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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Publishers and Gender

I don’t get too many requests for statistics, but this one seemed really interesting. A reader asked to see the breakdown of publishers by gender on Facebook. Below I’ve included that and some more. When it comes to terms, Facebook is looking at more than just fan pages, but puts together an algorithm that grabs multiple items. They don’t exactly shed a light on exactly what that is.

Here’s the breakdown of below:

  • Total – this is the amount of people listed by Facebook for that term
  • US Total – the above amount, but in the United States (% is that of the US/Total)
  • Men – The amount of individuals who mark themselves as men in the US (% is that of Men/US)
  • Women – The amount of individuals who mark themselves as women in the US (% is that of Women/US)

I have also color coded the results:

  • Green – Publishers where women are a majority of their Facebook fans in the United States
  • Yellow – Publishers where women are not the majority, but are greater than our result from our latest Facebook Fandom study of all of comic book fans.

You can’t just add up terms to get groupings, so I’m open to suggestions on which publishers go with which, so I can run groups of publishers together and we can see what results we get.

publishers gender 12.2.13

Almost American


  • Curious about Viz. Is that just the VIZ page, or an aggregate of its imprints? Shojo Beat has its own Facebook page, as does Shonen Jump Magazine, it’s manga anthology.