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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: BOOM! Studios and Archaia

The Facebook Fandom Spotlight is a day late. We had intended to do one on all independent publishers (that’ll be a later date), but with the announcement of the acquisition of Archaia by BOOM! Studios, I thought it’d be fun to see what the “new” company’s fandom looks like.

There was a limited number of terms to use, so I decided to go global for this report. It covers the terms having to do with the publishers themselves and some of their series’ that can’t be attributed to other reasons. For example, no Adventure Time since it’s a television show.

Facebook BOOM! Studios and Archaia Fan Population: Over 162,000 Globally

Spanish speakers account for 48,000, that’s a whopping 29.63% of fans. That’s the highest amount recorded so far!

Gender and Age

When it comes to the breakdown of the size of the male and female population, BOOM!/Archaia comes pretty close to what we saw with Marvel Comics. A little over 3/4’s of the population is male.

gender facebook 6.18.13Lets compare how the gender breaks down per age bracket as well as that same information for fans of DC Comics, Marvel Comics and the general comic fandom:

General Comic Fans

facebook age line chart 6.1.13

DC Comic Fans

age and gender line graph

Marvel Fans

marvel fans gender age line chart 6.3.13

BOOM! Studios/Archaia

age and gender 6.18.13

Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender.

age raw numbers 6.18.13

Relationship Status

Fans of BOOM! and Archa are similar to DC and Marvel in the relationship department, though more are “in relationships” or “married.”

marriage 6.18.13And for those that like pie charts.

relationship status pie chartEducation

When it comes to education fans of BOOM! and Archaia come very close to that of Marvel Comics.

education 6.18.13

Gender Interest

There’s an interesting mix here, in that this is one of the highest percentages of “men interested in men,” but also an average percent of “women interested in women.”

gender interest 6.18.13

And that wraps up this report! Join us next week when we look at all of comic fandom, the first also is a Monday!

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