Black (Comic) History Month: Demo-Graphics, African Americans & Comic Publishers

For Black History Month we’ve been taking a look at characters, series, and creators, but I thought it also might be nice to also look at some of the demographic data that exists. The first thing I wanted to see was if African-American comic fans varied as to what publisher they liked.

For this demographic report I again dove into Facebook using the data provided as per usual. In February, African-Americans accounted for 3.4 million of the 32 million “comic fans,” making them 10.63% of the population. In general on Facebook, African-Americans make up 11.24% of the Facebook population.

I decided to look at not just publishers, but “comics” and “manga” as well to see what the percentage of African-Americans like them as well as how it breaks down as far as men and women.

In general for all of the terms below African-Americans account for 10.83% of that population. Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Dynamite, and in general comics underperform that percentage. Image, IDW, BOOM!, Oni, and Manga outperform. BOOM! and Oni especially do well having the top two percentages.

When it comes to percentage, men and women are the closest for Image, Comics and Manga. The biggest difference between men and women is Dark Horse.

AA Comic Data 2.9.15This is just the first report! I’ve got two more Mondays to dive even deeper into the information.