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Comic Book Fans on Facebook – June 27, 2011

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As what seems to happen every so often the statistics that Facebook returns in this reporting takes a dip.  It’s unknown why, but it usually falls to a similar amount each time.  We took last week off to give a DC comics specific breakdown, but we’re back to the normal look at comic books in general.

Total Estimated United States Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 1,661,700.  This is quite a dip from the last report we did two weeks ago.

Men vs. Women

No matter what raw numbers returned, there’s usually a consistent percentage of about 66% for guys and 32% for women.

Facebook Gender 6.27.11Facebook Education 6.27.11Age

Another pretty consistent stat no matter what.  The percentages stay fairly the same with some shifts here and there, but overall it’s pretty stable.

Facebook Age 6.27.11Facebook Age Raw 6.27.11Relationship Status

It’s crazy that no matter what the general universe size is the percentages stay pretty consistent.  You can see more of that below.

Facebook Relationship Status 6.27.11Facebook Relationship Status Raw 6.27.11Gender Interest

This one now has the corrected percentages.  There was a mistake with earlier percentages in that they were based off of a constant number instead of changing based on the number of responses.  Below and going forward, the percentages will be accurate.

Facebook Gender Interest 6.27.11

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