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Preview: Legion #4

Legion #4

(W) Peter Milligan (A) Lee Furguson (CA) Javier Rodriguez
Rated T+
In Shops: Apr 25, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• Hannah Jones’ defenseless body is threatened by Lord Trauma’s metallic sentinel!
• Meanwhile, inside the fractured mind of David Haller, A.K.A. LEGION, Hannah must persuade the powerful Alter known as Hunter to help her defeat the evil alternative personality.
• But a new and perhaps more terrifying danger awaits Hannah as Lord Trauma digs out a monstrous creature from her own dark past…

Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War[This review will be spoiler-free. However, it does contain some discussion of the plot, mostly discernible from the film’s promotional materials]nihili

It’s impossible to be hyperbolic. There has literally never been another movie like Avengers: Infinity War. 

The culmination of a decade of serialized, connected movies, ever-teasing fans towards a giant crossover event. So, is it any good?

Absolutely, yes. It’s also one of the most challenging films in the genre, as it’s sure to leave many fans quaking with anger or curled up in a fetal position.

Leave all of your expectations at the door, because this film is chaotic and nihilistic. It is also beautifully crafted and supremely morally-centered, as all great superhero fare is.

At center is Thanos, a big baddie whose coming has been teased in a half dozen films. His goal? To unite six Infinity Stones, sources of great galactic power. Unlike most would-be conquerers, Thanos is not interested in ruling the galaxy, but, rather, destroying half of it. Channeling Malthusian theory, he believes the universe must be “balanced” by killing half of all living beings.

On the opposing end are literally almost every character in the last decade of movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bring tissues. Thanos leaves a body count.

However, if you think you know who lives and dies, put all your expectations aside. One problem with watching this film is it is so full of feints and misdirection, you keep waiting for the next major character death. You will need to see this multiple times just so you can stop anticipating and simply enjoy the spectacle.

And boy howdy, is there ever spectacle. All of your favorite characters get their moments, and some even more than others. Front and center are Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and Thanos’s daughter Gamora (Zoe Saldana). On top of them, all of your favorites return, and perhaps the most impressive thing about this film is that everyone gets a moment to shine. Not only that, but they get specific callbacks to their films and backgrounds that are huge pay-offs for the fans who have been paying attention since Day 1.

Perhaps just as impressive is how expeditiously they dispatch their exposition in the first part of the film. Believe it or not, for a film that banks on its viewers having seen at least a half dozen other films in the series, it gives a nice intro for anyone who is either neophyte or needs a refresher. Stan Lee used to always spend the first few panels of every issue explaining how we got here, saying, “Every issue is someone’s first.” Avengers: Infinity War takes this in stride.

As great as our heroes are, this would fall flat without a great villain. And Thanos is a great villain– one who believes he is right, and we can empathize with as he goes on a personal journey as well. It’s not often that your antagonist is the one who enjoys the most character growth, but here we are.

A tiny complaint is that the CG that makes Thanos come to life looks a little uncanny valley-ish, but let’s be real: he’s a giant purple dude. He’s going to look cartoonish every once in a while. It’s ok, and it’s certainly nothing compared to another giant CG villain in a comic book event movie– Steppenwolf from Justice League. In every conceivable way, Thanos is a superior villain, despite these minor quibbles.

This film is just so unexpected. Who knew that such a giant spectacle could also carry so much emotion? It is also so meticulously constructed — balancing multiple storylines at different ends of the universe with beautiful, fantastical settings — that this truly deserves to be seen on an IMAX screen (or the biggest one you can find). The Russo Brothers prove themselves masters of being able to juggle this many things at once and yet make sure they all work. They’re master chefs who tell you they’re going to put 30 different ingredients into a giant burrito, and at first you’re incredulous, then skeptical, then hopeful, and as you taste it you’re surprised at just how well everything works together.

And a final exhortation: don’t spoil this movie for others. A LOT of stuff goes down. Make sure before you discuss it in public, on social media, that everyone around you has seen the movie.

But when you do see it, see it with friends, family, and others so you can cry together, and then wonder, “Where do they possibly go from here?”

The conclusion in 2019 can’t come soon enough to answer the questions left hanging.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Celebrate Amazing Spider-Man’s Landmark 800th Issue With a Nick Bradshaw & Morry Hollowell Variant Cover!

It’s all been building to this – the biggest Peter Parker and Norman Osborn story of all time, and the first Marvel comic EVER to hit 800 issues! In celebration of the 800th issue of Amazing Spider-Man and the now historic run of Dan Slott, Marvel is excited to show a variant cover from legendary artist Nick Bradshaw and colorist Morry Hollowell!

Witness the culmination of the Red Goblin story as Slott is joined for his final issue by epic artists such as Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Nick Bradshaw, and a main cover by Alex Ross!

The Amazing Spider-Man #800 is out May 30th.

Celebrate Amazing Spider-Man’s Landmark 800th Issue With a Frank Cho and David Curiel Variant Cover!

It’s all been building to this – the biggest Peter Parker and Norman Osborn story of all time, and the first Marvel comic EVER to hit 800 issues! In celebration of the 800th issue of Amazing Spider-Man and the now historic run of Dan Slott, Marvel has shown off a variant cover from legendary artist Frank Cho and colorist David Curiel!

Witness the culmination of the Red Goblin story as Slott is joined for his final issue by epic artists such as Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Nick Bradshaw, and main cover by Alex Ross!

The Amazing Spider-Man #800 is out May 30th.

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors are choosing up to five books and why they’re choosing the books. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.



Top Pick: The Mighty Thor #706 (Marvel) – As if #705 wasn’t epic and sad enough, let’s deal with even more sad. Bash Marvel all you want for wanting a male Thor, I love Odinson too, but this was consistently one of their best titles, and Jane has been an incredible, worthy, and Mighty Thor!

The Despicable Deadpool #299 (Marvel) – We are almost to the end of a great character redefining run. Deadpool has always been fun, but Duggan has been killing it on this title for years. He will be missed, and I can’t wait to see how this ends.

The Hunt for Wolverine #1 (Marvel) – I get that killing characters off and bringing them back is so comics, especially at Marvel the last few years. However, this is Wolverine. This is Logan. This is the little kid in me cheering loudly. Leave my boy alone, Marvel! I am hyped.

Avengers #690 (Marvel) – What a ride it’s been! I’m excited to see how they wrap all of this up and set up the characters for the multiple upcoming new #1s!

Kill or Be Killed #18 (Image) – This is such a great story that breaks the medium of comics. A fantastic modern take on pulp crime by the masters of that art form.



Top Pick: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #19 (Marvel) – Fun. That’s what this series is to me with each issue feeling like Indiana Jones in space, just starring a lesbian woman. The twists and turns are entertaining and you never know how Aphra is going to get out of a situation, or what trouble she’ll cause. Pure entertainment with each issue.

Abbott #4 (BOOM! Studios) – A solid read, each issue has a gritty sense about it and the setting has been fantastic.

Black [AF]: Widows & Orphans #1 (Black Mask Studios) – A new entry in the world of Black, I want to see what direction this series goes.

Mother Panic: Gotham A.D. #2 (DC Comics/DC’s Young Animal) – The best of the Young Animal series, this one shook things up by taking us to an alternate Gotham. We’re still trying to figure out what that all means.

The Prisoner #1 (Titan Comics) – The classic television series comes to comics!

Preview: Despicable Deadpool #299

Despicable Deadpool #299

(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Mike Hawthorne
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Apr 25, 2018
SRP: $3.99

It’s the second-to-last skirmish in the saga of the DESPICABLE DEADPOOL, and now it’s not just enemies after him, but everyone. Self-deprecation, self-defeat and self-destruction saddle up as Deadpool dives deeper into despicability! Plus, what are you gonna do, stop reading at #299?

Preview: All-New Wolverine #34

All-New Wolverine #34

Story: Tom Taylor
Art: Ramon Rosanas
Recap Page: Leonard Kirk, Jesus Aburtov
Color: Nolan Woodard
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover: David Lopez
Graphic Designers: Jay Bowen, Anthony Gambino
Editors: Mark Paniccia, Christina Harrington
Rated T+
In Shops: Apr 25, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• Though most of the world’s problems have been solved in the future, that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities to SNIKT every now and then…
• …and now that Laura’s back in the suit, she’s finding those opportunities aplenty.
• Plus: GUEST STARS you’d never believe and exotic locales you never thought you’d visit!

Unboxing: The One:12 Collective Old Man Logan

In the alternate future of Earth-807128, Wolverine has aged. Now known as Old Man Logan, he lives with his family in a barren wasteland trying to maintain as normal a life as possible.

When events turn against him Logan’s family and everything important to him is destroyed by the Hulk’s gang. Using his claws for the first time in years, Old Man Logan exacts revenge, sparing only the baby known as Bruce Jr. With his family gone, Old Man Logan heads off into the sunset with the baby vowing to set things straight.

We open up and show off this new Logan figure from Mezco Toyz.

You can order yours now:
Mezco Toyz 


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