Demo-Graphics: The State of Marvel Comics

In July of 2014, I looked at the Facebook demographics of Marvel. I followed that up in 2015. And again in 2016. With San Diego Comic-Con kicking off this week, we’re returning to see how things stand. Yesterday was DC Comics‘ stats, and tomorrow will be Indie/Small Press comics.

For those that don’t know, this data is mined from Facebook’s demographic data using terms that correspond to likes, groups, etc. For this report, we’re not looking at Marvel Comics specifically, but also Marvel Studio, Marvel Entertainment, and more. So think of this as the Marvel brand.

Facebook Marvel Comics Fan Population: Over 37,000,000 United States

Last year dropped 7 million, but we have an impressive rebound of 22 million individuals. It’s unknown exactly why there was such a jump though DC also saw a massive jump over the year. The answer remains a mystery and won’t be answered.

Since last year, Spanish speakers has decreased to 15.41%. In 2014, they were 14.39% and in 2015 accounted for 13.18%. In 2016 it was 19.33%.

Gender and Age

In 2014 Men made up about 63.16% of the population and women were 36.84% for those interested in Marvel. In 2015 men accounted for 77.27% while women accounted for 20%. In 2016 women made gains as they accounted for 34% while men accounted for 66%. This year we see a major shift as women become a majority with 51.35% and men slip to 48.65%.

Things have changed a lot since last year which saw women briefly becoming the majority but men almost entirely the majority. This year women and men are close in percent until age 50 where there’s a clear split most likely do to general Facebook user demographics.

Relationship Status

Pretty much across the board the populations have doubled for each status except “Unspecified” which increased 3 fold.


As expected with a larger population here too the stats have ballooned.

Gender Interest

Those interested in the same sex generally saw increases in the overall number but dipped in percent. The exception to this is “women interested in women” who saw an increase in percentage and overall number.


A bigger overall population it shouldn’t be a surprise that each demographic here grew. African Americans increased by 3.4 million, Asian Americans by 510,000, and Hispanics by 2.5 million.


This too has seen some boosts. Baby Boomers saw an increase by 890,000, Generation X by 4.2 million and Millennials by 14 million.

Join us again tomorrow when we’ll look at indie/small press comics!