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Battle princess Cleo has our hero on the ropes in this early preview of Cosmo #4!

COSMO #4 (of 5)

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
Cover: Patrick Spaziante
Variant Covers: Vincent Lovallo, Asami Matsumura
On Sale Date: 4/18
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

The evil battle princess Cleo has our hero Cosmo cornered! Is this the end of the mighty Martian’s mission or will the wheel of fate turn in his favor? Find out in the penultimate chapter of this 5-part mini-series!

A Brand New Ranger Debuts in Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

BOOM! Studios and Saban Brands has announced new chapters of Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, available at comic shops in May 2018. Lord Drakkon—a twisted, alternate-reality version of Tommy Oliver, the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger—is growing more powerful with every battle against Power Rangers teams across history…while in the past, a mysterious new Ranger arrives to challenge the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on their own turf.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #9, from writer Ryan Parrott and artist Dan Mora, introduces a new Power Ranger into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mythology, one with a surprising connection to Lord Drakkon! But why has this mysterious new character traveled back to the past to target the Power Rangers during their early days as heroes…and who is under the helmet? Both answers will rock the Power Rangers to their core. This issue features a main cover by Mora, with variant covers by Miguel Mercado, Audrey Mok, and Natacha Bustos.

The debut of this new Power Ranger follows the landmark introductions of Lord Drakkon in 2016; the Power Rangers of 1969 in 2017; and the Green Psycho Ranger in 2017, all in the pages of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27, from writer Kyle Higgins and artist Daniele di Nicuolo, Lord Drakkon’s power and influence grows, as the Power Rangers work with new allies from across time and dimensions, including Ranger teams such as Time Force, RPM, and Samurai, to craft a plan to fight back. But is it already too late? This issue features a main cover by Jamal Campbell, with variant covers by Jordan Gibson, and Carlos Villa.

Exclusive Preview: Mera: Queen of Atlantis #2

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #2

Story: Dan Abnett Art: Lan Medina
Ink: Norm Rapmund Color: Veronica Gandini Letterer: Simon Bowland
Cover: Nicola Scott, Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Group Editor: Brian Cunningham Editor: Alex Antone
Associate Editor: Brittany Holzherr Assistant Editor: Andrea Shea
U.S. Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: March 28, 2018

As the reluctant Queen Mera continues to work toward a peace between the surface and the sea, her rule is challenged by the former king of Atlantis, Orm the Ocean Master! But Orm is torn between his duty to Atlantis and his love for his new surface family—and both he and Mera will clash over the futures they choose to fight for!

Review: Coronary #2

It is no mistake that the supplement industry has been under the radar for as many years as it has been. The many times players have been caught using just to stay ahead has changed how people compete in sports all over the world. In these last Winter Olympics, an athlete who parodied the fact that she may have took steroids, was found to have taken those performance enhancing drugs.   The obsession to stay ahead of the competition extends to the rest of the world, especially social media.

As the world has become vainer, people all over the world obsess over their looks, more than their health. This disdain for acceptability, has caused a crisis in self esteem not only in children but in most people around the world.  As the pursuit for perfection is what drive most people to gyms, salons, plastic surgery and whatever gets them to the next level. In the second chapter of Coronary, we dive more into what drives Justin, and are introduced to some new characters.

We catch up with Justin shortly after being apprehended as his company has been linked with producing drugs that’s has flooded the streets nationwide. We also meet Luna, a teenager undergoing therapy, as her distance from her peers has caused her father to worry that it is more than he what she says it is. Lady Kay, another player in this series is introduced, one who has rather treacherous intentions and looks to tip the scales in her favor. By issue’s end, someone has broken Justin out of the police precinct, for what reason, we will find out in the next chapter.

Overall, an excellent installment in an already astonishing series that looks to not only entertain but also make the reader ruminate. The story by Ryan Burke is ingenious, relevant, and enjoyable. The art by Joel Saavedra and Damian Penalba is luminous and alluring. Altogether a story that proves that comic books elevates literature.

Story: Ryan Burke Art: Joel Saavedra and Damian Penalba
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Underrated: Comics Not In Diamond’s Top 300 For February

This is a column that focuses on something or some things from the comic book sphere of influence that may not get the credit and recognition it deserves. Whether that’s a list of comic book movies, ongoing comics, or a set of stories featuring a certain character. The columns may take the form of a bullet pointed list, or a slightly longer thinkpiece – there’s really no formula for this other than whether the things being covered are Underrated in some way. This week: Comics not in Diamond’s top 100 sellers for February.

This week we’re going to be looking at a list of comics that are all fantastic, but don’t get the attention that they deserve. Now I’m not even going to pretend to have a definitively exhaustive list of underrated comics here, because we’re hoping  that you decide to check at least one of these series out next time you’re looking for something new either online or at your LCS, and giving you a huge list to check out would be counter productive to that. Instead, you’ll find four to six comics that are worth your attention that failed to crack the top 300 in sales.

Where possible, I’ve also avoided comics that have appeared on the last version of this list, but the only hard stipulation for this week: not one of the comics made it into the top 300 for January’s comic sales, according to Comichron, which is why they’re Underrated.

ARM_001_COVER-B_RYPTMNT Universe #19 (IDW)
February Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 213 / 7,429
A new story that feels freshly familiar to fans of the Turtles that acts as a showcase to some newer characters. This series has been consistently thoroughly enjoyable for some time, and this issue is no exception.

Bloodborne #1 (Titan Comics)
February Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 227 / 6,766
A series based on a video game that doesn’t suck? Believe it or not, yes. I read this before playing the game, and the comic was more than capable of standing alone as a creepy and intense setting, but after playing the game a little I can honestly say this comic is a brilliant adaptation.

Armstrong And The Vault Of Spirits #1 (Valiant) 
February Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 271  / 5,038
A one shot story about family, immortality, and bad luck. Armstrong brings his friends to his gargantuan vault of various wines and spirits to reminisce about days gone by, only to be attacked by an evil alliance of all of his enemies. Blending comedy and emotional impact seamlessly into an brilliantly fun comic, this should have been read by more people than it was.

Fence #4 (Boom!)
February Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 374 / 2,601
Innocent, entertaining and a perfect break from some of the more universe spanning multi-part epics from other publishers. A not so guilty pleasure of mine that reminds me of when I used to stab other people in white coats (though not nearly as well).

Fu Jitsu #1 (Aftershock)
February Sales Rank/Comics Sold: 442 / 1,204
An utterly crazy concept where the villain is Robert Wadlow (who didn’t die). I have no words for this series, other than it’s a blast.

Unless the comics industry ceases any and all publication look for a future installment of Underrated to cover more comics that aren’t cracking the top 100.

Preview: Old Man Hawkeye #3

Old Man Hawkeye #3

(W) Ethan Sacks (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Mar 28, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• HAWKEYE’s got a big task ahead of him…
• …and it’ll take him back to the carnival – but this time it’s ARCADE’S MURDERWORLD!
• If Clint can sneak through this deadly locale, he’ll be faced with a foe – and a decision – that will forever alter the course of his destiny.

Preview: Lumberjanes #48

Lumberjanes #48

Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
Artist: Ayme Sotuyo
Colorist: Maara Laiho
Letterer: Aubrey Aiese
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Kat Leyh
Subscription Cover: Michelle Wong
Price: $3.99

Extra, extra, read all about it! The Zodiac Cabin is putting out a camp newsletter, and Diane’s horoscopes are unnervingly accurate.

Preview: Old Man Logan #37

Old Man Logan #37

Story: Ed Brisson Art: Djalibor Talajic
Color: Carlos Lopez Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover: Mike Deodato Jr., Carlos Lopez
Graphic Designers: Jay Bowen, Anthony Gambino
X-Men Group Editor: Mark Paniccia Editor: Christina Harrington
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Mar 28, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• LOGAN hunts down KINGPIN’s biographer, hoping to get dirt on the big man.
• BULLSEYE’s coming for LOGAN. It’s a fight that’ll forever change them.
• Someone’s going to die! But…WHO?!

Preview: Lucas Stand: Inner Demons #2 (of 4)

Lucas Stand: Inner Demons #2 (of 4)

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writers: Kurt Sutter & Caitlin Kittredge
Artist: Jesus Hervás
Colorist: Alex Guimarães
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Adam Gorham
Price: $3.99

Lucas Stand enters perhaps his most dangerous era yet — 900 A.D. Norway, surrounded by angry Vikings, with a mysterious creature on on his tail.

Preview: X-Men: Blue #24

X-Men: Blue #24

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Jorge Molina
Color: Matt Milla, Jay David Ramos Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover: Jorge Molina
Graphic Designer: Jay Bowen, Anthony Gambino
X-Men Group Editor: Mark Paniccia Editor: Darren Shan Assistant Editor: Chris Robinson
Rated T+
In Shops: Mar 28, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• The X-MEN are missing, but MAGNETO mobilizes against his enemies! His first target: SEBASTIAN SHAW!
• What lengths will MAGNETO go to uncover his enemies’ secrets?
• Meanwhile, JIMMY HUDSON and BLOODSTORM face the MALICE-possessed POLARIS!

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