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Marvel Future Fight Introduces New ‘Herald of Thunder’ Update

Netmarble’s latest update for the popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight brings the new the Herald of Thunder update, complete with all-new uniforms for Asgard’s greatest Super Heroes and Villains. The update also adds other in-game changes and enhancements for players to enjoy.

Two new original story chapters – ‘True S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and ‘The End of Future’ – are now available for players to experience. These newly composed stories are inspired by the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates, Captain Marvel’s universal task force, respectively. The new uniforms, including the Herald of Thunder uniform for Thor, the Agent of Asgard uniform for Loki, and the Fearless Defenders uniform for Valkyrie, are also available for players to collect.

Other MARVEL Future Fight improvements include:

  • The ‘Realize Potential’ has been newly unlocked for twelve characters including: MalekithDestroyerThor (Jane Foster), UlikFandralVolstaggHogunHelaAngelaSkurgeHeimdall and Sif.
  • The ‘Awaken Potential’ has been unlocked for ValkyrieHeimdall and Sif, with new Awaken Skills added
  • Loki can now be upgraded to Tier-3 and has new ultimate skills added.

MARVEL Future Fight celebrated its fifth anniversary with over 120 million players across the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Incoming Transmission: Jubliee and Stryfe are Coming to Marvel Contest of Champions

The Contest continues as Kabam debuted an all-new motion comic teasing two new Mutants coming to the popular mobile fighter MARVEL Contest of Champions – Jubliee and Stryfe! Here is a quick look at what the Contest has in store this month:

The peaceful Mutant lands of Krakoa have been attacked by a powerful, yet unseen, force. Cable has reluctantly teamed up with a young mutant to track down whoever could be capable of such an attack, but will their search for this mysterious foe bring peace, or assured destruction?

Join them on their journey to uncover the secrets of the past, the present, and the future!


Jubilee grew up in a wealthy family, attending a private school and becoming an exceptional gymnast. However, her life took an unexpected turn when her parents were assassinated, leaving her orphaned. After manifesting her explosive mutant powers she was welcomed with open arms into a new family, the X-Men.

A child was created as a clone of infant “Nathan Summers” in the hopes of salvaging his techno-organic virus ravished body. Thinking this child to be Nathan, Apocalypse kidnapped him, giving him the name Stryfe in preparation to one day transfer his own consciousness into Stryfe’s body. Later discovering that he was actually a clone and unfit to house his essence, Apocalypse abandoned Stryfe. Feeling betrayed by both what he thought was his real parents and his adoptive father Apocalypse, Stryfe grew up as an embittered madman seeking vengeance on those who wronged him.

Both characters will arrive to the game in January, and fans can now check out the all-new motion comic!

Other MARVEL Contest of Champions updates, including bug fixes, balance updates, and more can be found HERE.

MARVEL Realm of Champions has Launched!

Kabam has officially launched its highly anticipated, real-time mobile multiplayer action-RPG brawler MARVEL Realm of Champions on the App Store and Google Play.

Starting today, Marvel fans and gamers can Make Marvel Theirs. Unique to MARVEL Realm of Champions, players will customize their own Marvel Champion with a variety of gear and weapons to suit their personal tastes and playstyles.

Players will take part in a Secret War between Marvel-inspired factions. Team up with friends around the world for intense real-time action and arena combat against enemies and other players in an epic war of planetary proportions.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is a new imagining of the Marvel Universe that transports players to Battleworld, a mysterious, war-ravaged planet forged from many realities. The factions of Battleworld had been kept in isolation until Maestro marched over the land and forced the houses to unify into a single Realm, keeping a tenuous peace on the planet. The Maestro’s reign was cut short when he was mysteriously murdered, causing massive unrest and the threat of imminent war. In a last-ditch effort, a group of the House Leaders gathered and agreed to fight in a secret war to prevent an open war.

After selecting their Champion and equipping the best gear for the battle, players can team up with friends for epic multiplayer skirmishes in unique Marvel-inspired battle arenas and brawl in real-time cooperative battles for glory, triumph, and honor.

Players jumping into MARVEL Realm of Champions will eagerly experience the following:

  • CUSTOMIZABLE MARVEL CHAMPIONS: For the first time in a Marvel game, players take control of their Marvel Champion and customize them to showcase their personal strengths and style. Players can strategically personalize their own Champion through a large variety of gear, abilities, and weapon upgrades. They can build a well-rounded team of Marvel Champions with unique roles and abilities that cater to personal playstyles, or focus on progressing one ultimate Champion to play their part in leading teams to victory.
  • NEW, IMMERSIVE MARVEL-INSPIRED WORLD: Players can fully immerse themselves in a new world of Marvel lore and intrigue primed for multiplayer battle and mayhem. From barbarian wastelands populated with Hulks, to high-tech cityscapes built on Iron Man’s Stark Tech, players will experience action, adventure, and the thrill of victory by competing and conquering these arenas with a team of like-minded Champions.
  • EPIC MULTIPLAYER BRAWLS: Players connect with their network of friends and challenge others from around the world to decide who will conquer Battleworld in action-packed team battles. Players strategize with a cooperative team to determine the best playstyle and Champion mix, and then lead their team to victory in Arena Conquest (3v3) and Arena Deathmatch (2v2v2). Players can also team up and battle waves of enemies in Stronghold and Onslaught.
  • A VISUALLY STUNNING MARVEL CHAMPIONS EXPERIENCE: Players will witness awe-inspiring graphics and beautifully sculpted representations of Marvel characters, battle arenas, and spectacular special moves across a suite of rich environments themed after iconic Marvel Super Heroes, Super Villains and settings. MARVEL Realm of Champions features accessible and intuitive touch controls with thrilling, action-oriented combat, offering moments of pure joy and amazement within a real-time combat system.
  • ALWAYS ON & EVOLVING: Players will always have something to do when logging into MARVEL Realm of Champions, whether it’s personalizing Champions, upgrading gear sets, or fighting against enemy teams. New content, including gear sets, weapons, special limited-time events and additional Champions inspired by over 80 years of Marvel history, will be added throughout the game’s life, ensuring there is always something new to achieve in-game.

At launch, MARVEL Realm of Champions players can look forward to customizing seven playable Champions with a full suite of gear sets and unique weapons.

They will brawl in four intense game modes, in eight beautifully renderedMarvel inspired Battle Arenas. These modes offer a variety of cooperative team-ups. Arena Conquest (3v3) and Arena Deathmatch (2v2v2) are the intense real-time PvP competitive modes. Stronghold and Onslaught, are centered around a team of three who will defend their ISO-Core against waves of enemy Adaptoids and corrupted Champion bosses, whose difficulty scales as the team progresses.

In addition to the intense multiplayer action, players will get rewards for logging in daily, and can form and join player-run Alliances.

MARVEL Realm of Champions is now available as a free download (with in-app purchases) on the App Store and Google Play.

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is Coming December 15 to Steam

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, the team-based third-person shooter inspired by the epic characters and battles of Hasbro’s blockbuster franchise, will be available on PC via Steam on Dec. 15, 2020, for $29.99. Fans get also get the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes a digital art book and soundtrack, the Retro Skins Pack, and the Weapons Pack, all for $39.99. And during its first week of release, you can grab G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout for 20% off! Play as both Team Joe and Team Cobra in this action-packed adventure featuring a local co-op campaign and PvP multiplayer with support for Steam Remote Play Together.

Experience an original storyline inspired by classic ’80s comics, with 17 campaign missions featuring legendary locations like the U.S.S. Flagg and Cobra Headquarters, intense boss battles, and iconic vehicles like the G.I. Joe Persuader and Cobra H.I.S.S. tanks. Play the campaign on your own or with a friend in local split-screen co-op, then keep the fight going in four-player local PvP multiplayer modes like Capture the Flag, Assault, King of The Hill and Deathmatch Arena.

Choose your favorite heroes and villains with 12 playable characters from both sides, including Duke, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Destro, Roadblock, Storm Shadow and more. Unleash a wide variety of weapons, skins, and devastating ultimate abilities as you mastermind world domination for Team Cobra and restore world peace with Team Joe!

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout

Six New Characters Added in MARVEL Future Fight’s New Update

Netmarble’s latest update for the popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight brings an all-new update to the game inspired by the ‘Dark Avengers’ comic book series. Dark Avengers tells the tale of Norman Osborn as the former Green Goblin beginning his global reign with the formation of a team of supervillains posing as heroes.

Today’s update adds six new characters to the game, such as Sentry, Scorpion, Daken, Ares, Moonstone, and Molecule Man, along along with new uniforms, including a Dark Avengers uniform for Green Goblin and Bullseye, that are now available for players to collect.

In addition, an all-new ‘Dark Reign’ themed epic quest where the storyline unfolds around our reformed villains has been added for players to experience. Dark Reign’s main character Sentry can be acquired and bumped directly to Tier-3 in this Epic Quest, and Agents can acquire new heroes while growing Sentry through completing quests.

Other additions to MARVEL Future Fight include:

  • Awaken Potential’ and new Awaken skills have been unlocked for Bullseye, Moonstone, and Ares
  • Realize Potential’ has been unlocked for Scorpion, Daken, Ares, Moonstone, Molecule Man

MARVEL Future Fight celebrated its fifth anniversary with over 120 million players across the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Actor Comedian John Mulaney Suits Up For Spider-Ham With Marvel Contest of Champions!

Contest of Champions Spider-Ham

He’s Peter Porker, reporter by day, crime-fighting pig by night, who’s infused by spider powers. The Contest continues as actor comedian John Mulaney enters The Battlerealm and reprises his role as Spider-Ham (for Kabam’s award-winning, mobile fighter Marvel Contest of Champions. See what Peter Porker is up to in an all-new motion comic – “Back on the Air. Here is a quick look at what The Contest has in store this month:

Peter Porker here, I’m sure you’ve heard of me, big upcoming star. Boy, do I have an opportunity for you today! I’m looking for a valet and you look like you’d be a perfect fit; definitely qualified for it and not just the first person I came across. Play the new Event Quest, Framed By Fame, and get in my entourage now, or you’ll come crawling back to me when I’m a big celebrity!

Spider-Ham joins The Contest in DecemberIn the game, there’s “John Mulaney’s Champion Challenge” where Mulaney hand-picked his team of Super Heroes and Villains for players to fight against. If you defeat his team, you get some juicy rewards!

New players who download the game between Dec. 7-31 will get a FREE 2-Star Spider-Ham, which from what we understand is pretty spectacular. Also, if you’re a fan of comics, Marvel Contest of Champions is giving away a free digital version Spider-Ham #1 in their game from Dec. 1 till Dec. 31 so download the game today!

Other Marvel Contest of Champions updates, including bug fixes, balance updates, and more can be found HERE.

Nightdive and Valiant Unveil All-New Before-and-After Shadow Man: Remastered Screens

Nightdive Studios and Valiant Entertainment have released new comparative screenshots of the upcoming Shadow Man: Remastered, their remastered edition of the classic action-adventure video game Shadow Man.

Headed to Windows PC via the Steam and GOG platforms, as well as to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch consoles, Nightdive Studios’ remaster of the cult classic Shadow Man enhances the game’s playability while introducing numerous visual enhancements in the form of 4K resolution support, improved visual effects and assets, fully dynamic lighting, HDR rendering, and more! The remaster also features controller support with dual analog stick control, as well as other gameplay adjustments and the inclusion of content cut from the original game – for a remaster that greatly enhances the gameplay of the original.

Shadow Man: Remastered leverages developer Nightdive Studios’ proprietary KEX engine, which has been used to restore classic video games across all digital platforms, including System Shock: Enhanced EditionTurokTurok 2: Seeds of EvilBlood: Fresh Supply, and Strife: Veteran EditionShadow Man has never looked so good or played so well!

A brand new batch of screenshots released compares the upgraded graphical fidelity of Shadow Man: Remastered with that of the original 1999 game.

Shadow Man is the brave and powerful supernatural hero who protects humanity from the sinister demons that lurk in the Deadside and spill into our world. The video game Shadow Man was originally developed by Acclaim Studios and published for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast console in 1999. Considered a “lost classic” for years, the PC version of the game was published again in its original form by Nightdive Studios in 2014. Nightdive Studios’ Shadow Man: Remastered adds a host of features in addition to console support:

  • 4K widescreen display
  • Dynamic shadow mapping
  • Dynamic per-pixel lighting
  • Antialiasing, and other post-process effects
  • Higher density of particle effects
  • Refined art, audio, and assets
  • Refined gameplay experience
  • Reintroduction of missing content cut from the original game
  • Xbox, PS4, Controller Pro support with dual analog stick control
  • HDR Rendering

Shadow Man: Remastered releases on Windows PC and consoles in 2021.

Expand your Kingdom Hearts knowledge with Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III

Dark Horse Books, Square Enix, and Disney present Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III. Originally published in Japanese, this English translation of the fan-favorite reference guide is sure to capture the imaginations of Disney fans and gamers everywhere, arriving June 2021.

A gorgeous oversized hardcover collecting Kingdom Hearts art and trivia, leading up to the events of the most current entry in the beloved saga!

Enter the magical worlds of Disney as featured in the hit Kingdom Hearts video game series! This meticulously crafted tome showcases each of Kingdom Hearts’ unique worlds, characters, and equipment, encompassing all the games predating Kingdom Hearts III. Explore character profiles from icons like King Mickey and Goofy to modern favorites like Tron or Captain Jack Sparrow. Study detailed summaries of story arcs, along with rare concept designs and storyboards! No stone is left unturned in this grand overview, which includes content from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix through Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III arrives in comic shops and bookstores June 15, 2021, and is available for pre-order now for $44.99.

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III

The Immortal Hulk Comes to Marvel Contest of Champions Plus Get Immortal Hulk #1 for Free

Immortal Hulk has entered The Contest in Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions, and you can experience where the horror began in a FREE digital comic of Immortal Hulk #1 by Al Ewing, the writer of this month’s exciting new Quest. All you have to do is download Marvel Contest of Champions before December 2nd to claim your gifts!

The Incredible Hulk is dead, but resurrected in his stead is a monster much more frightening. In the day, he is a lifeless shell of what used to be Bruce Banner but the night is his time. The Immortal Hulk has overpowered the other Hulks, becoming dominant. Now in complete control, even the Gods fear this green demon of the dark.

Take a look at Immortal Hulk’s Champion Spotlight, which details his abilities, history, strengths recommended masteries.

You can also learn more on how you can claim your free copy of Immortal Hulk Issue #1 HERE.

Marvel Realm of Champions Comes to Mobile Devices on December 16

Mobile gamers can suit up and become their own Marvel Champion very soon! Kabam, has announced the worldwide launch date for the highly-anticipated mobile game, MARVEL Realm of Champions. Marvel fans and gamers will be able to download and play the real-time mobile multiplayer action-RPG brawler on iOS and Android devices on December 16!

In Marvel Realm of Champions, mobile gamers will be able to customize their own versions of Marvel Super Heroes for the first time, utilizing a robust character customization system offering a variety of powerful gear and weapons to tackle any combat situation and reflect their Marvel style. Newly revealed content that will be added at launch include:

  • A New Playable Championwill join Battleworld alongside the current six playable Champions – Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther, Hulk, Storm, and Sorcerer Supreme
  • Sorcerer Supreme will receive a full new gear set and weapon variant
  • Hulk will receive two new weapon variants
  • Stronghold will receive a new Battle Arena
  • Players will be able to create/join alliances and chats – additional Alliance features will be added post-launch
  • Daily rewards will be given to players who log in each day

Players can go to Google Play or to sign up for an exclusive pre-registration gift.

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