Black (Comic) History Month: Demo-Graphics, African Americans & Comic Publishers

For Black History Month I thought I’d revisit a post from last year where I looked at various publishers and their “likes” among African-Americans.

For this demographic report I again dove into Facebook using the data provided as per usual. In February, African-Americans accounted for 3.7 million of the 36 million “comic fans,” making them 10.63% of the population. Compared to last year, that’s an increase of 300,000 African-American fans and 4 million comic fans overall. So, the population has decreased to 10.28% this year compared to last year’s 10.63%

In general on Facebook, African-Americans make up 10.2%, which is a decrease from 11.24% of the Facebook population last year. That dip may explain some of the below.

I decided to look at not just publishers, but “comics” and “manga” as well to see what the percentage of African-Americans like them as well as how it breaks down as far as men and women.

In general for all of the terms used below African-Americans account for 10.83% of that population in 2015, but they now account for 12.40%. Marvel, DC Comics, Vertigo, IDW Publsihing, BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Oni Press, Comics in general, and Manga all fall below that percent. Image, Dynamite, and Milestone Media are above.

Marvel, DC Comics, IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, Oni Press, and Manga all decreased in their total percentage. Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and Comics in general are doing better compared to last year.

Part of the shift in data is the growth of fans for Milestone Media which was not a factor in 2015, but has a high enough fandom that African-Americans make up 35.56% of their likes, throwing off the percentages.

Also of note, women are a majority of fans for both Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics. The largest gap is BOOM! Studios and was IDW Publishing last year.

Check out the full states below.

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