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Comic Book Fans on Facebook – May 31, 2011

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We continue to track the number of comic book fans on Facebook.  This week’s entry is a head scratcher as the overall count of people identifying themselves as comic book fans has increased but demographic info like the education took dip.

Total Estimated United States Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 1,864,140.  This is an increase of 3,100 over the week.  Below is the usual further breakdown.

Men vs. Women

While both men and women dipped about 70,000, the “unknown” category for gender skyrocketed by 130,000.  It’s completely unknown as to why this is the case.  Education also dropped across the board, which is strange.  My guess is this can be chalked up to glitches in the mechanism to get this information, but we’ll see next week if the numbers change more like last week’s.

5.31 Facebook Gender
5.31 Facebook EducationAge

Again the age stats are a bit odd like the education ones.  The universe for those under the age of 17 increased as well as those  34-37.  Overall, everything else dipped.
5.31 Facebook Age5.31 Facebook Age Raw
Relationship Status

Again showing how odd these numbers are the stats for the gender breakdown do not add up to the overall total.  The numbers were looked at multiple times, each bringing back the same results.  The reason, who knows.

5.31 Facebook Relationship Status
5.31 Facebook Relationship Status RawGender Interest

Numbers continue to be all over the place as the percentages have dropped overall for everything.  Could it be that it’s summer and people are hiding their status in hopes of meeting that special someone?

5.31 Facebook Gender Interest

The numbers this week are bizarre.  I can’t explain why they’re all over the place and will have to wait until next week to see if they bounce back.