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Comic Book Fans on Facebook – May 17, 2011

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It’s our third entry in our series that looks at comic book fans on Facebook and their demographics.  For this entry I’ve added a 29th like into the mix, but that only added a dozen new fans than just going with the original 28.

Total Estimated United States Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 1,802,500.  This is an increase of 2,220 individuals since last week.  Could the lack of a high profile movie like Thor or event like Free Comic Day account for the slower growth?  We’ll pay attention to the overall growth as more big summer movies open up.  If similar increases like last week happen around the release of a movie, we can assume this plays into it somehow.

But, onto the breakdown.

Men vs. Women

The female population actually took a dip this week by 4,000 individuals, while the “unknown” population and men both increased by about 2,000 and 4,000.  It’s interesting to see one demographic take such a dip while the others gained.  While the overall percentage of men remained pretty stable, women dropped by about a half a percent.

Comic Book Fans on Facebook Gender 5.17.11

Education also shows an interesting dip in college grads which also decreased almost 8,000 people.  The education for women also increased across the board in both raw numbers and percentages.  There’s less women, but they’re more educated.  An interesting blip that might be just that.

Comic Book Fans on Facebook Education 5.17.11Age

The age breakdown is actually really consistent from last week.  There’s not really anything that sticks out to me for sudden shifts.  There’s a loss of women age 18-21, which might explain the dip and who was lost above.

Comic Book Fans on Facebook Age 5.17.11Comic Book Fans on Facebook Age Raw Numbers 5.17.11Relationship Status

Overall more people marked down this stat.  In the big picture has changed that much and it’s all stabilized with the numbers coming in about the same as last week.

Comic Book Fans on Facebook Relationship Status 5.17.11Comic Book Fans on Facebook Relationship Status Raw Numbers 5.17.11Gender Interest

This is another one that’s a bit odd.  Men who are “interested” in men dropped by about 1,000 while men “interested” in women increased by about 7,000.  Women “interested” in men remained the same while women “interested” in women increased a small amount.  While I don’t believe these numbers completely align with orientation, it’ll be interesting to see any patterns that might develop over time.

Comic Book Fans on Facebook Interest 5.17.11
Overall, there’s still nothing that really jumps out other than the decrease in women and the decreased gain overall in the population size from last week.  It’ll be a few months before we can really start guessing as to some of the factors that might play into these numbers.