Comic Book Fans on Facebook – June 13, 2011

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This week, I’m left completely scratching my head as the statistics have barely shifted from the week before.  You’d think there’d be a shift of a few hundred each week, but it’s 20, 20 people seem to be the number here.  The number of fans is exactly the same, but the number of women or an age demographic or relationship shift by 20 a couple of times.  It’s actually pretty impressive.  We’ll see if next week stays stable.

Total Estimated United States Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 1,801,920.  There was no change from the previous week.  Below is the usual further breakdown.

Men vs. Women

20 individuals went from being identified as women to unknown.  There are no other changes at all.  As far as education there’s mostly drops of 20 or 60 people here or there, but again, it’s pretty steady compared to the roller coaster of weeks before.

Facebook Gender 6.13.11Facebook Education 6.13.11Age

Similar to education there’s not much of a shift, 20 people here and 20 people there.  It’s really steady as a whole though and again not showing the changes we’ve seen in weeks past.

Facebook Age 6.13.11Facebook Age Raw 6.13.11Relationship Status

Just a dip of 20 people who are married and that’s it when it comes to change from the previous week.

Facebook Relationship Status 6.13.11Facebook Relationship Status Raw 6.13.11Gender Interest

There’s 20 less women who like men but 20 more men who like women in this stat.  Again, a similar shift we’ve seen for the other demographics this week, the magic number 20.

Facebook Interest 6.13.11

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