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Comic Television Shows Get Some Emmy Recognition

fear-the-walking-dead-posterWhen it comes to awards time, live comic adaptations are often overlooked and usually relegated to technical awards, missing from “key categories.” This year’s Emmy nominations were announced today and various shows picked up quite a few nominations with one acting nod and one for a series. Check out below to find out what “comic” shows were nominated.

Gotham and Marvel’s Daredevil will be competing in “Outstanding Stunt Coordination For a Drama Series, Limited Series or Movie.”

Gotham was nominated for “Outstanding Cinematography For a Single-Camera Series.” And the show’s episode “Azrael” was nominated for “Outstanding Sound Editing For a Series.” That episode will compete with Daredevil‘s episode “New York’s Finest.”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones received nominations for “Outstanding Main Title Design” and “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.”

Michelle Ang is nominated for “Outstanding Actress In a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series” for Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462.

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For a Series, Limited Series, Movie Or Special” sees The Walking Dead team of Greg Nicotero, Jake Garber, Gino Crognale, Kevin Wasner, Garret Immel, Kerrin Jackson, and Carey Jones nominated. Also, The Walking Dead’s Victor Scalise, Matt Robken, Darrell Dean Pritchett, David Alexander, Michael Crane, Chad Hudson, Staffan Linder, Sean Ritchie, and Also Ruggiero were nominated for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role.”

Finally, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 was nominated for “Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.”

Congrats to all of the nominees. The 68th Annual Emmy’s will air September 18, 2016.

Review: The Walking Dead #156

TheWalkingDead156_coverIt’s “Queen and King” in The Walking Dead #156 which focuses on Negan’s experience with the Whisperers. Like the recent comics that have run in Image Comics Image+ magazine, this single issue gives us so much depth as far as Negan and also Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers. And the comic re-emphasizes that The Walking Dead is about the living people, not the shambling hoards.

The issue is all about Negan as he’s integrated into the world of the Whisperers. Through each segment, we learn more about the rules of the Whisperers and how they structure their society. It’s a fascinating peek behind the curtain. We’ve gotten some hints up to this point, but with this issue, it’s all laid out so there’s no confusion at all.

While we learn more about the Whisperers, we also learn more about Negan himself. The man has a code and here it’s clear what that code and philosophy is. It’s very clear after this issue.

Writer Robert Kirkman lays all of that out while giving us a lot of humor. Let’s face it, motormouth Negan dealing with a group of people who don’t talk is going to be entertaining. But it’s not all humor, there’s some heart too as Alpha is given her “scene” and we learn there’s more to her than the stern leader.

But, the issue is really about the ending. What happens isn’t surprising at all, it’s what’s said that makes you question so many actions these past few issues. I’m not spoiling it, but it shines a different light on the motivations behind a certain someone’s actions.

Kirkman as always is helped by Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn, who form like Voltron to give us fantastic visuals as always. This issue is sparse on the backgrounds and details, and even gore, but every panel is key in setting the tone, the mood, and adding to the story through a character’s stance or the look on their face.

This is a key issue that should have fans buzzing. Where the series goes from here is anyone’s bet, because while the act committed could be seen a mile away, the why is a mystery that’s yet to come.

Story: Robert Kirkman Art: Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn
Story: 8.45 Art: 8.4 Overall: 8.45 Recommendation: Buy

SDCC 2016: Lucille 34” Replica Bat and Keychains

San Diego Comic Con 2016 is JUST around the corner and Skybound continues to reveal its exclusives for the show. Below check out two brand new ones announced.

Lucille 34” Replica Bat- $40

Lucille is back and this time at a full 34 inches Perfect for smashing heads or a quick game of softball (just mind the barbed wire and the zombies). She was immortalized by the death of a certain pizza boy, but she still has so much blood to shed!

Lucille 34” Replica Bat 1 Lucille 34” Replica Bat 2 Lucille 34” Replica Bat 3 Lucille 34” Replica Bat 4

Lucille 4” Keychain Blind Boxes- $10

You can finally take your favorite skull-crushing bat with you everywhere you go! Presenting Lucille in 4-inch vinyl form, and a key ring for easy transportation. Available in multiple colors, both regular and blood splattered, plus a few rare colors.

Lucille 4” Keychain Blind Boxes 1 Lucille 4” Keychain Blind Boxes 2

SDCC 2016: More Skybound Exclusives including Saga Figures, Outcast Vol. 2, Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 3

Skybound is rolling out more exclusives for San Diego Comic Con 2016. They previously announced an item for The Walking Dead and another for Outcast, and now we have items from Saga, and more for Outcast, and The Walking Dead.

They’ve also announced they’ll be announcing exclusives every day this week!

Saga Figure Alana and Marko 2-Pack ($50)

Skybound is proud to present Alana and Marko from Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staple’s groundbreaking series Saga, available in action figure form for the first time! Each figure stands 5 inches and is paired with iconic weapons, like Alana’s mace and Marko’s sword. These figures were designed by McFarlane Toys and will be available at our Saga Shop booth #2629B.

Saga-2-pack-package Saga-2-pack-front Saga-2-pack-back

Outcast Volume 2 Hardcover ($30)

This convention exclusive edition collects Outcast by KIRKMAN & AZACETA issues #7-12 in hardcover for the first time!

Outcast Volume 2 Hardcover

The Walking Dead Compendium Three Hardcover ($100)

This limited-run hardcover edition of Compendium 3 is gold foil-stamped and contains The Walking Dead issues 97-144!

The Walking Dead Compendium Three Hardcover

SDCC 2016: Skybound’s Exclusive Walking Dead Figs and Outcast Watch

San Diego Comic Con 2016 is approaching and that means exclusives are being shown off. Skybound has revealed two of theirs that are definitely must gets.

The Walking Dead’s Negan and Glenn 2 pack Action figure Set- $50

Eeny meeny miny moe, Negan chooses San Diego. Skybound and McFarlane Toys are bringing back The Walking Dead’s most despised villain to San Diego Comic-Con and this time they’re bringing Glenn along for the ride. This exclusive 2-pack features Negan with Lucille, Glenn and an exclusive smashed Glenn head, straight out of The Walking Dead’s issue 100. This limited edition set comes in 2 color variants, Color Blood Splattered and Black & White.

The Walking Dead’s Negan and Glenn 2 pack Action figure Set 1 The Walking Dead’s Negan and Glenn 2 pack Action figure Set 2 The Walking Dead’s Negan and Glenn 2 pack Action figure Set 3 The Walking Dead’s Negan and Glenn 2 pack Action figure Set 4

Outcast Limited Edition Watch- $65

Limited edition San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Outcast watch from Vannen. Only 250 pieces available. Each watch features glossy, full-color artwork on the dial with Index Markings and Outcast logo printed on the inside surface of the crystal. The back of the watch and crown feature custom Outcast engravings unique to this design. Each watch also come packaged in a full-color Outcast sleeve.

Outcast Limited Edition Watch

There’s more to come from Skybound, so stay tuned!

The Walking Dead Third Season Gets a Trailer

E3 is going on and Telltale Games has released a trailer for the third season of The Walking Dead. Expect to see it released this fall.

Around the Tubes

BOOMBOX_Lumberjanes_029_B_IncentiveIt’s a new week and after a slower weekend of news due to vacations, we’re back with a week full and packed of news and interesting comic related stories.

While you await all of that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

Comichron – May 2016 top-sellers: DC Rebirth, Civil War II attempt to reverse 2016’s sluggish start – An interesting month in sales.

The Quint – A Comic Book on Life in India: Of Poverty, Prejudice, Desperation – Very interesting read.

The Inquisitr – AMC Threatens to Sue Facebook Fan Page – A shame to see this if true.

The Beat – Artist Buzz calls for #occupyartistalley movement to stop rip-off print vendors – Is this the year this issue blows up?


Around the Tubes Reviews

The Spider- Daredevil #8

CBR – Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead S2E7 Shiva

fear-the-walking-dead-posterThe family faces their greatest test yet. Meanwhile, Nick, Madison, Travis and others go to great lengths to keep each other close.

Fear the Walking Dead wraps up with a midseason finale that’s all about family and what parents would do for their kids as well as what we do for the ones we love.

We’ve been seeing this farm from hell in which people haven’t quite accepted the fact that people are dead and zombies now. As I said with last week’s episode, it’s fascinating to see religion actually coming into play.

And that idea of religion and the intelligence of the series can be seen with this episode title. “Shiva” could be a reference to the Hindu goddess or it’s a reference to the time people of Jewish faith spend to mourn their love ones.

Everyone has their moments in this episode as each figures out where they stand and what they believe in when it comes to this new world, and in particular what they think of this particular situation. What’s interesting I think is that like The Walking Dead, Madison and her group are a force of destruction much like Rick’s group. They’re just pure destruction and you wonder if they’re worse than what they’re fighting/dealing with. Do they destroy everything they touch?

The episode has a bit of a shocker with individuals dying and others making a different choice when it comes to where their future may lay. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It’s fascinating and interesting to see because in the end, like a good argument, there’s a lot of gray.

The series returns in August, but it leaves us at one hell of a spot.

Overall Rating: 8.15

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead S2E6 Sicut Cervus

fear-the-walking-dead-posterConflict erupts in a final push to Strand’s destination; and Chris makes a decision that shakes the family. Meanwhile, Nick meets a new maternal figure.

Fear the Walking Dead takes its title for this episode from Psalm 42 which debates not being close to God and the pain for being in exile from him.

That concept of being close to God in death is a theme that runs throughout the episode as cast members reflect about the situation about them, and those they have lost.

The episode is an interesting one that explores an almost cult like belief that death is a good thing in that it brings one closer to the creator. We see that in a few ways in the episode as things are slowly revealed throughout the episode.

It’s an interesting philosophical episode that debates what the living dead are in this world. It’s a concept that hasn’t been explored too much in The Walking Dead world, and it hasn’t been explored much with a religious concept such as this.

Each character explores this in some way and many through touching moments that have them dealing with the death of someone close to them.

The episode is the best of the series so far diving deep into concepts that’ll get you to think and debate about this new world. Here’s hoping we see more of this going forward as it’s something we rarely see.

Overall Rating: 8.65

TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead S2E5 Captive

fear-the-walking-dead-posterAlicia works to reunite with her family; and Travis meets a familiar face. Meanwhile, Madison and Nick lead a charge to save their family against all odds.

Fear the Walking Dead continues from the events of last episode with folks split and the tension building for the entire episode to what is a hostage negotiation.

The episode actually does a solid job in the opener as we see the fate of Travis and Alicia in a slight twist. But, who gave information to their captors is the interesting one and has a nice sense of actions coming back to haunt the group.

But, the episode is all a build to the final moments of the hostage negotiation. For everyone who things these characters are irritating or unlikeable, this episode has so many of them stepping up. There’s some badass moments as everyone steps up in their own way.

The show has improved in many ways and this episode is a major one where the characters all have their moments, and more importantly, smart moments.

As the tension and threats increase, the episode has seemed to have gotten better. Here’s hoping it keeps up.

Overall Rating: 7.65

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