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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Indie/Small Press Comic Fans

Its been about 5 months since I did a Facebook Fandom Spotlight of Marvel and DC fans. For a while now, I’ve wanted to see how those two differ, and are similar, to fans of indie and small press comics. That’s the focus of today’s breakdown.

For this report I looked at comic book publisher likes that are not the big two or part of the big two. For this report, Vertigo, Zuda, Icon, are not included though they share similar comics as to other in this report. For this report, terms like IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Fantagraphics were included. Manga was left out of this as well. A bonus is, there’s even more terms discovered through this that will be added to the main report. All together, 62 terms were used for this report.

Facebook Population: Over 2,000,000 in the United States

That’s about a sixth of the overall comic fandom population, though many terms are new, so it’ll be best to compare the two when next months comic fandom is reported on. It’s also about a sixth of Marvel fans but almost even of DC fans in size on Facebook.

Spanish speakers account for now 260,000 fans, 13.00% in the United States that falls behind the general comic fandom as well as that of Marvel and DC.

Gender and Age

Marvel fans on Facebook last time we reported broke down with a little over 75% being men and DC being about 69% men. We reported at the beginning of the month that 54.55% of general comic fans were men. Indie/Small Publishers seem to be where its at when it comes to gender parity, because men account for 54% of the population and women 46%. That’s some of the closest percentages we’ve seen when it comes to publishers.

Indie/Small Press Fans

indie fans gender 11.18.13

Here’s the gender as it breaks down with age. We see the expected increase of female fans, most likely due to how Facebook users skew to begin with.

Indie/Small Press Fans

indie fans gender age 11.18.13

Here’s the breakdown of age and gender for the group. We can see that the largest portion of the fans lies in the age of folks who grew up with the cartoon series and toys, those in their 20s and 30s.

Indie/Small Press Fans

inde gans gender age raw 11.18.13

Relationship Status

With a population that’s a bit older than the general, Marvel and DC fans, the indie small press fans are a bit more settled with a higher percentage engaged, in relationships or married. In relationships and married constitutes the majority of people with women making up the majority of married fans as well as those engaged.

Indie/Small Press Fans

indie fans relationship 11.18.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Indie/Small Press Fans

indie fans relationship pie chart 11.18.13


With a population mostly of college age or just graduated, we see that when it comes to the education breakdown.

Indie/Small Press Fans

indie fans education 11.18.13

Gender Interest

Men interested in men has the highest percents when it comes to Marvel and DC fans, but for indie/small press fans the percentage of men interested in men and women interested in women is higher than the general comic fandom.

Indie/Small Press Fans

inde fans gender interest 11.18.13

That wraps up this edition. Join us next Monday for a new Fandom Spotlight!