Demo-Graphics: Gender Shifts Since 2013

Earlier today I presented the newest demographic details of those who “like” comics on Facebook. These stats have been compiled since late 2012 and have been interesting indicators for shifts. We can see the shrinking of the gap between men and women, and recently an expansion of the gap between the sexes. 2016 saw a volatile demographic where the overall population was consistently up and down and rather flat overall. January 2016 was 38 million individuals and January 2017 is also 38 million individuals.

It’s also interesting that the percents for men and women seem to get closer to each other towards the end of the year in each year.

Check out the shifts in raw numbers and percentage. Well have more data over the next week.

comics-gender-percent-2013-to-2017-1 comics-gender-percent-2013-to-2017-2