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Demo-Graphics: The Walking Dead

Its been about 6 months since we last looked at The Walking Dead‘s demographics via Facebook’s data. With the season wrapping up and a new season of Fear the Walking Dead beginning, it felt like an appropriate time to see how things have changed for the show and best selling comic book series.

For this report, we’re looking at fans within the United States that enjoy The Walking Dead in comics, television, books, games, or even the characters. We’ll also compare the latest results to those of last report.

Facebook Population: Over 17 million fans in the US

In the six months since the last report the fandom population has decreased by 5 million individuals. That’s after the previous growth of 2 million and two reports ago saw a decrease of 4 million individuals. Spanish speakers account for 2.1 million fans, 12.35%. That’s a decrease of 1.2 million Spanish speakers and decrease in the percentage of the population.

Gender and Age

A year and a half ago women accounted for 55% and men 46% (with the result being over 100% due to rounding). In the previous report, women accounted for 59.09% with men accounting for 42.47%. Again, that was over 100% due to rounding.

For this latest report, women account for 53.53% and men 45.88%. When looking at age data, women account for 52.65% and men 46.89%. When it comes to relationships, it’s 52.97% female and 45.81% male. Women continue to be the majority.

Men return to being a majority, if just for a small amount. They become the majority in the 22-25 demographic and it’s a 50/50 split at 30-33.

Relationship Status

Things have dropped across the board with “single” and “unspecified” both seeing big drops as far as percentage.


And of course with a smaller population, education has dipped too. Women are no longer the majority at every education level.

Gender Interest

Due to changes with Facebook policy, we’re unable to still provide this data.


With a smaller population, it shouldn’t be surprising that the raw numbers have dropped. But, African Americans increased almost 3 percentage points and Asian Americans almost a half a percent. Hispanics dropped about 3.5 percentage points.

Specific Terms

But what about specific terms? Interesting enough, the majority of fans are in the United States for the comic series and Talking Dead. The latter makes sense. The rest vary in how many are in the US though most are in the 20-45% range. When it comes to gender, only those interested in video games are majority male.

And that wraps up this report! We’ll again look at these numbers when Fear the Walking Dead wraps up!


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