Facebook Fandom Spotlight: X-Men

With X-Men: Days of Future Past debuting in theaters, it felt appropriate to look at how the film stacks up as far as demographics and popularity to other X-Men films and even the various cartoon series.

For this report, I dive into Facebook’s data using key terms and analyzing the “likes” as reported by the system in the United States.

What’s interesting in how this marketing has gone is, Fox for their movie series has focused on an individual page, driving as many folks to that one page as possible. There’s also pages for each individual movie, but you can see they are nowhere near the same amount of likes, the exception being The Wolverine. That movie along with the overall movie page is the most diverse, but still about 2/3 men, 1/3 women. When you take all of the data together, including the movies, generic term, and the cartoons, this 2/3 and 1/3 breakdown is about the average for all of the terms together.

x-men facebook 5.26.14