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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Transformers Fans

It’s Monday, which means it’s a new edition of Facebook Fandom Spotlight, where I break down the demographics of a particular group of fans. For this week, it’s a group of fans that spans toys, cartoons, comics and more, Transformers. We’ll compare this group to the greater comic fandom.

For this report, I looked at a lot of terms of characters, television shows, video games and comic book series titles. It’s a long, exhaustive list primarily made up of the names of characters.

Facebook Population: Over 11,200,000 in the United States

That’s comparable to the greater comic book fandom, just a few hundred thousand short.

Spanish speakers account for now 1,620,000 fans, 14.46% in the United States that’s about 0.5% higher than the general comic fandom.

Gender and Age

When it comes to the breakdown of men and women, Transformers fans are pretty much similar to the general comic fandom populace. Men account for 58.93%, slightly higher than comics and women make up 41.07%, slightly lower.

Transformers Fans

transformers gender facebook 9.9.13

Here’s the gender as it breaks down with age. We see the expected increase of female fans, most likely due to how Facebook users skew to begin with.

Transformers Fans

transformers gender age facebook 9.9.13

Here’s the breakdown of age and gender for the group.

Transformers Fans

transformers gender age data facebook

Relationship Status

The number of people that are in relationships, married or engage make up the majority of this group with men and women married an almost 50/50 split. The overall amounts are exactly the same compared to comic fandom, how the genders break down is different.

Transformers Fans

transformers relationship facebook 9.9.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Transformers Fans


Compared to general comic fandom, Transformers fans are more in college.

Transformers Fans

transformers education facebook 9.9.13

Gender Interest

When it comes to same gender interest, Transformers fans is lower than the general comic fandom.

Transformers Fans

transformers gender interest facebook 9.9.13

That wraps up this edition. Join us next Monday for a new Fandom Spotlight, Doctor Who fans!

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Author:Brett Schenker

Brett is a political consultant who resides in Arlington, VA. He grew up in Cleveland, OH and Buffalo, NY and attended the University at Buffalo, majoring in Political Science. Since then Brett has made his mark on politics working in various positions such as a Legislative Staffer for the Erie County Legislature, Special Assistant for Senator John Kerry, as the Database Administrator for Forward Together PAC, Deputy Internet Director for Chris Dodd for President, and Internet/Database Director for Virginians for Brian Moran, and Email Deliverability Czar for Salsa Labs. In 2007 Brett formed 5B Consulting providing his expertise on database solutions, new media and email strategy. He's a long time geek, reading comics since he was a child and learning to spell his name on an Atari 800. When he's not working, he's reading comics, playing video games and relaxing with a nice cup of tea. You can follow him on Twitter @bhschenker


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