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Nova Enters Marvel Contest of Champions

The Skrulls are on the attack. Who will prevent another invasion from arising?! Richard Rider prepares for battle as Nova – now available on Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions.

All was normal for New York high-school student, Richard Rider until he came into contact with the Nova Corps, a peace-keeping force based on the planet Xandar. After the planet Xandar was invaded and destroyed by a space pirate known as Zorr, the last surviving member of Xandar’s elite Nova Corps, Rhomann Dey, selected Richard Rider to replace him. Rider is given a uniform and powers of a Nova Centurion but little instruction on how to use them. Calling himself Nova, Rider becomes a Super Hero, teaming with other heroes such as Spider-Man and Thor to use his powers for the good of Earth and the universe while serving as its protector.

The Champion’s spotlight is here if you’d like to know about this character’s abilities and stats.

Preview: Gears of War: Hivebusters #4 (of 5)

Gears of War: Hivebusters #4 (of 5)

(W) Kurtis J. Wiebe (A/CA) Alan Quah
In Shops: Jan 15, 2020
SRP: $3.99

With the memories of those they’ve lost fresh in their minds, Team Scorpio has finally made it to the hive. But as they fight their way through, they’ll also uncover a disturbing secret that could tip the balance in their fight against the Swarm. Don’t miss the penultimate issue of this new Gears of War mission!

Gears of War games have collectively garnered more than 520 media and industry awards, accolades, and nominations.

With The Coalition and franchise co-creator Rod Fergusson leading development, Xbox Game Studios is tripling down on “Gears of War” with three new titles: Gears 5, Gears Pop!, and Gears Tactics.

Ask your retailer about the limited Pierre Droal variant!

Gears of War: Hivebusters #4 (of 5)

The All-New Original Super Hero Team Warriors of the Sky is Now Available in Marvel Future Fight

Revealed earlier at the Thailand Game Show in October 2019, Netmarble announced their all-new original team of four Marvel Super Heroes. ‘Warriors of the Sky’ can now be recruited in today’s MARVEL Future Fight update. New uniforms, gameplay systems, and other improvements have also been added to celebrate the inclusion of the MARVEL Future Fight-exclusive playable characters.

The four Super Heroes that make up the ‘Warriors of the Sky’ team consist of Blue DragonWar TigerSun Bird, and Shadow Shell. Each character has unique powers and different backstories for players to learn, explore, and collect.

The update introduces ‘Potential Awaken’, a new system that allows heroes to gain new active skills. Heroes capable of awakening potential can be developed by satisfying their growth conditions.

In addition, Story Missions have been renewed with all-new system content. New Story Missions are introduced to enhance the Story’s delivery and excitement to Agents.

Agents can also access new uniforms for Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America (Sharon Rogers).  

Other improvements to MARVEL Future Fight include:  

  • Crescent Upgrade – Crescent can be upgraded to Tier-3 to unlock new ultimate skills
  • Unlock ‘Realize Potential’ feature – Blue Dragon, War Tiger, Sun Bird, Shadow Shell, Songbird, White Tiger, Wiccan, Hulkling and Squirrel Girl
  • Other Updates – Enhanced Equipment and Custom Gear for game convenience

MARVEL Future Fight celebrated its fourth anniversary with over 100 million players across the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Marvel Future Fight Warriors of the Sky

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Enters Marvel Contest of Champions

Some may scoff at Doreen Green when they meet her, but she uses her squirrel-like abilities and positive attitude to take down some notably intimidating foes. Squirrel Girl is now available on Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions.

Doreen Green’s squirrel-like abilities made her an outsider in her teenage years. She escaped the insults of her classmates by hiding in the woods, among the squirrels. With the help of her good friend Tippy Toe, Squirrel Girl has taken down some of the most feared Super Villains in the universe. With an almost unrivaled win record, she lives up to the title, the “Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.”

The Champion’s spotlight is here if you’d like to know about this character’s abilities and stats.

Marvel Realm of Champions Reveal New Details for House of Iron

When Stark Tower was first forcefully brought to Battleworld by Maestro, it wasn’t as large an upset for Tony Stark as some might assume. Imprisonment and dire stakes are what first made Tony put hammer to metal and forge an Iron Man suit, and from this tragic situation, a new Age of Iron would rise. For a time, while The Battleworld was being forged by war…the House of Iron stood as a shining beacon of hope. Innovation and betterment were the only missions of this safe-haven. Enemies were faced on the battlefield, but many foes were turned to friends when shown the wonders of Stark Tech and the safety of dwelling in the Armored City.

Much time passed, and innovation allowed for surprisingly long life-spans. The aging Tony Stark grew more and more reclusive, often disappearing into Stark Tower or off on “Diplomatic missions” for months, if not years. Following a tragic accident during an Extremis experiment, which nearly leveled an entire territory, Stark Prime (the official AI simulacrum of Tony Stark) announced that automated protocols had been enacted and he would be acting CEO for the foreseeable future. Additionally, all Stark Technology suits’ OS shifted overnight from being J.A.R.V.I.S. assisted to Stark Prime monitored.

There remains a strong belief that all other Houses could be improved with the addition of Stark Technology. However, that technology comes with the price of Stark Prime as an ever-present failsafe. Sadly, not everyone has been open to the idea of a Stark on their shoulder. There is always hope that with time they will see the advantages of a world united under the banner of the House of Iron. This message contains information which may be confidential and privileged. Unless you are the intended recipient (or authorized to receive this message for the intended recipient), you may not use, copy, disseminate or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in the message. If you have received the message in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail, and delete the message. Thank you very much.

Marvel Realm of Champions House of Iron
Marvel Realm of Champions House of Iron

Valiant and Blowfish Studios Get Digital With Video Games

Valiant logo

Valiant Entertainment is teaming up with Blowfish Studios to develop a slate of all-new action-packed video games featuring the popular characters from Valiant’s Superhero Universe. This will mark the first multi-platform Valiant video games since Acclaim’s acquisition of the company back in the ’90s.   

Valiant Entertainment is home to the third-largest connected universe in comics, behind Marvel and DC, with over 2,000 characters. Since DMG Entertainment’s acquisition of Valiant in late 2018, the global media and entertainment company has proven its ambitious plans to grow its presence in Hollywood, making its first foray into theaters this coming February with the much-anticipated release of Sony’s “Bloodshot” starring Vin Diesel.

In addition the the newly announced video game partnership, Valiant has multiple projects in the works, including an upcoming “Harbinger” feature with Paramount Studios and a “Quantum & Woody” TV series to be executive produced by the Russo Bros. On the publishing side, Valiant’s comic sales have risen 10% this year, along with six Valiant titles cracking the top 100.

The video game developer is delving deep into the history of the Valiant Universe to craft an exhilarating adventure for fans.

Silver Surfer Comes to Marvel Contest of Champions

The year of the Fantastic 4 is coming to an end soon, but there’s one final vital member left to be returned. Silver Surfer joins The Battlerealm to celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions!

To protect his planet from certain Annihilation, Norrin Radd relinquished his life to become the Silver Surfer, a Herald of Galactus. Now imbued with the Power Cosmic, the Silver Surfer travels the galaxy in search of new planets to feed Galactus’ insatiable hunger.

The Champion’s spotlight is here if you’d like to know about this character’s abilities and stats.

Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions is celebrating its 5th Anniversary! More than 160 Champions have been released since MARVEL Contest of Champions launched December 10, 2014 and in the five years, helping the game earn over 2.8 Billion Hours Played from over 215 Million Summoners. Together, they’ve participated in over 70 Billion Completed Fights. For comparison, the four-year anniversary last December 10th highlighted its 135 Champions since the game’s launch with a total playtime of over 2 billion hours and 39 billion fights between players.

To commemorate the milestone, view the brand-new anniversary trailer to get a glimpse at what the future holds for those brave enough to face the challenges ahead.

What path will you choose summoner? Become the Champion you were always meant to be.

Step Into the World of Night City with The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition

Dark Horse Books and CD PROJEKT RED present a deluxe edition of The World of Cyberpunk 2077The World of Cyberpunk 2077 is an extensive examination of the rich lore of Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most anticipated games of 2020 from CD PROJEKT RED. This intricately assembled tome contains everything you need to know about the history, characters, and world of the long-awaited RPG from the creators of The Witcher video game series.

Step into a dark future where violence, oppression, and cyberware implants aren’t just common—they’re necessary tools to get ahead. Explore the various districts, gangs, and history of Night City. Learn all there is to know about the technology of tomorrow and research the cybernetics, weapons, and vehicles of Cyberpunk 2077.

The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition features a gorgeous exclusive cover and slipcase. In this deluxe edition, fans will also find a few items to help them feel more at home among the gangers, corpos, outcasts, and cyberpunks in Night City! Readers can show their alignment with any of Night City’s varied, colorful gangs with a set of temporary tattoos. Honor the gone-but-not-forgotten superstar, Johnny Silverhand, with an exclusive poster. Finally, the deluxe edition also includes four postcards that each showcase a vehicle from one of Night City’s diverse and unique lifestyles.

The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition goes on sale April 22, 2020, and retails for $99.99.

The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Deluxe Edition

The Temple of Vishanti Revealed for MARVEL Realm of Champions

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Kabam has revealed more information about one of MARVEL Realm of Champions’ featured Houses – the Temple of Vishanti.

CAPITAL: Kamar-Taj
BARON TITLE: The Ancient One


The Isles of Agamotto were once simply The Island of Agamotto. Little is known of the time before The Great Cleft that cracked the single island into multiple fractured realities, but in its wake, the mystics of The Temple of Vishanti began their scholarly federation. Their primary focus was and remains the Mystic Caldera within which lies a dangerous and powerful portal to other dimensions, some even too dangerous for The Ancient One to study for too long. 

Though the Caldera is a source of knowledge for The Temple of Vishanti, it is also a source of danger. During The Maestro’s Conquest the Temple remained neutral, much to the ire of other Houses and even members of the Temple, many of whom resisted his rule. Though outwardly this seemed to many as an act of pacifistic cowardice, only the Sorcerers Supreme know the real reason: The Ancient One could not fight a war on two fronts. Maestros’ destabilization of the realities of Battleworld dislodged many of the mystic safeguards in place throughout the Isles of Agamotto, causing The Dark Dimension’s horological stabilizations to falter.

Now that The Maestro is dead and the safeguards restored, the scholars of The Temple have returned to their study of the Caldera and the realities across the Isles. From their capital in Kamar-Taj at the threshold of the swirling dimensional vortex, to their archive of arcane curios in the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Sorcerers Supreme are poised to be powerful players in the coming days if only they can turn their eyes towards the real dangers in front of them, as opposed to those that lie behind a mystic veil.

MARVEL Realm of Champions
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