Demo-Graphics: The Walking Dead

Its been about 10 months since we last looked at The Walking Dead‘s demographics via Facebook’s data. With the eighth season debut, it felt like an appropriate time to see how things have changed for the record setting show, and best selling comic book series.

For this report, we’re looking at fans within the United States that enjoy The Walking Dead in comics, television, books, games, or even the characters. We’ll also compare the latest results to those of last report.

Facebook Population: Over 22 million fans in the US

In the ten months since the last report the fandom population has grown by about 2 million individuals. The previous report saw a decrease of 4 million individuals so things have begun to recover to what they were, though not all the way there yet. Spanish speakers account for 3.3 million fans, 15.%. That’s a decrease of 200,000 Spanish speakers and decrease in the percentage of the population.

Gender and Age

A year ago women accounting for 55% and men 46% (with the result being over 100% due to rounding). Women have made the most gains now accounting for 59.09% with men accounting for 42.47%. Again, that’s over 100% due to rounding. When looking at the breakdown by age, women account for 57.9% and when looking at the data based on their “relationship status” they account for 58.5%. No matter how you cut it, women have seen greater growth over the months.

The graph below which shows age and gender has shifted since last year. Men no longer are a majority at any point where as before they became a majority from age 18 to 33.

Relationship Status

When it comes to their relationships, those listed as “single” saw the second highest gain with 800,000 individuals. Those listing “unspecified” saw the biggest gains with 1.8 million individuals. “In relationship” increased by 500,000, while “married” saw no change. Even with the slight gain in overall population men remained steady with “single,” “engaged,” and “civil union.” Men listing “married” decreased by 200,000. Women saw gains across the board except for “divorced” which saw a decrease of 2,000 individuals.


Big changes when it comes to education. Women are now a majority in at every education level.

Gender Interest

Men and women interested in the same gender both increased as far as total. “Women interested in women” decreased as far as percentage. When it comes to men interested in “men and women,” that decreased both in total and percent though women interested in “men and women” saw gains in both.


African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanics all saw gains compared to the last report, though those gains didn’t keep up with the overall population increase. Interestingly Hispanics listed as bilingual decreased by 600,000 while “English dominant” increased by 830,000 and “Spanish dominant” decreased by 490,000.

And that wraps up this report! We’ll again look at these numbers during the fall break and when this season wraps up!