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Comic Book Fans on Facebook – June 7, 2011

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The numbers keep shifting around and this week saw a population drop in the overall amount of folks who have self-identified themselves as comic book fans in the United States on Facebook.

Total Estimated United States Comic Book Fan Facebook Population = over 1,801,920.  This is a decrease of 62,220 over the week.  Below is the usual further breakdown.

Men vs. Women

While the men and women identification increased it seems to be at the expense of “unknowns” generally.  It looks like last week’s spike in “unknowns” was an anomaly.  The percentages hold pretty steady with men dominating 2 to 1.

Facebook Gender 6.7.11Facebook Education 6.7.11Age

Overall the amount of folks that are identifying themselves by age has increased, and the percentages are holding steady.

Facebook Age 6.7.11Facebook Age Raw 6.7.11
Relationship Status

Overall, much like age, everything has increased.  The percentages remain about the same for everything, there’s just more people answering this question and providing the data.

Facebook Relationship Status 6.7.11Facebook Relationship Status Raw 6.7.11Gender Interest

Again this is an example of everything increasing.  Each combination shows growth with men interested in women the largest.  There can be over 100% as people can be interested in both genders and this does not necessarily indicate one’s sexual orientation.

Facebook Gender Interest 6.7.11

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