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Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Blogs 7/29/2013

Comic fans are a passionate bunch, with blogs filled with opinions of writers and readers. So, who are the people who are fans of such sites? We take a look at this week’s Facebook Fandom!

For this report, I searched for some of the most popular comic book blogs out there, a much more difficult task than you’d think. I used just those terms to figure out these stats. This reports is also a global look, so fans are from across the world representing over 20 countries.

Facebook Population: Over 4,800,000 fans Globally

That’s about 10% of the global comic book fan population. Spanish speakers account for now 400,000 fans, 8.33%, much lower than the general global fandom, but better than the US’s blog fans which is 4.51%

Gender and Age

If you think it’s men that frequent these sites, then you’re right. Men dominate the fan base with 70.83% of fans globally and even more in the US, with a whopping 80.28%. So, ladies, if you feel like you’re outnumbered, you’d be correct. For general comic fans, men account for 61.9% in the global population.

Comic Blog Fans

blog facebook gender 7.29.13

We’ll next look at how the percentage of women and men break down through age.

Comic Blog Fans

blog age gender facebook 7.29.13

It’s similar to the global fan trend.

Comic Blog Fans

blog facebook age 7.29.13

Relationship Status

This is very similar to the global comic fan stats, just a few less are married, but more are engaged.

Comic Blog Fans

blog relationship facebook 7.29.13

And for those that like pie charts.

Comic Blog Fans

blog relationship facebook pie chart 7.29.13


Here, blog readers have higher percentages as far as education across the board compared to global comic fans.

Comic Blog Fans

blog education facebook 7.29.13

Gender Interest

While the men interested in men percent is similar to the general global comic fandom, women interested in women is much lower, by almost 4 percentage points.

Comic Blog Fans

blog interest facebook 7.29.13

Join us Monday when we look at fans of comic book movies and this Thursday for our first of the month report!

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  • Brett, I have to tell you, these reports are so incredibly helpful for me in building my business (which is all about fan culture). I would actually love to tell you about it sometime and get your feedback. The link to my website is on my Twitter page, and there’s a contact email there as well. Hope to hear from you.