Comic Book Fans on Facebook – May 10, 2011

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Last week we posted the second entry on our look at the demographics of comic book fans on Facebook.  You can check out the previous entry as to how it was gone about.  Since the last week we had Free Comic Book Day and the opening of the movie Thor in the United States.  Numbers have moved, but unfortunately, we don’t know why and two weeks does not make enough data sets to look at patterns.  We’ll see if similar increases happen around the releases of other blockbusters like Green Lantern and Captain America.

Total Estimated United States Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 1,800,280.  This is an increase of 39,900 individuals since last week.

Men vs. Women

The percentages and raw numbers of both men and women increased as those not giving a gender decreased since last week.  Men still make up the majority with 66.41% and women have 33.22%.

Education was generally the same with a little movement, but not much.


There were some shifts in the ages.  21 and under increased for instance while the 22-25 age demographic decreased.  That was the only age bracket that decreased, all the rest saw gains.

Relationship Status

There was actually a decrease in married women who are comic book fans on Facebook.  Everything else increased, while that one decreased.  Is spring the season for divorces?

Gender Interest

The numbers for what gender people are interested in remained fairly stable percentage wise.  This statistic is not to be confused with orientation as people can be interested in certain genders for friendship or activities as well as romantic relationships.

While there were some changes in the raw numbers since last week, two weeks does not indicate anything in particular.  It’ll be interesting to see if we see similar bumps as other summer movies open.