins and Brantley, rob the mysterious Harker foundation. But as the job turns into a narrow escape from the FBI, Finn encounters Tao, a Chinese boy with the uncanny gift of second sight, and stumbles upon an ancient silver bar. Finnegan’s world will never be the same! A high-concept genre-blender spun out of Bram Stoker’s literary classic Dracula, Silver is full of wit, heart, gothic drama, and wild pulp excitement!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A) Various

Join the Belcher family for the 2018 Free Comic Book Day Bob’s Burgers comic book! Brought to you by the producers and animators of the hit TV show, this series brings back your three favorite Belcher kids, along with some brand-new stories from the minds of Bob and Linda. This comic includes new installments of Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction, Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities, Gene’s Rhymey Rhymes That Could Someday Be Songs, Linda’s Attempts to Take a Nice Family Picture in Front of the Restaurant (And How It Always Goes Wrong), and Bob’s Fantasy Food Trucks (If Money Were No Object).

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!


(W) Warren Ellis (A) Jason Masters

Reprinting the first chapter in Dynamite Entertainment’s ongoing James Bond series! James Bond returns to London after a mission of vengeance in Helsinki, to take up the workload of a fallen 00 Section agent.  But something evil is moving through the back streets of the city, and sinister plans are being laid for Bond in Berlin. Reprint.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A/CA) Jason Lutes

Drawn & Quarterly presents a special FCBD reprint of the first issue of the comics masterpiece twenty years in the making, Berlin, by the master cartoonist of his generation, Jason Lutes. A fascinating portrait of the twilight of the Weimar Republic, Berlin intertwines the narratives of communists and Nazis, Jews and gentiles, jazz musicians and swingers, rich and poor amidst the nation’s imminent turn to facism. This FCBD issue includes exclusive bonus features, including an interview with Jason Lutes looking back on the landmark series. Reprint.

Rating: MATURE

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Sophie Goldstein & Various

Much like Fantagraphics’ well-received 2017 FCBD book, they have commissioned over 12 new pieces by their most popular authors, each creating a short comic relating directly to their newest book!

Rating: MATURE

48pgs, PC       FREE!



(W) Ian Boothby (A/CA) Nina Matsumoto

August is a brilliant inventor who is afraid of the outside. Charlie is a crack pilot who isn’t afraid of anything. Together these pals save lives every day. They also happen to be cats who pilot a powerful, mechanical dog suit! Always eager to leap into danger, this feline duo have their work cut out for them as they try to thwart Princess, an evil alien bent on enslaving mankind. Don’t let the fact that Princess looks like a cute, diaper-wearing baby fool you! When Princess and the browbeaten fools she calls servants enact a brilliant and dastardly plan to conquer Earth, August and Charlie pull out all the stops to save the day.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Jerry Frissen (A) Valentin Secher

Featuring the exclusive first part and art pages of The Metabaron Book 3: The Meta-Guardianess and the Techno-Baron, the latest chapter in the new cycle of one of the most influential sci-fi graphic novel series of all time: The Metabarons. This new series is a collaboration between writers Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jerry Frissen, and features the stunning work of talented artists Valentin Secher, Niko Henrichon and Esad Ribic. In Book 3, the Metabaron enters a parallel universe to find more epiphyte, in order to save his own universe.

Rating: MATURE

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Cavan Scott (A/CA) Derek Charm

In this all-new story set before Star Wars: A New Hope, feared bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM finally have two of the biggest scoundrels in the galaxy in their sights! Timed to follow hot on the heels of Star Wars Day 2018!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Jim Rugg, Brian Maruca (A/CA) Jim Rugg

What happens when the deadliest girl alive meets man’s best friend? Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez and her new dog pal go on a rampage… of fun! They play dress-up, skateboard, fight ninjas, skateboard, fight monsters, race robot cars to the death, fight bullies, and teach each other the value of family. It’s Jesse’s fourth best day ever! Unfortunately, even fourth best days ever must end. Don’t worry — the dog lives.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Max Gladstone (A) David Lopez

An exclusive preview of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network anthology featuring Alex de Campi, Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Max Gladstone, David Lopez, LRNZ, Khoi Pham, Genevieve Valentine, and more talented creators working in the world of Shirow Masamune’s cyberpunk masterpiece. In Shanghai, Major Kusanagi experiences a dramatic reunion with a wartime enemy and an old friend. With Aramaki kidnapped and the local bureaucrats less than helpful, Kusanagi will have to reckon with how much the city — and she herself — has changed.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W/A/CA) Daniel Lieske

Enter the Wormworld, at the very beginning. A mysterious painting. A wooden sword. A hidden world. A time before conflict. Two friends in search of magic and adventure. This is how the saga begins. This exciting all-new prequel to Daniel Lieske’s hugely popular webcomic The Wormworld Saga will entice new fans in time for the series’ first US print release in May 2018, and tantalize existing readers with hints at secrets yet to be revealed.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



Don’t miss this year’s Free Comic Book Day titles from Marvel, each featuring two 10-page stories that set the stage for upcoming game-changers in the Marvel Universe. Get ready as Heroes Assemble in the Marvel Universe! Please check back in with the February issue of PREVIEWS, and at for future updates!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Jeff McClelland (A) Ian Nichols

Foretold by Ben Edlund himself, in the now-legendary 1980’s Tick trading cards set, comes a tale you never expected to read! Wandering into an ancient village on a one-eyed horse, The Tick must make a stand against dark magic, enemy hordes, incredible beasts and the unknown itself! His reward: ACTION! (And also a mysterious jewel the size of a truck.) From a lost Ben Edlund plot comes a story of swords, sorcery, and… spoons?!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt (A) A.C. Zamudio (CA) Carlos Zamudio

At the Crossroads, a mythical plane that serves as a doorway throughout the universe, Gord Cantrell assembles a team of adventurers throughout the Wild West, brought together to fight back against the creatures that would endanger the sanctity of all creation. The spiritual successor to The Sixth Gun, set in the universe that exists after the apocalyptic events of The Sixth Gun series.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) David Gallaher (A/CA) Steve Ellis

The Harvey-nominated best-selling series returns in this all-new adventure. Erik is the only living boy on a dangerous patchwork planet. While he and his allies Thea and Morgan fight for their very survival, the dreaded Lord Baalikar, the fiendish Doctor Once, and the vile Consortium conspire on a threat that will have dire consequences for our heroes and their world. This daring adventure is the perfect introduction for the young and young-at-heart.

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) David Gallaher (A/CA) Steve Ellis

2000 AD Regened proudly presents a riotous all-ages comic featuring original, full-color strips packed with thrill-power for Earthlets of all inception dates! Cadet Judge Dredd upholds the law in a blistering crime caper at an Aeroball game by Matt Smith and Neil Googe! Mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha earns his Strontium Dog badge from Alec Worley and Ben Willsher! Tharg’s Futureshocks present the wonderful world of HumanCraft by Ned Hartley and Tanya Roberts! Help Chet Jetstream escape Hell Island by Henry Flint!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Don Handfield, James Haick III (A) Rafael Loureiro

Fall, 1985. When the patriarch of a Florida crime family is murdered, his will leaves pieces of his criminal enterprise to his illegitimate offspring. These three teenagers each inherit a store in the local Twin Palms Mall, and must decide whether to embrace the family business or try to go legit, all while trying to navigate all of the John Hughes-type drama of high school in the 1980s. Finding a date for the prom is one thing, but doing it with the Columbian drug cartel out to kill you is another.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Patton Oswalt, Dan Harmon, Eric Esquivel (A) Troy Nixey

Looking for more from the company that brought you Rick and Morty and Harmonquest?  Starburns Industries is proud to announce their launch into comics as Starburns Industries Press. Starburns Presents… will feature Patton Oswalt’s contribution to the upcoming Comic’s Comics Anthology and an excerpt from Gregory Graves #1, written by Dan Harmon and Eric Esquivel.  Worlds collide as comics and comedians join forces to tell epic and hilarious stories of fantasy, heroes, villains and more!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs., FC       FREE!



(W) Alan Martin (A) Brett Parson

Tales from Tank Girl’s past that illustrate how she became the loveable, unhinged idiot that she is today! Written by series co-creator Alan Martin, with artwork by fan-favorite series artist Brett Parson, and friends! Features classic Jamie Hewlett cover!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) DJ Milky (A/CA) Kei Ishiyama

When Jack Skellington’s faithful pet Zero gets lost, the ghost pup must get the help of the residents of Christmas Town to find his way back. With Halloween plans on hold while Jack mounts a search, will they be reunited in time to save both holidays?

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Ken Siu-Chong (A/CA) Jeffrey Chamba Cruz

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter, UDON’s very first comic story returns as a value-priced 6-issue mini-series! While Sagat challenges Ryu to a rematch and Vega spars with Cammy, Charlie rebels against M. Bison and Shadaloo! Reprints Street Fighter #5 (2004). Reprint

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Derek Drymon, James Kochalka (A) Robb Bihun, Vanessa Davis

Inspired by SpongeBob’s comic book obsession, Plankton teams up with underwater super-villains to steal the Krabby Patty formula! But he may have gotten in over his tiny green head when word of his plan gets out in the aquatic bad-guy community! Soon, the Chum Bucket is filled with every Mermaid Man adversary we could fit into one story! How will Mr. Krabs fend off this evil, if somewhat over-large, invasion? Plus: In “Patrick Versus Somebody,” enjoy the spazzy antics of Patrick and SpongeBob as they attempt to transform Patrick into a living comic book! All this, plus ocean facts from Maris Wicks and an amazing wraparound cover from Jacob Chabot!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Andy Diggle & Various (A) Stephen Segovia & Various (CA) Renato Guedes

Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia present an all-new introduction to Shadowman as Jack Boniface reemerges from the Deadside to reclaim his birthright… and forges a new legend of magic, might, and malice for the long-awaited return of Valiant’s most-demanded hero! Then, jump on board the seismic comics event of 2018, Harbinger Wars 2, as writers Matt Kindt and Eric Heisserer and artists Tomas Giorello and Raul Allen plunge X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, the Harbinger Renegades, Livewire, and the whole of the Valiant Universe into an epic power struggle with the potential to tear America apart!

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Deniz Camp (A/CA) Vittorio Astone

Rescue princesses from icy monsters, swim the soft spaces between universes, and spray paint your name across the pearly gates in this SF adventure fit for all ages, especially the clever YA reader. Yes indeed, Maxwell Maas is the greatest mind the world has ever known, but at 10 years old he has a lot to learn. Adventuring to distant worlds through his makeshift multiversal closet door, Max will encounter greatness and goodness on a cosmic scale. But will he realize that danger lurks on both sides of the door before it’s too late? Reprint.

Rating: ALL-AGES

40pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) Kouhei Horikoshi, Shirow Miwa (A) Shirow Miwa, Kouhei Horikoshi (CA) Kouhei Horikoshi, Shirow Miwa

My Hero Academia: What would the world be like if 80 percent of the population manifested superpowers called “Quirks”? Heroes and villains would be battling it out everywhere! Being a hero would mean learning to use your power, but where would you go to study? The Hero Academy of course! But what would you do if you were one of the 20 percent who were born Quirkless? RWBY: When the people of Remnant aren’t fighting monsters, they still find conflict among themselves. Now they are at fierce odds. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long are Team RWBY. Together they are learning the deadly craft of hunting the monstrous species known as the Grimm.

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, B&W   FREE!



(W/A/CA) Svetlana Chmakova

Following the overwhelming success of Awkward and Brave, Svetlana Chmakova’s award winning Berrybrook Middle School series continues with its next installment, Crush! Jorge seems to have it all together. He’s big enough that nobody really messes with him, but he’s also a genuinely sweet guy with a solid, reliable group of friends. The only time he ever really feels off his game is when he crosses paths with a certain girl… But when the group dynamic among the boys starts to shift, will Jorge be able to balance what his friends expect of him versus what he actually wants?

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!



After recovering from a spell that put her to sleep for 500 years, Malika is on the brink of yet another war. And this time, she has enemies she cannot predict, allies she refuses to trust, and a world she cannot understand. The enemy is the CREED, a growing domestic terrorist group responsible for a devastating attack on Malika’s former home. The ally is Fury, a masked speedster who knows more about Malika than she’s comfortable with. Removed 500 years from the time she remembers, can Malika find the courage to use her newfound power to save the descendants of her former people?

Rating: TEEN

32pgs, FC        FREE!




(CA) Gene Yuen Lang

For 30 years, the CBLDF has fought to protect your right to read and create comics. We explore what that means in Defend Comics, an All-Ages anthology featuring new content from a wide variety of well-loved cartoonists, and some of today’s most popular creators! The cover features Gene Yang’s Reading Without Walls initiative. Highly Recommended!

Rating: ALL-AGES

32pgs, FC        FREE!



(W) J. C. Vaughn (CA) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim

The team behind The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide brings you a comic book about collecting packed with all sorts of “how to” information including care of your collectibles, grading and more – and it’s not only about comics! Get sneak peek at The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #48 and much more! Cover features The Three Stooges as Valiant heroes X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, and The Eternal Warrior.

Rating: ALL-AGES

28pgs, FC        FREE

The Discover Your Comic Store Tour is Coming To You and Kicks Off this Free Comic Book Day In Reisterstown, MD

BOOM! Studios has announced the first dates for the Discover Your Comic Store Tour, which brings the worlds of comic book publishing and comic book retailing together on the ground level. Morgan Perry (Direct Market Representative, BOOM! Studios) will be visiting comic shops across the United States every month throughout 2018 to engage with customers and talk face-to-face with store staff to better both identify the opportunities and challenges facing comic shops in 2018.

Additionally, Perry—who prior to joining BOOM! Studios was the store manager at “Earth 2 Comics” in Sherman Oaks, CA—will work a 4-hour shift behind the counter of each store she visits and hand-sell comics, from BOOM! Studios and other publishers, to customers for the day. These visits, which include exclusive variants and other limited edition merchandise for participating retailers, are free of charge to comic shops. The publisher tour is available exclusively to members of the BOOM! Guarantee retail partnership program and kicks off this weekend on the biggest comic book day of the year—Free Comic Book Day—at Cards, Comics & Collectibles in Baltimore County

The current schedule for the BOOM! Guarantee Tour includes:

May 2018
Cards, Comics & Collectibles 
Date: Saturday, May 5 (Free Comic Book Day)
Address: 51 Main St, Reisterstown, MD 21136
Time: 10AM-7PM
Guest(s): Ryan Parrott, Christine Larsen, Filip Sablik

The Comic Book Shop!
Date: Sunday, May 6
Address: 1855 Marsh Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810
Time: 12-5PM

Brave New Worlds
Date: Monday, May 7
Address: 55 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Time: 12-4PM

June 2018
TBA Stops in North Carolina and South Carolina

July 2018
TBA Stops in California

August 2018
TBA Stops in Michigan

Image Comics on Free Comic Book Day

In celebration of Free Comic Book DaytomorrowMay 5th—comics fans will enjoy a free issue of Barrier #1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin and Street Angel’s Dog by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca when they visit any participating local comic book shop, while supplies last.

Will we see you on Free Comic Book Day? Find out where your favorite Image Comics creators will be tomorrow.

FCBD appearances by Image Comics creators:


Kings Comics 
Nicola Scott
9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Okanagan Sports Cards and Comics 
Kelowna, BC, CANADA
Ed Brisson
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Gosh Comics
Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie
3 p.m. – 4 p.m.


Samurai Comics 
Mesa, AZ
Andrew MacLean

Samurai Comics
Mesa, AZ
Meredith McClaren
10 – 5 p.m.

Escapist Comics 
Berkeley, CA
Justin Greenwood
10:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Golden Apple
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Brian K. Vaughan
12 p.m. – 3 p.m.
5-item limit

Comic Bug
Manhattan Beach, CA
Pornsak Pichetshote
11 – 5 p.m.

Sherman Oaks, CA
Brian K. Vaughan
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Ponce De Leon Library
Atlanta, GA
Rich Tommaso
10 – 2 p.m.

Challengers Comics + Conversation
Chicago, IL
Steve Lieber
11 – 5 p.m.

Challengers Comics + Conversation
Chicago, IL
Ryan Browne
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Will be giving away copies of the Image Firsts CURSE WORDS #1!

Elite Comics
Overland Park, KS 66210
Jason Aaron
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Hall of Comics
Southborough, MA
Daniel Warren Johnson
11 – 3 p.m.

The Comic Cave
Springfield, MO
Cullen Bunn
10 – 7 p.m.

Lobo Comics
Albuquerque, NM
Howard Chaykin
11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Escape Pod Comics
Huntington, NY
Brenden Fletcher
5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Rick’s Comics
Clarksville, TN
Kyle Starks & Chris Schweizer

Phantom of the Attic
Pittsburgh, PA
Jim Rugg
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

New Dimension Comics
Pittsburgh Mills, PA
Jim Rugg
7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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