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Get a New Look at Jo & Rus from Audra Winslow, Mike Fiorentino, and BOOM!

BOOM! Studios has revealed a brand new look at cartoonist and illustrator Audra Winslow’s debut middle-grade graphic novel, Jo & Rus, with letterer Mike Fiorentino, about two unlikely best friends who learn to roll with the punches when life doesn’t go their way and to stand their ground, no matter the cost, available in February 2021.

At first, Jo and Rus don’t realize how much they have in common – she’s a middle schooler who’s constantly bullied and he’s a high schooler in a rock band. But when a mysterious one-eyed cat brings the two of them together, they quickly learn they’re both outcasts trying to figure out what they really want from life in a world where the odds are stacked against them. It’s only by becoming friends they discover who they are, who they want to be and what it takes for every one of us to find our own happiness!

Jo & Rus

Preview: Steven Universe Vol. 8

Steven Universe Vol. 8

(W) Sarah Gailey (A) Rii Abrego (CA) Missy Pena
In Shops: Sep 02, 2020
SRP: $14.99

Join Steven, Connie, Lion, all the Crystal Gems and more for all-new adventures in Beach City and beyond from writer Sarah Gailey and artist Rii Abergo!

It’s up to Steven and Connie to help cheer up the Crystal Gems, and help them learn how to fit into the strange human world they all live in.
Collects Steven Universe #29-32.

Steven Universe Vol. 8

Preview: Bear


(W) Ben Queen (A/CA) Joe Todd-Stanton
In Shops: Sep 02, 2020
SRP: $24.99

Bear is a guide dog for the blind, and he would do anything for his best friend and owner, Patrick. But when Bear suddenly loses his own vision, he worries that he has lost his purpose! Determined to protect Patrick at all costs, Bear sets out on a quest to regain his eyesight.

Along the way Bear will learn to tap into his other senses and begin to see the world from a new perspective that is at times more rich and colorful than the world he’s always known.

Writer Ben Queen (Disney/Pixar’s Cars 2 and Cars 3) draws inspiration from real life stories of how memory can influence how we recall our own surroundings, and artist Joe Todd-Stanton (A Mouse Called Julian) lovingly renders an unforgettable story of one dog’s grand adventure from the wooded countryside to the heart of Manhattan where he encounters new friends and discovers his true calling.


Preview: Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake

(W) Zachary Sterling, Ian McGinty, Jen Wang, Frank Gibson (A) Becky Dreistadt, Britt Wilson (CA) Chelsea Roberts
In Shops: Aug 26, 2020
SRP: $9.99

Join Fionna and Cake on their greatest adventures throughout the Land of Ooo. From their interactions with Prince Gumball and his Candy Court to their battles with the Ice Queen, this volume collects all the Fionna and Cake stories that make the Eisner-Award winning series perfect for fans of all ages.

Join an all-star cast of creators in this timeless collection that no Adventure Time fan can miss!

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake

Get a Look at Jenna Ayoub’s New Graphic Novel Forever Home

BOOM! Studios has released a first look at a brand new original graphic novel, Forever Home, from cartoonist Jenna Ayoub, an all-new story about finding your place and learning to love where you are, available in February 2021.

Willow has had a nomadic childhood—with two parents in the military, staying put has become a pipe dream. And when the family arrives at their latest stop— the historic Hadleigh House— Willow encounters something that doesn’t help her chances of finding home…ghosts!

Hadleigh House’s spectral residents have been scaring off would-be homebuyers for decades, and they intend to keep the house to themselves. But Willow’s not about to let some nagging spirits force her to move for the millionth time. As Willow spends time in the house and gains the ghosts’ respect through her own strong will to stay in the house no matter what, they find that all of them belong there. Together, the restless spirits are finally able to find some peace, and Willow finds a home.

Then it’s just a matter of convincing Willow’s parents that this old house is the one for them-ghosts included.

Forever Home

Preview: Space Bear

Space Bear

(W) Ethan Young (A/CA) Ethan Young
In Shops: Jul 22, 2020
SRP: $14.99

Pilgrim Finch is an adventurous astronaut bear who explores the cosmos with a mission to bring samples of life back to his home planet. But when he crash lands on a new planet full of surprises and danger around every corner, Pilgrim will be forced to question his orders and learn that there’s only one mission that matters-compassion to all living creatures no matter the stakes!

Award-winning cartoonist Ethan Young presents a timely, silent story perfect for readers of all ages about discovering the unknown and empathy for everyone we encounter, because every friendship begins with an act of kindness.

Space Bear

Preview: Steven Universe: Crystal Clean OGN SC

Steven Universe  Crystal Clean OGN SC

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer:  Talya Perper
Artist: S.M. Mara
Cover Artist: Jamie Loughran
Price: $14.99

Steven and the Crystal Gems have plenty of experience saving the day, but when the beach is vandalized overnight, they’ll have to step up and keep cleaning the beach while finding the culprit…or else Kofi and the others on the Boardwalk won’t get customers! As Steven,

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl get closer in their investigation, they get help from an unlikely source and discover a truth they thought the Crystal Gems had long since buried.

Steven Universe  Crystal Clean OGN SC

Preview: Just Beyond: The Horror at Happy Landings OGN SC

Just Beyond: The Horror at Happy Landings OGN SC

Publisher: KaBOOM!
Writers: R.L. Stine
Artists: Kelly & Nichole Matthews
Cover Artist: Julian Totino Tedesco
Price: $9.99

Family camping trips are supposed to be fun, but for Parker, Annie, and the Walden family, they’re an absolute nightmare!

After a creepy, unidentified bird attacks their mom in the forest, Parker and Annie find themselves face to face with two strange creatures that suddenly enter the kids’ brains and take control of their bodies. Can Parker and Annie break loose of this horrific control and convince their family of what’s happening, or will the creatures take over their lives for good?

Preview: Garfield: Garzilla OGN SC

Garfield: Garzilla OGN SC

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Scott Nickel
Artists: Antonio Alfaro, Lee Gatlin
Colorist: Lisa Moore
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Andy Hirsch
Price: $14.99

A secret science experiment goes awry, unleashing giant pets – iguanas, ferrets, hamsters and birds – upon an unsuspecting city. Can a super-sized Garfield save the day?

The Cat returns in an all-new original graphic novel, featuring an extra large story by Garfield regulars Scott Nickel & Antonio Alfaro about the biggest Garfield ever, as well as a story featuring the return of private eye Sam Spayed. Also, cartoonist Lee Gatlin joins the party to write & illustrate a short where Jon, in a quest to grow a beard, may have turned into a werewolf!

Garfield: Garzilla OGN SC

Become Best Friends with Jo & Rus From Audra Winslow and BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at cartoonist and illustrator Audra Winslow’s debut middle grade graphic novel, Jo & Rus, with letterer Mike Fiorentino, about two unlikely best friends who learn to roll with the punches when life doesn’t go their way and to stand their ground, no matter the cost.

Jo & Rus will be available for sale on September 16, 2020 at local comic book shops and on September 22, 2020 at bookstores.

Jo & Rus
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