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Marvel Future Fight Gets a New X-Men Update

Netmarble Corp. has released an update to their popular Super Hero mobile game MARVEL Future Fight that unlocks the ‘Realize Potential’ functionality for Magik, adding all new X-Men Phoenix Five Uniforms for both Magik and Namor.    

Together with the new additions, Netmarble also revealed more information on their new in-game content ‘Danger Room’ that was released in September. The Danger Room is a brand-new real-time player versus environment (PvE) dungeon where players enjoy 3 vs 3 battles by fighting in teams of pre-selected weekly Super Heroes to defeat the designated boss first. After clearing Chapter 3-5 [Dark Distance] in Story Mode, new Agents may enter The Danger Room to experience new real-time battles, a diversified reward system, and the opportunity to earn X-Genes easily and engage with Tier-3 characters on a weekly basis.

MARVEL Future Fight also introduces the following events, including:

  • To celebrate new Phoenix Five uniforms, you will see all uniforms 40% discount from October 1-7.
  • On October 1-9, Agents can participate in the X-Men vs. Inhumans Faction Battle, where the player’s actions on the field, collectively add to the points of their faction to determine if they win or lose. Rewards, including Colossus, will be sent based on ranking and participation in the event.   

The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Never Mess With a Bloodstone!

As the daughter of the immortal monster-hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa Bloodstone brings her big guns to The Contest on Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions.

Elsa Bloodstone is the second of her name, daughter of legendary Vampire Hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Elsa possesses the ancient Bloodgem artifact, granting her superhuman capabilities and the ability to destroy any vampire foolish enough to drink her blood.

The Champion’s spotlight is here if you’d like to know about this character’s abilities and stats.

NYCC 2019: Kabam Reveals Marvel Realm of Champions

Kabam has revealed their second game set in the world of MarvelMarvel Realm of Champions. Developed as a real-time mobile RPG for longtime Marvel fans and enthusiastic mobile gamers, players will align with Marvel-inspired factions known as ‘Houses’, and team up with friends for real-time action arena combat against enemies and other players as part of an epic war of global proportions in the Battleworld. New York Comic-Con attendees can pledge loyalty to their favorite House and learn more by visiting the booth #556 from Oct. 3-6.

Marvel Realm of Champions is a bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe that transports players to the Battleworld, a forbidden planet behind the Space-Time Barrier, where its uneasy peace is disrupted by the death of Maestro, the God-King. With alliances between the Houses, including the House of Iron (Iron Man), Spider-Guild (Spider-Man), Patriot Garrison (Captain America), Pyramid X (X-Men), and more, now shattered, it is pure war across the land for complete global domination. As a Champion aligned with one of the Houses, players will work together, or fight each other to gather resources for their faction across the Battleworld.

After outfitting their Champion with Super Hero-inspired gear, players will ally with their friends to explore the Marvel-inspired landscapes such as high-tech cities built on Stark Technologies, fantasy-inspired Asgardian battlefields and more. On the map, players can battle it out in localized battle arenas across a variety of Player vs. Environment (PvE) and Player vs. Player (PvP) modes, with each battle contributing to the larger conflict between Houses. By strategically using character class abilities against enemies for better teamwork and maximum effect, players can live out their fantasy of becoming their own Marvel Super Hero, forge diplomatic alliances, and lead their House to victory on the Battleworld in Marvel Realm of Champions.

New York Comic-Con attendees can learn more about Marvel Realm of Champions at the Marvel Games panel on Oct. 4 at noon PT / 3 p.m. ET.

Batman Comes to Fortnite Until October

The Bat-Signal has appeared over the Island. Batman has crossed over with the popular video game Fortnite until October 6 to celebrate Batman’s 80th Anniversary.

Gotham City has come to Fortnite and this POI lets you be the hero to the citizens of the city. You’ll get your own Batman cape and the power of Glider Redeploy!

Being a hero is even more fun when you have some “wonderful toys” at your disposal. Drop in the game now to try out the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang! There’s the Batman Crusader Pack as well as individual Batman-themed items in the stop including an outfit for Catwoman.

From the Golden Age Comics, Vision (Aarkus) Joins Marvel Contest of Champions

An alien crime fighter and law enforcer with a relentless smoking habit. The Vision (Aarkus) enters The Contest on Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions.

Vision, whose true name is Aarkus, is an alien law enforcement officer from a dimension known as Smokeworld. After being accidentally contacted by a scientist from Earth, Aarkus came to our dimension to fight crime. He has the ability to control gasses, smoke and cold, even teleporting to the far side of the world using little more than a smouldering cigar.

The Champion’s spotlight is here if you’d like to know about this character’s abilities and stats.

A NEW Phoenix Five Themed Update for Marvel Future Fight

Today, the Phoenix Force emerges from the ashes in Netmarble’s new update for their popular Super Hero mobile game MARVEL Future FightAgents will now be able to suit up with all-new characters, leverage their uniforms to conquer the latest Danger Room dungeon and much more.

MARVEL Future Fight’s Phoenix Five update introduces Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, and Kid Omega as they join the battle to save the universe. Phoenix Five-themed uniforms are also now available for Agents to collect.

In addition, today’s update introduces the Danger Room, a brand-new real-time player versus environment (PvE) dungeon where players enjoy 3-on-3 team battles. The goal is to fight in teams and eliminate the final Boss first before the opposing team. Exclusive growth system and character for the Danger Room will be added in the update as well.

Other additions and improvements to MARVEL Future Fight include:

  • Cyclops can be upgraded to Tier-3, with new added ultimate skills.
  • The ‘Realize Potential’ feature can now be unlocked for Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, Kid Omega and Cyclops.
  • Improved Alliance Tournament by refraining from tie scores so that winning alliance and MVP are clearly selected.

MARVEL Future Fight celebrated its four-year anniversary with over 100 million players across the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Marvel Future Fight Phoenix

Claire Voyant, aka Black Widow, Joins Marvel Contest of Champions

How far are you willing to seek revenge…even if it meant becoming Satan’s right hand man? Send your enemies to the grave with a single touch. Black Widow (Claire Voyant), is now available on Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions.

Claire Voyant was a spirit medium who communicated with the dead through supernatural means. Killed by a client in a job gone wrong, Voyant is sent to Hell where Satan gives her the ability to kill with a single touch, sending her back to Earth to avenge her own death. After avenging her murder, Voyant returns to Satan who, no longer content to wait for evil souls to die a natural death, charges her with bringing more souls to him.

The Champion’s spotlight is here if you’d like to know about this character’s abilities and stats.

Dark Horse Announces The Complete Art of Guild Wars: ArenaNet 20th Anniversary Edition

Dark Horse Comics and ArenaNet invite all asura, sylvari, norn, char, and humans to add The Complete Art of Guild Wars: ArenaNet 20th Anniversary Edition to their collections! The Complete Art of Guild Wars: ArenaNet 20th Anniversary Edition is a glorious, oversized, full-color tome that includes art and commentary chronicling the ongoing development of the Guild Wars universe. 

Explore the living history of Tyria through an expansive collection of never-before-seen concept art, production material, and creator commentary from Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 that offers exclusive insight into an ever-changing world inhabited by millions of players! The continuing growth of the Guild Wars franchise is lovingly detailed by the ArenaNet artists themselves in a volume that commemorates the studio’s 20th anniversary. 

The Complete Art of Guild Wars: ArenaNet 20th Anniversary Edition hardcover goes on sale on March 24, 2020. This 192-page hardcover retails for $39.99.

The Complete Art of Guild Wars: ArenaNet 20th Anniversary Edition

Warlock Joins Marvel Contest of Champions

Self is ready to battle. Self will protect SelfFriends and become Champion! The Technarchy, shapeshifting jokester, Warlock, is now available on Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions.

Self is referred to as Warlock. Self is capable of many wondrous feats, including changing shape and making jokes! Transmode virus, also used to transfer lifeglow from Opponents, Self will not harm any Champion in The Contest! Hilarious falsehood! Much harm will come to any who attempt to harm Self or SelfFriends!

The Champion’s spotlight is here if you’d like to know about this character’s abilities and stats.

Spawn and the Joker Join Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11‘s Kombat Pack roster has been revealed and there’s some comic characters within. Both Spawn and the Joker will be playable along with a T-800 Terminator.

Other characters include Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, and Sindel plus skin and gear with each DLC character and 19 additional skins. Guesses on those skins and Spawn and Joker’s fatalities?

The pack will be released on January 28, 2020.

Check out the reveal video below.

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