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Preview: Action Comics #964

Action Comics #964

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Patrick Zircher
Cover by: Seth Mann, Clay Mann
Variant cover by: Gary Frank

“WHO IS CLARK KENT?” part 2! Superman comes face to face with Clark Kent, and he wants answers! But first the Man of Steel must protect his former alter ego. Clark Kent tells all in this shocking issue! And don’t miss the return of a ghost from Smallville past…


Preview: Vampblade #8


Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover Artist(s): Winston Young (cover A – regular, and cover B), Andrew Mangum (cover C and D), Hyde Chang (cover E and F)
Cover B – Risqué variant (limited to 1500): Winston Young
Cover C – “90s Monster” variant  (limited to 1500): Andrew Mangum
Cover D – “90s Monster” Risqué (limited to 2000): Andrew Mangum
Cover E – Artist variant (limited to 1000): Hyde Chang
Cover F – Artist risqué variant (limited to 1500): Hyde Chang
32 pgs./ M / FC
$3.99 (reg.), $4.99 (CVRS B-D), $5.99 (CVR E), $6.99 (CVR F)

Katie’s been on a rough ride of late – fighting Detroit’s toughest infected, battling Space Knights, spelunking in sewage – but things are about to get much worse for our bladed bad ass, because now her weapons are turning on herself!! It’s Vampblade versus… the Vampblades!?!

Features a risqué variant, plus “90s Monster” (Andrew Mangum) and artist (Hyde Chang) variants and risqué variants.


Preview: Penny Dreadful #4

Penny Dreadful #4

Writers: Krysty Wilson-Cairns & Chris King
Artist: Louie De Martinis
Letterer: Comicraft
Cover A: Tula Lotay
Cover B: Louie De Martinis
Cover C: Photo
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: Sep 28

In the dark and dank Essex church, Vanessa casts the tarot and reaches out to Mina, who appears on a mission from The Master. In the howling fury that accompanies the descending somnolent women, Mina offers Vanessa a deal; she can save the lives of her friends and companions… if she submits to her darkest nature…


Preview: Smosh #4

Smosh #4

writers: David Atchinson, Yale Stewart
artists: Jerry Gaylord, Yale Stewart
covers: Jerry Gaylord (a), Franco Viglino (b)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Witness a tale of friendship, fame, and, freak accidents as Youtube sensation Box Man’s origin springs to life, in crazy detail, in Smoshverse no. 4! Thrill as Box Man and friends try to make sense of his weird twist of fate, first attempting to make him the first-ever cardboard hero and, when that fails, settling on celebrity spokesperson. But can a move made in desperation ever go wrong??? It’s a coming of age story like no other, mixing the ageless hard lessons of growing up with Smosh-style comedy of today.


Preview: Munchkin #21

Munchkin #21

Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Nicole Andelfinger, Len Peralta
Artist: Kat Leyh, Len Peralta
Cover Artist: Mike Luckas
Price: $3.99

Seeking fame and honor, Spyke enters a tournament of honorable knights. It doesn’t end well.


Preview: Micronauts: Revolution #1

Micronauts: Revolution #1

Cullen Bunn (w) • Chris Panda (a & c)

LOST IN MICROSPACE! Plagued by scavengers, harried by agents of BARON KARZA, and guided by the mysterious TIME TRAVELERS—the MICRONAUTS make a HUGE discovery—one that will transform everything they thought they knew about their universe.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99


Preview: Blue Beetle #1

Blue Beetle #1

Written by: Keith Giffen
Art by: Scott Kolins
Cover by: Scott Kolins
Variant cover by: Cully Hamner

Jaime Reyes is back home, but just when he thought he had a grasp on this alter-ego, the Blue Beetle, he discovers everything he believed about his scarab is a lie according to the mysterious Doctor Fate. With dire warnings about the symbiote that is fused to Reyes’ spine, Kent Nelson, the original wielder of Doctor Fate’s power, seemingly on verge of insanity, has he come to save Jaime as he claims…or will he try to eliminate the Blue Beetle, no matter the cost?


Black Hammer Gets a the Super Treatment and Giant-Sized Annual

Jeff Lemire’s superhero comic series is getting the super treatment: Dark Horse has announced that Black Hammer will have an oversized anthology issue in early 2017.

Black Hammer Giant-Sized Annual features an all-star slate of guest artists illustrating five stories by Jeff Lemire. Dustin Nguyen, Emi Lenox, Nate Powell, Matt Kindt, Ray Fawkes, and Dave Stewart bring Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Barbalien, and Madame Dragonfly to life.

The forty-page Black Hammer Giant-Sized Annual will be available on January 18, 2017.

Black Hammer is currently available as an ongoing comic series from Dark Horse. The popular series is from the prodigious brain of Lemire and brought to life by Ormston, with colors by none other than Eisner Award–winning veteran Dave Stewart.


Review: Nova #11

nova-11-coverSam Alexander has led a busy life as Nova, but after all of his intergalactic gallivanting, is it time to hang up the helmet?

I’ll confess I haven’t read the new Nova series and barely know Sam Alexander as a character. What little I’ve read I’ve enjoyed, but it’s never been a series that has really been one thats stood out in the avalanche of weekly releases. From what I’ve read, it’s completely enjoyable and there’s a niche it absolutely fills.

So, with that being said, I dove in to Nova #11 with a pretty clean state not going what was going on. There’s a lot in there that new readers will like and there’s a lot there for long time fans of the Nova character, especially with a twist and reveal at the end. I’m not going to reveal what that twist is, but it’s one aimed at fans of classic Nova… read between the lines with that.

Writer Sean Ryan has done a good job giving us a character who feels like he’s really struggling with his role. Sam is wondering can he balance being a hero, not having his mother worrying about him, and also having friends. It’s a twist on the same sort of angst that we’ve seen in classic Spider-Man stories. And that’s what this issue felt like, Spidey sitting down and talking things through with the ghost of Uncle Ben. In this case Sam is talking to the computer that houses all of the knowledge of the past Nova Corps. It’s a cute story, but nothing that feels really new, it’s just a semi-new thing for this character. And with how it’s presented it feels like it might be a good entry point for new readers.

The art by Cory Smith is solid. This really stood out to me. The art jumps and really takes on the youthful feel of the main character. There’s a certain energy about it that flies off of the page.

This one is definitely one for Nova fans, especially classic Nova…

Story: Sean Ryan Art: Cory Smith
Story: 7.15 Art: 8.05 Overall: 7.35 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Kim and Kim #3

kimandkim3coverKim and Kim #3 is really a lot to process. There’s new characters galore, some flashback, robot gorillas, and some genuinely sweet moments like when Kim Q and Kim D hold hands and talk about how they never remember not being around each other. The banter between the Kims and their friends and frenemies still crackles under the pen of writer Mags Visaggio, but she also tells and doesn’t show a big climactic action scene where Thomas, the polyform, pulls out a gun and makes it to Dimension 12. Or does he? The ending of Kim and Kim #3 has plenty of fun interactions between the Kims and their friends Gretchen and Kathleen, but it seems there’s a “missing reel” between scenes. Or maybe that’s just the futuristic drugs they’re on.

Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre continue to kick ass in the art department beginning with the battle between the Kims and robot gorillas as they’re marooned in a snowy dimension far from, well, everything. They start the fight slow and chill with a couple wide panels of Kim Q enjoying some kind of drug before there’s an explosion, and the comic goes from hangout to action mode in no time at all. It’s a moment of zen before a big helping of chaos. Aguirre’s intense red and orange colors show that despite their skis and tacky coats, these robot gorillas are no pushovers. The fight is paced nicely by Visaggio with each reversal happening on a page turn like Tom almost getting captured. Cabrera and Aguirre also continue to show their skill with set pieces in a Firefly worth escape sequence that introduces Mina Sayles, a skilled pilot and plot fixer upper.

Mina is a cool character, and the flashback establishes her daring nature better than any dialogue could. (And most of her dialogue is plot clarification spiced with a little sass about Kim and Kim messing up her old van.) However, this sequence is placed awkwardly between Kim and Kim cuddling up in the cold and Kim D waking up in a nice, warm bed. We quickly learn that Mina and her Owl buddy have saved them and are fixing the Contessa, but the kim-and-kim-3-3sequence of events turns Kim and Kim #3 from a one-liner heavy thriller to a slight head scratcher. Visaggio has loads of cool ideas, colorful dialogue, and fun characters, but sometimes the pieces don’t all fit together like the middle of this issue, and the transition from Tom pointing a gun at everyone and Kim and Kim eating ramen with their friends.

The great thing about Kim and Kim as a comic is how relatable the main characters are even though they live in a world filled with necromancy, interdimensional travel, and again, robot gorillas. (Honestly, you can’t go wrong with them as minions, especially when you add skis.) They forget to charge their phones while traveling between dimensions, gloss over major events (Like the supposed resolution of the miniseries’ plot), and maybe have a little bit too much fun. Kim and Kim also deeply care about each other, and the quiet scene where they hold hands in the freezing cold dimension is heart wrenching.

Some pieces of the plot don’t really fit together, but Kim and Kim #3 is a fun read for the character banter, candy shop color palette from Claudia Aguirre, and the strangeness of the world that Mags Visaggio and Eva Cabrera have constructed alone.

 Story: Mags Visaggio Art: Eva Cabrera Colors: Claudia Aguirre
Story: 7.5 Art: 9 Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Buy

Black Mask Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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