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Get a Sneak Peek and Celebrate with the Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 Trailer

Marvel honors Pride Month with Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1, a celebratory showcase of LGBTQ+ characters and creators. This queer-centered one-shot will spotlight some of Marvel’s brightest LGBTQ+ stars and talent in a collection of thrilling tales from across the Marvel Universe. These stories of inspiration and empowerment will be brought to life by an assembly of writers and artists from all walks of life including Kieron Gillen, Olivier Coipel, Steve Orlando, Anthony Oliveira, Tini Howard, Vita Ayala, Kris Anka, and Javier Garrón. Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 will also explore the history of LGBTQ+ inclusion and storytelling at Marvel Comics, including reprints of historic LGBTQ+ moments and more. Get your first look at the all-new adventures that await in the Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 trailer featuring never-before-seen artwork showcasing Mystique, Wiccan, Hulkling, Black Cat, and more!

Bad Idea Announces a Final Five Pre-Order Day Event

Bad Idea Final Five

Bad Idea has announced that it’s wrapping up (we don’t believe them) but we’ll roll with the whole schtick. With that announcement, there’s still a question of what comics remain. The next wave has been teased and dubbed “the Final Five”.

The “final” wave from Bad Idea features five comics… but from who and what… who knows. But, Bad Idea always having some promotion is going out with a bang!

No details about the FINAL FIVE stories, titles or the creators will be revealed until Thursday, June 17th. However, one day prior to the unveiling will be the BAD IDEA’S FINAL FIVE PRE-ORDER DAY event — a chance to pre-order all five of the final BAD IDEA books and guarantee nothing BAD IDEA-y prevents collectors from completing their FINAL FIVE collection.

Here’s how BAD IDEA’S FINAL FIVE PRE-ORDER DAY event works:

  1. The FINAL FIVE is made up of five titles (15 issues) on-sale between August and December.
  2. Connect with any BAD IDEA Destination Store ONLY on Wednesday, June 16th (in-person or by any other means accepted by the store).
  3. Pre-order all five of the FINAL FIVE titles with your store. You are pre-ordering blind. No titles. No story details. No creative teams. Only the cover price and number of issues will be released by June 16th. Consult your store for their pre-order requirements.
  4. If you’re one of the first 10 people to pre-order all five titles at your store, you will be awarded a swanky FINAL FIVE redemption sticker.
  5. The sticker can be used to redeem, from BAD IDEA, one copy of the first book in the FINAL FIVE line-up. Why would you need to redeem another copy of a book you’ve just pre-ordered? Trust us, with what we’ve got planned, you’re gonna want the help.

Miss the BAD IDEA PRE-ORDER DAY and you’ll miss the FINAL FIVE redemption sticker, along with the second chance it grants. But, rest easy, you’ll still be able to pre-order any or all of the FINAL FIVE line-up until each books’ order deadline.

We’ll admit, it’s a hell of a way to measure what comic fans will buy sight and details unseen.

Bad Idea is Over… Or is It?

Today, Bad Idea sent out a message intimating that the publisher’s run would end at the end of the year. That “Bad Idea is over”. But, with a publisher that has launched with numerous stunts, double-speak, and out-there promotion, it’s hard to take it all seriously.

I myself have doubts the publisher is going to close as the announcement states “as we know it must end”. For those reading between the lines the “as we know it” is key. It means there’ll be a change for Bad Idea in the future. It could be their distribution plan. It could be the release of single issues and moving to trades. Or, maybe, they’re finally launching digital releases.

In fact, Dinesh Shamdasani, the CEO of Bad Idea hinted their plan was to “go away” and then relaunch the company in an Absolute Comics Podcast. You can find the segment at the 29:22 mark.

But, for a company that so far as been built on stunts, expect this to be another.

Read the full message below:

Bad Idea over

Get a First Look at the Hellfire Gala with the Hellfire Gala Guide

This June, Marvel fans everywhere are invited to the Hellfire Gala! Running through 12 issues of your favorite X-Men titles, the Hellfire Gala will be a first-of-its-kind X-Men crossover that will reveal the status quo-shaking plans the X-Men have for the Marvel Universe. And this Wednesday, fans can get a first look at this highly-anticipated event with the Hellfire Gala Guide.

Available digitally and at participating comic shops, the Hellfire Gala Guide provides exclusive first looks at some of the high fashion designs that the characters will be wearing on the green carpet, an interview with the hostess herself, Emma Frost, and more! Check with your local comic shop for availability and stay tuned for more exciting Hellfire Gala reveals in the weeks ahead!

Hellfire Gala Guide

Hank Howard, Pizza Detective in Caligula’s Safe… for 24 Hours Only

It was April Fools’ day yesterday so Bad Idea made an announcement that seemed like a joke but wasn’t. A new comic, Hank Howard, Pizza Detective in Caligula’s Safe will be released this May 12 for 24 hours only. The 16-page comic from Robert Venditti and David Lapham will be available for $1.

Every Bad Idea Destination Store will be set an amount of copies matching their full original allotment of ENIAC #1 (or Tankers #1 for the Wave 2 stores). The comic will have to be sold in 24 hours on Wednesday, May 12th.

They can sell in-store, off-the-shelf sales, and mail-order (which needs to be mailed the same day), phone order, and pre-orders. It just needs to be done in 24 hours.

Any unsold copies can not be sold once May 13th arrives and all unsold copies have to be returned to Bad Idea using materials they provide.

Hank Howard, Pizza Detective in Caligula's Safe

Matt Kindt Recorded Hundreds Of Custom Bad Idea Day ENIAC Video Messages For Fans

This Wednesday, ENIAC #1, the first comic from Bad Idea, goes on sale in Bad Idea Destination Stores around the world and the publisher has a smorgasbord of activities planned to celebrate.

One thing is writer Matt Kindt has recorded shoutout videos! In fact, he likes them so much he’s recorded hundreds of custom “ENIAC #1 IS ON SALE NOW” shoutouts for Bad Idea Day. This Wednesday, every Bad Idea Destination Store will get their own Matt Kindt shoutout!

On Wednesday aka Bad Idea Day, the publisher will be sending retail partners and every Bad Idea fan who inquired about a pre-order at a video letting them know that at long last, it’s ENIAC time, baby!

Watch the BRZRKR #1 Trailer Voiced by Keanu Reeves

BOOM! Studios has released a trailer for BRZRKR #1, the premiere issue of the twelve-issue limited series from the iconic Keanu Reeves in his comic book writing debut alongside co-writer Matt Kindt, artist Ron Garney, colorist Bill Crabtree, and letterer Clem Robins, available on March 3, 2021. BRZRKR #1 is the highest-selling original comic book launch in nearly 30 years and the trailer features a voiceover by creator Keanu Reeves.

The man known only as B. is half-mortal and half-god, cursed and compelled to violence…even at the sacrifice of his sanity.  But after wandering the world for centuries, B. may have finally found a refuge – working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, B. will be granted the one thing he desires – the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence…and how to end it.

BRZRKR #1 features main cover art by superstar illustrator Rafael Grampá and variant cover art by superstar artists Mark Brooks, Dan Mora, and Lee Bermejo, as well as a 1-in-1000 variant cover with art by Jonboy Meyers and signed by Keanu Reeves, and more.

First! Get Rewarded as The First ENIAC #1 Customer at Your Comic Store

First Copy Reward Program

ENIAC #1 – the anticipated FIRST ISSUE 48-page spectacular from Matt Kindt, Doug Braithwaite, and Diego Rodriguez– will drop in comic stores around the world on March 3rd and officially launch Bad Idea. To celebrate the launch of their first series, Bad Idea, has announced the First Copy Reward Program.

Beginning with ENIAC #1, and continuing with select releases, they will be sending each BAD IDEA Destination Store location a mysterious and bewildering gold metallic pin. These pins of lore, known to the song singers as the One Pin, were forged by the Dark Lord Josh Johns – between the time when the hordes descended on The Hero Trades and the rise of the comics of the launch wave – to give the first buyers dominion over anyone too sane to wait outside a comic shop before it opens.

You see, these pins are strictly to be awarded only to the first customer to purchase a copy of ENIAC #1 at each Bad Idea Destination store location. That’s right, the first customer to walk in during official store hours and pick up a copy – that includes early-bird Wednesday Warriors buying at the counter, someone picking up a pre-order, a random making a purchase, even the guy who really needs the restroom but then locks eyes with ENIAC – you just have to be the first.

These pins are badges of honor and should be worn proudly and with much pageantry! Each pin will arrive in a sweet (super not collectible so you better wear them!) pin backing that brandishes the BAD IDEA logo and is inscribed with the following:

You will ABSOLUTELY want to be the very first to get a copy of ENIAC #1 at your local comic shop the second it opens on March 3rd. Remember, if you’re not first…you’re last. That’s just math.

If you manage to secure an illustrious pin make sure to post about it on social and tag @badideahello so that its crack social media team can amplify it and spread the word.

Demo-Graphics: Comic Fandom on Facebook – European Edition

We hinted at the return of some long-shelved regular features on the site, and the first back is Demo-Graphics! Earlier this month, we ran the statistics for comic fans within the United States and today (after a bit of a delay) we’re back with the second reporting of statistics from Europe!

What is Demo-Graphics?

Each month I dive into data from Facebook looking at the various demographics it can tell us about comic fans. This isn’t hard numbers but best used to show trends in the industry and the potential of the market out there. This has shown the shift towards women being a major force in readers and a shift to the younger demographic.

How does it work?

We use key terms, “likes”, that users have indicated and have come up with our own set to measure each month. There’s over 50 terms used (and no I won’t release them). We stick to specific terms for the industry such as “comics” and “graphic novels” and “one-shots” as well as publishers and leave out broad terms like specific characters or stories. Just because someone likes Batman doesn’t mean they like comics.

Other things to know…

This data is important in that it shows who the potential comic audience could be. These are not purchasers, these are people who have shown an affinity for comics and are potential purchasers and those with an interest.

Also, with this being online/technology, due to laws and restrictions, those under the age of 13 are underrepresented.

Since the last time this feature was run, Facebook has made adjustments as to what it can report so some data is no longer available and we’ve also added in new data that hasn’t been reported before (but some of it has been tracked over the years).

Facebook Population: Over 100,000,000 in Europe

That’s an increase of 2 million compared to the previous month. That’s 33 million more individuals compared to what I reported for the United States earlier this week.

Gender and Age

Interestingly, men account for the majority of fans. They account for 51.0% of the population compared to 50% of women. That’s a flip of the statistics in the United States where women are the majority. When looking at the data broken down by ages, women are a slight majority with about 2 million more individuals. So, it’s best to probably think of this fandom as pretty split between men and women.

There can be issues when breakdowns like this are close on Facebook as the app tends to round up and down with large numbers causing discrepancies and results greater than 50%.

Europe Facebook Gender February 2021

Similar to the previous month, things remain the same with men becoming a slim majority in the age 22-25 age group and then lose it in the 34-37 age group. It’s a similar statistic to the United States.

Europe Facebook Gender Age February 2021

Relationship Status

Compared to last month’s results things have changed slightly. While the overall population grew about 2 million, these stats increased about 1.4 million.


  • “In Relationship” increased by 200,000
  • “Unspecified” increased by 1 million
  • “Domestic Partnership” increased by 10,000
  • “Divorced” increased by 10,000
  • “Widowed” increased by 10,000
Facebook demographics relationship comic fans in Europe 1.1.21


Things remain pretty steady when it comes to education. The percentages remain pretty much unchanged.

Facebook demographics education comic fans in Europe 2.1.21

Up next, we’ll compare the two groups of comic fans!

Exclusive: Savage Circus Trailer

Heavy Metal Magazine and creator Brendan Columbus take us to the Savage Circus, which kicked-off in the landmark Heavy Metal #300, on-sale now. Savage Circus is Columbus’ first foray into comics and is a collaboration with artist Al Barrionuevo.

Savage Circus tells the story of a fictional town, Basin Bay, where a circus train carrying a ferocious circus menagerie collected by mad ringleader Lewis Savage has overturned on the only road in or out after a crash with an armored car filled with the town’s stolen fortune. With no power, no communications, and animals on the loose, it’s looking to be a blood-red Christmas.

Savage Circus #1-2 are on-sale now at your local comic shop or at Look for issue #3 at your LCS on 2/17.

Read our reviews of the first and second issue.

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