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Demo-Graphics: Fear The Walking Dead

Last week we looked at the demographics for The Walking Dead‘ finding that the popular show has about 24 million likes in the United States on Facebook and women account for 54.17% of those likes. This week we’re looking at Fear the Walking Dead, the sister show whose second season debuted this past Sunday.

For this report, we’re looking at fans within the United States that enjoy Fear The Walking Dead just on television, due to the lack of other terms.

Facebook Population: Over 1.4 million fans in the US

Spanish speakers account for 170,000 fans, 12.14%.

Gender and Age

Much like The Walking Dead, women are the majority of the likes for Fear the Walking Dead. Women account for 52.86% with 740,000 individuals and men are 49.29% with 690,000 individuals. The total is over 100% due to how Facebook rounds the data.

fear the walking dead gender 4.11.16Below is women and men as they age. We see the usual split as they grow older, but where that happens is a bit different than The Walking Dead. Women are still the majority of those under the age of 17.

fear the walking dead gender age 4.11.16Below is the raw data for Fear the Walking Dead fans.

fear the walking dead gender age raw 4.11.16Relationship Status

Some of the populations are just too small to get an accurate number. For those the spaces are blank. Compared to The Walking Dead more individuals are “in a relationship” and “married.”

fear the walking dead relationship status 4.11.16Education

Women are a majority in many of the education break downs which is rather interesting.

fear the walking dead education 4.11.16Gender Interest

Generally men interesting in men and women interested in women are higher than fans of The Walking Dead with the former having a much larger jump.

fear the walking dead gender interest 4.11.16Ethnicity

Though the show has a pretty diverse cast these stats are not what I expected compared to The Walking Dead. African Americans are a higher percentage, but all of the rest are lower with some variation in the Hispanic demographic.

fear the walking dead ethnicity 4.11.16Generation

This data is what I’d expect with the show being more popular with those in the Generation X demographic. Millennials is about the same.

fear the walking dead generation 4.11.16And that wraps up the latest look at the demographics of those who like Fear the Walking Dead. Next week we’ll compare the show with The Walking Dead!