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Comic Book Fans on Facebook – May 24, 2011

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It’s the latest entry of our series looking at the demographics of comic book fans on Facebook.  This ongoing series looks at 29 different “likes” having to do with comic books.  These likes include publishers and general terms and does not include individual series, writers or artists.

Total Estimated United States Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 1,861,040.  This is an increase of 58,540, a sizable difference than the previous week’s gain of 2,220.  Below is the usual further breakdown.

Men vs. Women

Both genders saw a gain of about 30,000 individuals.  It’s interesting that the gain was so even between the two, making me think there might have been issues earlier with Facebook’s indexing of the data, but we’ll see next week if this holds up.

5.24 Comic Book Fans on Facebook Gender

Education shifted a bit as expected, but nothing that really stands out.  I’d expect we’ll see some shift of high school to college and college graduates, but we’ll see how that goes.

5.24 Comic Book Fans on Facebook Education


Again, we see overall gains no matter the age bracket.  There was some strong gains with women over the age of 58.

5.24 Comic Book Fans on Facebook Age5.24 Comic Book Fans on Facebook Age Raw Stats

Relationship Status

There were gains overall as expected, but the Married status made the most gains out of everything.  Single still makes up the majority but there’s a lot less single geeks out there this week.

5.24 Comic Book Fans on Facebook Relationship Status5.24 Comic Book Fans on Facebook Relationship Status Raw Stats

Gender Interest

Again, gains all around for this statistic.  The largest gain was men interested in women and second highest is women interested in men.  Men interested in men also has come close to breaking the 2% mark.

5.24 Comic Book Fans on Facebook Gender Interest

We’ll wait to see next week’s results to make sure this week wasn’t an anomaly.