Demo-Graphics: The Walking Dead vs. Fear the Walking Dead

Over the past two weeks I’ve been exploring the demographics of those who “like” The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead on Facebook. While there’s much that’s similar between the two, they each have their own fandom. For these types of reports, I look at those who like terms associated with each show.

The Walking Dead has over 24 million fans in the United States, and Fear the Walking Dead‘s 1.4 million fans is a subset. In other words, those who like Fear the Walking Dead also like The Walking Dead.

Lets dive in to see where they are similar and where they differ.

Gender and Age

When it comes to gender, both shows enjoy a majority made up of women when it comes to their gender split with The Walking Dead having a bit of an edge in that department. The Walking Dead has 54.17% female fans while Fear the Walking Dead is 52.86%.

The Walking Dead Gender

wd gender 4.4.16Fear the Walking Dead Gender

fear the walking dead gender 4.11.16What’s also interesting between the two is that each show has women as the majority of fans age 17 and under, then men take over as the majority from age 18 to age 33, then it’s women again.

Relationship Status

Here we start to see some bigger differences between the two. Fear the Walking Dead fans have a higher percentage that are “married,” “in relationship,” “domestic partnership,” and “engaged.” With the show being geared around families, more so than Walking Dead, you have to wonder if that plays into it at all?

Fear the Walking Dead Relationship Stats

fear the walking dead relationship status 4.11.16Gender Interest

This one I find a bit interesting. Fear the Walking Dead has a higher percentage of folks interested in the same sex, though there’s a smaller interest of people interested in both sexes.

Fear the Walking Dead Gender Interest

fear the walking dead gender interest 4.11.16The Walking Dead Gender Interest

wd gender interest 4.4.16Ethnicity

This one I’m a bit surprised about. Fear the Walking Dead has a higher percentage of African American fans, but fewer Hispanic fans (not something I’d have expected). The one exception is there is a higher percentage of Hispanics who are English-dominant for Fear the Walking Dead fans.

The Walking Dead Ethnicity

wd ethnicity 4.4.16Fear the Walking Dead Ethnicity

fear the walking dead ethnicity 4.11.16While the differences are huge, there are some subtle ones. It’ll be interesting to see as Fear the Walking Dead‘s fandom grows to see if the differences between the demographics of the two shows expands too.