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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Zombies

It’s Monday, which means a new look at comic book fans on Facebook. This week we check out fans of Zombies! With World War Z opening this week, it only seems appropriate for us to look at the shambling fans out there.

This is a bit different in that I looked at the term “zombies” as well as movies, games, books and more that featured them.This mixes in The Walking Dead, World War Z, Night of the Living Dead and more!

Facebook Zombie Fan Population: Over 19,200,000 in the United States

This is the largest population we’ve studied to date.

Spanish speakers account for 840,000, 4.38%. That’s towards the higher end of these types of studies for the United States. I guess they know how to do more than moan!

Gender and Age

The breakdown of men and women isn’t shocking, lining up pretty well with the other types of studies we’ve done in the past. In this case, men hold the majority of 61.46% of fans while women are 40.63%. Yes, that’s over 100% as the numbers for some reason this has happened again.

zombie fans gender 6.17.13

Zombie Fans

zombie fans gender and age line graph 6.17.13


Here’s the full raw numbers as far as age and gender.

zombie fans age raw 6.17.13

Relationship Status

I guess zombies bring relationships, as more folks are in relationships or married percentage wise compared to the previous populations we’ve looked at.

zombies relationship 6.17.13

And for those that like pie charts.

zombie relationship pie chart 6.17.13


Much like many of the previous studies, the education breakdown is very similar to what we’ve seen previously in other studies.

zombies education 6.17.13

Gender Interest

The gender interest is more like Superman fans than anything else with even more women identifying themselves as interested in women.

zombie fans gender interest 6.17.13

And that wraps up this report! Join us next week when we look at fans of indie comics!

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