Comic Book Fans on Facebook – June 20, 2011 – Special DC Comics Edition

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Part of DC comic‘s talking points during their tour around the country to talk to retailers about the upcoming relaunch/reboot, some on their staff have stated that the comic book market has been shrinking.  This series of posts has two points, one to show the market is much larger than it is and two, to show the demographics of the market.  I decided to put aside the weekly update and instead call DC on their false statement.

This edition is dedicated to just fans of DC properties on Facebook in the United States and I’m about to lift the hood on how I go about some of this.  I started with the key terms and they were broken down into segments (some of the terms might be across segments):

Comics: – 171,040 people like

DC Nation, DC Comics, Dc Comics Presents, Crisis on Infinite Earths

Movies/Television/Shows: – 3,294,020 people like

Dc Comic Movies,  Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Batman the Dark Knight, Superman Returns, Superman Movies, Green Lantern First Flight, Green Lantern Movie 2011, Constantine, Batman The Animated Series, Batman Movies, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Batman Live World Arena Tour, Young Justice

Characters: – 1,195,380

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, John Constantine, Martian Manhunter Jonn Jonzz, Green Lantern Corps, Hawkman, Justice League, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans

Before we even get to the demographic breakdown and compare it to what we know about the general comic book populace, I think it’s fair to say there’s a disconnect here.  Look at the number of fans of movies and individuals characters compared to some general comic book terms.  There isn’t a dwindling comic book market, there’s a failure to do the basic work to reach out to people who have identified they like these things.  If 10% of the fans of the movies was converted into comic book purchasers, you’d double the estimated size of the current comic market.  I believe the term folks are searching for is #fail.

When you go further at the overall total of all three segments you’ll see many of the “DC comic fans” are fans of characters or the movies, but the fan of the movies are not necessarily “DC comic fans.”

Onto the demographic breakdown.

Total Estimated United States DC comics Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 4,150,860.

Men vs. Women

When it comes to the percentages, DC comics skews a little more female than the general comic book populace.  Women are boosted by 6%.

6.20 DC Facebook Gender

When it comes to education, DC comic book fans are more educated, especially the amount of them in college or high school.  This is across both genders by similar percentages.

6.20 DC Facebook EducationAge

The DC comic book fans are similar to the general populace but skew a little younger by a few percentage points.

6.20 DC Facebook Age6.20 DC Facebook Age Raw

Relationship Status

When it comes to percentages as far as relationships, the DC fans are pretty similar to the general population.

6.20 DC Facebook Relationship Status6.20 DC Facebook Relationship Status Raw

Gender Interest

I found an error in previous editions on the percentages that were posted, though not the raw numbers.  That’s been corrected for future editions.  Here’s the DC comic fans breakdown.

6.20 DC Facebook Gender Interest

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