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The Ruthless Conqueror Terrax the Tamer Joins MARVEL Contest of Champions

Submit your loyalty to Terrax the Tamer as he seeks to dominate the contest on Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions.

Tyros once reigned over the city of Lanlak on the planet of Birj. Galactus saw the brutal dictator’s potential and made him his own Herald of Galactus. With Terrax’s command over rock and earth now magnified and the Power Cosmic on his side, “Terrax the Tamer” became Galactus’ most ruthless conqueror.

Terrax’s Champion Spotlight, which details his abilities, history, strengths and weaknesses, can be found here.

Horizon Zero Dawn Comes to Comics

Titan Comics and Guerrilla embark on an exciting adventure together with their first original comic book series set in the world of the global smash-hit PS4 game Horizon Zero Dawn. The hotly-anticipated debut issue is set to arrive in stores summer 2020 with a cover by superstar artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Set on a far future Earth, where nature has reclaimed the planet but massive, animal-like machines now rule the land, Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy, an extraordinary young woman whose quest to solve the riddle of her mysterious origins takes her deep into the ruins of the ancient past.

Released in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn garnered praise from both fans and critics alike, receiving numerous awards including the 2018 Writers Guild of America Award for Achievement in Videogame Writing and the 2018 BAFTA Games Award for Original Property.

Titan’s new comic book series – co-created by Anne Toole, one of the writers of Horizon Zero Dawn, with artwork by fan-favorite artist Ann Maulina – takes place after the events of the game as Talanah, a strong and determined hunter, struggles to find purpose after her trusted friend Aloy disappears. When a mysterious threat emerges in the wilds, she sets out to hunt and to defeat it, only to learn that a whole new breed of killer machines stalk the land!

Issue #1 is set to debut in comic stores on July 22, 2020, with a range of amazing variant covers to collect, including artwork by superstar artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, fan-favorite digital illustrator LoishPeach Momoko, original game art, plus much more! Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn can also look forward to a one-shot prequel comic book, which leads into this brand-new issue #1 to be released as part of Free Comic Book Day 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn #1 hits comic stores and digital devices on July 22, 2020.

Horizon Zero Dawn #1

Celebrate 25 Years of BioWare With Two New Books From Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics and BioWare present Bioware: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development and Dragon Age: The First Five Graphic Novels.

From the BioWare’s isometric role-playing roots to its intense space operas and living worlds, chart the legendary game studio’s first 25 years in this massive retrospective. See what it took to make games in those wild early days. Pore over details of secret, cancelled projects. Discover the genesis of beloved characters and games. Includes never-before-seen art and photos anchored by candid stories from developers past and present. Bioware: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development hardcover will retail for $39.99.

Return to the world of Dragon Age! In BioWare’s epic fantasy world of Thedas, there are those who are willing to sacrifice their humanity for wealth and power, and those who will die to protect innocent people from them. Empires approach open conflict, assassins lurk in every shadow, and dark forces aim to throw the land into chaos. Heroes will arise from the most unlikely of places to face the darkness approaching. Dragon Age: The First Five Graphic Novels collects Dragon Age: The Silent GroveDragon Age: Those Who SpeakDragon Age: Until We SleepDragon Age: Magekiller, and Dragon Age: Knight Errant. This paperback collection is a must have for Dragon Age fans everywhere and will retail for $29.99.

Bioware: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development will be available everywhere October 13, 2020. Dragon Age: The First Five Graphic Novels will be available everywhere October 27, 2020.

The Asgardian Republic Revealed for MARVEL Realm of Champions

Marvel Realm of Champions Asgardian Republic

Kabam has revealed new details for the upcoming real-time mobile action RPG MARVEL Realm of Champions’ and this month’s featured House – the Asgardian Republic.

Prior to the Maestro’s campaign across Battleworld, Asgard and the Nine Realms carried on much as they had across the history of the multiverse. The Realms quarreled, the Asgardians stomped out opponents and insurrections, and the Aesir people lived in the opulent but hard-edged comfort they were known for. Relations with the other peoples of Battleworld were positive, based on long histories of old association and mutual benefit, the names and unity of the old heroes not forgotten even as time marched on.

When the Maestro arrived, Asgard’s people found themselves unprepared, moreso than any could have fathomed. Though they fought bravely with their well-known tenacity, the Maestro was simply too powerful and his armies too great, and the heroic Asgardians buckled under the weight of his strength.

In a desperate move Odin did the unthinkable and shattered the Bifrost. With the rainbow bridge destroyed, the Maestro and his invading armies were forced back out of Asgard, but the resulting blast was disastrous and seemingly took Odin’s life in the process. An unnatural frost spread throughout Asgard afterwards, causing massive shards and crystalline structures of unmelting ice to sprout from deep below the earth. The towering glaciers shattered mountains, tore cities apart, and transformed the land irrevocably, with no end in sight.

As the dust settled, panic overcame the varied peoples of the Nine Realms, and wars quickly broke out all across the lands, all previous bonds and allegiances forsaken in the name of raw survival. It would be a year of conflict and strife before a new leader arose, one with the strength and will to tame the new Asgard. That leader would be War Thor.

Developed as a real-time mobile RPG for longtime Marvel fans and enthusiastic mobile gamers, players will align with Marvel-inspired factions known as ‘Houses’, and team up with friends for real-time action arena combat against enemies and other players as part of an epic war of global proportions in the Battleworld.

Marvel Realm of Champions Asgardian Republic

House of X and Powers of X Come to Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble has announced a new update inspired by Marvel’s “House of X” and “Powers of XX-Men comic book storylines – in which Charles Xavier and the mutants create a new world order on the island of Krakoa and reveal themselves to the world — for their popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight. All-new characters, gameplay improvements, and House of X-themed uniforms are now available for Agents to collect and experience.

New uniforms have been added, including a House of X uniform for Wolverine and Magneto, a Marvel Girl uniform for Jean Grey and a Nimrod the Lesser uniform for Sentinel. Three new House of X-themed characters have also been added to the game: Professor X, Mystique, and Mister Sinister.

Additionally, Professor X has new ultimate skills and can now be upgraded to Tier-3, while the ‘Awaken Potential feature’ for Mystique is now unlocked. The ‘Realize Potential’ feature is also unlocked for Professor X, Mystique, and Mister Sinister. Other improvements include updates to the S.H.I.E.L.D Academy Mission and tutorial renewal.

Today’s update also introduces ‘Squad Battle’ to MARVEL Future Fight. Squad Battle is a new game mode where players compete with other Agents with obtained battle scores by forming teams of Super Heroes that meet specific conditions. Players are divided into six leagues where they must compete against each other for access to higher leagues. Every week, leagues are re-established and promotions, sustainment, and demotions are determined by ranks within each league.

MARVEL Future Fight celebrated its fourth anniversary with over 100 million players across the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Shadowman Gets a Remastered Edition of a Classic Video Game

Valiant Entertainment has partnered with Nightdive Studios to develop a remastered edition of the classic action-adventure video game Shadowman. The remastered edition will be coming to Windows PC via the Steam and GOG platforms, as well as to the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch consoles. This partnership continues Valiant’s expansion into other mediums in addition to publishing.

Shadow Man is the brave and powerful supernatural hero who protects humanity from the sinister demons that lurk in the Deadside and spill into our world. The Shadow Man video game was originally developed by Acclaim Studios and published for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast console in 1999. Considered a “lost classic” for years, the PC version of the game was published again in its original form by Nightdive Studios in 2014.

Now the title is being updated using Nightdive’s proprietary KEX engine which has been used to restore classic video games across all digital platforms including System Shock: Enhanced EditionTurokTurok 2: Seeds of EvilBlood: Fresh Supply, and Forsaken Remastered.

The Remastered version adds a host of features in addition to console support:

* 4K widescreen display
* Dynamic shadow mapping
* Dynamic per-pixel lighting
* Antialiasing, and other post-process effects
* Higher density of particle effects
* Refined art, audio, and assets
* Refined gameplay experience
* Reintroduction of missing content cut from the original game
* Xbox, PS4, Controller Pro support
* HDR Rendering

Shadowman will also have a brand-new comic book series this year! From the master of horror Cullen Bunn and bone-chilling artist Jon Davis-Hunt, Shadowman #1 will release on May 20th. Fans can contact their local comic shop to preorder a copy now.


Master the Way of the Ghost with The Art of Ghost of Tsushima

Dark Horse Books and Sucker Punch Productions present The Art of Ghost of Tsushima. This beautifully realized tome is inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics and chronicles the creation of the video game Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions.

The Art of Ghost of Tsushima showcases every detail of the vast and exotic locale, featuring elegant illustrations of dynamic characters, spirited landscapes, and diagrams of Samurai sword-fighting techniques, along with a look at storyboards and renders from the most intense, eloquent, and expressive cinematic moments of the game.

The Art of Ghost of Tsushima hits shelves in 2020, and the beautiful, 208-page art book retails for $49.99.

The Art of Ghost of Tsushima

Mole Man Rises from the Depths in Marvel Contest of Champions

Never pick on the little guy, especially if his best friend is a subterranean monster! Rule over mankind and submit to Mole Man as he enters the contest on Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions.

Socially shunned for his dwarfish appearance and expelled from his academic roots in nuclear engineering for his Hollow Earth theories, Harvey Rupert Elder stumbles upon the Monster Isle and falls deep into the realm of Subterranea, becoming blinded before the Valley of Diamonds. After this discovery, Elder dubs himself the Mole Man, ruler of Subterranea and the caverns of Monster Isle. Riding on the back of his most trusted monster friend, Giganto Jr., the Mole Man burrows his way into the Contest.

Mole Man’s Champion Spotlight, which details his abilities, history, strengths, and weaknesses, can be found here.

E3 is Officially Canceled


While the rumor has swirled for a day, E3 has officially canceled this year’s convention over COVID-19 concerns.

Run by the Entertainment Software Association, they are looking at other options to showcase industry announcements that would have happened at the convention which has become an important platform for video game publishers.

You can read their full statement below:

After careful consultation with our member companies regarding the health and safety of everyone in our industry – our fans, our employees, our exhibitors, and our longtime E3 partners – we have made the difficult decision to cancel E3 2020, scheduled for June 9-11 in Los Angeles.

Following increased and overwhelming concerns about the COVID-19 virus, we felt this was the best way to proceed during such an unprecedented global situation. We are very disappointed that we are unable to hold this event for our fans and supporters. But we know it’s the right decision based on the information we have today.

Our team will be reaching out directly to exhibitors and attendees with information about providing full refunds.

We are also exploring options with our members to coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and news in June 2020. Updates will be shared on

We thank everyone who shared their views on reimagining E3 this year. We look forward to bringing you E3 2021 as a reimagined event that brings fans, media, and the industry together in a showcase that celebrates the global video game industry.

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