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International Comic Book Fans on Facebook – May 9,2011

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On Friday I grabbed the data for comic book fans outside of the United States on Facebook.  It’s been a busy weekend, so the post took a bit to write.  Future editions of this will be posted on Saturdays going forward.

The Methodology

You can find out the general gist of how I went about getting the information in this post.  For the “international edition” I focused on just a few countries, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.  I think out of the two editions, this one is more flawed as foreign languages would need to be taken into account, something that wasn’t done with this inaugural post.

Much like the last post focusing on the United States, this one also has the statistics for Facebook in general in these countries.  The total population of self-identified “international” comic book fans on Facebook is over 1,480,060.  The total population total is 168,050,240, making comic book fans a little over 0.88% of the population, less than those living in the United States.

Men vs. Women

Women still make up the majority of the overall Facebook population with 50.12% to men’s 48.12%.  Women actually make up a higher percentage of comic book fans but men still dominate.  International male comic book fans make up 61.19% and women 39.39% (no idea why that’s over 100% and yes I ran that number multiple times).

Much like in the United States, comic book fans are more educated than the general population.  Women are the majority in college or high school, but aren’t the majority with college degrees.


While the 18-21 population makes up the largest segment for the general Facebook populace, it’s under 17 that’s the majority of comic book fans with a drop off as people age.  The general Facebook population is similar to that of the United States.  There is an interesting uptick of women age 42-45 making up a larger percentage of comic book fans as well as men 34-37.

Relationship Status

For the general Facebook population, relationship status is much more even, but for the comic book fans “single” dominates with “married” making up a sliver compared to the United States stats.

Gender Interest

Gender interest isn’t available for some of these countries, we’re guessing due to privacy or discrimination laws.

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